Friday, January 26, 2007


yeah, i know, i spelled it wrong.

i have a rule here.

no politics.

reason; it`s all bullshit.......and i`m on a clarity of thought thing at the moment and politics, like philosophy, is so staggeringly full of shit that i stay well away for fear of falling in and not being able to get out.

recently i have been doing some blog surfing. following the blogs of people who arrive here and going into thier comments and so on, across the consciousness of the internet.

what i have found is that people are mostly well adjusted and amusing ...........until you hit political opinion or philosophical clusterfucks.

then people get outright shitty.

my advice to people who are stressed is generally to wean themselves off media.

this has two immediate effects.

1) less bad news to get upset about.

2) no political shite to wade through to get upset about.

it`s the political decisions that cause all the trouble...............

and one last thing.

what the word democracy means. rule by the mob. latin. look it up.


Charles Bergeman said...

It is almost as though you are against thinking or contemplating thoughts other than your own.

I know this isn't true. You have demonstrated with your blog to the contrary.

There is a huge volume of content out there in the mediaspere. If you don't act as an efficient filter, you run the risk of being mesmorized by content unworthy of the attention of any sentient being.

But to say that someone who shows an interest in current events, monitors the actions of people in power, and generally stays informed, is wasting their time is really unfair.

If you are so delicate in mind that a little bad news throws you into depression, then, ok, stay away from it.

On the other hand, I really don't want to get into politics on my blog either. Similarly, I don't want to debate Atheism vs. Christianity or any other religion.

I find these debates have been given more air time than they deserve and the arguments are old and tired.

I would remain silent on this if it weren't for the fact that you throw in what you call "Philosophical clusterfucks".

Perhaps I am misunderstanding you a bit. But, I regard a philosophical approach to life as essential. In my opinion, it is one of the most rewarding and positive things one can do with their life.

If you are not in pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, then you are indeed wasting your time, or at least missing out on one of lifes best opportunities.

Can I gain insite from reading others reflections on what they have experienced or learned? Sure, and blogs are a wonderful place to see it in action.

Why do you think I have visited your blog? And spent time commenting?

I have done this with many blogs over the last several years.

I spend some time chatting, hearing how others feel about things, and what they have experienced.

To me philosophy is critical thinking, and it can be applied to any topic of discussion.

If you are speaking of Theology, then, nevemind, I agree.

dr.alistair said...

do you really think that you have the ability to monitor those in power?

i synthesize fairly large amounts of information, as you do, and it has become obvious to me that it is necessary to go around back and peek in windows and look under the rug a little to find the information.

i grew up with a scientist as a father who, strangely enough, was taught by the jesuits.......and he taught me to be on the look-out for and be suspicious of the obvious and the blatant as decoys, and to continue to question everything, including my own conclusions.

so this is all an evolution......

we are all growing together.

critical thinking is one of my favorite things.

i will post about my views in that regard soon.

BBC said...

Charles..... We are God, so of course our thoughts are the most important ones.

You monkeys just think that you also know how to think also. Whatever you have pursued, you haven't learned it yet. Any more than the Buddha did.

No one asked for your rebuttal, only that you say, "Oh, now I get it".

If you have questions that is fine, but no arguing with the teachers.

Now get back to your desk and pay attention because there will be a test. :-)

"Philosophical clusterfucks". That's funny, hey Chuck, go look in a mirror. Hugs.

Charles Bergeman said...

If you go looking for cocroaches you will surely find them.

However, I would suggest there are better things to do with your time.

Dr. you are right, there is always more than meets the eye. Be careful you don't step in it.

bbc, thanks for the heads up, I will take my "rebuttals" elsewhere. I am becoming bored by Gods.

dr.alistair said...

charles. it`s not the communication that is the much as the reaction.

there is no malice here. we just have different views and agendas.

i pick things apart and call things as i see them. sometimes i may choose a subject dear to someone`s heart and tear it to bits.

it`s ok. though. we all remember how they go back together.....and sometimes it`s better to leave things in pieces.....

my hope is that you stay in touch occasionally.


billy. be nice........


BBC said...

Billy, be nice?

Why do I find that amusing?

Because if we where all here drinking beer around a camp fire we would all be having a wonderful time.

Just saying. Don't ask me not to thump heads Doc, God thumps heads. It's part of our evolution.

dr.alistair said...

yeah, that was out of order.

you dont need my permission.