Tuesday, January 30, 2007

what is real..............really.

what is real is what you decide is real.

did she actually say that about me?

i`m not sure.....it think so, but i could be wrong.

so now you are having feelings about something you are entirely uncertain about...........but the feelings are real.

they churn around and spin and if you focus on them they intensify.

the girl in question isn`t here and you aren`t even sure that she actually said what you think she said that is upsetting you........

so who is doing this?

you are.

so if you don`t like it then............

stop it.

and reality changes too.

so we can deduce something about of all of this in a simple equation.

what you think = reality.

and like inertia, reality is consistant unless acted on by an outside force.

like another thought. or if you run into that girl and she admits to saying what you thought she said.

but that`s another story.

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