Tuesday, January 16, 2007


some media content is good. it`s entertaining , informative and enlightening.

the question is which part and how does one find it in the sea of crap that is delivered to our consciousness?

the dirty little secret is that the content is immaterial for the most part. the media does such a good job of holding one`s attention long enough to induce a trance state that it doesn`t matter whether it`s the simpsons or 20/20 that you are watching........as long as you are watching.

the message that media wants re-introduced over and over is culture.

like your education........hours and hours of sitting still and listening to bollocks..............followed by a meaningless job with insubstantial rewards and then one day it`s all over and you are........retired.

then what?

all one has then is an accumilation of memories and experiences.

of sitting listening to hours of bollocks followed by a meaningless job with insubstantial rewards............

or you can say fuck it and really enjoy the moments that you can with people you like and ride out the storm and spend your time planning your next move..........

............in sophisticated ways using the methods that the media uses.

one can be programmed............or program yourself.

sitting quietly looking out at the stars for a period of time is a good place to start.

but leave the ipod and the laptop and the cellphone and the newspaper behind for a day or two. or a week. or a month.


greg said...

One obvious part is to mute the dang overly loud commercials! I'm profoundly sensitive to them and hate 'em.

Satire on TV is very engaging and useful, but unless one is aware and somewhat wise emough to get the joke it may do more harm tham good. That's why I realized many years back that I should NOT let my adolescent kids watch The Simpsons, even tho' it was my fav show!

What I don't get is the seeming popularity of gruesome torture in movies. How can this be enjoyable in anyway along the lines of the horror genre, or the refined aesthetic of the "grotesque?"

How can it be anything other than desensitizing of our humanity to take a prolonged, heightened experience, and be forced to identify either with the brutal power figure, or the powerless victim?

dr.alistair said...

you`ve hit the nail on the head greg. we are being programmed to be insensitve to the feelings of others.
unfortunately you cannot selectively censor what your children watch in the hopes that they will be somehow protected.

grusome torture on movies resonates with the grusome torture that we are victim of in out lives in dealing with bureaucrats.

these people are a product of career pressure as children and the conditioning of desensitization in the media nd society at large.

women are the largest growing section of the population to be effected by this. they are middle income single mothers who are hell bent to rise up the corporate ladder......reacting to the pain they believe others have inflicted on them.......

the truth is that we are all programmed to do this to eachother. an atmosphere of chaos is perfect for those in charge to go on with whatever they want to do.

people under duress don`t make rational decisions.

so the lawyers, bankers and other bureacrats have an easy time....