Monday, August 25, 2008

one of the most amusing books i`ve read in quite a while.

in it the author finds fault in the prolifieration of myspace, youtube, facebook and blogging sites that allow "amateurs" to post and publish thier own works to share, and suggests this is the end of a functioning culture, and that somehow there will no longer be quality work done by experts as a result.

a little digging will find that the author is a internet tycoon himself and his venture, audiocafe, failed.....

so instead of trying again he writes a hostile criticism of the entire internet culture.

if mr.keen was truly concerned and interested in where culture is heading he would have read a variety of works, many of which are known by experts and amateurs alike as predicing precisely where culture is today.

i will suggest he start with marshall mcluhan, a man who never lived to see youtube, but predicted that it had to happen once society found the means to make it happen.

the author`s society of experts is also manifesting it`s self in meatspace...and his honour guard of lawyers, doctors and other bureaucrats are driving up prices to the point where the cost of everything will be out of reach of everyone but the elite, and us mere amateurs will need a certification to walk down the street.

here is andrew fully availing himself of a variety of free internet services that only exist on the backs of the desire of amateurs to communicate, for whatever reasons they have. a touch hypocritical..........

i wonder if his content is posted on youtube.


Thursday, August 21, 2008


y`know somewhere in the toolbar there is probably a button whereby i can make the letters in this post really big so that i can yell the headline of this yahoo article at you all....but i can`t be bothered at this point.

reading all these awful things has tired me to the point of despondancy.

and i don`t even watch tv.

a large earthquake could hit new york city.

expert scientists say so.

same ones that say the ice caps are melting and we are going to be growing palm trees soon.

good. i hate the cold and the snow and the cold.

did i mention i hate snow?

the tires on my bike are only an inch wide.

do you know how hard it is to ride through snow with tires that narrow?

i ride a bike so that i can single handedly thwart the rampant rise in global temperatures so that we will continue to see snowy winters for the next thousand years.

wait a minute.

my tires are only an inch wide.

what am i thinking.......

whit powder, threats?

hmmm, i wonder if that would work with the ex?

no. never mind. forget i said that.........


apparently scientists themselves admit they know that this process in why the agitation to raise taxes to "stop" global warming?

fat guy.....

......murders a defenseless creature with a child`s toy, while traumatizing his daughter.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


this just proves it. i just know it does......i just forget what.

Monday, August 04, 2008

a recommendation.

see the movie "michael clayton" with george clooney. it deals with the bureaucracy in the only way humanly possible; by telling the truth........