Tuesday, October 31, 2006

the pictures in your head.

did you know you can change them?

did you know you can put different one`s up there?

really exciting ones..........

when was the last time you did that?

thrilled the shit out of yourself.........for no reason other than it felt great.

choose a picture or a movie of something that cranks you up. a memory of something you did or experienced that changed your state to pure pleasure. move the image around and change the lighting and the colours and notice how the changes make you feel and follow the direction that amplifies the state you feel.......

now double the sensation by choosing to now.

if you have got this far in the practice you must realise that we can do this any time we wish to just by imagining the situation as you just did.

the feelings you come away with can now be used to drive the next thing you want to do in your day.

a question of conscience.

guilt. the drug of choice for the sea of religious dogma that we are afloat in. when we are conditioned to feeling responsible for the plight of others.......less fortunate than us or not, then we are prey to manipulation by religion and corporations and government.

i make no apologies for mixing metaphors to get a point across. conscience is a useless emotion.

conscience is a tool applied by the media to control out thinking. there are those who will now go inside and say to themselves that without some form of control that there would be chaos and people would be deciding what they wanted to do and to hell with what others think. people do that anyway, and use guilt to control others and manipulate and take what they want.......

that`s what people do.

it`s just a question of who want`s to be in control of what.

me, i want to be able to make clear decisions about what`s best for me and not have to wade through endless hours of conjecture about the cure for this and the solution to that or the reason why things went to shit somewhere or la-la-la............

turn the tv off. stop reading the newspaper and go for a walk. tell your kids you love them and decide what you want to do with your life and what you want to be involved in by adressing the pictures in your head in a meaningful way.............maybe for the first time in your life.

that`s what it means to take responsibility.

and smile for fuck`s sake. this isn`t a funeral.

alignment with desires.

we exist in something. inside of what we percieve as clearly defined reality. inside of this space and time things operate within certain guidelines. all of the stuff here existed in the consciousness of people before we saw it in reality.
it came from somewhere else and appeared here.


we think it. and it appears.

even science is begining to begrudgingly say that things seem to operate this way.

what we have and what we feel is driven by what we think will happen. we have thoughts and we focus on them then things happen because we acted on our feelings.

so the things here are made out of feelings.

our intentions.

so our intentions pull material things out of somewhere else and into physical reality.

sounds like magic.

and science agrees.


a disconnection.......

i have noticed a seperation in thought between those who characterise themselves as spiritual or following a spiritual path, and those who follow a path of afluence.


i see the creative act of abundance and simply earning money as spiritual acts. we live in a society and a global humanity interacting through the means of materials and money. all that we do is represented by the accumilation of money and possessions.

why is that wrong?

granted, what we choose to do with those things can lead to problems.......but that`s the role of education, to teach responsible wealth and responsible aquisition.

i see a great crime in plainly conditioning the minds of people to think that money and possessions are somehow wrong. that`s a recipe for disaster. the disaster comes in the form of resentment toward those who can create joyfully and out of a sense of abundnce in all things. that form of thinking deprives people the ablity to live the life they want.

it`s as if there is only so much to go round, in the eyes of some. and where does that thinking come from? that`s as defeating as earning money for the sake of earning money.......like pouring yet another bucket of water into an ocean.

see the astonishing beauty in things and the excitement of dreaming with intent about doing what you want in life and see yourself doing those things now and be grateful knowing that this vision will bring you into alignment with your desires.

Monday, October 30, 2006

what cost?

i think that we cannot risk thinking that our thoughts don`t effect reality. there are those who laugh at the idea that a thought creates an energy wave that creates the thing that thinking saw. these people consume the bad news as entertainment and proof that thier ideas about reality are correct.

i can`t afford to live with the risk that that kind of thinking is wrong.

so the no cost solution is to just behave as if our thoughts do create a wave of energy that go out and bring back the things we want in our lives.

the negative thinking people, or those who deny that thinking creates anything, are proving me correct by default. all of the thoughts about bills and failures and reversals of fortune and accidents surround people who dwell upon them...........in ways that ensure they will get what they focus on.

but they can`t for a minute entertain the thought that the positive might work too. then things wouldn`t be so hard and they`d have less to complain about. some get evangelistic about how hard it is to do this or that and then prove it.

so whatever you believe you are right. the mind creates the proof for whatever you choose to see.

that`s whay i can`t afford not to see the positive.

positive and negative thoughts.

i am criticised occasionally for my views on postive vs. negative thoughts. i promote good feelings for no reason and so there are those who feel that i`m merely avoiding all that is negative in life.

i`m not.

i`m merely saying that to focus on the negative is to attract more.

so don`t do it.

what you focus on sends energy of attraction so that what you focus on comes into your life.

there plenty of others caring for the negative, so it`s well taken care of. if you worry about such things.

me, i`m interested in seeing health and wealth and happiness for myself and those i care about and so i talk about positive energy that goes out and attracts more as we hold that picture of what we want in our minds.

really look at what you focus on daily. be honest with yourself. is what you focus on coming back multipied?

i know it is at this end, and i`m no different than anyone else. what i look at and what i tell myself about those images in my mind are exactly what my life has emerged as.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

unconditional love.

i haven`t written much about this for some time as i have been focusing of visualisation, but as i have said so many times elsewhere, unconditional love for the self is the state where everything becomes possible. the joy, the happiness, the calm, the reassurance. it all comes from a state of unconditional love the self.

this state is a self-referencing mechanism which makes it impossible to begin on a path of harm. you just let those ideas and feelings go and wait for better ones to arrive.

no matter how long that takes.

did you get that?

no matter how long it takes.

sometimes that means forever.

which means that some forms of thinking have to be left behind. especially the one`s that make you do things that will lead to harming yourself or others.

it seems like such an easy thing to do.........but it forces you to take responsibility for your own care..........and to let things leave your life that are going to cause you harm.

how do you know the difference?

tell yourself over and over how much you love yourself. this may be difficult at times, but keep going. eventually you will mean it, i promise. once you start meaning it you will be able to discern so much that seemed invisible before. your whole life will change. some things will come into focus and some things will fade completely. that`s what love is. the creator at work.


a nice crisp sunday morning in late october. the sun is out and the wind has died down. a perfect morning for a game of football. and after eight weeks my broken ankle has healed and i am free to run once again. just another thing to be grateful for.

the three musketeers.

what better way to celebrate the cold but with a run in the park with friends..............
england 5 canada 1, for those who keep score.

a reminder.

we are made up of what we see, in our mind`s eye, and what we talk about, inside our heads.

everything else proceeds from there.

we began doing this, this time, the moment we were born. many of the ideas, feelings, concepts and certainly outcomes come from a pre-literate time in our lives. a time before words.

this is why it is important from now on to watch what you say and what you see in your mind`s eye. choose what you want to see and hear and allow those images to lead you forward each day.

over the next few days and weeks and months these images will create a reality for you that you want.

it`s happening now anyway. it always has. it`s the way things work.

why not shape things the way you want?

the answer to that question precisely describes your reality and predicts your future.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

the wolf.


as i continue to read this remarkable tale i am reminded of an experience i had as a teenager. i was walking home from a girlfriend`s house one night late. it was one of those magical deep winter nights that one has to experience firsthand to believe. the snow was deep and the air was crisp and fresh and the sky was alive with stars so bright and shining as to be alive. i had left her house and her love for fear that her parents would discover us and was still warm with our passions as i set out across the fields. i had nothing but my jeans, boots and a t-shirt and an old army coat that i had brought from england to fend off the cold. as i walked my persective switched for a moment or so and burned an image into my mind so deeply that i can see it now as i type.

i could see myself from outside my body as i plowed through the knee deep snow..........my hair blowing back as i stepped and my coat open against the cold defiantly...........

then as suddenly i was back, but this time, remarkably, i was a wolf seeing and smelling and feeling a million times more intensely than i did moments before. i knew for that instant what it was like existing as a wild dog.

all three perspectives then tumbled about in my consciousness as i continued to walk. no words could describe what had happened in rational terms and they never have since. only the shamans have spoken of such things.

since then i have had similar experiences with other animal energy. the red-tail hawk flying high above the hydro poles along the side of the highway spoke words in my mind...........hunt and kill.

that`s all he knew.

the squirrel

he sat there on the sidewalk perfectly still, as if he was looking at something just across the road. i noticed him as i rode by on my bike and gave him a wide berth so as not to startle him. he was suprisingly calm as i passed but i kept pressing on against the rain and wind, eager to get home and warm. i thought it a little odd the way he was stretched out like a resting dog front and back paws pushed out from his body with his belly flat on the ground but i kept pedalling.

he was there the next day as i rode by, still in the same position. i realised then that he`d died as he lay there, held in his last pose as his spirit left.

i see him there when i pass now and his body is comfort to me as i ride because i realise that his essence is long gone and that all that remains is what struggled here in material form. his spirit and industrious squirrel joy have gone on to some other plane of experience that we can only imagine.

so it is with us isn`t it? we are born, we experience stuff and then we move on. the spirit remains though. i`m convinced of that now. i have had flashes and glimpses and feelings of too many other planes of experience and consciousness to believe for one instant that this is all that there is.

and to my little squirrel friend i say, happy journeys......... wherever you are.
yves commented recently and has me thinking. he said;

"There is no problem with this idea of spiritual as you have expressed it. The problems come from everyone's attempt to hijack our feelings in order to influence us. Religion, politics, advertising and the tangled web of civilisation try to hijack our feelings, just as pornography tries to hitch a ride on our sexuality."

this everyone that he refers to begins with the media. the pictures we are fed become our reality. we then cut and paste these images together for our own pleasure. the problem becomes when we make real people into pictures and try to combine the pictures with pictures of other elements of our lives and then close the book, as if to trap the images for ever like so many snapshots, to only open the book occasionally when we feel like it.

example; i dated a woman recently and was enchanted by her east indian beauty and her joyful attitude. we spent nearly five hours talking and laughing and i am planning to repeat the experience soon. she told me about a man she dated who seemed nice and they went out a few times. on the third date he wanted to show her something. he took her to a house and asked her if she liked it. she was impressed but he then asked if she would be happy there........after three dates. she was very troubled by that and asked me what i thought about what had happened in his mind.
my answer was that he had taken a snapshot of her, a snapshot of the house, and a snapshot of the life he saw for them and then tried to put them together with her permission into a scrapbook and then closed the lid.

it`s quite a common practice, and quite deadly.

it leads to people being put into moulds that trap them. some are willing to go into the picture at least for a while, if they believe that`s what they want. but it`s only a picture. it doesn`t move and flow and grow and feel and love and laugh and age and what if we want to have some human experiences and someone has closed the book on the pictures?

we all need new pictures every day. it`s hard at first, but then it becomes the only way. new ways of seeing the same familiar things.

what happens then is that it`s like falling in love with life each time you open your eyes.

Friday, October 27, 2006


i am about half way through this book and i would highly recommend it to anyone on a buddhist path or anyone who believes our thoughts effect reality in any way.

i asked what people thought spiritual meant and the universe answered by presenting me with this book.



does anyone have any experiences with such things?

please do tell.


my network card issues seem to be resolved now and so i`m optimistic that i can settle back into a routine of posting.

so much has happened in the last few weeks that it is hard to find the words to convey the feelings i`m experiencing right now.

coincedances. sufficient to create goose-bumps.

i realise i`m not being coherent and as i re-read what i just wrote i realise that`s precisely how i feel.


that about sums it up.

when you stop trying to control the universe opens up.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

more computrer challenges.

the network card crashed again, so for the forseable future i will be broadcasting intermittantly from alternate ports..........

today i am typing on the chapters book store computer...........

being grateful for the ability to do so.

Monday, October 23, 2006

what does spiritual mean?

what does the word spiritual mean to you........?

i read somewhere the definition of spiritual was "of the spirit." well, thanks webster for that wee tautology. saved you the bother of thinking, didn`t it?

to me, spiritual means feelings. the experience of sensation in reaction to things. blue herons for instance........or the date i had on saturday with the incredibly beautiful west indian girl. or the knowledge that i`m a dynamic part of everything else that is occuring here.

spiritual means that we are a part of this abundance called consciousness that goes on forever, everywhere. with or with out us. now and forever. we can`t stop it if we try........though there are those who manage to cut themselves off from it and sit with thier arms folded in some protest against those who do........

and what`s that all about?


hello again.

my computer network card crashed on thursday and so i have been unable to communicate until the computer is operational once again.

in the meantime the world has kept spinning and games have been won and lost and opinion has continued without me.

now i will join in again without permission or restriction.

this morning i rode to oakville to pick up my now-fixed laptop and on the way back across the bronte creek bridge i decided to stop and enjoy the view.

the bridge crosses the bronte creek about 40 feet from the water and from that height one can see upstream into the bush and into the deepest part of the creek, split in two by a sand bar island. we are past the best of the fall colours but the sun was out and warmth was nice on a windy october day and i watched as a pair of ducks swam together upstream. just then a blue heron rose from the water and up directly toward me, his wings slowly lifting him higher with each graceful flap. he climbed up directly above my head and around and up into the trees on the east bank........i was held breathless as he continued his flight around once again and back over the road behind me and away to the south.

i felt a tear........joy? a connection to this natural scene. a thrill of recognition of myself and the majestic flying dinosaur.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

what kind of god are you?

what kind of god are you?

what have you manifest in your life?

is the list of things, people and events and occurances pleasing to you?

if you answered yes to the last question then crank up the gratitude until you are sure you will burst with the love and joy you feel knowing that your life is as rich as you wish................

but if you answered no, then stop putting time, effort and money into thoughts about things you don`t like.

like that........

just stop.

and in place of those thoughts find things to be grateful for and put emphasis on that feeling.
find where in your body and soul that the feelings of gratitude originate and see if you can make it grow up and out into your entire being. make it so strong a sensation that you could be sure that if someone saw you now they would know what you are thinking and feeling, just by how you appear.

now, isn`t that better than what was happening before.

now. know that if you continue to be grateful and see more of what you do want, you are sending a message to the universe that says "this is what i want from now on".

the universe will now send you these things.

it`s happening now everywhere anyway.

so be careful with that mind. train it to focus on the things you want and they will come to you.

say hello.

this is mae and jake. they are from wiltshire in england and really don`t like the flash of the camera. they are little loves, aren`t they? unless you are a mouse..........

we are the warriors.

though we sit in technological paradise surrounded by digital connection to the entire human race we still pulse with the animal need to establish and protect boundaries. this desire linked with the innate creative urge to bring children into this complex sea of protoplasm called society makes us want to protect our bit of this planet with absolute mastery.

it is for this reason that we are warriors.

to push back the threats to thier existance. to provide the best for them and to be ever vigilant............

and one day to be king.

what is hypnosis.

as a certified hypnotherapist i am asked this question all the time. people want to know what you know, you know? so i tell people that everything is hypnosis. from the simple act of driving your car to watching television to making lunch. we talk to ourselves and show ourselves pictures that make us go into different worlds, or focuses, that make us concentrate on the specific task at hand.

if we didn`t do this nothing would ever get done. we would begin one thing and then get distracted and start something else.........

so hypnosis is a way to attend to things with intention.

you are a master hypnotist. so is everyone else on the planet. every habit and behaviour and skill you have has been learned in a deep hypnotic trance that you created......with the help of parents, teachers, coaches and others........so that you could concentrate long enough to learn what it was that you needed to learn. otherwise you would have looked for a minute and then off in another direction.

and some trances last a lifetime.

for good and for bad.

the good news is that trances are like opinions.....once you recognise the falsity of a position it is easy to change.

Monday, October 16, 2006

what i`ve been saying all along.............


very, very, very cool.thanks for making that, whoever you are.

you just created this.

look at the wonder you have just created out of all of the chaos of photons blasting at your retinas. what you recognise in this pattern of light says a lot about what kind of god you are............
tell me what you see.

love this.........


i will say this about that........right fucking on!



i mentioned birth issues in the last post and so here`s some info on a therapy that explores some of the issues that we carry from the birth experience.

be conscious of the metaphorical content in this also.

we are all born this way. some are delivered via cesearian section, but that has it`s issues too. being cut from the womb brings new dynamics to the process.

good to be alive, isn`t it?


for those of you who were caught off guard by the last post i would like for you to understand that each experience we have is a metaphor for another one in another frame of reference.
obviously i`m not literally a colonel and we aren`t at war in the traditional sense........but many of my clients are suffering shell shock......or what is now known as post-traumatic shock syndrome. the battles and wars are in our minds. but just as valid and true to our nervous systems as bombs, bullets and gunfire.

it could be said that the idea of struggle is a metaphor for the effort we put forth by being squeezed out into this world from the safe quiet of the womb and out into the bright lights and harsh air of a hospital room, like so much toothpaste from the tube........

many of us never get past that kinesthetic mode of discomfort and into some artful sense of movement free of that binding constriction. we feel the constant pressure of the birth experience weighing down on us as we go to do the next thing.

and this, of course, is just another metaphor...........

a different perspective.

the battle rages and the soldiers fight. grim in thier determination to win and to kill and to come out alive at the other end.
my job is to make them continue.
i am thier father, thier mother, thier coach, thier confidant, thier brother, thier mentor, thier betrayer, thier general.
i will kill them.
most of them will die because i put them in harm`s way.
this is the way of war.
we will laugh and revel in our victories. this chases away the fear of death and carnage and the screams of men who`s life ebbs out into the dirt.
i talk only with the living of course. for the dead it is simpler.
for the dead it is quiet and peaceful and easy.
for these living men i am thier last grip on everything that they hold dear. thier home, thier mothers and fathers, thier brothers and sisters,thier lovers, thier homes and thier dreams of a life after this.......well, before this.
the battle becomes a familiar playground of discipline and technique and teamwork. the ritual absorbs the fear and allows the killing machine to surge forward to the prey. sharp, hot and deadly.

the real horror must be kept from these men. the real horror is unknown and unspoken. it is the horror of the battle they must enjoin when and if they return to thier dream life of peace in a different place. a place that doesn`t exist any more. it never really did. it is an illusion created by politicians and corporations. a rest between wars.

i am thier general. i have the loneliest job in the world.

i am lonely in the knowledge that these men will never go home to a life of peace. the battle they will return to will be one of a daily death from all quarters. from all those who they held dear. for these are the enemy now. they will know that these men now know the truth about all that we surround ourselves with in peace time, and the last thing they want is to be reminded that life is short, brutish and hard.

so if i seem tired to you, or disagreeable at times, just remember........what i have been asked to do.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


this has long puzzled me.......why is it that there are some spiritual teachers who are convinced that the desire to be financially successful is somehow wrong, bad or a barrier to enlightenment.

i earn a decent living in my practice. i have a good grounding in ethics and moral values and have a sense of enlightenment in things, yet i always look to advancing my earnings by doing work in a variety of fields related to behavioural therapy. recently i have been working with a medical intuitive and her sister who is a life coach and they are both spiritually advanced and enlightened people who have come into my life, as always happens, by accident and by coincedance and so absolutely on purpose. they both insist that i must open myself up to the abundance and love of the universe so that my work can be accessed by more people who need to hear what i have to say. they are a reminder that i`m on the right path in this material/spiritual existance and that i must honour both the spirit and the material together.

otherwise one cancels the other out.

we cannot seperate the spirit from the animal can we?


there comes a time in everyone`s life where sadness creeps in. for most it`s a temporary thing brought on by the usual memories or events that we know make us feel the familiar heavy feelings......but for some the feelings persist into habit becoming a frequent visitor or companion to one`s day.

sadness is a personal journey and can very rarely be shared. mainly because the feeling are too readily transfered and experienced by the next person in line who remembers thier own reasons for sadness. and so the cycle continues.

i have realised that the sadness, when it comes, is a transient experience and not to put the energy into the feelings once i`ve recognised the position i`m finding myself in. for too many of us we struggle with the feelings only to find ourselve`s deepening into the pain.

recently i have found that merely knowing the feeling is going to pass and not making the physical shapes associated with the sadness, e.i., bent over, slow-moving, looking down, etc......and really trying to move faster, breathe and stand up straight helps to shorten the length of time the feelings persist. this method has worked well to allow me to get back on the horse and join the race again.........


i have listened to too many people doing precisely the opposite, knowing fully well that thier feelings will continue and feed back to thier system allowing the sadness to last for hours and days and weeks............

and that`s no way to live.

i must comment here.........

yves, i can see your point regarding consumerism and wild conjecture regarding personal finances. there are some who will live for the thrill of throwing it all on the smallest horse in the race no matter what you tell them...........
what i am talking about is everyday attitude of recognising abundance and gratitude. it is a form of meditation, if you will, that involves your whole consciousness, your skills and your focus on your potential in this work effort on the material plane.

there are those who get caught up in meditation and spiritual focus who get lost in fairy-tale fantasies of mind expansion and some delusion of escape from the material which is not only financially damaging but emotionally and spiritually also. those people in the orange get-ups at the airport for example........

the middle ground, i believe, is in finding happiness in what we do and some money and the material rewards that come with a few extra dollars after all the bills are paid. we are, after all, living in the material illusion.......so why not enjoy the stay, brief though it may be.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

the spiritual dillema...

how can a man on a spiritual path reconcile the desire for attachments in the physical realm?

a better way to ask this question could be, how can he not honour this aspect of himself?

are we not of the material ourselves?

one aspect of us is rooted firmly in the physical. stub your toe on the bed end and feel for yourself.

the animal aspect of us cries out for recognition, yet the desire in some is to ignore this........i wonder why.

still can`t post to comments.

thanks for the suggestions regarding blogger beta. the problem is that i cant respond to comments made via the comment response pop-up since i converted over. when i hit the respond button the window pops up but never fills in. it just stays at the white border stage.


Friday, October 13, 2006


yves, unfortunately i don`t seem to be able to post to comments since i changed to blogger beta. i will continue to reply here though. you seem to be confusing or only accepting my definition of success as financial and material. personally i think that the money system is a tyranny amongst the general population, but here we are. we make the best of things. lemonade from lemons, if that`s all we have.

now, when it comes to people living tragic lives......... it is thier perception of things that makes them unhappy. whether we live in a mansion or an apartment, or a cold basement flat (keep your socks on!!!) we can generate positive feelings and be happy about our existance and thrill to the memories and expectations in life.

but there is something else though. the power of attraction. the idea that what we see is what we get. a way to prepare ourselves for the next thing we do. you can choose to accept or reject this idea but we are all connected and can effect eachother and effect what happens next through what we percieve.

through history people who master this are called visionary. everything thing we see of value exists because someone saw it before it manifest it`s self in material form and made it happen.




oh yes. we are communicating via a system that didn`t exist until recently. there`s more miracles to come too. made by people who can plainly see these things already, in thier minds.........these visions will form in material reality as soon as they decide.

we can do it too. if we decide. it`s nothing to do with right or wrong. it`s just how the universe seems to interact with our consciousness.

what we see is what we get.

that`s why, whether you agree with this or not, you are right . for you.

two things.

well, actually three.

firstly,http://www.mentalhelp.net/books/books.php?type=de&id=744 which is staggering.......(to me anyway.)

secondly, i am having a difficult time responding to comments since i changed to blogger beta. i will keep trying.

thirdly, yves, while i understand that the single-minded chasing of money for money`s sake is the cause, or certainly a large part of, the problem facing society today, i think you`ve misunderstood my position regarding success. there are two other pillars. health and wisdom. both of which are as valuable and mut be pursued as vigourously as money. to deny any of the elements renders the system unstable. i have seen too many bright people tragically broke and struggling while pursuing philosophical nirvana and doing pushups in a cold-water flat........
it`s about balance and harmony.
the law of attraction applies.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

highest purpose in everything we do.

i was reminded of this attitude today while discussing the movie, the secret, which i watched recently.
a friend asked me why some people were more successful than others.
my answer was and is simply that some people are grateful for what they have, what they see themselves as having and understand the law of attraction.
i also added that i know these people are acting at the highest level of purpose in life. what they are doing means a lot to them and to the people around them.
it effects them emotionally.

i listened to a friend who runs a healthfood store explain that a client of his was suffering health issues resulting from a surgery some years ago and had a wonderful recovery due to his simple suggestions. the man`s wife thanked him for giving her husband back.

my friend was emotional about what he does. passionate. successful.

when we align ourselves with this level of passion in what we do, we aren`t working anymore. we are operating on purpose and we are totally committed to completing the tasks at hand.

financial success comes as a result of operating at this state.


when we are called to teach we are asked to give knowledge to those who need it. in the traditional western classroom this means course material that will be on the exam and little else. i`m not going to get onto a soapbox over the state of education here or it`s true agenda but suffice to say, teaching in such an environment is a thankless task.

the teacher who is called by the student is a different animal. two different animals actually. the relationship between the person asking and the person providing is a complex one made up of a convergence of energies that have no set begining or ending. once the relationship is struck, the association is for life.

who becomes such a teacher? only those who hear the call know. who is such a student? those who are truly brave enough to accept the answers provided.

the boundary between student and teacher is never fixed either. the roles switch quickly, sometimes in the blink of an eye.

so the teacher needs to be sensitive to the lessons too. otherwise the game ends.


what you see is what you get.

what a simple concept. i remember when i tried to use a word processing program some years ago and recently when trying to make webpages i had a difficult time trying to understand that something that looked one way when you made it in a certain program would look completely different when you tried to print it or send it or whatever.

i realise there are limitations regarding software compatability etc. and i see some improvements and simplifications but i wanted what i saw to be what i got.

obviously someone recognises thre fact.

the reason why wysiwyg is so appealing is because reality operates that way. when you look at a green field with a stream running across it and a fence you know that you`d better wear your boots if you ant to get to the other side. if the dog is growling and barking, don`t offer your hand.
so programmers work toward providing wysiwyg environments for thier software. the computer game industry is a prime example. reality is the key.

so now we come to my point in all this. when you go to imagine something happening in your life, the more real you can make it in your mind, the more intense the feelings are and the stronger your field of attraction becomes. the stronger and longer this field exists for, the more certain that event will occur.

whoever designed the virtual reality environment in our heads had this in mind.


and by the way, if you have any doubts about this process, just realise that you`ve been doing this all your life. everything that surrounds you, you attracted.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

grim`s ditch

my apologies to whomever i got this pic from......it is so beautiful that i just had to post it.

not so much as poetry.........

as the clouds chase grey across the sky dragging mood deep,

i think and feel too and words come

like notes from a horn miles, miles away

yet close and familiar in tone.

the swelling tone to fill nothing out of nothing and returning...........

my eyes don`t see you. no need.

my heart cannot heed the sense of it all

i am caught instead with the feeling

grey, deep..........

once more i shall ride this saline tide onto the shore,

rain drops not so much like tears but reminders of times, scattered in the past across nothing, yet i remember.

and you do too.

list of things we want to attract.

now here`s the fun part. once we have established the feeling of gratitude and the power it generates then we take the bold step of asking a creative universe for what we want.

realise that we have been doing it all along anyway.

if you are surrounded by things that you are unpleased with........it`s because you`ve breathed life into these things and processed them over and over. the universe then says, "ok, your wish is my command." and manifests more.

so to turn the tables make a list of what you want, where you want to be and what you want to do and what you want to have.

that`s right. what you want to have. we live in a material reality and so things manifest here in material forms.

i want an apartment/ office suite so that i can live and work in the same environment.

i want a decent car and the income to support payments and insurance.

i want my business to attract the attention of businesses and individuals looking to grow with me.

i want to fill my life with my creative endevours, my music, painting and poetry that i have turned my back on because of............well, you know, not seeing in the positive.

the thrill i get from playing guitar and painting rich deep colours and shapes and from forming words into intricate emotional stories is immesurable.

i got the apartment/ office yesterday. precisely the way i have explained how to here. the rest will come as i continue to see it so and be greatful for the abundance.

the law of attraction is simple. what you see is what you get.


that`s why i don`t read the newspaper.

you have to ask yourself, do i want that to focus on the news, or the joy of all that is magnificent and creative and ours to play with?.......until mum calls us in for tea.

part of the gospel according to dr.a.

while i claim no divine right to be the first to understand this;


it has been a mainstay of my attitude and teaching for as long as i can remember.

what you focus on you attract. stop consuming the negative-biased media.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

choose good feelings for no reason.

my favorite expression. because there is no reason to choose good feelings. in fact if you are reasonable about it you won`t choose good fellings.

you might even reason that you can`t choose good feelings.

but you`d be wrong.

you just have to drop the whole "reason" thing altogether. reason will trip you, trap you and stop you from just simply choosing good feelings.

having good felings is a simple as remembering the last time you had good feelings. see what you saw, what you heard and what you felt. really take the time to build up the feelings the come to you when you remember like this. reliving the very moments that made you feel happy and do that now as you remember.

see........you had good feelings for no reason at all.

except that it will create anything you want in your life life magic.

just by feeling good for one moment longer.........each time you think about it. now.


ok. so you are grateful. what are you grateful for?

did you make a list of things you are grateful for?

do that now.

now that the list is complete........or filled at least, with things you are truly grateful for, lets look at why.

i use the example of my children. my boys are my total love. they represent the dearest, most precious responsibility i know in my life. i am deeply honoured to be thier father and to be entirely and completely responsible for thier nurture, safety and knowledge of this existance........for the next few years of thier life.

the reason why i`m going to this depth in gratitude is the reason why we must make this list. it builds emotional power in your visualisation of the signal you are sending to the universe.

this emotional power, this energy is the love that makes up the universe. when you charge up your batteries then the signal is strong.

this strength is what powers your intent to the universe.

how intense a signal do you want to send to the universe?

the secret.

i ust watched the movie called the secret. very interesting. similar in some ways to what the bleep to we know, but without the mildly irritating character developement, or lack thereof.
o.k. enough of my film review shctick.........
the secret is exactly what it says it is, a movie about a secret. one that 1% of the planet knows and operates. the rest, the other 99% struggles and bumps along.

what is the secret? well , i`m going to tell you and it won`t ruin the movie because you will need to see the movie to refer to what i`m going to tell you next.

the movie is about two things that make one thing.

gratitude + attraction = your life.

what you are grateful for, plus what you attract with your thinking, makes your life.

whether you believe it or not.

because the level of gratitude is different in everyone. because the type of things people think about varies. therefore people`s lives are different.

it is so simple and self-evident as to appear as if it`s not even important..........but if you aren`t happy and being fulfilled in your daily existance then it comes back to becoming more grateful and focusing on more pleasant things.

i have been rattling on about these concepts here and on other blogs for a while now.........my archives speak for themselves. finally i watched something that confirmed my core beliefs about health, wealth and happiness (with respect, yves.) and the notion of an energetic, or spiritual connection to the universe.

this has me very excited, because of a simple thing that happened to me as i watched the film. i thought about something fairly important that needed to happen soon. i saw it happening and felt grateful as if i was there already and..........this morning it was offered to me immediately. all that is left to do now is some minor details.

very cool......now let`s see what else i want to happen in my life.......?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

the competitor.


i made this card last year for tim boucher`s website. i posted it at www.popocculture.com and it get so many hits back here that i thought i`d repost it for those who missed it.

honest, brutally honest. valid. true. we can create and when turned around, for whatever reason, e can destroy with equal ability.

then there`s..........


of which the socratic is my favorite. to challenge pre-suppositions is the core of my work as a therapist.

if what you believe is false then everything you depend on for that falsity, by reduction, is also false.

many caught up in political , social and moral debates are basing thier arguements on false premises.

this is true of people trying to find meaning in thier lives, spiritually, monitarily and in relationships also.

what we pre-suppose becomes real through our will, whether logical, rational or otherise.

we plainly make it so, or die trying.

logic; an overview.


here is an overview of logic and how it applies philisophically, linguistically and in applications in everyday life.

we are all arguing inside, with ourselves, all the time. the winner of t hese arguements should have your best interests in mind..........

how about that for a hypnotic statement?

more on logic.

we all intellectualise. it is how we create our reality. those who do it with reason and logic generally have a better time of things than those who try to prove tenuous points, or fall into thinking traps like.........who caused 9/11, or trends in global warming, etc.

i posted a little thing on reason and log because i wanted to shed light on the process we are involved in all the time. we are chattering away inside about things and trying to draw conclusions so that we can live our lives.

the problem comes when we become emotional about the situation and fall out of our ability to be reasonable. then our thinking processes become narrow and limited and short-term because we are more interested in stopping pain than dealing with what caused the pain in the first place.

we live in an afluent society in the west, surrounded by abundance and opportunity at every turn, yet people shuffle around looking at thier feet, caught up in mundane issues that have them trapped in loops of ineffectiveness.

most people can manage to shake themselves free of the loops but find themselves drawn into another one sooner or later.

logic and reason help to loosen the loops somewhat and allow us the ability to avoid them in the future.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

logic = health and happiness.

the more critical and logical we become in our thinking, the more we can effectively assess situations that are critical to our survival and become healthier, wealthier and wiser.
money, health and wisdom are the three pillars of our existance. we benifit monitarily and healthwise if we can increase our wisdom.
most don`t have a guru in our pants pocket so we have to get out there and graze our knees a few times running across the playground before we adjust our approach.
making decisions and taking responsibility for them are the hallmarks of effective people. people who run companies, governments and organisations are generally effective at assessing situations and formulating a response and having the confidence to then take action.
in hindsight it was clear what the logical thing to do was. the trick is to do it while the play clock is running.

how is this accomplished?

by learning to think critically and logically.

that is; to not rely on assumptions or pre-supposition.

challenge your beliefs.

know the difference between a belief and a fact. especially the one`s you hold dear.

hard to do sometimes........but your health, wealth and happiness depend on it.

a little exercise in logic.


please take this an oportunity to learn as opposed to a test of knowledge. i am never surprised in how lazy we`ve become in our assumptions and start thinking they are facts. this test helps to make distinctions.


richard bandler.


the master........easy to master..............you`re unconsious..........

daniel pinchbeck interview.


a radio interview with daniel pinchbeck. in some ways a terence mckenna redux, but daniel has obviously been there...........touches on my favorite stuff. direct experience, the eschaton, or the coming singularity.........., or the hopi prophesy, etc. if you are a dogmatist stay home.
mind you , if you`ve got this far i`m sure you aren`t...........

intellectual understanding vs. direct experience.

i have kissed a girl before. i know what the experience feels like.
there are some who, for whatever reason, have not had the pleasure.
some of those people can talk about what it must be like to kiss a girl.
some of those people are deciding right now to go out and kiss a girl any chance they can.
there are scientists among this group of people who have never kissed a girl who can tell you all of the biological functions and neuro-chemistry involved in the process of kissing girls.
there are psychologists and sociologists that understand the motivations and dynamics of girl-kissing and how this action effects society.
but if they`ve never kissed a girl they have no direct knowledge of the experience.
and some of those people might hold a slight grudge against someone who has.

experiencing the divine has similarites with kissing a girl, that, while i won`t go into the finer details here, can be interchanged with the concept of kissing a girl in the preceeding paragraph.

there are those who have no direct experience with the divine, yet hold themselves out as experts...........

Friday, October 06, 2006

real experience.

one can read about people who have climbed mountains or driven fast cars or suceeded in business. but until you have direct knowledge of these things you are merely a bystander.

it`s the same with religion and spirituality.

bring on the direct experience if you dare............

otherwise you will have to just read about it in books.

climb a mountain. find yourself. talk to god.

do it now. you know how. it feels odd and uncomfortable at first but pretty soon you`ll be chatting away and getting answers..........and nobody else will know.

daniel pinchbeck.


daniel pinchbeck claims he`s the reincarnation, or a channel of the ancient south american god, quetzlcoatl. now, i don`t know the man or really understand much about south american gods........but i will say that i`ve had more than a few mystical experiences myself and see some of what daniel is driving at regarding our consciousness and divinity.

my view is that we are all gods. we have a direct access to divinity because it`s who we are.

there have been others who have said simlar things and have been nailed to a tree for thier trouble. crucifixion has many metaphors, one of which is being ridiculed. another is being shunned, either intellectually, professionally or financially. either way, saying what daniel, or i say is not a road to success in society.

so why say it at all?

to find meaning. consensus. people with similar views and experience.

many of the things that i experienced growing up caused me great concern. as i got older i was able to accept them and get on with a fairly normal childhood.

but as one gets older it becomes important to honour the part of the self that is experiencing these things and begin to seek out others who have experienced these things.

that`s what this blog is about.

i have just reminded myself..................

science vs "nonscience"................

i read an article today about experiments that doctors performed on patients using lsd in the sixties. in the article they touched on how some patients recovered after as little as one session but critics said that the numbers for success were biased and the contols weren`t stringent enough. so some doctors were actually strapping patients down to meet stricter control guidelines.

now i don`t know how you feel about being restrained, but i can only imagine what being restrained while on acid would feel like................

anyway, some of the doctors in the study were suggesting that mood, dose and setting were all critical aspects of the treatment modality. if you messed with one ore more of the elements you weren`t going to have positive results.

how can you calibrate mood and setting?

so science, which utilises metrics to predict and control had a real difficult time with the touchy-feely approach to thier new drug, with it`s potential for so much in terms of understanding brain function and consciousness.

but as usual, unless they can measure elements of the system they aren`t going to advocate it`s use.

my view was that they couldn`t weaponise the drug, so eventually they found other games to play. in the meantime lsd changed the face of culture anyway.

lsd is a destroyer of the ego . one needs to be in a safe place whenever that happens, because whatever happens next is the new imprint for the psyche...........whether you are strapped to a gurney in a hospital, or in the care of a compassionate practitioner, or out in the fields, or streets of a city, or with friends.........you will be destroyed and emerge, newborn into this realm once again.

science cannot measure that.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

rock and roll.


the rock is the hardness and emphaticality of loud persistant music. the roll is the movement. together they form a cohesive unit that, "drives our ships to new shores"..........as robert plant once said.

this rock and roll is many things. it has become a catch-all for different types of music, running the range from folk to country to dance to jazz and all points in between.

but really, when anyone plugs a guitar in to an amp with the clear and sole intention to find out how loud it will go, there only one outcome.......

rock and roll.

i wish at this time to thank ted nugent, jimmy page, robin trower and all the rest for following thier dreams and ambitions and true nature so that i and so many others can listen to thier work whenever we need to be transported beyond.


danger will robinson..................


early warning from the totalitarian regime.

the movies.

we sit ain a dark room and watch bright pictures on a big screen and these images elicit emotional reactions in us that are indistinguishable from the ones we usually experience in the world outside.

we know that the situations are contrived and the people are actors but we get the feelings nonetheless.


going to the movies is a way for us to choose the feelings we want to have inside. horror movies are designed to scare, adventures thrill and love stories, well, they do all sorts of things don`t they?

entertainment is a way to take control of our nervous system and dose ourselves with whichever emotion we want to have inside.

so why do we insist on standing for mediocre types of imput the rest of the time?

is it because we are unaware of the fact and don`t believe we have the ability to do anything about it?

so where do the shit feelings come from that make us desperate for diversions such as movies or sports or t.v.?

the media it`s self.

if you spend a week away from t.v., newspapers, magazines of the popular variety and people who repeat the headlines like they are the first, what do you think will happen to you?

do you want to find out?

all you have to do is cut out the list in the last paragraph for a week and i guarantee you`ll never go back. in fact you`ll find that media so abhorent that you`ll wonder how you fell into consuming in in the first place.

then you can fill your time up with anything else you want to................

we have to get a grip.

i had a shit morning. spent the evening reading my ex`s legal position regarding our legal battle over assets and fought to not own the opinion she was putting to the court.
it is a shame that she has to denigrate another human to protect her claim to 100% of the value of the matrimonial home. it is a shame that she has to denigrate the position of the father of her children. it is a shame that she actually believes what she hass written to submit to the court.

i found the strength, once i got my second espresso in me, to transcend the mood i was in and to realise that i have other, more important things to do with my life than to allow myself to get caught in a rut.

i did what i tell others to do. choose good feelings for no reason.

what does this mean?

it means do what it takes to distract yourself from whatever triggers the shit feelings.

it means search to figure out why you got into the shit mood in the first place.

because we are naturally joyous and playful people................it`s circumstance that disrupts the joyous flow.

so i sat and had my coffee and read 67 pages of douglas coupland`s new book, jpod.
and you know what? i did start to feel better..............released from the other state and free to choose another mood. one of my creation. one filled with sunlight and energy and creativity.

we have to get a grip. we have the means to. next time you feel like shit, let it flow and go, knowing that it will pass eventually. honour yourself, don`t be reckless and take hostages and when the mood lifts you will be in a position to recieve the natural state of joy that is the knowledge of being alive.

and, yeah, jpod is a funny little trip of a book so far. if you find yourself in a book store poke through it if you have a moment or two. see how your mood shifts.

the world outside the scientific paradigm.

what exists outside of measurement, prediction and control?





life it`s self?

all of those things. the scary, frightening, uncertain existance that makes up everyday existance. the thing we crave most. freedom from the "oh, don`t do thats" or the "what if that happens?"

wre aren`t irresponsible to want freedom from these things. we are merely spirits trying to make the best of things in these meatbags.

some aren`t making it as easy as they might. lots of fear in the air at the moment.

i`ve got a message for all the experts who know the intimate details of the risks involved.

stop looking at such grim numbers and look outside. the sun`s shining and people are out there playing. you can join them if you wish.........if you want.........can you see yourself running around and laughing and joking? you only have so many opportunities to join in. and that`s not statistics. that`s just a fact.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

scientific romantic????????

after i wrote that in the last post i thought about it over and over. scientific. romantic. the two don`t go together at all. maybe bell was the first scientific romantic, certainly the first since the renaissance, but i realised that there haven`t been any since.
scientists tend to be a rigourous, disciplined bunch with leanings toward dogmatism and tautology. the big bang is good example of that. dogmatic in that this unproven and unproveable event is the basis for any other cosmological thinking, and tautological in the way it`s described....... a bang that was big. because that`s all that science has in the matter. it was invented in someone`s mind as a reason for everything happening, exept spinning, but that`s a whole other question..............and this invention has been clung to as an answer for people who ask.
"mom, dad, how was the unniverse created?"

"well, son, there was a big bang one day....................."

you have to be asleep to accept this as an answer to how we got here. if you are on your second esspresso it makes no sense.

a big bang. well, thanks science, for taking my question so seriously as to answer it that way.

dogmatic tautology.

i`ll take romance for a thousand, alex.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

bell`s theorum.

right off i`d like to say, for the record, that i`m not a physicist......i`m not a mathematician.........or any other rigourous scientific discipline. i am far too easily distracted for that, but what i do have is an ability to understand the concepts that physics and certainly the "new" quantum mechanics and string theory she dlight on.
what i`ve noticed it this. the further we go into the matter that we see all around us the less stuff we find.

instead we find energy of finer and finer value.

these values get to be so small that the merest thought effects the outcome of thier actions.

people like shroedinger and hiesenberg have designed experiments that show our thoughts and decisions effect the outcome of material events. there are even experiement being run that suggest that the future effects the past.

some years ago a physicist named bell suggested and proved experimentally that when two particles come into contact they continue to communicate no matter where they travel to afterwards.
bell was talking about the ability for these particles to know the charge state, spin and location of the other particle after the intitial contact.
the metaphor for the human scale world is vast and powerful in it`s implication. when applied to human relationships and spiritual practice bell`s theorum predicts love and it`s all encompassing effects.

it could be said that bell was the first scientific romantic.


ever do those maze puzzles as a kid? you know, the ones in the book where you have a pencil and you have to find your way out................
i was having supper with my kids and they were doing one each on the placemat waiting for the food to arrive. my oldest boy is ten and he was making good progress but stopped suddenly and asked me for help....so i took the pencil and drew a line from where he stopped to the exit straight across the page. he laughed because he realised that was a perfectly good solution.

it`s all about the perception of what a boundary is in your life.

what`s stopping you?

something real or something like lines of ink on a page.......or something you heard a long time ago and you keep repeating over and over to yourself like it was a fact?

or something else that`s in your imagination that`s holding you back?

pick up the pencil and draw a line straight to the goal..........

now how do you feel?


i ran in to a friend who i hadn`t seen for a while. he had been away in australia he said........he had changed. he was somehow more relaxed and yet focused at the same time. he was wearing a silver dolphin around his neck on a thin leather band. i asked him about it and he said that it was given to him by a fisherman he had met on the beach one night in australia who had changed his life.

my friend told me that the fisherman taught him how to visualise. this was how the fisherman worked. he saw schools of dolphins swimming, in his mind, and he called to them with his voice in his head as he saw them swimming. he saw them in this way swimming toward the beach. when he did this for periods of time the dolphins would appear right before him.

the fisherman taught my friend how to do this and he was then able to call the dolphins too.

dolphins aren`t the only thing we call to us. we call our whole life. we just don`t realise we are doing it.

now that you know this, what are you going to call?

Monday, October 02, 2006

what do we dare to do?

wew create our reality by the things we focus on. the things we look at and hear in our minds eventually manifest themselves in reality............. think back and remember the things that have appeared in your life. have they really just appeared of did you summon them somehow?

i ran into a friend who i hadn`t seen for a while, he had been to australia and was wearing a silver dolphin around his neck. i asked him about it and he said that he had been given it by a fisherman he had met at the beach who showed him how to call the dolphins. he said that he had seen the school in his mind and that then they appeared in the shallows not more than twenty feet from the fire where he was camping........
the experience changed his life forever.

what do you see in your mind when you close your eyes and see with your soul?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

it`s about time.


to break the back of scientific tautology......................



oh yeah.........


sometimes the truth can be painful...........

what kind of day does god have?

well, as a god, i can tell you that life is pretty much a roller coaster. one minute the sun`s out and the birds are singing and the next minute it`s raining and cold.

as a god i can tell you that you have to take life by the horns and decide what kind of day you are going to have. that`s what makes you god after all..........

realising that you are the one who is having this experience and that it`s a transient process.
all things must pass.
all things will pass.
try and stop things from passing........and things will stop passing.

as a god i have had the most intensely wonderful experiences and the worst one`s too. the challenge is to react to these experiences with the understandning that whtever happens, good or bad, they will fade into memory soon enough.

so sit back, relax, and put you feet up and enjoy the show. you have the best seat in the house and the show`s about to begin.

different types of reality.


i wrote this some time ago when i was doing some research into legal reasoning. the different types of realities are endless. i touched on a few in the article to give a sense of the variety we have to contend with on a regular basis. we create new realities for ourselves with the type of thinking we involve ourselves in. we literally create our future by how we think.

so be careful. you are making history............of the future.....or something.