Thursday, April 30, 2009

thanks dear....

as someone who unashamedly likes girls, and one in particular, i particularly appreciated miss california`s defence of normal marriage.

and suprisingly to some, we have access to the same rights as them.

and here`s a message to the judge who took offence.

fuck you buddy.

you are entitled to do whatever you want in private, but when you get overtly pissy in public when someone states thier opinion, you make yourself look like a dick....and i for one don`t have to like your attitude, your behaviour, or your face.....

so again, fuck you, and well done miss california for taking a bullet for normal people.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

and this....

....indicates that between 500 and 4000 people die each year in canada due to flu and related illness.

so, what`s the fuss about one or two cases of reported infection?

i`ve had symptoms of flu on and off for around three weeks and so when i was able i rested and took in more fluids, and when i felt better in a day or two, went right back to training like mad.......

....and i didn`t die.

but i`m not ill, old, an infant or otherwise suffering from some sort of likelyhood of being killed by a minor virus.

anyway, the good news is that surgical masks now come in designer colours, with team logos and instructions for extra stupid people so they don`t wear them upside down.

the mother is acting very strangely.....

crazy old ex-nazi in a fancy wizard suit.

Monday, April 27, 2009

something just struck me....

global statistics for automobile fatalities indicate that there is a substantial risk of being injured or killed (or injured and killed) by a car.

and nobody is suggesting we don`t visit places due to this substantial risk.

and cigarettes are topping people substantially also.

but we still visit france and greece.

but canada and mexico are no fly zones because of a few cases of fatal infection.

something odd is going on here....


don`t go to mexico either, because they are all wearing surgical masks down there....well, at least the nuns in the picture i saw in the newspaper were....


do you think the surgical mask people have something to do with this?

please don`t come to canada.

there are a number of other reasons not to come to canada but i can`t tell you what they are because that wouldn`t be politically correct....and we are nothing if we aren`t that. here. now.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

don`t go to romania.

recently my girlfriend`s daughter and her friend took a trip to europe. the girl is eighteen and though there is the sual trepidation one has for young girls traveling alone, the first week of thier journey went without a hitch.

they landed in amsterdam and then went to germany and austria briefly before taking the train to budapest where her father`s family is from.

from there they wanted to briefly see romania for some reason before getting to why they really wanted to go to europe....the greek islands.

so they planned to board the train to romania but were dragged off forceably at the last minute by a woman yelling at them to keep away from the gypsies....

the next train they boarded was apparently gypsy free, but as soon as the train pulled out a man positioned himself outside thier compartment and began a litany of suggestions and threats that my own disgust makes me refrain from typing.

once off the train they found what they thought was a cab, but the man proceeded to drive them out into the country and held them ransom for an amount approximating $600 canadian.

if this wasn`t an account coming from my girlfriend regarding her daughter i would have discounted the story as being a tale worthy of a bad hollywood revenge movie.......not unlike the film taken, with liam neeson, miscast as an action hero in which his daughter is abducted and forced into prostitution by gypsies.

ironically my girlfriend and i watched the thing a couple of weeks ago.

anyway, in summation one can rage against the police in romania or travel authorities or whomever for not warning the girls , but i can only thank the woman who forceably got them off the first train or they might have found themselves in a scene from the film we watched.

and the police? they would have wanted a share for the money.

how do i know this? i have a friend who moved here from romania 15 years ago who told me that her family hid from the police if they saw them for fear of a shakedown, or worse, depending on the officer`s mood.

in canada we live in a coddled little bubble where our major bookseller chapters refuses to carry the book dangerous places by robert pelton. instead they carry bright, shiny tomes promising a welcome to young tourists with canadian patches on thier back-packs.....come to eastern europe and experience the nomadic tribes people of slavic descent with thier rich heritage of cooking, dance and wine.

they are off to greece next where i feel they`ll fair somewhat better, unless they take another taxi-ride into the countryside of another non-anglo-saxon country.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

oh yeah, and....

....people are smarter than rats right?

well rats don`t break into a lab in the middle of the night to run the maze even though there is no cheese.


clearly we seem to resonate more with the shit in the world than with that which could make us feel good....though maybe focusing on shit makes people feel good....but i can`t include myself in that group.

put twenty rats in a 100 square foot room with food and water and they will get along and avoid eachother for the most part.

fifty rats in the same closed environment will form small groups and be wary of others.

a hundred rats will engage in small-scale scurmishes over food, females and territory.

a hundred and fifty rats will tear eachothers balls off and eat thier own young......

if you can clearly see a hundred rats/people from where you sit; move.

earth day.

did you buy a t-shirt?

did it save anything?

no. it made someone money.

our grocery store is now providing plastic have to buy them for 5 cents each. can buy an eco-bag for 95 cents.

large corporations exist to exist, and by doing so they make you give them money.

either you recieve something you think you need, such as a product or service, or if the corporation gets big enough, they can make the government make a law forcing you to give the money to them....whether you like or need the product or service or not.

our local newspaper is delivered here weekly. it`s a big brick of a thing. once you take out all the retail ads it shrinks down to a few pages about civic policy, missing cats and junior sport.

this is polution. visually, physically and psychically. when the flyers come you must buy something...for the garden, or the house, or the patio.....

the same corporations who are making us guilty for consumption must, to survive, force us to consume.

or they are not going to survive.

the landfills are full of thier efforts and the eforts of us manipulated by them.

without them we would consume less and the things we would consume would be less harmful to our rivers, fields and lakes.

and there would be less of us too.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

on a more positive note.......

......i understand that you are mostly confused about um, everything. money, sex, politics, religion, spirituality...etc, and i know what you are thinking, "what the fuck does this guy know that i don`t"?

well...the answer is that i find a way back to choice.


in spite of all the reasons to be depressed and anxious and dissapointed about just about everything, i find myself enjoying life just about every day, and enthusiastic about what lies ahead.

some of what i`m going to say next will seem familiar, some of it will seem somewhat different.....and some of it will seem impossible.

it is nonetheless the way things are.

1)if you keep ddoing the same old thing, you will get more of the same old thing in response.

2)if you watch tv and read newspapers you will learn new ways to be fat and stupid and dissapointed every day. there is always someone brighter and shinier and fresher and richer than you being featured and photographed having a whale of a time while our taxes go up and our property values go down and our kids are being shown how to smoke dope in public while we cling to our shit jobs with our finger tips.......

....see what i mean?

3)cut your food intake in half and don`t eat anything after 7.30pm.

4)smile at a stranger at least once a day. that means a new stranger. every day. and smile more to yourself while you work and walk and drive and ride. find shit to smile about. search stupid jokes on the internet if you have to. just smile more often. it`ll become a habit pretty soon and people will smile back, i promise.

5) exercise a little. not like me, i`m freak. some sort of obsessive/compulsive about soccer, weights, cycling and hiking..but maybe you might find yourself doing something you never thought possible....really soon.

6) get a cat. unless you are allergic or travel for a living, in which case the cat would get lonely. cats are really relaxing, sleek, sensual creatures that, if you mirror thier behaviour, will turn you into a relaxed, sensual, sleek creature yourself.

don`t get a cat if you are a demanding control freak who needs absolute obedience from your pets. a cat will show you it`s ass and you will get angry.

my cat completely owns my girlfriend`s cocker-poo (don`t ask) the stupid dog just follows the cat around waiting for it to move quickly so that it can try to catch which time the cat goes into hyperdrive and as far as the dog is concerned, vanishes.

very amusing.

7) right now, get out of your chair and jump up and down and yell fuck at the top of your lungs for a minute or so.

8) and tomorrow, because i believe it`s eath day, resist the urge to do anything that is supposed to save the planet. for fuck`s sake think for yourself for a minute. what could we possibly do to "save" a giant ball of cooling metal that is whizzing through space at 60,000 miles an hour?

let`s start thinking about saving ourselves.....






9)give yourself a break, go get laid, flirt with your wife or girlfriend or husband or boyfriend...or go find someone new to flirt with.

do this now.

ok, that`s 9 things. i will post the tenth one if i get some reposes to this.

now, go outside. that`s enough sitting indoors staring at a little screen in a dark room.

and by the way, if you did number 7, i love you man.....

Monday, April 20, 2009


there is a reason why it`s called dope.

as a parent i am concerned that my children will get the impression that it is ok to get stoned and be cool like musicians and other "celebrities" who advocate confusing your brain.

it is tough enough to get an education and find employment, but to encourage youth to get stoned and try to get through school is merely wrong.

one can speak all you want about free speech and freedom of expression, but that`s exactly what i`m doing right now......and unless you are stoned you can see my position.

and 4.20 is hitler`s birthday and that of the mother of my children.


Friday, April 17, 2009

i have followers......

welcome officially to hypgnosys. i know you guys have been reading on and off for a while, and i`ve been doing the same, but it`s nice to see the faces appear in the window.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

posting for posting`s sake....

i haven`t posted here recently......"no shit" you say....well, i haven`t had much to say as i`m increasingly dissapointed at the level of stupidity, self-centeredness, paranoia and craftiness of people.

i guess i`m finally growing up and realising that i`ve been niave all these years believing that people would actually adhere to moral and ethical codes.

oh well.

so; what to do today. what to comment on. what to be digusted/dissapointed at......?

when i began to write this blog i felt that people might be interested in some good news about how to take on positive attiudes and find enjoyment in life. but as i cruise around the blog nighbourhood i find that the peole with the most members and commentors are those that trade in the anguish and despair.

so i will reconcile myself to the fact that people are generally rat-faced liars that would stab you as soon as look at you but for fear of getting caught, and i take consolation in the fact that i have a few friends who i can trust and a good woman who i can fall asleep with at night and share my niavety with and not be betrayed.

she said to me today that she forgives those who treated her like shit.....and i said a year ago i would have been threatened by that statement coming from her.....but now i understand that she didn`t say she would forget, trust or recommend them. she merely stopped letting it bother her that people are generally rat-faced liars....and she plays dumb in the midst of thier subterfuge.

like my dad said "give them enough rope...."

people aren`t virtuous or moral or ethical. just afraid.

and that makes them dangerous.

is that a depressing thought?