Monday, February 27, 2006


what is t.v.? it is a mechanism that fires streams of photons into your eyes. these photons are arranged in ways that emulate images from life and the ideas that people have about life. we call the content of this media "entertainment". what this entertainment does is that it lulls us into a suggestable trance state so that we are ready to recieve messages about consumer products, social mores and politics.
and it predisposes us to consuming more t.v.
the mind needs a constant rich stream of information of a changing nature to remain interested in a subject. you have only to remember fighting to stay awake in geography class to understand the concept.
t.v. is so low data rich that after about 15 or 20 minutes our conscious mind begings to go to sleep. we are then left to accept whatever images roll across the screen.
then we go to the grocery store and buy whatever seems most familiar to us. the people who pay for the most ads are the same people who have the expensive soap to sell.
and cookies.
and deodorant.
and shampoo.
and politicians.
so, if you want my advice.............don`t fall asleep in front of the t.v., in fact don`t watch it at all.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Saturday, February 25, 2006

a lesson......

one of my clients came to a session excited because she had bought herself a new coat because she felt so good about herself.
it was a beautiful coat and it made her happy. she was smiling and filled up with pleasure.
that`s why it made it difficult to tell her the next thing.
out of loving ones self it is not about having things. we need a coat to keep us warm when it`s cold........
an act of unconditional love for one`s self would be to recognise that a coat is fine, but not today......
i`m o.k. without it.
and walking out of the store and watching as the feelings for a coat are replaced by the feeling that things really are alright.
the state of having a coat or not is totally seperate from loving one`s self unconditionally.
if it`s snowing outside, wear a coat.
buy a coat if you need one.
don`t buy a coat to feel good.
feel good unconditionally first.
it is the only thing.
a million coats are not going to warm a person without unconditional love for themselves.
it was a beautiful coat though........and she understood what i meant.


an interesting practice that i find useful when i`m working with painful emotions is to look at myself from a third person viewpoint.
find a quiet spot and breathe into relaxation and open a screen in your mind.
on this screen see yourself as if you are another person. see yourself having the experiences of those feelings and memories. see yourself reacting and having emotions.
now move your viewpoint of yourself and change the light source, brightness etc. until you get different feelings from what you are observing.
see yourself accepting the situation you are in and smiling calmly and deciding to unattach from the situation.
now quickly see the image of yourself recede and vanish.
when you return to the room you are in notice how your feelings regarding the feelings you were experiencing have altered. notice how they have changed and realise that you have done this yourself by deciding to in a specific way.
this practice can be repeated as you need to.
a note from a psychological point of view; the state that we experience in this practice is known in clinical terms as dissociation. there are people who, for whatever reason, have found themselves in this state unconsciously, for various periods of time upto and including permenantly. generally this state is achieved unconsciously as a reaction to trauma. it is a natural way to avoid pain. when we choose to do this practice consciously we own the control over it. we recognise how to begin the state and to end it.
it is very effective in treating phobias, anxiety and grief. it is a safe way to visit pain. much like working on the computer bios in safe mode. nothing you do in this "safe mode" can harm the programming.

Friday, February 24, 2006

mind control.

there has been so much written recently about mind control, from mk-ultra to the jesuits to amway to promise keepers. the common thread amongst all of these is that someone else is providing the framework for your thinking. all of these mind control environments have the potential to provide a spiritual enlighenment. they are all riual based indoctrinations tht follow prescibed methods that profoundly alter the initiates brain chemistry, wave frequency and change the basic character of the person as a result.
one can ad army, navy, airforce and marines to that list along with corporate employers from home depot to ibm.
and the police.
the point here is that you can do this for yourself by sitting quietly for a moment and embracing your unconditional love for yourself. let it wash over you completely and then let all your thoughts flow away so that eventually, as you sit there, you are at one with everything, dissolved in the universe.
your mind will drift to thoughts so just allow them to pass by. do not attach any focus to them and continue rising and falling with the tide of effortless nothing...............
find the time for this practice as often as you can.
it is your mind control.
it is your mind.
it is letting go of control.
and noticing what lies there waiting.
the self.

how to begin to love yourself unconditionally.

sit quiety for a time and be aware of yourself loving yourself unconditionally. a love without expectation. a love that is permenantly now. like the certain knnowledge that the sun will rise in the morning. let your mind empty and sit in this love...........if your mind wanders to thoughts, patiently wait until you have come back to love . emptying your mind.
gentle breath in.....and out in love for yourself.
each day find some time to do this and you will be building a relationship with your unonditional love for yourself.
and let go of attachment and resentment and arguement and a conscience about doing so.
we can only hope that others will do the same.
and then let that go too.................

Thursday, February 23, 2006


a man takes his two year old rottwieler to the vet.the vet picks the dog up and looks him over and says;“i gotta put the dog down”the owner goes; “why, is he sick?”the vet says” no, he`s fucking heavy”

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

dogma trap.

with sincere apologies to tim i am providing a link to his post regarding money as a classic example someone wrestling against the programming of conscience.
only someone feeling guilty about the aquisition of money would have these issues. i recognise the feelings as all to familiar to me. i grew up in a jesuit household. the blackbelts in dogmatic programming.
it`s time to break the programming. we`ve got financial responsibilities. mouths to feed. a mortgage to pay. poverty is not a virtue my`s a convenient way for the priest to keep the money for himself.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

if you knew.........

if you knew catagorically that someone or something is trying to hurt people you care about, wouldn`t you do something about the situation?
i know the answer, because i know how i feel in this situation.
i know that there are groups of people out there who`s sole intention is to give advice that will control you on deep levels and they begin at an age where you are incapable of defending your mind.
these people are in control of virtually every aspect of our lives, from the moment we are born.
how do i know this?
well, i`ve had a suspicion for years that something was up.
i`ve noticed that people aren`t happy.
they haven`t got choices.
they haven`t got freedom.
they continue to do the same things, expecting different results.
even though things are terrible for our mental, physical and spiritual health we keep on doing them.
we don`t like ourselves.
we despise our very existance.
we are conditioned to constantly working toward some ideal "success" that is only just around the corner, if we but try a little harder.
but we aren`t told how to do this little bit more.
we are just told to continue to do as we are told, work a bit harder and we will get more, money, things, praise, wealth, happiness, recognition, etc.
wait a minute. stop. i thought we were human beings.
what i`ve described is a human doing.
not what i am, but what i could be if, and or maybe........
it`s all down to the conditional once again.
if you work harder, good things will happen.
what about now, after working hard all day and i just want to rest?
no. sorry you`ve got to plan to be doing better tomorrow. be unhappy now so that things will improve tomorrow.
no....i think i`ll be happy now thanks. you keep the future that never arrives and sell it to someone who cares.
i love myself..............unconditionally. that means no conditions.
right now.
if you don`t love yourself unconditionally, who the hell else will?
another unsatisfied customer who will gladly plan to be unhappy with you through ulcers, chronic fatigue, back pain, cancer, immune disorders, anxiety......etc. as long as you are workng hard...............
or you can choose to love yourself unconditionally and watch the unmerrygoround go round without you.
and you can choose another ride.
when you are ready.

Monday, February 20, 2006

ego attachment............

i will assume from the lack of comments recently that my attack on coscience has got the wheels turning in new ways.
we have an attachment to being seen in certain ways by others. this is ego. we want to be seen as being good. so we buy into the idea of conscience as a way to be seen as being good. this indoctrination begins the moment we can understand and formulate thoughts. mum says that you are a good little child and our hearts swell with the pride of being recognised by the one who a time where we haven`t formulated a clear distinction between our own self and that of our mother. so it`s all happening at a time when we aren`t clear about anything. we just get good feelings coming from recognition for doing what mum wanted.
when we do something that mum doesn`t like then all hell breaks loose and continues until we have convinced mum that it won`t happen again.
we are sorry.
we do things to prove that we are sorry.
we avoid doing that thing again.
now we have a relationship built out of conditional nurture and love.
if we do the right things we will get the good stuff.
and vise versa.
so a conscience is formed.
then comes an education.
then comes a job.
love interests.
all based on the archetecture of conditional conscience.
stop it.
resist the urge to be acknowledged for what someone else regards as good.
resist the urge to be acknowledged for what you used to regard as good.
if you love yourself unconditionally, it doesn`t matter what you did, what you will do or what you can do.
that`s what unconditional means.
without conditions.
in legal terms conditions are stipulations that must be met for the contract to be fulfilled.
don`t contractually obligate yourself to be able to live your life........when.
live your life now.
the pressure is off.
now smile and go on to the next thing.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

when we love ourselves unconditionally we begin to let go of the ego`s desire to control and dominate. we then start to have the opportunity to allow the abundance of the universe to come into our lives.

more on the tarot.

the tarot is a series of cards layed out in patterns and read to gain insight into issues facing the questioner. there are many tarot card decks formed by mystics to do specific types of inquiry. i am involved in contributing to tim boucher`s evolving deck.
it is my opinion that anything that we use to focus our attention to answering questions will allow us to gain insight. the tarot is a sharp way to do this.
the tarot is a great way of becoming used to having a dialog with our unconscious, intuitive and higher self. the pictures and symbols and archetypes on the faces of the cards have meanings to those who study these things and there is a ton of resourses on-line to provide you with this kind of knowledge.
it has been my experience that my own interpretation of the cards and how they fall has been as insightful as any method that i`ve studied elsewhere.
the strength of the cards is in the time you spend working with them. it is your consciousness that is learning it`s own language via the ritual of the cards.
doing it is the lesson. your answers are the right one`s for you now.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


guilt is a trap. we have been conditioned to have a conscience and as a result we feel guity if we don`t act within this conditioned framework. this one mechanism has trapped us in the grip of our own mind`s inability to realise that we have constructed a prison for ourselves with what we have been taught to feel.
we feel we must contribute to causes. we must be sympathetic to special interests. we must accept more and more services for our own good. meanwhile the noose tightens around our necks.
we avoid the call of the quiet voice inside that tells us that we need to love ourselves first. we must begin to nurture and respect our own existance. where is the save the me foundation?
i`m doing all the conscious existance, shouldn`t i matter?
when you choose to make yourself matter then the whole thing turns upside down. you are now the divine creator. it`s your eyes that are doing the viewing and the editing and the distorting.
view and edit and distort without the guilt and the anxiety about not doing nothing until you know how it will benifit you. otherwise there will be less and less of you to go around.
notice how the language and gestures of guilt are deep within the fabric of our communications and language. that`s how church and government and advertising executives gain thier control over you.
people make images that are broadcast over radio and t.v. that make you feel so guity and horrid and powerless that unless you send them money you are going to feel like shit all day.
we have to spend money to just feel better?
go at the root of it. the guilt.
make a conscious effort to recognise when you are being manipulated by guilt. or when you are doing it yourself.............
and stop it.
your life will improve immediately. the very first time you do it.
why? because you`ve taken back your personal power. your self-esteem. you have moved one step closer to loving yourself unconditionally.
unconditional love of the self is the foundation upon which your spiritual life must be built. otherwise you will be forced back by everyone who needs a piece of what you have.
it`s going to be tough. you can`t sell this idea to the next person. they are hypnotised by years of conditioning. you are able to accept this now because your consciousness is waking up.
you still have some doubts.
that is where your conditioning is pulling at you.
you feel as if turning toward your own needs deprives those in need.
yes it does.
but you need it more.........if you want to be free and happy and grin from ear to ear with the joy and abundance of life at the very touch of existance upon your soul.
the great mystical traditions teach this as the first step to enlightenment.
the church vowed to erase this idea from the face of the planet. they teach guilt that binds to obligation. that`s why it`s so hard to break the habit. but the quiet voice inside says that you must now begin. the church began killing wholesale from the 3rd century onwards. they`ve been at it ever since. the whole planet is on fire with the rage created by guilty souls.
you just have to decide to stop and you stop being part of the horror.
as more of us start to love ourselves we will be incapable of hating or harming others. it will be automatic. there will be no need for honorable soldiers. no cheating governments. we will demand honesty, integrity and not accept enforcement down the barrel of a gun.
when we choose to start.

tiger poo..............

who would have thought?

consciousness vs. conscience.

consciousness is the process by which we upload reality. how we know things. how we feel.
the mind sits in a space and includes our body and it`s actions. conscience is what we are asked to feel in regard to our actions. this concience is a conditioning that has us attached to outcomes and steals our consciousness from our awareness.
in pure consciousness we create everything we percieve, from the most minute detail of the colour, shape and size of each grain of sand on the beach beneath our feet to the sky above our heads to the vast network of computers and software attached to the computer you are reading this message on.
our concience, that constructed form of reality, steals our personal power away from our ability to be conscious and the magician we are.
it is the great conspiracy. to other conspiracy could be possible without it. we wouldn`t react with the pain and anger to the news on t.v. or in the newspapers without a conscience.
the paradox is that we believe that our conscience makes us do good things, but in reality it is the mechanism that perpetuated all of the evil in the world.
without conscience there would be no guilt and no sin. it is by the feelings of guilt and of being sinful that we are controlled.
jesus didn`t die for anyone`s sins. he got the jews angry because he was teaching forgiveness and love. the jews got the romans to execute jesus.......and pilate washed his hand of the matter. but as shakespeare`s hamlet found out, the blood won`t wash easily from your hands.
if you react out of guilt, fear and sin you will be capable of the atrocities of the greatest tyrants known to history.
conscience is a certain life sentence to hell.
ask any advertising executive.......................

Friday, February 17, 2006

tarot card; the competitor.

tim boucher has a site called pop occulture that deals with gnosticism, religion, the occult and more. he has an ongoing project to develop a series of tarot card made by readers of his site.
this is my contribution.

the competitor.

the competitor is an athletic hunter who will work as an individual and in teams toward a specific goal or outcome.
his is physically and mentally strong, technically skilled and intuitive, with the confidence to apply creative approaches to whatever challenge arises.


the reverse nature of this character is one of agression, subterfuge, coersion, deception and outright cheating and lying. he is capable of destroying anything and everything including himself to align with the negative energy in the card. this is not a team player. whatever humour and spirituality is present above is matched by malevolence in reverse.

hypnotism and healing.

there are occasions where a client doesn`t find relief from the treatment he recieves from me. i am concerned with this because i work very hard to provide effective treatment for my clients and i care that they get well. what i have found is that there is a type of presupposition that some clients have about what i do and what healing in general is about. these people are under the impression that what i do is a magic spell of some sort that will cure them without any conscious effort on thier part. this is a product of consumer society..........the idea that a pill or a session or a product will provide immediate and permenant relief. it`s certainly a myth that advertisers perpetuate. the recent rash of happy pillsthat pharmaceutical companies are selling directly to the consumer show happy, smiling people drugged to cure depression. they don`t mention the side effects, some of which are so pronounced and disturbing as to have prompted authorities to take medications off the market and to ban them totally for children in the case of prozac.
my point here is that we are expecting automatic relief.
the truth is that a person has to take responsibility for thier issues. i teach powerful techniques for profound behavioural change.........when a person is ready to do the work. no matter how many sessions you spend with me, if you want to light a cigarette after the session, there`s not a thing i can do to stop you.
we aren`t powerless......we are powerful. when we choose. it`s the relationship we all have to that power that we have to come to grips with.
it`s called loving one`s self.
if you are in love with your self you wouldn`t dream of lighting a cigarette and inhaling the toxic smoke into your lungs. to do so is an act of wilfull destruction of the self. a person in love with them self who realises the habit they have is destructive will do anything they can to change the behaviour. they will work tirelessly, they will try everything made available to them to stop smoking.
i have 100% success rate with those people.
it`s the same with overeating, phobias, stress, anxiety............
it all comes down to loving one`s self.
and doing the work.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


i am asked, on occasion, if i have a political stance and my answer is yes.......but it`s not something i`m going to delve into. i find that any form of opinion, (defined as thought processes acted upon as fact.) will come hard up against the next person`s opinion as a challenge to the next persons reality. we have a hard time sorting out our beliefs from our factual knowledge.
some will say "cheney deliberately shot wittington"
some will say "bush is a fool"
some will say "we need to win the war on terror"
these statements seem to be reasonable. you can actually draw conclusions like this from watching and especially reading the media.
the problem is that all of the above statements contain rabbitholes of assumption and breaks in logic.
these holes and breaks will condition you to leaking this form of lazy thinking into your personal life.
it may be fun to find that delicious "fact" that "proves" that your intense dislike for a political figure was factually and logically justified. but it rewards us with biased opinion that is designed to do nothing but sell newspapers and adsense clickthroughs.
the people that make these comments may actually believe thier own material.
the question really is, do we need to be told what to think?
who cares who shot who?
if an idiot is running your country, can you do anything about it?
what does a "war on terror" mean?
the most importsant thing a person can do is focus on thier own spiritual happiness and the wellbeing of thier family. nothing else matters.
how could it possibly?

stunning image.

this photograph was taken in 1904 and was just auctioned recently for a record price. the details are really unimportant compared to the absolute beauty of the image.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


in the next few weeks i will be running a contest at hypgnosys to find the best comment or thread of comments regarding the issues that we adress here. this small community of readers needs some encouragement to begin finding thier own voice in this thing we call life.
the winner will be chosen undemocratically by me.
the prize will be a copy of my relaxation audio cd shipped to your adress for your relaxation pleasure.
the rules are simple;
be as honest as you can be about how you see yourself developing as a conscious being and tell us all about it .
happy posting.

radio interview.

here is the link to a radio interview i did recently with marc stevens from it basically discusses how we create our reality with the words we use and the pictures we allow in our minds.

healing practice.

what do we see when we go inside and see health? we see bright flashes of white light like lightning travelling through our bodies. when we practice this visualisation we can begin to feel the energy coursing through our bodies. a tingling, electric sensation of vitality and life. we are powerful here and able to do anything we need to do in our lives.
when we suffer deficits to the system the visualisation will contain areas of cloud and blockages and different colours emerging into the areas of our bodies that aren`t operating at optimum.
the focus is to see the energy correcting it`s self in your mind`s eye.
know when the blocks are occuring.
you know when you feel less than vital. this is your cue to go inside and diagnose yourself. do an energy inventory. have the confidence to know that the information you are getting is valid. it`s you. you are the expert.
the more you do this, the better and more precise you will become at the skill.
we are all born with this ability.
it takes practice to ignore the signals.
the ignoring is the first step to illness.
see the energy accumilating above your head and stretching out into the universe in all directions. see the energy travelling through you and out your feet and back into the universe and away. back around through the universe to reach the top of your head once again.
breathe through this awareness and and allow this energy to illuminate your being.
this energy is flowing all around the universe at all times and once you acknowledge it`s presence again you can learn to be at one with it any time you need to.
this practice is all you need to be able to heal your self.
practice makes for recognition which makes for healing.
it`s also a great way to greet the day.

how do we heal?

our bodies and minds operate together to create this thing we call reality. we see things in our minds and through our eyes that we say to ourselves is real.
we are in a state of passive acceptance of this almost all of the time. there are times where we are aware of things in a greater sense. this is the state of "being alive" that we recognise as a peak experiential state. this is the state where we can master our existance. it is the state of grace, of creativity and of healing that we are working towards in our journey in consciousness.
energy is all that we are. energy is all that exists. science, medicine, mysticism, theology, athletics and philosophy are converging on the realisation that matter is really energy pushing back against our senses to give the impression of solid form.
an illusion.
the illusion.
we can see the energy when we sensitise ourselves.
we can feel the energy when we sensitise ourselves.
we can hear, taste and smell the energy too. when we sensitise ourselves.
modern living is a process of desensitising ourselves in unconsciousness.
o.k. so now that we know that we can directly experience the energy of creation, we can take the next step......................
manipulation of the energy that forms the illusion of matter.
when we close our eyes we can see anything we decide to. we can see deep into the structure of things. we can see the energy of health inside our bodies and we can see the same images of illness and begin to tell the difference.
it is in knowing the difference between the states that we see and feel that we can recognise our own state of health.
more on this in the next post.


ok, so what is healing? it is a natural process of being alive. when we cut ourselves we don`t put any thought into making the cut heal. it happens as a natural product of bodily function. that is the bodies prior knowing about what should be occuring in the system. this is true of cuts as well as of dealing with more serious problems internally such as cancer or bronchitis or flu. there are those who want to have magic happen to stop the process of "illness" immediately so that they can be "well" again without any further concern. though this is a natural thought it has got the pharmaceutical industry producing new drugs faster and faster to solve more and more problems that we are apparently facing.
the danger of "curing" in this way is that we become robots who just pop pills whenever we feel ill. this never gives our natural ability to heal the chance to do the natural thing that it always has done.
we are now giving babies drugs at birth. babies who have never been ill yet. babies who`s immune systems need a chance to adapt to the new environment outside the womb but aren`t being given the chance.
these babies will grow up to be dependant upon drugs all thier lives because thier immune systems aren`t recruited to do the job they were designed to do.
the body knows how to do healing naturally. the mind and the body knows how to do this. look inside with confidence in the fact that we can heal cuts, scrapes, cancers, lung infections, broken bones and most anything we allow our bodies to adress without interferance.
we are going to look at how the mind does this in the next post.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


here is something interesting

fibonacci was an italian mathematician that discovered that his simple series of numbers created in pairs added together to create the next number; ( 0, 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,33,54.........) were descriptive of patterns in nature. everything from the buds on the stem of a plant to networks of neurons in the brain. an underlying math of everything in the universe. a remarkable intuitive discovery and so frustrating for the materialist mind because it provides no further insight into what it all means.
merely more breathtaking stuff going on all around us, if we are prepared to just be amazed.........

the greeks used a ratio known as the golden mean ( 1.61:1) as a proportional scale in thier architecture. the human eye is so sensitive to this proportion that we can tell if this proportion is met in design by eye.

the ratio of each pair of fibonacci numbers converges on the ratio 1.61:1..... but it never quite gets there.
a metaphor for man`s search for perfection?

Monday, February 13, 2006

things that happen that we barely remember.

when i was young........probably twenty or so.......i had an experience that changed my life. i was lying in bed after a night out. i wasn`t able to find the strength to get up but i was aware of the fact that it was time to rise. i lay there in that state of limbo for a while and then suddenly i was struck by a force that pinned me down. the force was in the form of a beam of light energy that i "saw" coming at me from the horizon. i could see through the walls of the building i lived in and off across the fields as the beam hit. i was pinned down yet felt no fear or concern at all. i must have gone back to sleep because it wasn`t until many months later that i recollected the event at all.
i have meditated on the event, i have asked wise and experienced people about the event, i have meditated some more and i can find no context for the experience except that it is one shared by mystics and shamans throughout history and they all feel that it is a contact with a higher inteligence of some sort.
i will have to accept it as that until someone can suggest an alternative.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


humans are best defined by what we do together. granted there are great individuals, people who achieve remarkable things on their own, but they are few. our best chance as a species is as a group or collection of groups of like minds working together.
in ideas of the spirit and divinity this holds true. great movements and religions shape societies across the globe. we shape our reality by our association with groups in everything from sport to politics to collecting bears. it`s how the human psyche operates.
it also makes good basic sense.
the more people in a group sharing resourses the greater benifit to each individual member.
this environment on the internet benifits by the efforts of everyone from coders to hardware developers to advertisers to people posting blogs and other content. we are all working to provide a regulation free zone of communication so that we can act in a more co-ordinated and decisive fashion as a global society. so far governments of most countries have little problem with it. i say let`s enjoy it while we can before either business or government puts the lid on tight and all we can do is watch re-runs of mtv and pay a dollar a piece for e-mails.
shae our ideas, issues and challenges and we can find the solutions together.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

creation vs. intelligent design............

this guy pretty much sums it up.

lloyd pye is a long time favorite of mine. i`ve been following his work for some years and he keeps making sense. especially in the light of the ridiculous evolution vs. intelligent design debate. bureaucrats didn`t evolve or get designed. they hatched.

the only thing that i can say is go to the site, read the information and judge for your self. it takes a leap of understanding of how we know things to be able to accept, or at least see the information presented at lloyd`s site as raising some serious questions. questions that science and other religions don`t have answers for.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

new physics = opinion.

as quantum mechanics digs deeper into the spaces between particles and flys down into the gaps of the nothing that they find there, there comes a point where the seeker stops and says " how far does this nothing go on for?".
i think that it will go on for ever, actually.
the mystics say it`s infinite.
the word guys want to put names to all the nothings that they keep finding and persist in argueing about what they hare naming and who gets to name and so on.
there are those who say that you can`t even talk about these nothings unless you`ve studies all the old, outmoded ways that we used to demand the there were somethings down there even though it`s patently obvious that there is nothing there at all.
the more we keep asking about the names people use to describe things (or nothings) that they are finding (observing) or not observing, the more we realise that people don`t know what these nothings are............
confused yet?
if there aren`t any observable, material things pushing on other material things, then they must be forces acting upon other forces, but we don`t even know what these forces material terms because they aren`t things.
have i clarified?
quarks, charms, wormholes, hearts, moons, clovers...........quantum foam?
and i`m confusing?
the thing is, we imagine it and it happens. we say it`s something and it is. particles communicate at a distance. shit happens. lucky people win.
if it is opinion-driven then make mine a smile.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

join my cult.

i am now taking applications for membership in my cult.
you must be;
18 years of age or older.
be of sound mind and body (whatever that means).
have access to a computer on a daily basis.
a desire to be free of a life of frustration and disappointment.

membership is dependant on an application process that begins with an e-mail expressing your intent to involve yourself in the process of moving toward spiritual enlightenment. this expression must be in an essay format outlining your present situation, your goals and how you presently believe you are working towards those ends. you must include a detailed expression of how you feel frustrated and disappointed in your present situation.

my serious intent here isn`t to develop a cult. this is a blog for christ`s sake. i am looking to build a community of commited people who are looking to work towards a consensus of enlightenment, so that our lives will be enriched. we have the responsibility to start and persist in this work because we recognise the fact that it`s necessary. if we didn`t then we wouldn`t be the ones to take the next step forward.
this is a lab of spiritual consciousness. the science practiced here will be one of increased awareness of life, love, humour and the creative energy to do things of value .
i have always believed that we are here to grow and learn and to move. where we are going to isn`t certain. i just know that we need to and in doing so we run across obstacles that we cannot cross as individuals. as an individual we stay blocked and rationalise and justify allowing the blocks to remain.
using a river as a metaphor, we stand on the shore of the raging current, knowing that if we enter the water we will be washed away. if we enjoin with others in travelling we can hold hands and get ropes and guide eachother across by building a chain and eventually reach the other side together. then we can continue to move naturally as our spirit demands.
or we can stand on the shore and imagine things could be somehow different.
send me an e-mail or post here if you wish and we will start to build a chain to get across together.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


i recieved an irate e-mail from someone chastising me for my loose application of grammar, punctuation and spelling. nowhere within the communique was there a comment regarding content, so i will assume that while the person writing can technically read, they may have issues regarding comprehension.
for thier edification and the general amusement of the readership i will post a rather interesting chart regarding one small aspect of one spelling issue. i am tempted to post some of these e-mails but i am uncertain of the legalities. in the future if you have comments, post them on the blog so we can share in the dialog. please.
now i will return to the matter at hand. communication of ideas regarding consciousness and anything else i feel like posting. i am (a) god after all.

seeing is living.

we create our reality......we are responsible for all the images that we see when we close our eyes.
those images and movies make us feel things inside. we hear, smell and taste things too.
thought so.
that sensation will persist for quite a while now and is easy to restimulate when you decide to thinking about a juicy yellow lemon........
i wonder what else works this way.
what motivates you to feel excited and motivated?
look at the images and hear the sounds and feel the feelings........
excitement, just by imagining.
a successful life is comprised of a sequence of exciting and motivating experiences strung together until you die.
can`t be any other way. ;-)

Monday, February 06, 2006


as a healer i am asked to help people with a variety of ailments, from anxiety to phobias to some issues that the medical proffesion wants to be the only ones to be able to treat. SO I HAVE TO REFUSE TO TREAT THESE PEOPLE. if you know what i mean..........
when people come to my door i explain to them that they will be spending a few brief sessions with me but thier wellness will be for the rest of thier lives, so they have to include themselves in the process of healing.
they have to undo what they allowed to happen to themselves in the first place.
a person with lung problems has to stop smoking before thier healing can begin. a diabetic has to take on better eating and excercise habits. these are things that aren`t magic, shamanism or faith healing. they are common sense that seems such a shock to some people.
i constantly hear about diabetics on a raft of medications to switch off thier liver and then wake it up again that continue to overeat and fail to begin to move around a little more each day. what do they expect will happen, a medical miracle?
what has to happen for healing to occur is for two people to come together in healing to decide to do what it takes for the one person to get better.
actually, the client can do it on thier own, if they know how. but who has the time to learn?
i provide the knowledge, the support and the energy to begin a person on thier path to wellness.......when they decide to take responsibility for thier wellness. now.
give a person a fish and they eat for a day, beholden to the person who provides the fish.
give a person a fishing rod and the knowledge to use it effectively and the person can eat for the rest of thier life.i din`t want my clients coming back weekly for years. i want them to get better. i want them to stop smoking and learn to relax and eat better and exercise and enjoy thier lives. now and then i meet someone as motivated as me.
it`s rewarding.

music to soothe the savage beast.........

here is a short twang on the old guitar. i am learning to use pro tools recording bear with me. you are the guinea pigs (or lab rats, if you prefer.) so if i may borrow your ears for a moment, let me know what you think.
it is all about ego, after all. (:-D

global cooling?

apparently scientists can find statistics to bolster thier position whichever way they need the thermometer to go.
statistics are great. whiskey and water will get you drunk. beer and water will get you drunk. wine and water will also get you drunk. how many statisticians are serving water to thier guests to help them relax?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

sellers of poison.

the link above contains the top ten killers of the population. cigarettes is number one. it kills almost half a million people per year in the u.s. the political favorites such as auto accidents and gun deaths are massively less. politicians won`t adress the issue of cigarettes as a killer is that there is too much tax money on the line and too many lobby groups payed for by cigarette companes.
in my work the majority of my clients are for stop smoking. these people range in age from late twenties to mid fifties and the large majority of these people have been smoking since thier early teens or younger. 90% of my stop smoking clients began to smoke before thier 13th birthday.
there a number of conclusions we can speculate upon based on this statistic.
1. parents are buying cigarettes for children.
2. shop owners are selling cigarettes to children.
3. cigarette companies are aiming marketing at children and the children are getting thier cigarettes however they can.
cigarette companies will deny that they aim ads at kids but joe cool wasn`t designed to appeal to seniors.
now comes the philosophical question;
whay are cigarette makers allowed to contiue to kill people?
the answer is that cynical or not, they have a legal product.
a legal product?
that`s a child that only it`s mother could love.
so let`s get this straight.........a group of companies are allowed to make poison for kids and adults to consume and don`t have to stop because the product is legal. they also don`t have to pay out in damage suits because the products are legal.
i have a solution.
let`s work towards making the product less legal and save some lives.
how do we do that?
well, i live in canada and intitial inquiries suggest that this will become a constitutional issue.
i will be doing research and speaking to lawyers in the next few weeks with the aim to begin a publicity and fundraising campaign to question the costitutionality of selling poison to people in canada. and the rest of the world.

radio interview.

here`s the link to my interview with marc stevens
check out marc`s site when you have a moment. you won`t think about things in quite the same way afterwards........
his site is located here;

Saturday, February 04, 2006


okey dokey..............we came from apes apparently. it seems that in the deep dark recesses of time there was a chimp so brave and curious that he came down from his tree and without saying goodbye wandered out of the forest and out onto the savannah in search of adventure and whatever came his way.
in doing so he left behing his food stores of vegitation, berries and bugs. he left behind protection from predators and from the sun and rain. he also shed his hair, learned to walk upright and his brain tripled in size while his dna lost a pair of chromasomes without showing any genetic deficits. in the meantime he developed agriculture, strategies for hunting large animals and for fighting and competing with lions and tigers. all of this without dying.
no physical evidence for this miracle has ever been found. no bones of a transitional species have been dug up to show a text book stage-of-evolution progression from ape to man. no actual scientific proof for what scientists and judges say is the only thing that can be tought about man`s origins in the classroom.
unless our children deduce the points i made above then they have no way to legally hear the discussion for themselves inside a classroom.
even though there is no evidence to support an evolutionary mechanism for our existance as a species on this planet.
makes you wonder what`s going on...........
my position on evolution is that we are a species that was designed somehow to work towards evolving technology. we are entirely suited to urban, digital living as fragile hairless upright bipeds with huge, oversized brains suited to high math, science and technology to make a new exoskeleton of cities to surround us and allow us more time to think things through.
because that`s exactly and precisely what we are doing. those of us who aren`t caught up in one facet or another of the impending global conflict are looking for ways to transcend the reptilian action-reaction reflex and hopefully enough people will decide that the hostility isn`t worth the bother..........and realise that living is so much better when we all just...........christ, i almost said get along, but i realise that i meant to say stay out of eachother`s shit.
maybe what`s evolving is a new recepticle for our consciousness. not one made of carbon encoded onto dna, but one made of silicon encoded onto transistors at the quantum level. maybe we will just download our asses away from the bullshit.
who`s to say it didn`t happen before?
except scientists.................

Friday, February 03, 2006

the loops we must get caught in.

the loops we must get caught in are made up of what we are thrilled about most. the passions, loves and aspirations that keep us imagining the pleasure of seeing, doing and feeling our dreams.
we must get caught up in holding these images in our minds for as long as it takes to feel like they are real. then the loops will take over and things will be transformed in our lives.
all the things we wished about before will drive us froward to do whatever it takes to make them happen.
wishing doesn`t make it happen. only knowing its happening now changes the neurology of our consciousness generator to bring about change.
the semantic reality is the reality.
what you say about what is happening makes it so.
try it for yourself.
read the last post and follow the instructions regarding the words on the card and know that you have changed the way your brain creates your reality.
find a way to find a way.................
it`s always worked for you in the past. you are just not happy with the results so much anymore. so change the imput and the output has to change too.
we have got frustrated with what we keep getting so stop using the old approach.
poverty is an act of creativity.
you have to actively and determinedly and consistantly work at pushing things away from yourself in a world of magnificent abundance.
if you live in a large city, look at all the stuff piled up to the sky around you. if you live in the country, look at the vast expanses of fields and sky that go on forever around you. a constant reminder of the wealth of resources waiting for creative input from you.
what we choose to tell ourselves continually streams back into our lives.
want proof?
look at the room you are sitting in and know that you are surrounded by all of your magic spells manifested in physical reality right in front of your eyes.
you did it.
want something different?
start asking for it.
like i tell my youngest boy, michael. he`s six;
use your words.

the loops we get caught in.

there is a mechanism in biology called homeostasis. it is a mechanism whereby an organism or group of organisms work towards keeping things the same. there is a good reason for this. once a system is working efficiently it is good to keep things going in the same efficient way. it takes less energy to work this way and as we know energy costs are the largest part of any operating budget.
psychologically this mechanism operates in much the same way. we get used to doing things a certain way and it takes less energy to maintain this process than to constantly be installing new and untested strategies into our thinking to try to gain an advantage.
so we get stuck in loops of thinking.
these loops aren`t necessarily the best for our survival but we are resistant to making changes and we shrug and continue in jobs, relationships and ways of thinking and problem solving that just barely function.
so does everyone else.
there`s comfort in everyone being average and ordinary and uninspired and mostly bored and mildly irritated that they wished that there was a magic spell to cast that would transport them into excitement and intrigue.........well, at least until the kids get home.
what happens when we really want to make significant changes in our lives?
we go out and find a better paying job, a rich husband or get a role in a movie, right?
there are people approaching thier lives like that every day.
they become prey to scams and expensive courses and agency fees that offer the promise of stardom. even universities do it.
how many master`s degree holders are driving cab?
we need to pay the bills and money does that, so it`s off to work we all go and meet our financial responsibilities.
but there`s the nagging desire for more......right back there in the back of your mind...... every time you go by the magazine rack and look at what a mvie star is doing or what kind of intersting adventure an explorer is up to in national geographic....
so how do we get involved?
do you believe you can?
o.k. good.
now, we agree that nothing we have ever tried, even with the most effort we can muster, we end up back to square one.
so lets stop doing any of what we could characterise as trying.
no more trying.........
but how do we move toward what we want without trying?
because it`s the only way to do it.
our limited neurochemical homeostasis loops us back to safe survival.
what we have access is the vast infinite scope of potential out in the universe of our higher consciousness.
a new semantic paradigm of potential outcome merges when, instea of saying why, we say why not?
get a piece of card and write on it something like;
"i have no idea how i am going to do this but i want to become ( something) and i have complete confidence in the infinite majsty of the universe to provide me with the opportunity to do exactly what i want".
ths statement and the meditation of this concept that you will perform upon waking in the morning and before you go to sleep will jump you out of the loops that you have continued to re-enstall in yourself all of your life.
it has to happen.
it`s not magic or religion or manipulation (well, actually it is.) but it is is precisely how we have got to limits in our lives, so why not use the same process to get out and into the infinite where we are excited and alive and passionate and can start to smile and pass it on.
it`s how those smiling people on the magazines did it. they`re too busy doing what they do to tell you about it.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

believe? no.

i don`t believe in ufos. but check this out.
when you watch these videos you begin to realise that ufos are real. there is something unidentified flying around in the sky above our heads.
what are they? i don`t know. one can speculate.........but i deal with the precision of words and belief plainly begins where knowledge runs out. so we cannot with certainty draw any conclusions about what we have just seen other than there are unidentified objects flying above our heads. with absolute certainty.
whats the point though? well, personally, i enjoy watching and listening to people from all manner of fields, who really should know better, becoming emotionally involved in speculation and more entertainingly, denying the existance of ufos. even though the tape clearly showed clear, focussed, daylight objects flying across the field of view.
a rational person starts to think of ways that this phenomenon could occur. this is how good science and philosophy operates. trusting the senses and testing out hypotheses.....not denying the informational reality.
but that`s how science approaches ufos.
no way, no how. then we can go back to sleep, knowing that highly educated people that we support with our tax dollars say that the video is a hoax. it must be, because we all know that nothing can do what the video shows those objects to be doing. the guys a hoaxer. a new age conspiracy. a trick to sell videos (that we are all watching for free.)
hey, scientists. this is a public challenge to tell me what i just watched. provide proof to me that what i just saw was a weather balloon or swamp gas or the planet venus. then i can doze off knowing that we are all safe in your scientific hands.

you cannot be wrong.

you never have been.
your conscious mind has a thought, then it moves on. the part of the mind that creates reality for you, and we`ll call it the unconscious mind, for want of a more descriptive term, then goes about putting the body into positions where it will go about proving the original thought.
quite the concept.
quite the responsibility.
it means that everything that we are surrounded by in our world, everything that comes to our feet, every minute expression across our face, every gesture, is designed to create the thought that originated in our mind into physical reality.
if you don`t like what your thoughts are doing to you, stop having shit thoughts.
are you having shit thoughts?
do everything in your power to stop the shit thoughts.
like what?
choosing to have thoughts about better things.
and now.
and smile.
go ahead and force the first one if you have to, the next one will be real.
then choose to remember a thought so wonderful and exciting that you barely dare to imagine it.
i don`t know what it might be, but you know the one i`m talking about because it makes you smile to think about it..........
the funny thing is that when you start to remember the thing that makes you smile and see what you saw and hear what you heard, and turn up the sound so it`s twice as loud........the feeling is twice as strong inside going around and round.......spinning.
which way is it spinning inside?
can you take the time to notice which way it`s going, now?
you can double that feeling now.........and it seperates from the memory and just becomes a thrill that you can decide to run inside and attach to the thoughts of being alive now and humming along while you read, or you can attach it to the idea of making this practice a permenant thing in your life...............wouldn`t that be something to have inside?

here`s a thing. who is your favorite actor or personality or voice? have them read what you just read. imagine thier voice read the paragraphs above in a convincing way, just for you. you can because you already read it in your head with a voice. you may not have been aware of the fact that you did, but it`s true.
practice your voice in your head.
practice making it encouraging and supportive and powerfully able to make you feel great so that you can be..........great.
why not. you`ve never been wrong before.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

a clarification, or something like.

it seems that my comment regarding jogging has got some people upset enought to e-mail me.......
i want to clarify something. the gospels are my opinion. we all have them. 150 years ago people died here so that we would have the right to say these things publicly and share in the process of discourse as a result. if we all co-operate in this process we can move forwards and get off the right-or-wrong horse that gets people into conflict.
frankly, i don`t know absolutely whether jogging is wrong for all people, but, it is my opinion that the process of jogging produces nothing more than the urge to jog more.........and if you want that then by all means jog........but as a preparation for other activities it absolutely sucks. the athletes that i play soccer with that jog can`t compete in a sport that is made up of short bursts of anaerobic activity. there are a few basic reasons why this is so.
1. jogging produces a musculature that is made up of slow-twitch muscle fibres that are conducive to medium to long term low-intensity more jogging.
2. jogging produces a lung and heart system that is ideal for more jogging because of the way it stores and releases oxygen and delivers it to the muscles. hence the term aerobic conditioning.
3.jogging produces a mindset that matches the medium to long duration low intensity physical movements that are good for....jogging.

there is a belief in sports conditioning that jogging, or aerobic conditioning provides a base for good athletic performance. it`s just wrong.
soccer players build up thier (my) endurance by engaging in activities that enable them to prepare for short, intense, anaerobic exertion over a period of the game (90 minutes). it is a fact that you can run a 100 yards while holding your breath. this is an indication that the 100 dash is anaerobic, that is no added oxygen uptake is necessary.
the ideal activity for building up endurance for soccer is to play more soccer. not to run for miles around a track. running for miles around a track is what joggers do.........see a pattern here?
the origin of this aerobic dogma came in the form of athletic consultants that professional sports team coaches began to hire in the 1970s in the hope that they could provide an edge for thier athletes.
the metrics that the consultants applied to the athletes was a vo2 device which guaged the ability for an athlete to take in oxygen. basically, the athlete would run on a tread mill with a tube in thier mouth that measured lung capacity under load.
guess what? they discovered that football players, hockey players, soccer players and basketball players all had less capacity for oxygen uptake that track athletes.
so they umped to this conclusion; inrease in vo2 maximum must equal better athletic performance.
no factual basis for this leap to conclusion.........
so all athletes in training now need to have an aerobic base for thier anaerobic sport.
builds the wrong type of physiology and psychology for brief and intense physical activity.
to get good at anaerobic sport you must do more of the sport and do plyometric exercises.
is a good basic plyometric workout as conditioning for soccer, hockey, basketball, etc.
run, don`t jog...........unless that`s all you intend to do.
and if you have criticisms don`t e-mail me, post them here. that`s what this is for.