Friday, November 30, 2007

of some concern.

if this is the product of islamic fundementalism under sharia, we should be concerned that this sort of sentiment won`t arise amongst fundies of greater technological and tactical means (again.)............

this sort of incedent continues to underscore the savage agression generated by such extreme beliefs and political structure.

a deadly combination, and one that until recently was quietly forming amongst the muslim communities in canada.

sharia, for those in need of a definition, is a muslim legal system fun by clerics strictly adhering to extereme fundemental muslim law.

for those charged under this system the expectation is one of savage corporal punishment, ranging from whippings to stonings to amputations.

all in the name of a happy community.

in canada recently people charged and found guilty in sharia courts were abducted and taken back to complicit muslim countries for punishment.

don`t you just love multi-culturalism.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

unconditional love........for the self.

this is a concept that some have a hard time coming to grips with.

i will say it this way for fear of seeming dramatic or whatever;

all of the problems in the world between people are caused by our inability to love ourselves.


that is; without the thought of doing harm to the self.

out of this form of thinking comes all the moral and ethical solutions that our society struggles with.

when you are "in" love with yourself, then it is impossible to bring harm to others.

at this point one realises that there are times when harm comes to yourself and to others through situations that arise from time to time, but these are rare situations that warrant special attention from outside agencies such as family and friends and co-workers etc.

the moral and ethical solutions to societies problems are solved mostly through inaction.

don`t rob banks.

don`t start fights or arguements.

don`t resist the urge to be friendly to others.

don`t be greedy and strive for political office.

these are simplifications.

some of the more serious issues are things like;

forgive yourself.

forgive others.

accept the fact that we are all human and we make mistakes all the time.

in fact, most of everything that we do is "wrong", but who`s to just do it again. or do something else instead.

we are coming to a point in our conscious existance where, whether we like it or not, we are going to be asked to give up all of the noise of a culture bent on ownership and competition.

and whether or not it is that we are just getting a little older now, or that we are entering a new age of awareness on a global scale, the fact remains that the old ways of thinking about things and doing things are failing us.

and so.

see yourself as you go about your day.

do you feel a strong sense of feeling toward this person?

imagine that you are watching yourself on a youtube video going grocery shopping or making dinner while the kids are playing video games a few feet away, or waiting in the line-up at starbucks, or fixing a problem at work with colleagues.

are these good scenarios?

what would you do differently if you were directing your actions from this vantage point?

the continued watching of these videos is the process of beginning to love one`s self unconditionally.

as you watch the videos more intently you find yourself thinking of forgiveness and acceptance and the simple act of smiling more and seeing others smile too.

and you wonder why you never noticed this before and how good it feels to know that others accept you too.

oh yeah, and it is a process.

if you have been an asshole for a while now, it might take a bit for things to turn around.

the earth mother........a cautionary tale.

i met her in a bar.

i know what you are thinking, and you might be right, though we weren`t together all that long and so i`ll probably never know whether you were or not.

she came over and started talking to me actually. that kind of suprised me because i`m usually the one to initiate conversation.......but i wasn`t displeased with her approach.

she slid in beside me and said, "could you imagine a better place sit and talk with someone who you found interesting?"

i was caught so completely off guard by her sudden approach and her comment that the only thing i could say was, "in my car."

a few minutes later we were driving out onto the coast highway as the sun hit the horizon across the ocean and exploded in a blaze of fire while my mind raced as to what to do next.

she solved the problem for me by leaning over and kissing me gently on the cheek as i drove.

"you are as beautiful as you are enigmatic, and i don`t even know your name" i said, still trying to figure out what was going on as i drove my car god only knew where.

"my name is rachel, and i`ve come to bring you a message" she said.

"a message, what do you mean?" i thought this was odd, but i wasn`t prepared for what she said next.

"you are in a sort of dream state where we are able to do this now. you have been preparing for this all of your life, and so have i.......and so while this is a bit of a shock to you, you are able to understand this and are able to accept what will happen in the next short while."

rachel was a beautiful blonde girl with odd green eyes with little flecks of red in them that made her almost wolf-like in her gaze, and although she had perfect skin she had a scar across the side of her nose onto her upper lip that immediately reminded me of the sort of wound one would get from the tip of a sword.t

she kissed me again, and this time i pulled the car over and kissed her in return.

we found a motel in this dream we were in, and made love until the sun returned to light this side of the planet once again.

"rachel." i said waking into the dream once again, not sure if i had dreamed her while asleep in my dream or while awake in my dream before..........

it had not been a dream within a dream but one continuation.

she lay there beside me as if she had always been there, this strange and beautiful creature with an odd tale to beguile a middle aged man into bed.

i called her name a second time and she stirred and opened her eyes, and once again i found her lupine gaze to be slightly unnerving.

"there is more i need to tell you" she said, with a look of concern on her face that stopped me as i reached to kiss her.

"yes i believe there is......" i said.

then she laid her cards right down on the table.

"i am what you might want to call mother nature. it`s not my name, but the description of my role is accurate. i have come here to warn you that if you don`t recognise yourself for who you are as the male part of who we are and embrace this as the highest manifestation of your being, then humanity will cease to exist in this place very soon.

man has become so hateful of himself and greedy and destructive and war-like that soon humanity will descend into an all-out conflict that will destroy us all.

and the only thing that will stop this is for you to see yourself as if you we watching yourself in a movie as the lead role in a film about the potential for the end of the world.

and as you watch yourself keep reminding yourself that you have to love yourself nothing that could harm you or could result in bringing harm to yourself in the future.

why you?

well why not you?

and know that i am in love with you so deeply that it tears me apart to think that i could ever be apart from you even for a moment, and that i am happy because i don`t ever have to leave you now".

as i walked across the gravel parking lot of the hotel my mind was reeling with what rachel had said. i understood the unconditional love part, but couldn`t understand how it was going to affect all of humanity.

i would have to ask her when she came out to the car.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

more about signposts.

the signposts keep coming.

as we travel through whatever it is that we are travelling through, when we sensitise ourselves, we begin to notice that our surroundings are alive with meaningful associations.

these associations are unique to the individual and can be as enigmatic as licence plates on cars, or neon signs or a combination of things.

no matter what the message and however it is transmitted we must be assured that there is a message and that the universe is aware of our intentions and is ready and willing to provide just what we need when we need it.

the proof is in what we are doing right now and how we managed to arrive here.

the present moment is always the culmination of a series of present moments called a lifetime.

one has to realise that we have to work very hard to be disappointed and to fail or to miss the boat, or whatever else we are attempting.

again, the proof is in how we are acting presently.

either seeing the signposts and following thier direction, or ignoring them........

the very thing that we`ve spent our lives putting in place.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

a bag of silver.

the profit is in betrayal.

the betrayer has the money in the bag.

that says a lot about a moral society.

Friday, November 16, 2007


in the teachings of the samurai one is told to act impeccably.

that is with absolute certainty.

without it the first sword will claim you.

with it, none shall touch you.

with honour. through the pain.



we learn to endure the pain, and it fashions us.

we become so used to the feeling that it becomes like an old, loyal friend.

and who ever said we would be without it?

the laughter and joy of the abundance in everything is valid and true and surrounds us and lifts us up and holds us like a child..........and with it comes the pain.




everything must pass.

and it does.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


words create our reality.

even if we don`t know the meaning of the words we use, the words do, and at some level part of our consciousness does too.

and they continue to shape our reality.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


an anonymous poster raised an interesting point.


and how the concept differs for each of us.

what is fun for you?

in a thousand words or less. (please.)

Monday, November 12, 2007


you don`t see one of these very often.

these are a few of my favorite things.

be careful though. it is no laughing matter...........(well, actually it is.)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


the following sentence is false.

the previous sentence was true.

please don`t get stuck on this for too long.

they are only words after all.

rememberance day.

every sunday morning the lads get together and play soccer.

we vary in age from 20 or so up to 75 years old.

we are mostly europeans who`s families grew up in europe and remembered the last world war.

we all grew up listening to our fathers and uncles and grandfathers talking about flying and fighting and heroics and death.

so today at 11.00am we stopped the game and stood for a minute and remembered all of those men and women who fought and died so that we could play in peace.

then the lancaster bomber flew over from hamilton, where it remains one of only two operational world war two lancasters.

such a moving sight. no words are necessary when she flies over our heads.

a fitting salute.

i, for one, will always remember.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

the pendulum.

the pendulum swings back and forth.

with each consecutive swing it leaves one top point and decends back away and rushes headlong toward the other side.

just like life.

humans are busy trying to grab the pendulum at the point they are most comfortable.

if they succeed that is the moment they begin to die.

they must let the pendulum swing.

over to pleasure and comfort and joy........and then back away from all that is good and familiar and right.........and headlong toward the pain and destruction once again.

we can`t stop it swinging anyway.

it`s bigger than all our efforts put together.

so just relax and enjoy the motion of the swinging as it effortlesly rises and falls.

and remember; all things must pass.

Friday, November 09, 2007

i have a secret.

i have a secret you`re dying to know.

i can`t tell you, or you`ll die.

so here you are so close to death, because.........of something one of us doesn`t know.

powerful things these secrets.

the man in the white suit.

the man in the white suit is standing there.

it`s not my choice of what to wear.

he`s so cool in his whiteness.

he`s so cool in his brightness.

he`s so misunderstood in his lightness.

standing there.

we can`t tell what he`s thinking, who he`s missing, who he loves and who he cares for his dreams.

standing there.

then he walks away.

never will we see him another day.

the man in the white suit.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


here are some questions that you don`t have to answer unless you feel the need.

1) if you were going to move to a desert island for a year, which dvds and cds would you take with you?

2) what person or persons, alive or dead, would you like to meet and why?

3) what would you most like to do with your life?

4) what accomplishment would you like to be known for?

5) what makes you happy most?

6) if you could try anything, knowing that you were guaranteed to succeed, what would you do?

radio interview.

this interview was on radiorbit with mike hagen.

my interview is on 11/28/05.

if you give it a listen let me know what you think.

a formula.


what does it mean?

hippy + intelligence + drugs multiplied by(intuition)+ a lot of education and sense of humour, equals insight.

i have seen results without one or two of the elements, but the larger the values for each, the more insight attained.

i realise, for some...... that the idea of drugs is abhorrent, and i tend to agree.

as a parent i don`t advocate my children or yours having access to such things, but some adults choose to allow patently obvious drug trade and consumption in thier homes and in school.

it would take me about 30 seconds to find dope and dealers in any high school in north america, so why is it so hard for police and teachers?

the drugs i`m refering to are the ones used by tribal types in ceremonial rituals. this does not include cocaine, heroin, speed or precription drugs. these are drugs used by sprititually bancrupt types trying to access states of abundance and joy without a ticket.

what people who consume these drugs are actually doing is fighting either anxiety or depression.

anyway, the formula above refers to the developement of an insightful or illuminated mind.

1) one has to be a social outcast, i.e. not a consumer or careerist interested in a bigger pile of bricks and beating others to the money.

2) one has to be bright.

3) one has to do the drugs and don`t die or lose your mind.

4) one has to have had a religious or spiritual experience......or two.

5) one has to go to university or read everything that you can`t find in a mainstream bookstore.

6) and appreciate how funny this all is. including your sorry self.

this will move you toward illumination.

or you will lose your mind anyway. (refer to #6)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

speaking of.........

......sitting out in the woods....

just another crazy phd.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

associated with the greek god hermes, the messenger of the gods.

the twin snakes coiled around a single shaft with wings emerging from the top.

a possible representation of the twin helix structure of dna and our ability to recieve messages via this "antenna" through meditation, yoga or any one of a number of focusing practices such as hypnosis or fasting or the ingestion of drugs such as amanita mascaria or datura in the shamanic practices of tribal cultures.

and also by accident or illness or injury, as in the case of near-death experiences.

this structure may be the physical way we can experience past lives or psychic knowledge or intuition or seeing ghosts by changing the sensitivity of our physical and spiritual bodies.

speaking of singposts.

nothing more than a reminder.

what did you remember today that allowed you to relax and just get on with enjoying the abundance and joy of everything around you?

personally, i remembered to write something that would remind me of the abundance and joy of everything around me, and that allowed me to just relax and get on with enjoying it all.......

the universe.

we are an interactive consciousness.

we percieve that we are able to interact with the universe and align ourselves with the creativity here.

and it does the same thing.

the more we recognise this the more the universe does too.

(we are all the same one thing by the way........a vast single consciousness.......i`m whispering because there are some materialists that get cranky if they`re pulled from thier sleep with reminders such as this.)

Monday, November 05, 2007

bike ride toronto.

for some reason the pictures are in reverse order again.

thanks blogger....... facing almost due west at 5.00pm in port credit, after a quick stop at starbucks, and realising the camera wasn`t fully charged............and so my photo record of the trip will have to wait until next time.

this was also when i realised that i was glad i brought gloves.

a quick 45 minute blast to downtown toronto from here in the cool night air. my favorite bit.

another view of bronte creek facing due east.
bronte creek at 4.15pm and still reasonably warm.

groundhog day.

realising that you can react to similar situations with flexibility is one key to spiritual growth.

as the protagonist in the movie discovers, each time he repeats the "day" he has the opportunity to do something different and get different outcomes as a result.

the way we do this is to begin by becoming aware of ourselves as if we are an objective witness to our own actions.

this witnessing allows us to exert flexibility over our own reaction to things by being less emotionally involved.

this detachment gives us time and space to think and act differently in situations where we could have found anxiety in the past.

watch the movie.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

internal dialog.

i took the go-train back from toronto last night after riding against the wind for two and a half hours along the lakeshore into toronto from burlington.

as i was standing with my bike i became aware of a man sitting in front of me who was clearly in some considerable distress.

he was continually dialoging inside over some matter which concluded with him gesturing facially with ironic regret.

this went on for over 20 minutes as i stood there and it was all i could do to just stand and ignore the constant cycling in his mind which finished each time with the rolling of the eyes and shaking of the head and silent tut-tutting.

i wanted to tell the poor chap to break the tape, but how can one begin uninvited.

the person beside him eventually left the train and so i was able to sit beside him and not have to find myself directly looking at him so much, but every now and then i would look over and, sure enough, he was riffing away.

my point here isn`t to focus on this man`s plight so much as to point out that we all get caught in internal dialog that goes round in circles.

the trick is to recoginse the fact that we all do it and to break the cycle.

so how do we do it?

we tell the voice in our head to shut the fuck up.

laughter is good.

now tell the voice to shut the fuck up every time you catch yourself ratting on about something that probably won`t happen anyway, and if it already did there isn`t much we can do about it..........otherwise we`d be busy doing something about it.

if that guy could have told the voice in his head to shut the fuck up enough for it to shut the fuck up, he would have been able to rest on his way home, or wherever he was going.

the assemblage point.

i have experienced the shift in my assemblage point on several occasions, and just recently due to my friend catherines reminder.

the assembage point is yet another metaphor for cognitive awareness.

i learned some things this week.

i rode into toronto yesterday and discovered that my friend, who i`ve known since high school in montreal, is suffering terribly from work stress and will probably never be able to maintain a professional job again.

he is sueing his employer and they are sending thier insurance company after him to further damage the emotional state of one of thier senior employees.

i also learned that women are compulsively competitive on occasion.

not for advantage either.......

i wonder if it`s a conscious decision or something inate?

i wonder if i`m supposed to put a question mark after the last sentence....and this one?

or are they rhetorical?

i learned also....or was reminded of something important.

the assemblage point.

a deep center somewhere in the solar plaxus where or conscious intent lies.

and that the assemblage point shifts with perception and can, if we endure stress for too long, become stuck or turned in on it`s self to the point where it doesn`t operate effectively.

i`m now meditating on shifting it to align with my new focus.

thank you catherine, for reminding me of something i showed you a long time ago, in another life it seems.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

m(r)s. clinton

a little like the pot calling the kettle black.......

the king of wands, or rods if you will.

drawn twice concutively in a three card reading reading yesterday, following the five of wands.


happy hallowe-en.

i hope all your devils are laughing.