Wednesday, January 31, 2007

an unforgettable experience.

with all due respect to billy`s undescribed experience i want to share something that happened to me some years ago that changed my life.

i also want to say bill, that this is in no way an attempt to convince you to describe what happened to you.

i was living in an apartment in st.catherines ontario. i was 23 years old and i was playing in a band that toured around the niagara falls area and into upstate new york.

we had just played a halloween gig at a disused theater in st.catherines the night before and it had been a sellout with a couple of hundred people there. i had passed out late, probably 4.30- 5.00 am and i was woken to blinding sunlight pouring in the window.

i sat up to roll over to avoid the sunlight and i was struck in the forehead with a beam of light that pinned me to the bed. i didn`t struggle and just went back to sleep.

when i woke up i didn`t remember the event. it wasn`t until some weeks later that i remembered it happening.

upon reflection i realised that i saw the beam aproaching as if i could see right through the bedroom wall.

the scenario had many of the features that i`ve read in accounts of alien abduction, yet there were no little guys or space ships or examinations.........


BBC said...

I didn't have an undescribed experience my friend. I had a dream, a vision, of the future. It was so clear and powerful that I woke up thinking about it.

It's still clear to this day.

dr.alistair said...

bill, for fear of sounding pedantic, your experience/dream is undescribed to me.

what i experienced may have been a dream too.

it may also have been a download, or an attempt at communication, or a minor stroke, or who knows what.

the only thing that i know with absolute certainty is that i experienced it and consequently it changed my life.