Wednesday, January 10, 2007


y`know for years i`ve been fascinated by reports of unidentified flying objects. my take on it is that until they are identified one cannot draw conclusions about what they are.

they are merely unidentified.

i have never personally seen an unidentified flying object before........oh sure, there are lights in the sky that cannot be clearly and catagorically identified, but we all know they are airplanes. we live a few miles from one of the largest airports in the world, at any one time i can see three of four brightly lit objects flying around over the city.

well.......until tonight that is. about 10.50pm i saw a bright green flash of light descend from out of nowhere and fall toward the ground. it looked as though it could have been a firework or a flare but it just behaved unlike either of those things and glowed bright green for less than a second as it fell.

i was playing the guitar and mindlessly looking out my apartment window approximately north-east, seven stories up. it is a cold, clear night and the stars are out and i can see the aforementioned airplanes flying in and out of toronto airport. this object suddenly appeared heading rapidly straight down and was lit for less than a second and flashed out as quickly as it had appeared without reaching the ground.

if i`m to make a judgement as to what this was i would say it was a firework of some kind........but it would have been dropped from above to behave as it did coming straight down rapidly. fireworks and flares tend to have a curved trajectory...........

anyway, that`s my ufo story. very strange. tomorrow i will be asking my friends if they heard about this or saw it for themselves.

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