Friday, December 14, 2012

Help save Jack's leg.

On monday Jack and I were walking in the city and as we waited for a walk sign at a busy intersection, a truck jumped the curb, crushing Jack's left leg. I managed to get Jack to a vet with the help of a woman who stopped to help and spent my last $900 getting Jack's leg splinted.

The vet told me that Jack would need corrective surgery for Jack to be able to walk properly, due to the severity of the injury and so I have set up the page linked above to take donations to help my man literally on his feet again.

Please post the link on your facebook pages etc. and help get the word out, and thanks of course for any donations.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Big Blue 2' x 4' Alcohol-based ink on polycarbonate sheet.e sheet.

I have been asked to do a 4' x 8' piece, and so I'm practicing on smaller (less expensive) sheets to get a feel for ever larger surfaces for my images. I'm excited at the prospect of seeing a larger image of these emerging shapes and colours, but on the other hand, it's a little intimidating logistically to imagine working on such a scale with this medium.

nothing ventured!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Blues.....

Brown, red and yellow....

Two more of my new creations.

Got to get a better camera.....

The satisfaction....

.....of seeing things in your mind manifested in front of you.

Unfortunately, the photo quality wasn't the best, step at a time.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

to all.

in the coming year, lets try something shall we?

you know the feeling that you get occasionally that takes you back to a time of childhood excitement and unbounded love for the simplest of things?

the feeling we used to get, and some still get, when we anticipate christmas is what i`m talking about.

i know that i have unapologetically criticised the commercialisation of christmas and the social control mechanisms of scaring children and banckrupting adults well into spring, but i`m talking about the essential feel of family, friends and time spent together.

forget he gifts, the malls and parking and stressed out shoppers...that time passed once the shops shut on christmas eve...i`m talking about making gingerbreat houses and cooking turkey and well, just generally being together with people you care about.

my wife thinks i`m a scrooge, and i can see her point...because i`ve been focussing on the negative aspects of crass commercialism and miserable types in cars rushing around last-minute to get their ungfrateful family their demands met. (shit, there i go again).

so my wife (or should i say i finally caught myself and made a decision to change) finally showed my the best part of christmas and i joined in and made gingerbread houses with my step-daughter and her boyfriend, and the vodka helped.

so what i thought we might try is to do this sort of thing more often. not that it has to be gingerbread but it needs to be family, friends or merely celebrating what it means to be excited in a child-like way.

or we can go back to the alternative.

Monday, December 06, 2010


i saw a debate recently between christopher hitchens and the past prime minister of england, tony blair, in which they debated the pros and cons of christianity.

the discussion was predictable, tiresome and pointless except for the masterful way that each constructed and delivered their point of view.

i guess what struck me most in all of this is that people who deny god outright and those who are merely religious take the same position; that of acting without fact.

and the fact remains so abundantly clear to those without agenda is this; there is something profoundly magical and wonderous going on...and most everyone is missing it.

especially those listening to so-called experts.



i knew it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


only a child or a retard would actually believe this shit.

a child believes most everthing adults tell them, for obvious reasons, and retards can`t tell the difference between fact and fiction.

so, how come there are so many retards on the planet that keep believing this shit?

for anyone who has taken physics or even used a physics textbook to rest a beer on, it is obvious that the ratio of biomass to earthmass is so huge that no matter what the biomss does, it will have no effect whatsoever on the earthmass, even if it converted all of it`s mass to energy instantly.

what the enviro types are saying is that as we have converted biomass to energy, it has raised the temperature of the planet in a number of ways.

one by simply making the planet warmer by burning fuels and raising the temperature of cities, and two by blanketing the planet in pollutions that erode the ozone layer allowing greenhouse gasses to rise, insulating the planet against natural convection of heat.

one is false in that the net biomass is too small to make any kind of difference whatsoever, and two...while clever in the way it encourages us to make pictures in our misses one simple plain historical truth; that the ozone layers of our planet are dynamic systems that flex and flow like most others, and that holes in the ozone open and close due to many factors without the help of industrial pollution and have done so for billions of years (long before algore was born, suprisingly).

this planet is a huge beautiful place that existed long before we (and algore) did, and will continue to do so long after we are all gone to wherever we are going to and one can lament the mess made by industrial pollution, but guess what folks? without that shit coming out the pipe, we don`t get to have laptops and internet or copenhagen conferences or any other post-indutrial behaviour riding the back of two hundred years of industry.

worst of all? china and india have only just begun to soil thier shorts as it were, and who`s going to encourage them to wipe?