Monday, December 31, 2007

out with the old.

and good riddance.

2008, while merely a string of events created by the rotation of our planet in relation to the sun, offers the delightful thought of the potential for positive outcomes.

so let`s build a frame of optimism with this in mind and say to fuck with 2007.

i, for one, am betting on it.

Friday, December 28, 2007

is google the government?

an aquaintance of mine has a son who works for google.

the man visited his son recently and went to the offices of google with his boy.

during the telling of the visit i was struck with the sheer scope of control that google has over our networking activities.

each communication from ip to ip is mapped on a screen in the boys office in a flow of arcing connections from point to point on a giant screen on the wall.

there is also another screen showing the adress numbers of those making searches in real time that just whizzes along.

what is this all in aid of ?, one has to ask.

monitoring activity.

the new police state won`t need cameras.

am i paranoid?


we bank on-line, we entertain on-line, we research on-line, we hunt on-line, we consume on-line.

so if we are tracked during these periods then those who monitor our activities can predict and control our behaviour.

so if the government isn`t google, then it will soon try to be.

i suggest it already is.

is google the government?

a definition of intellect.

i read a definition of intellect some years ago that appeals to me to this day.

a measure of intellect is the ability to be able to hold two or more different views in mind for discussion, without judgement.

this mechanism allows me to read women`s magazines and liberal politics and so on without judgement long enough to gain some understanding of thier points of view.

recently i read alvin toffler`s eco-spasm, in an attempt to understand liberal views of the neccesity of tax increases as a hedge against inflation, and while i still disagree with the entirety of big government and the bureaucracy that emerges....i reluctantly see the point of controlling money in a closed system.

my view is that money in the form we understand it is the bars on a cage that holds us all in feudal conscription........but that`s just me.

oh, and another thing that struck me the other google the government?

heading for 2008.

as we head for 2008 be prepared for what you expect.

it always happens that way, and so if you want someting different you have to expect a change.

in fact, as you sit at the keyboard realise that everything that you have been expecting has led you to this point.

staggering when you think this way, even for a moment.

the possibilities are exhilerating.

just wait until you try the absolute certainties.

Friday, December 21, 2007

merry winter solstice.............

and santa and satan have something in common.

both are used to get children to behave.

and the letters re-arrange nicely in eaches name to spell the other.

and you never see them in the same place together.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

but, how much red meat constitutes a cancer risk?

i know of people who are eating pounds of the stuff on a regular basis.

are they the ones running the risk, or is it those of us who eat a hamburger or two a week and occasionally have a steak and a shot or two of bourbon to celebrate our masculinity?

or is this more fear-mongering from the vegan camp?

Saturday, December 08, 2007

new blog.

for all the thoughts that are too large for hypgnosys........or something.

see you there, and let me know what you think now.

Friday, December 07, 2007


ok, so in reading the comments posted in reaction to the news on this site, one can see that the book wasn`t banned.

it was removed from the shelves and placed behind the desk of the librarian where one only had to ask for the title by name and it would be provided......with a smile.

not censorship then.


i`m relieved.

my children could, with full confidence, approach the librarian and request the aforementioned title, and recieve it with approval.


the golden compass.

it is interesting that in all the criticisms of this movie, the book series it came from and the author`s cosmology point to the methodologies that the god cults themselves use to indoctrinate children into thier ideology.

the many critics try to make the distinction between pullman`s position and that of the church as the difference between fiction and fact.

the traditional church view is that there is a seperate god in heaven and that there are rules to follow and so on, and some of it just makes sense as a way to live in a modern society, but......maybe the big seperate god in heaven thing is just childhood fantasy, and one on equal footing with the ones laid out in pullman`s books.

so why are school boards banning his books right here in canada and elsewhere.?

as we speak?

because this is the on-going battle of the minds of our impressionable children........the adults of the next generation of our society......and if the powers-that-be want things to continue to be corporate and bureaucratic and so on, then we need to believe in a corporate and bureaucratic god seperate from ourselves that sits in judgement and sees


and if small children can kill this being, then what hope does a government full of graft and corruption that offers us gun control legislation, casinos, and privately-run highways have in the face of a new generation of voters who have already stood up to this bullshit....?

but it`s all just a childhood fantasy you say. the golden compass is just a movie.

well, yes it is. and so is the bible. you first read it when you were a little child. you can still see the comic-book versions from sunday school that got the pictures in your mind effectively of all the bearded guys and fishing boats and lambs and sheep........

so we are kept as children through superstition.

and when someone pokes a hole through the comic-book and says "here`s another idea" the people who make the comic books get upset.

otherwise, why the censorship?

censorship of a tale told about children standing up to the tyranny of the misisterium.

after all, it`s what we all want to do anyway.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

a reminder.

in listening to a lecture by alan watts to ibm managers i was reminded of a distinction he made between mechanisms and organisms.

he said that mechanisms can be assembled and dis-assembled part by part with little or no damage to the device, whereas an organism has to be dealt with as a whole or it can be damaged irreparably.

yet scientists and engineers continue to damage organisms thinking they are mechanisms.

alan warned the ibm people almost 40 years ago that if they and others continued to do this that they would destroy organisms such as the environment or people or cultures within a few short years.

and here we are taking a mechanical approach to problem solving, whereas the solution is organic.

drugging people and selling carbon credits..............

instead of councelling people and reducing consumption.

but that would be too easy, wouldn`t it?

Monday, December 03, 2007

and so.....

......the story goes........

it`s like the kettle calling the pot black, as my dad would say.

Friday, November 30, 2007

of some concern.

if this is the product of islamic fundementalism under sharia, we should be concerned that this sort of sentiment won`t arise amongst fundies of greater technological and tactical means (again.)............

this sort of incedent continues to underscore the savage agression generated by such extreme beliefs and political structure.

a deadly combination, and one that until recently was quietly forming amongst the muslim communities in canada.

sharia, for those in need of a definition, is a muslim legal system fun by clerics strictly adhering to extereme fundemental muslim law.

for those charged under this system the expectation is one of savage corporal punishment, ranging from whippings to stonings to amputations.

all in the name of a happy community.

in canada recently people charged and found guilty in sharia courts were abducted and taken back to complicit muslim countries for punishment.

don`t you just love multi-culturalism.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

unconditional love........for the self.

this is a concept that some have a hard time coming to grips with.

i will say it this way for fear of seeming dramatic or whatever;

all of the problems in the world between people are caused by our inability to love ourselves.


that is; without the thought of doing harm to the self.

out of this form of thinking comes all the moral and ethical solutions that our society struggles with.

when you are "in" love with yourself, then it is impossible to bring harm to others.

at this point one realises that there are times when harm comes to yourself and to others through situations that arise from time to time, but these are rare situations that warrant special attention from outside agencies such as family and friends and co-workers etc.

the moral and ethical solutions to societies problems are solved mostly through inaction.

don`t rob banks.

don`t start fights or arguements.

don`t resist the urge to be friendly to others.

don`t be greedy and strive for political office.

these are simplifications.

some of the more serious issues are things like;

forgive yourself.

forgive others.

accept the fact that we are all human and we make mistakes all the time.

in fact, most of everything that we do is "wrong", but who`s to just do it again. or do something else instead.

we are coming to a point in our conscious existance where, whether we like it or not, we are going to be asked to give up all of the noise of a culture bent on ownership and competition.

and whether or not it is that we are just getting a little older now, or that we are entering a new age of awareness on a global scale, the fact remains that the old ways of thinking about things and doing things are failing us.

and so.

see yourself as you go about your day.

do you feel a strong sense of feeling toward this person?

imagine that you are watching yourself on a youtube video going grocery shopping or making dinner while the kids are playing video games a few feet away, or waiting in the line-up at starbucks, or fixing a problem at work with colleagues.

are these good scenarios?

what would you do differently if you were directing your actions from this vantage point?

the continued watching of these videos is the process of beginning to love one`s self unconditionally.

as you watch the videos more intently you find yourself thinking of forgiveness and acceptance and the simple act of smiling more and seeing others smile too.

and you wonder why you never noticed this before and how good it feels to know that others accept you too.

oh yeah, and it is a process.

if you have been an asshole for a while now, it might take a bit for things to turn around.

the earth mother........a cautionary tale.

i met her in a bar.

i know what you are thinking, and you might be right, though we weren`t together all that long and so i`ll probably never know whether you were or not.

she came over and started talking to me actually. that kind of suprised me because i`m usually the one to initiate conversation.......but i wasn`t displeased with her approach.

she slid in beside me and said, "could you imagine a better place sit and talk with someone who you found interesting?"

i was caught so completely off guard by her sudden approach and her comment that the only thing i could say was, "in my car."

a few minutes later we were driving out onto the coast highway as the sun hit the horizon across the ocean and exploded in a blaze of fire while my mind raced as to what to do next.

she solved the problem for me by leaning over and kissing me gently on the cheek as i drove.

"you are as beautiful as you are enigmatic, and i don`t even know your name" i said, still trying to figure out what was going on as i drove my car god only knew where.

"my name is rachel, and i`ve come to bring you a message" she said.

"a message, what do you mean?" i thought this was odd, but i wasn`t prepared for what she said next.

"you are in a sort of dream state where we are able to do this now. you have been preparing for this all of your life, and so have i.......and so while this is a bit of a shock to you, you are able to understand this and are able to accept what will happen in the next short while."

rachel was a beautiful blonde girl with odd green eyes with little flecks of red in them that made her almost wolf-like in her gaze, and although she had perfect skin she had a scar across the side of her nose onto her upper lip that immediately reminded me of the sort of wound one would get from the tip of a sword.t

she kissed me again, and this time i pulled the car over and kissed her in return.

we found a motel in this dream we were in, and made love until the sun returned to light this side of the planet once again.

"rachel." i said waking into the dream once again, not sure if i had dreamed her while asleep in my dream or while awake in my dream before..........

it had not been a dream within a dream but one continuation.

she lay there beside me as if she had always been there, this strange and beautiful creature with an odd tale to beguile a middle aged man into bed.

i called her name a second time and she stirred and opened her eyes, and once again i found her lupine gaze to be slightly unnerving.

"there is more i need to tell you" she said, with a look of concern on her face that stopped me as i reached to kiss her.

"yes i believe there is......" i said.

then she laid her cards right down on the table.

"i am what you might want to call mother nature. it`s not my name, but the description of my role is accurate. i have come here to warn you that if you don`t recognise yourself for who you are as the male part of who we are and embrace this as the highest manifestation of your being, then humanity will cease to exist in this place very soon.

man has become so hateful of himself and greedy and destructive and war-like that soon humanity will descend into an all-out conflict that will destroy us all.

and the only thing that will stop this is for you to see yourself as if you we watching yourself in a movie as the lead role in a film about the potential for the end of the world.

and as you watch yourself keep reminding yourself that you have to love yourself nothing that could harm you or could result in bringing harm to yourself in the future.

why you?

well why not you?

and know that i am in love with you so deeply that it tears me apart to think that i could ever be apart from you even for a moment, and that i am happy because i don`t ever have to leave you now".

as i walked across the gravel parking lot of the hotel my mind was reeling with what rachel had said. i understood the unconditional love part, but couldn`t understand how it was going to affect all of humanity.

i would have to ask her when she came out to the car.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

more about signposts.

the signposts keep coming.

as we travel through whatever it is that we are travelling through, when we sensitise ourselves, we begin to notice that our surroundings are alive with meaningful associations.

these associations are unique to the individual and can be as enigmatic as licence plates on cars, or neon signs or a combination of things.

no matter what the message and however it is transmitted we must be assured that there is a message and that the universe is aware of our intentions and is ready and willing to provide just what we need when we need it.

the proof is in what we are doing right now and how we managed to arrive here.

the present moment is always the culmination of a series of present moments called a lifetime.

one has to realise that we have to work very hard to be disappointed and to fail or to miss the boat, or whatever else we are attempting.

again, the proof is in how we are acting presently.

either seeing the signposts and following thier direction, or ignoring them........

the very thing that we`ve spent our lives putting in place.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

a bag of silver.

the profit is in betrayal.

the betrayer has the money in the bag.

that says a lot about a moral society.

Friday, November 16, 2007


in the teachings of the samurai one is told to act impeccably.

that is with absolute certainty.

without it the first sword will claim you.

with it, none shall touch you.

with honour. through the pain.



we learn to endure the pain, and it fashions us.

we become so used to the feeling that it becomes like an old, loyal friend.

and who ever said we would be without it?

the laughter and joy of the abundance in everything is valid and true and surrounds us and lifts us up and holds us like a child..........and with it comes the pain.




everything must pass.

and it does.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


words create our reality.

even if we don`t know the meaning of the words we use, the words do, and at some level part of our consciousness does too.

and they continue to shape our reality.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


an anonymous poster raised an interesting point.


and how the concept differs for each of us.

what is fun for you?

in a thousand words or less. (please.)

Monday, November 12, 2007


you don`t see one of these very often.

these are a few of my favorite things.

be careful though. it is no laughing matter...........(well, actually it is.)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


the following sentence is false.

the previous sentence was true.

please don`t get stuck on this for too long.

they are only words after all.

rememberance day.

every sunday morning the lads get together and play soccer.

we vary in age from 20 or so up to 75 years old.

we are mostly europeans who`s families grew up in europe and remembered the last world war.

we all grew up listening to our fathers and uncles and grandfathers talking about flying and fighting and heroics and death.

so today at 11.00am we stopped the game and stood for a minute and remembered all of those men and women who fought and died so that we could play in peace.

then the lancaster bomber flew over from hamilton, where it remains one of only two operational world war two lancasters.

such a moving sight. no words are necessary when she flies over our heads.

a fitting salute.

i, for one, will always remember.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

the pendulum.

the pendulum swings back and forth.

with each consecutive swing it leaves one top point and decends back away and rushes headlong toward the other side.

just like life.

humans are busy trying to grab the pendulum at the point they are most comfortable.

if they succeed that is the moment they begin to die.

they must let the pendulum swing.

over to pleasure and comfort and joy........and then back away from all that is good and familiar and right.........and headlong toward the pain and destruction once again.

we can`t stop it swinging anyway.

it`s bigger than all our efforts put together.

so just relax and enjoy the motion of the swinging as it effortlesly rises and falls.

and remember; all things must pass.

Friday, November 09, 2007

i have a secret.

i have a secret you`re dying to know.

i can`t tell you, or you`ll die.

so here you are so close to death, because.........of something one of us doesn`t know.

powerful things these secrets.

the man in the white suit.

the man in the white suit is standing there.

it`s not my choice of what to wear.

he`s so cool in his whiteness.

he`s so cool in his brightness.

he`s so misunderstood in his lightness.

standing there.

we can`t tell what he`s thinking, who he`s missing, who he loves and who he cares for his dreams.

standing there.

then he walks away.

never will we see him another day.

the man in the white suit.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


here are some questions that you don`t have to answer unless you feel the need.

1) if you were going to move to a desert island for a year, which dvds and cds would you take with you?

2) what person or persons, alive or dead, would you like to meet and why?

3) what would you most like to do with your life?

4) what accomplishment would you like to be known for?

5) what makes you happy most?

6) if you could try anything, knowing that you were guaranteed to succeed, what would you do?

radio interview.

this interview was on radiorbit with mike hagen.

my interview is on 11/28/05.

if you give it a listen let me know what you think.

a formula.


what does it mean?

hippy + intelligence + drugs multiplied by(intuition)+ a lot of education and sense of humour, equals insight.

i have seen results without one or two of the elements, but the larger the values for each, the more insight attained.

i realise, for some...... that the idea of drugs is abhorrent, and i tend to agree.

as a parent i don`t advocate my children or yours having access to such things, but some adults choose to allow patently obvious drug trade and consumption in thier homes and in school.

it would take me about 30 seconds to find dope and dealers in any high school in north america, so why is it so hard for police and teachers?

the drugs i`m refering to are the ones used by tribal types in ceremonial rituals. this does not include cocaine, heroin, speed or precription drugs. these are drugs used by sprititually bancrupt types trying to access states of abundance and joy without a ticket.

what people who consume these drugs are actually doing is fighting either anxiety or depression.

anyway, the formula above refers to the developement of an insightful or illuminated mind.

1) one has to be a social outcast, i.e. not a consumer or careerist interested in a bigger pile of bricks and beating others to the money.

2) one has to be bright.

3) one has to do the drugs and don`t die or lose your mind.

4) one has to have had a religious or spiritual experience......or two.

5) one has to go to university or read everything that you can`t find in a mainstream bookstore.

6) and appreciate how funny this all is. including your sorry self.

this will move you toward illumination.

or you will lose your mind anyway. (refer to #6)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

speaking of.........

......sitting out in the woods....

just another crazy phd.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

associated with the greek god hermes, the messenger of the gods.

the twin snakes coiled around a single shaft with wings emerging from the top.

a possible representation of the twin helix structure of dna and our ability to recieve messages via this "antenna" through meditation, yoga or any one of a number of focusing practices such as hypnosis or fasting or the ingestion of drugs such as amanita mascaria or datura in the shamanic practices of tribal cultures.

and also by accident or illness or injury, as in the case of near-death experiences.

this structure may be the physical way we can experience past lives or psychic knowledge or intuition or seeing ghosts by changing the sensitivity of our physical and spiritual bodies.

speaking of singposts.

nothing more than a reminder.

what did you remember today that allowed you to relax and just get on with enjoying the abundance and joy of everything around you?

personally, i remembered to write something that would remind me of the abundance and joy of everything around me, and that allowed me to just relax and get on with enjoying it all.......

the universe.

we are an interactive consciousness.

we percieve that we are able to interact with the universe and align ourselves with the creativity here.

and it does the same thing.

the more we recognise this the more the universe does too.

(we are all the same one thing by the way........a vast single consciousness.......i`m whispering because there are some materialists that get cranky if they`re pulled from thier sleep with reminders such as this.)

Monday, November 05, 2007

bike ride toronto.

for some reason the pictures are in reverse order again.

thanks blogger....... facing almost due west at 5.00pm in port credit, after a quick stop at starbucks, and realising the camera wasn`t fully charged............and so my photo record of the trip will have to wait until next time.

this was also when i realised that i was glad i brought gloves.

a quick 45 minute blast to downtown toronto from here in the cool night air. my favorite bit.

another view of bronte creek facing due east.
bronte creek at 4.15pm and still reasonably warm.

groundhog day.

realising that you can react to similar situations with flexibility is one key to spiritual growth.

as the protagonist in the movie discovers, each time he repeats the "day" he has the opportunity to do something different and get different outcomes as a result.

the way we do this is to begin by becoming aware of ourselves as if we are an objective witness to our own actions.

this witnessing allows us to exert flexibility over our own reaction to things by being less emotionally involved.

this detachment gives us time and space to think and act differently in situations where we could have found anxiety in the past.

watch the movie.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

internal dialog.

i took the go-train back from toronto last night after riding against the wind for two and a half hours along the lakeshore into toronto from burlington.

as i was standing with my bike i became aware of a man sitting in front of me who was clearly in some considerable distress.

he was continually dialoging inside over some matter which concluded with him gesturing facially with ironic regret.

this went on for over 20 minutes as i stood there and it was all i could do to just stand and ignore the constant cycling in his mind which finished each time with the rolling of the eyes and shaking of the head and silent tut-tutting.

i wanted to tell the poor chap to break the tape, but how can one begin uninvited.

the person beside him eventually left the train and so i was able to sit beside him and not have to find myself directly looking at him so much, but every now and then i would look over and, sure enough, he was riffing away.

my point here isn`t to focus on this man`s plight so much as to point out that we all get caught in internal dialog that goes round in circles.

the trick is to recoginse the fact that we all do it and to break the cycle.

so how do we do it?

we tell the voice in our head to shut the fuck up.

laughter is good.

now tell the voice to shut the fuck up every time you catch yourself ratting on about something that probably won`t happen anyway, and if it already did there isn`t much we can do about it..........otherwise we`d be busy doing something about it.

if that guy could have told the voice in his head to shut the fuck up enough for it to shut the fuck up, he would have been able to rest on his way home, or wherever he was going.

the assemblage point.

i have experienced the shift in my assemblage point on several occasions, and just recently due to my friend catherines reminder.

the assembage point is yet another metaphor for cognitive awareness.

i learned some things this week.

i rode into toronto yesterday and discovered that my friend, who i`ve known since high school in montreal, is suffering terribly from work stress and will probably never be able to maintain a professional job again.

he is sueing his employer and they are sending thier insurance company after him to further damage the emotional state of one of thier senior employees.

i also learned that women are compulsively competitive on occasion.

not for advantage either.......

i wonder if it`s a conscious decision or something inate?

i wonder if i`m supposed to put a question mark after the last sentence....and this one?

or are they rhetorical?

i learned also....or was reminded of something important.

the assemblage point.

a deep center somewhere in the solar plaxus where or conscious intent lies.

and that the assemblage point shifts with perception and can, if we endure stress for too long, become stuck or turned in on it`s self to the point where it doesn`t operate effectively.

i`m now meditating on shifting it to align with my new focus.

thank you catherine, for reminding me of something i showed you a long time ago, in another life it seems.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

m(r)s. clinton

a little like the pot calling the kettle black.......

the king of wands, or rods if you will.

drawn twice concutively in a three card reading reading yesterday, following the five of wands.


happy hallowe-en.

i hope all your devils are laughing.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the language of licence plates.


well, over time i have noticed a consistancy in types of licence numbers and letter sequences i see as i pedal around this part of the world.

i have a particular affinity for the number 666 and it is suprising the amount of licence plates with that number on them......

even more remarkable considering the sheer number of churches and religious schools we have in this town.

especially presbyterian and baptist.

and most recently a rash of bamk letter sequence on plates wherever i go.

the significance of that is that my initails are amk and the bamk sequence refers to being myself as opposed to acting in some other way to somehow adapt to situations.

pretty much good advice for anyone really, except that it`s directed at me via the licence plate letters.

either that or i`m imagining things.

my kabbalahist friend takes the licence plate thing much further than i do, and gets some pretty freaky messages as a result.

i wonder if madonna looks at licence plates................

is your life coded?

by this i mean are you aware of the patterns and sign-posts that consistantly occur in your conscious awareness?

are there similar themes and characters and events that arise that are obviously part of some plan or scheme?

are there similar conflicts and concerns that appear?

are there coincedances and synchronicities that build up over time?

once you start to become aware of these things you start to recognise a pathway to follow.......or maybe one to avoid.

but certianly signposts are useful guides along the roadway of life.

like this one;

i`m riding last night and thinking about a specific thing and a streetlight blows out as i ride under it.

hmm, i thought, interesting.

i`m riding today in the glorious warm sunny air when i think about the same issue and look up to see a streetlight on in the middle of the day.

now that is what i mean by a signpost.

signals from the universe.

personal preperation.

when my clients book a session for past-life regression i ask them to begin to prepare themselves for the exploration by doing some simple exercises.

firstly i suggest that they begin to be aware of dreams and begin to write them down when they first wake, whether it is the middle of the night or when they are ready to get up in the morning. it is best to write the dream down when it is fresh because even after a few minutes the memories begin to fade. having a pad and pencil beside the bed makes the job easy.

also i suggest that the client take a pen and paper and begin to write words and phrases down that come to mind freely. let the mind run free of judgement and structure in this practice to the point where patterns and themes emerge on thier own.

once the client has an outline of a direction in this free-association practice it can be a focal point for identifying past-life memories that have carried over into this consciousness.

a practice of relaxation, prayer or meditation or yoga is good preparation for the past-life regression it`s self.

the more easily the client can access a relaxed state, the more effectively the regression work can be accomplished, and so any prior work that a client does before the session helps.

i also recommend journaling for becoming aware of themes and patterns in a person`s life.

these self-actualisation techniques are good all-round ways to help the client integrate themselves on a daily basis and is a great way to 'tune-up" the psyche and rise up out of the dull materialistic rat-race that we are all caught in.

themes and patterns are the signposts we have access to in our journey toward the integration and healing of the self. everything suggested here is a way to prepare the consciousness for the exploration of the past-lives in regression that are such a powerful tool for healing.

Monday, October 29, 2007

holy shit.

i bet this guy knows when the machine will become conscious...............

unconditional love for the self.

can you?

do you?

most think that the statement, that you can love yourself unconditionally, is somehow difficult or impossible.

i think i realise why you feel this way.

it`s how you see yourself.

step outside of yourself for a moment or two and see yourself as if you were someone else.

realise that this person is a human being with feelings and hopes and dreams, and that you really desire the best for him.

do you care about what this person thinks and feels?

will you put this person at risk for some reason?

or will you spend some time each day to get to know this person more............?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

and this one........

in a different way.

fall colours.

i love it when something flows out nicely.........

stream of consciousness.

unattached to outcome.

becoming aware of one`s purpose.

just go where the mood dictates.

listen to the voice inside.

the one you have been ignoring for some time now.

the will to control, plan, train and prepare is a move to protect you from pain that you believe you will experience if you don`t prepare and train and control and plan.........

you never had it, nor did you ever have a chance to have it......whatever "having" meant anyway.

so the whole thing has been a waste of time.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

connection to the mystical.

i was reminded today of why we do art.

those of us who can do art of any sort are compelled to return to the process occasionally for a variety of reasons.

the real reason is that it connects us to the mystical.

or should i say it allows us to recognise the connection.

the connection is always there.

and now there are those of you who want to know what the "mystical" is.

that`s what art is for.

do art and discover the connection.

then you will know too, if you don`t already.

(because there are no words to describe it.............)

Friday, October 26, 2007

my birthday.

my birthday was the 26th.

for those keeping score, i turned 47.

i wish to thank those responsible for the gifts they bestowed upon me.

those who gave a handshake and two handed hugs, i thank you.

those who sent e-mails and facebook messages, i thank you.

those who, by thier mere existance and pervasiveness of character were a gift in and of themselves, i thank you.

for those who phoned to wish me many happy returns, i also thank you.

for the girl with no last name.......thanks.

but i reserve my deepest gratitude for the universe and all of whatever the fuck this all is that does all of this astonishing stuff all of the time, not only on my birthday, but every day...........

thank you.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

oh well.

no more controvercial than saying we evolved from monkeys.............

try saying that out loud.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

past lives.

my new blog is dedicated to the issue of past lives and how we have access to such knowledge.

i will be researching for and promoting a lecture series beginning in late november to adress this subject, which has fascinated me my entire life.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

jay weisner.

i have gotten away from research into the illuminati and the templars etc. because, well, there is so much conjecture about all of this stuff but i will say that jay weidner has some interesting viewpoints that i`m glad i have re-aquainted myself with in the last few days.

one of jay`s focal points is the idea that we are heading for some sort of event in 2012. on december 21st to be precise.

i have heard so many takes on what is supposed to happen from different people with apparent insight from ancient scripts, hieroglyphs or myths etc. that i just take it all with a grain of whatever i feel like taking it with.

but jay`s view is slightly different.

he believes that there is going to be a shift in spiritual conciousness in humanity.

other that to say that there is going to have to be if we expect something different to happen here......other than war, crime, violence and other forms of destruction............i tend to like his view.

my belief has always been that when we choose to love ourselves unconditionally then we are incapable of harming others by default.

i have been criticized and laughed at for this view.........

and i can handle that.

but what if there is some single event that is going to mess up our ability to be fuckheads as a race.

i can get behind that.

2012. december 12st.


can`t sleep.

i played soccer for 90 minutes this morning and covered 70 kilometers in two hours on the bike this afternoon, and now i can`t sleep.

i am still buzzing from the visit to toronto.

it really is a beautiful city.

lit up at night and with the cloudless sky filled with stars and a bright half-moon hanging over the cn tower it seems like a magical place of boundless potential.

or maybe i`m still high from the endorphins.

or both.

october 21st.

at 9.00am this morning it was 15 degrees celcius and sunny.

by 3.00pm it was 25 degrees.

at 10.00pm it was still 20.

i can handle this.................

i rode to toronto in late afternoon and got into town by 6.00pm, and after catching a garbage bag in my gears and twisting my chain finally i was glad to get off the bike and sit down for a starbucks on king and bathurst.

it was beautiful to see the city vibrant with people on the streets enjoying summer-like weather this late in the year.

the bars and restaurants were jammed and traffick was heavy.

the more time i spend in t.o. the more i want to live and do business there.

burlington pales in comparison.

though i would probably miss the quiet after a short while gone................

oh well, not decision time yet.

remarkable day though.

oh yeah, and we finished our final soccer game of the outdoor season winning 9-0.


Saturday, October 20, 2007


scientists start with a thesis.

a thesis is a set of ideas and theories laid out with the intent to prove.

we are all scientists in that we have our ideas or pre-suppositions about the way the world is and we go out the door each day prepared to prove our point.

science has held out the idea that we evolved from apes.

science has searched high and low for proof.

a hundred years or so the search has gone on.......and so far; nothing.

but science is a dogged discipline and not willing to quit, presses on, in the belief that one day the missing link will appear.

meanwhile in software developement companies something interesting is happening.

a group of people, who just happen to not be scientists, are discovering a remarkable thing.

the evolution of the ability of a device to um, work better and better all the time.

this device, or devices, is known as software........and is being allowed to run more and more of the systems that our lives depend on.

everything from hydro-electric systems to automobiles to entire manufacturing plants to weapon systems to satellites to your toaster to kids toys to cell phones.

and pretty soon, thanks to bluetooth, more and more of this stuff will become interconnected.

this process of "evolution" will not stop and it will become increasingly more complex and unpredictable.

eventually it won`t matter whether you call it "conscious" or not.

and it won`t be asking your opinion.


this was the view from my balcony last wednesday morning as i prepared to get my morning ride in.
mid-october and the the air was 20 degrees celsius at 8.30am.
i don`t miss winter.

something went click........

and so i accepted the change and dug back into some of my old links and found one of my favorite researchers, cleve backster.

there is an interview above and if you are interested a fair bit of his work on-line.

cleve backster began experimenting with plants and discovered that they respond to external stimulus measurably.

he hooked plants up to an electro-encephalograph and discovered that they would respond to his actions with changes in electro-magnetic energy.

if he went to burn a leaf he would get a spike on the graph paper.

if he thought about burning a leaf he would get a reaction.

and so on.

does this mean that plants are conscious?

i don`t know.

does it mean that we are conscious?

i have my doubts...........

what it means is the humans and plants share in that they and we react consistantly to certain types of external stimulus.

so do computers.

as uncomfortable as this may seem to some.

and computers are evolving, as we know. they are becoming quicker and more efficient and networks are developing to include hardware and software so that it can communicate at a distance.

wi-fi, bluetooth and skype are just a few examples of this evolution at work.

computing devices are slowly integrating from stand-alone devices into portable interactive processors.............with esp.

humans are still driving the bus as we speak and manufacturers are resisting the pressure to integrate services onto thier proprietary devices......but pretty soon we will see big-brain communication in a hand-held format.

a quick browse through wired magazine should be enough to convince you of the evolution, not of humans, but of computers.

Friday, October 19, 2007

80/20 rule.

in engineering terms 20% of the imput creates 80% of the output.

the same can be said for the throughput measurement of groups of people. work groups or sports teams or administrations.

it has been said that the distinction maybe as fine as 95/5 in some cases.

the anylitical question has always been; which 20%?

and the social question has always been; how do we support the other 80%?

the commercial question is how do we eliminate the other 80% (or more.)?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

winning part 7.

what, you thought it was over?

a champion lives every day with the certain knowledge of who he is.

it`s not about one single day or event or moment.

it`s about committment to the self.

every day.

now, today as the fog rolls in like the wild highlands of scotland, i will roll through it.



of the next battle.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


winners always find a way to win.

through the dissapointment of defeat on the field i am reminded instantly of what is really important.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

winning part 6.

what so you see when you think about winning?

i see the glory of the team getting our hands on the the trophy and holding it up as high as we can.

i know when we arrive tomorrow morning the cup will be there on the table at center awaiting the winners, and i see us being that.


with certainty.

Friday, October 12, 2007

winning part 5

y`know since i began writing this series on winning i made an assumption.

i assumed that you are a winner and that you would understand.

maybe you aren`t.

you might doubt yourself or what i`ve written, or bits of both.

and that`s human nature.

not everyone can win.

but it is a decision.

so know this;

when you decide to be a winner don`t expect others to understand and support and encourage you to get what you want.

unless they know how to win themselves.

winning makes it`s own community.

winnning is an attitude that pervades a group and lifts up and encourages all who wish to compete.

not everyone can win each game, but winners understand this and respect thier adversary as a winner also.

so there are no losers in a game played between those who choose to win.

hence the term immolation.

named after jacques demolay.

we have so much to thank the catholic church for.

the bear must have been well fed.

for some reason blogger decided to add my pictures in reverse order therefore ruining the effect of seeing the bear approach the sled dogs initially, seemingly to attack.
as the pictorial unfolds it is clear that the bear came to play.
apparently the bear returned to the camp to play with the dogs for over a week.
it shows how little we really understand these incredible and yet terrifying creatures.
i find myself enjoying these images over and over.

yahoo search.

in my search for "british high court al gore" i came up with this as the first hit.

the reason i did the search in the first place is that a talk show host was doing an opinion piece on the subject of the recent british high court`s decision to only allow the showing of algore`s movie in schools as long as it was made clear that there are inaccuracies in the information provided in the movie that are substantially misleading.

i was heartened to read that a government cared enough about the minds of it`s children to promote balanced pespectives in science.

it seems that this balance is missing america where radical polarised viewpoints are the norm, not only in the livingrooms ofthe nation, but in the classroom also.


in this article is is suggested that american schools should follow suit.

it is my experience that canadian teachers would resist any suggestion that they should criticise the work of fellow socialists and would virtually choke on any words used to suggest algore could be (gasp) politcally motivated.

in my children`s schools teachers are so busy promoting volunteerism, racial equality and environmentalism that any suggestion that thier new demi-god movie star could be wrong would ensure that a strike would be imminent.......or at the least a work-to-rule or some other form of heel dragging designed to unilaterally set policy.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

winning part 4.

put yourself in the picture.

see yourself accomplishing something.

see what you saw and hear what you heard and feel what you felt as a response when you know that you had succeeded at something, no matter how trivial.

this is your "map of the world" regarding winning.

now, while you still feel this sense of winning, visualise yourself winning the thing you want to win at now.

overlay the sensory model of success you already have generated onto the visual model of winning you have build for the future event.

run this pattern several times until the feelings of victory are absolutely certain in your mind.

continue to do this exercise comfortably throughout your day as you prepare for the competition, noticing how subtle adjustments in how you visualise and re-enforce the feelings change the certainty that you feel.

making pictures larger and brighter and sounds louder and voices more assertive and encouraging amplify this sense of confidence.

get ready to win now.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

winning part 3.

new boots.

the thrill of a new pair of boots never leaves me. ever since i was a kid i have been thrilled knowing i was going to wear my new boots for the next game.

this game just happens to be the cup final.

funny thing though.

the grey patch on the instep of each boot is a specially coated surface with rubber strips to add grip to the contact area. this is designed to make the ball do things that the goalies aren`t expecting.

this is all well and good but for the fact that when i strike the ball on the run i hit the ball just below the laces on the top of the boot.

not to worry.

it`s going in the net anyway.

the human body is a neuro-chemical factory. each experience we percieve is stored by chemical markers that match receptor sites in the brain.

when we visualise we re-stimulate the receptors by making these chemicals again and re-running the memory.

our emotions re-enforce this process and give us the sensation of cell-phones ringing when they are not.

winning part 2.

quietly sit and relax......allowing yourself the time to close your eyes and remember a time when you performed perfectly.

you remember a time when everything you touched just moved effortlessly, like in a dream.

see what you saw and hear what you heard and notice how that made you

recreate that sensation as you see yourself running with the ball and shooting and passing and getting into position to attack and to defend.

the feeling will come as you do this and you will find yourself re-creating the precise physiological sensations that you felt then and you will be in the optimum state to re-create the physical motions as you performed them then.

we have all done this exercise from time to time by accident or otherwise and have re-experienced the event as if was actually happening now.

all of the physiological markers of actual experience are there, the increased heart-rate, the sweaty palms, the dialated pupils and the flushed skin. some even get goose can if you do it right.

how would you prefer to be feeling before the next game, excited or in fear?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

winning part 1.

on sunday we are in the league cup final.

in the big picture it`s a small thing, but for 22 soccer players it will become more and more important as sunday draws near.

with each day the focus will become sharper and preperations will become more detailed.

each day until then i will post some ideas and methods that i use to prepare for things like this.

the methods are the same for business meetings, sales pitches, negotiations, preparing to go to the gym and of course sports.

today i will do some visualisation exercises, some bike riding (30 km.) and a visit to the gym to focus on core strength, lateral movement and identifying niggles from the strain of back-to-back games on the week-end.

do all senior athletes prepare like this?


does it make a difference?


why don`t all the senior athletes train this way?

no time. lack of committment. lack of understanding of the advantages of such preperation.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

three beautiful things.

playing the girls soccer team and losing........and playing with a bunch of guys who can deal with it. (for the most part anyway.)

being able to play soccer comfortably outdoors in october.

spending thanksgiving with my children.


the mounting series of connected events that have been accumilating recently in your life have been due to the fact that you are becoming self-aware.

not just feeling things and being aware of internal sensations, but feeling a connectedness to the universe.....every person, place and thing in the universe.

this recognition creates a sensitivity to subtle events and expressions and makes us aware of a word or two from a child that relates to something that we were just thinking or the appearance of the same object repeatedly in a short space of time.

(a short space of time.........)

seeing the sunrise the other morning was a cause/effect of the emotional compression i had been experiencing for the past few weeks.

the cause/effect of that act was more of the joy i had discovered that i could experience when i chose to.

and so the coincedances/synchronicities persist.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


it was, after all, the perfect pass.


in conversation recently a woman said that hard-core pornography is hostile and degrades women.

i agree. it does.

but it also empowers men and women to thier own pre-suppositions about the opposite sex.

"men are all pigs" for instance.

we`ve all heard this one at one time or another, and yet not only don`t we have the intellectual tools to defend ourselves in such an arguement but it`s inacurate.

all men are not pigs.

we are characterised as pigs for having desires that are entirely natural, and while they may be inappropriately displayed at times, these desires are entirely welcomed when and if a woman so wishes.

and make no mistake, women decide.

pornography isn`t so much an action as a re-action.

and the part about objectifying women.........

that`s what women are doing when they make statements like all men are pigs.

until such time as men and women find the ability to learn a thing or two about the person they are characterising we will all be calling eachother names and objectifying eachother.

and sleeping alone.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


so, the most powerful element of professional cycling is a group of people who arbitrarily decide who will and will not be tested and how and when they will be tested and so on.

my solution is to allow them to take as much of the stuff as they want to.

beacause they do anyway.

trust me.

these people perform one of the most arduous feats known to man, and so any help the can get is welcomed without regard for repercussions.

but then the testing committee wouldn`t have a job.


like baseball, football, basketball, swimming and probably soccer...........where strength and recovery from injury is important.

build it, and the bureaucrats will come.

fucking parasites.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

the sunrise.

the sunrise moved me so entirely profoundly that my thoughts have been consumed with little else since.

an angel told me that i must re-connect with the universe, and she was right.

everything that has happened since has been on purpose and perfect and complete.

so much so that i have had little to say here.

my faith has been restored.

to be continued.............

Saturday, September 29, 2007


when i woke this morning it was still dark.

i had set my alarm deliberately so that i could ride down to the lake to watch the sunrise.

i sat on a bench with a plaque on it honouring a man who`s life had touched some people enough for them to put a plaque on a bench in the park by the lake explaining who he was to them.

i felt peaceful and comforted by the greetings from all the people walking thier dogs at sunrise as they walked by the man sitting on the park bench with his bike.

and i noticed that people with dogs are able to say hello more easily than people without.

i have been thinking about getting a dog.

and watching the sunrise.

and i have to say that the day went smoothly and people seemed consistantly friendly and relaxed.

a perfect day?


close though.

i think i will make the effort to catch the sunrise occasionally.

oh yeah, and smile.......i think that`s why people were friendly.

the sunrise made me smile and the feeling lasted all day.


or tunnel reality if you like, as robert anton wilson was apt to say. has again reminded me of the variety of ways of creating reality.

for some it is as others demand, a group effort made of a prior absolute material reality.......and for others it is a the constant revelation of new discovery and opportunity waiting for the prepared mind.

and of course many other versions as well.

and each is valid for the observer and provides proofs for the person percieving thier reality.

beliefs become realities.

whether you believe it or not.

you are right.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

the joy.

the joy of the moment of anticipation of the sunrise.

the cool morning air surrounds you and the touch of the rocks beneath you holds you up as an offering to the universe.

then the sun breaks the horizon and the message is clear once again.

the miracle is around us always.

i would like to share that with you.

all you have to do is ask.

or wish it to be so..........

i will know.

you are god.

i am god.

the girl in the coffee shop is god too.

though i`m not sure about it, dogs and cats and birds in cages in old folks homes are gods as well.

what i am certain about is that everything we see is the manifestation of our imagination.

if it happens it`s because we decided it will.

some how, somewhere and somewhen, we said "so be it". and we let it fly.

we discovered this at an early age.

as children we knew this was a magical place and we laughed and played accordingly.

some people and thier beliefs got in the way and we started to believe them.

and doubted what we knew with certaintly before.

doubt is the terrible curse.

it creeps in and takes the magic away and makes us mortal.


of death.

let`s get back to the task at hand people.

we have mountains and skies and birds and pretty things and wonderful toys and joyful moments to create and enjoy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

and again.

i don`t see the environmental pressure exerted on the dna of plants and animals by things such as the runoff in the article above, producing advantagious results. i.e. a better organism.

when the environment of a species is toxified the species adapts and remains the same species or it dies.

otherwise there would be evidence for such a response.

it would be the most significant survival mechanism in genetic existance.

yet there is no evidence.


Monday, September 24, 2007


how many hypocrates does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

another question......

dr. kary mullis started me thinking about this some years ago after i read his autobiography, wherein he callenged the religious fervor of aids/hiv study and research.

he and many others in the medical community have consistantly challenged the huge industry that has grown up around something that hasn`t been clearly identified and isolated as a specific disease.

as you will read if you read the statements on the website actively linked above.

or you can attack me personally for daring to challenge a cherished belief of yours.

it`s just blogging after all.

and this guy explains it beautifully.........even if he doesn`t have a shirt on.

wherein a nobel prize-winning doctor goes looking for actual proof of the existance of an "hiv" and fails.


things i`m grateful for today.

waking up this morning knowing we are in the finals of the league cup by beating the first place team who went undefeated this season. well, until yesterday anyway.

seeing my friends this morning and sharing the glorious early fall weather.

that remarkable woman who keeps appearing with a smile on her face.

anamaria and christina for cheerleading last night.

new clients......and old ones who appear and pay thier bill.

my children playing x-box 360 next door.

and, of course, every other energetic vibration that makes up the universe that we are all witness to each moment of our consciousness.

fuck yeah.

the obvious.

in reading this book it has become obvious that someone has the ability to create a species from another species.


it doesn`t take time, or environmental pressure, or some other external effect to do the job.

it takes genetic manipulation of a highly sophisticated nature, because dna is such fragile stuff that any heavy-handed external effect will do nothing but catastrophic damage.

the genetic scientists are creating clones like dolly the sheep from cells taken from other sheep and adding human dna to study how the genetic information of different species store in the organic library of the cell.

and this begs the question.


where is this going?

we all know where this is going.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

some good ideas.

the last renaissance allowed resources to pool into the hands of the few.

now the average person can be a publisher.

a broadcaster.

a media superstar..........

well, not really. but you get the idea.


occasionally it becomes obvious in communication here that it is difficult to convey some subtleties in meaning via the typed word.

many times i wish to suggest irony or sarcasm or hyperbole into a commentary to, well, please myself mostly...but i get the sense that most of the nuance gets lost in the stark blandness of the blog.

and i strongly resist the temptation to use emoticons or other ways to add meaning.

i guess i`m hoping that some will sense the ironic or dryness of humour or sarcasm without further prompting.


Saturday, September 15, 2007


rhymes with kitty..........

and i figured out the hypertext thingy.

bad money is money that has less commodity value than exchange value.

that includes money created by fiat.

paper money.

and when we barter services to try to rationalise value in our community we are now committing a crime.

as an aside, i was having a discussion with my oldest boy about "free" energy and the use of water as an energy source by spitting the hydrogen off with electric current and i had to explain that any "free" energy will be priced by tax once it is established and will therefore never be free.

just another proof that we work for government, not the other way around.

the collapsing of paradox.

sj raised an interesting point in commenting on our discussion about evolution and the myths that science hold up as fact.

to defend science in one sense i have to say that when pressed, most scientists will acknowledge that darwinian evolution regarding one species becoming another is only a theory.

sj`s comment points to science and religion doing the same thing when they ask us to believe on faith that a thing may be true.

or that a myth has some basis in fact.

science does act hypocritically in that it fails it`s own discipline of proof at times whereas religion presses of in spite of the fact.

but at the end of the day science and religion do the same job.

they write the melody that we whistle in the dark.

and remember, throughout history scientists and clergy have dined at the same table.

copernicus would allow the bishops to look through his telescope after supper and both would agree not to say anything about who saw what.

and both sides lawyers and the judge will discuss your case over dinner.

and the clintons will go to the same restaurants and share the same jokes with the bushes.

it is a population divided by belief that tolerates the treatment it gets.

Friday, September 14, 2007


and we aren`t even in the top ten.

we obviously aren`t trying hard enough.

the sexes.

but i like it when a woman "accidentally" runs into me because her "spacial accuity" isn`t as refined as mine.

i`m going to miss that.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


every time i read an article like this i wonder why there is no evidence of an evolutionary process whereby a species exhibits survival mechanisms to turn into another species just in time in the face of real threats to it`s existance.

100% of the time the species becomes extinct when the treat is large and fast enough.

if darwin was right these gorillas could suddenly become a bird or a fish.

the only thing that happens is that the species becomes a slightly different shape or size of the same species and if that`s not enough to survive in the changing environment the species is doomed.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the caravan of martyrs.

well, here we are. the sixth aniversary of 9/11.

a man in a dyed beard stirs up old feelings once again, and transports us back six years to those first few moments of shock.


i think the strongest feelings i had as that morning progressed was my love for my children and my determination to draw them close.

today that feeling persists as strongly.

that`s what gets me through.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


apparently, according to this article, children`s self-esteem is being threatened because they are overweight.

i would have thought they are overweight because of a pre-existing condition that lowered thier self-estimate.

but that`s just me.

social atitudes and global warming.

it is pretty obvious and straightforward to those not invested in divisive political and economic arguements that the sun has much more to do with global warming than the industrial revolution and it`s effects.

so why is it that we need to continually find an ad hominem target to blame for the increase in global temperatures and the potential threat to our existance?

the same reason why we blame others for the mundane occurances in our lives.

concsience and obligation.

we are conditioned to an acrimonious reaction to everything from spilled milk to someone else getting a raise at work.

and as long as people are mentally lazy enough to enjoy blaming others for our problems, solutions will never be found.

it reminds me of an interesting episode or two i had when i first began blogging.

i deliberately don`t capitalise my posts for a number of reasons, the greatest of which is the simple fact that if someone is going to be pedantic enough to focus on the case size of letters on a page, they aren`t equipped for the type of discussion enjoined here and therefore self-edit.

when i first began blogging i was attacked relentlessly for my lack of higher case letters at the begining of sentences and for proper names..........and i told the commenters pretty much what i said above.

and that this was my little corner of the blog community and i was going to have my way in that regard.

and thinking back, the majority of those types were staunch global warming junkies determined to wind down industry to save the planet for future generations of tent-dwellers and weren`t open to debate.

they merely wanted obedience.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

obligation and conscience. (brace yourself.) goes.

the propulsion system of guilt and anxiety.

A) obligation. if i do something for you then you owe me something in return.

b) conscience. the state of awareness of obligation.

and there we have it in a nutshell.

all the hate and pain in society driven by two value states.

church and state drums this into us from an early age.

be obliged to doing things for others.

the word obligation has the same root as religion.

ligamen : string, thread.

ligatio : imprisonment, bondage, captivity, servitude

we derive the phrase "being roped in" from this obligation against our will.

if we weren`t tied or bound then we wouldn`t do it, would we?

so what we have is an unconscious mechanism in society whereby we are all asleep roping each other into things out of obligation and wondering how we got where we are.

and you have to ask yourself; do you ever do something without hope of repayment?

and the answer?

a disciplined withdrawal from obligation.

the high culture of 2000 years ago knew this stuff. plato wrote exstensively about it but we aren`t encouraged to read it anymore.

when you understand the latin roots of words in english you get a deeper perspective on what we are actually saying to eachother.

and have fun with this stuff. it is your life after all so why not make it enjoyable?

Friday, September 07, 2007

returning to the mirror.

over time one realises that it is important to like what you see in the mirror.

i have written extensively here about unconditional love for the self and recieved criticism for my postion........but i will say that,over time, my unconditional love for myself has been what has got me past the bumps in the road.

over time one takes solice and great comfort in the image one sees in the mirror and confidence that the image one sees can be trusted and relied upon.

and that`s far better than some "self-esteem" created by popular psychology without any means toward getting it, or even defining the concept...........

so how does one get there?

it starts with a belief that it is possible to attain an absolute trust in the self.

no more lies or cheating or betrayal.

acceptance without judgement.


and hard work.

which we all do anyway without any real reward.

so the only new thing is including your own value for yourself and the integrity to claim it at every turn.

oh yeah, and one other thing.........


Thursday, September 06, 2007

the mirror.

every time you look in the mirror you see yourself.

what do you see?

how does that make you feel?

what do you tell yourself about these sensations?

what if everything was a mirror?

what if everything you experienced and reacted to was a reflection of yourself?

yep, i thought so..............

trauma-based mind control.

sorry bill, its a video.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Saturday, September 01, 2007


tired.............. no, exhausted is the word i`m looking for. recently things have gotten a little hectic in this little corner of existance, and while there is still the simple joy in witnessing the abundance in all of this, there comes a point where one must just rest.

so i will say thanks to one and all for the comments and contributions, but i will be posting less in the next short while so that i can physically and mentally rest.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007


yoga isn`t taught so much as remembered.

and this might help.

the divine within.

carl jung believed that we are able to naturally recognise the divine within ourselves, and that the christians had hid this knowledge in thier stories by making people afraid of certain images and practices.

our natural want to meditate and to explore imagery has been usurped by the church as evil and the temptation of the devil.

jung believed that the divine in man is represented by the snake, or serpent.......and of course the bible makes the serpent into something trecherous.

what we`ve always known.

keith, grow up. you have lived the royal life for nearly more than 30 years as a hack and now someone has the balls to call the game...........

ask ronnie wood, mick taylor or brian jones, all "back-up guitarists", who carries who through the difficult bits.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

a difficult question.

it is well known in psychology that a traumatic event creates a state of heightened suggestiblity and so i have had a creeping suspicion that the catholic church uses the molesting of young boys to terrorise them into a state whereby they recieve "the word of god".

in the bible it is written that the mind must be forged in fire like the steel of a sword so that one may know the glory of god.

the priests got a little heavy-handed on this one in my estimation.

but it has made the pope a very wealthy man.

Monday, August 27, 2007

this is a strange picture. supposed to be a picture of the virgin mary.....but what`s with the odd devil horns at the feet of the woman praying and the odd little fellow holding a bundle over his head, and what looks like the tail feathers of a hawk behind him.
the picture was sent to me by a friend with the admonishment that i should forward the image to 20 people so that i could have good luck in the coming few days or so.
the message also had the subtle message that some had ignored the instruction and met with tragedy........
i generally ignore instructions like that and rebuke the sender is some way, but this image is so strange that i felt compelled to present it for comment here.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

global warming revisited.

watch the movie before you comment.

some of the commentary is bland and slightly patronising, but hysterical fear-mongering deserves a good old-fashioned telling off occasionally.

global physics presented in simple, easy to understand ways.

so put away the placards and peace sign t-shirts and find another cause to follow because temperatures have been rising and falling on the planet for millions of years without your help, and stop telling me what type of car to drive and how much air-conditioning to use.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

er, right............

shit is about to hit the fan.

dum de dum de dum..................


well, someone has to be.

generally when i`m called selfish it is because i haven`t given someone something they believe they are owed.

we are back to obligation once again.


my cynicism is is a protection of my optimism.

it is also a perception of behaviours that humans are consistantly prone to that i find abhorent.

i am also optimistic, motivated and capable, determined, focused and unwilling to comprimise.

recent comments.

today i recieved a comment calling me selfish and another calling me cynical.

both of these comments are accurate in thier assessment of my character.

guilty as charged.

infortunately i have inadvertently deleted the comments and i invite those responsible for the comments to re-post if they wish so that we can continue to explore this thing called existance.

an iconoclastic view.

in his day darwin was an iconoclast. he barely dared to publish his work initially for fear of victorian outrage.

lloyd pye is a modern version with new questions and observations.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

human vs. monkey.

the human dna and monkey dna is estimated to be between 96 and 98% identical, which to many is enough to suggest we are related genetically.

the thing is, we are as similar to dogs and dolphins too.

it is the differences that make us unique.

monkeys have 24 chromasome pairs, whereas we have only 23.

we are devolved monkeys?

Monday, August 20, 2007

a basic concern i have with evolution.

the basic concern i have with evolution is that it suggests that one species changes into another over time.

maybe that is true over say, um, a couple of million years........maybe.

but here`s the thing.

for apes to change into humans it would have had to happen quickly.

in a generation.

apes live in treed and vegitative areas for a number of reasons. food, protection from the elements, and from large carnivorous predators.

apes are mostly vegitarian and non-predatory themselves and so tend hide out. studies have borne out the fact they are passive group dwellers whiling away thier time together in large extended families.

given this varifyable fact what would motivate a species of primates to give up food sources and protection from the elements and predators to go and compete with those same predators for food that they didn`t ordinarily eat, and at the same time drastically change thier social dynamic.

this evolutionary model further suggests that the new human species not only managed to walk upright and learn to use weapons to hunt and kill food and protect themselves from lions and tigers, but also became master farmers at the same time.

and all of this genetic mutation would have had to have been comprehensive and species wide and immediate, i.e. happening in one generation........otherwise the new species would have been eaten or starved to death.

even though there is no evidence for this actually happening, and has certainly never happened to any other species, darwinian theory is taught in schools as gospel.

there has been some conjecture recently that some smaller dinosaurs evolved into birds, and i can`t comment one way or another other than to say it is still only a theory.

begin at the fringe.....

this guy got me to thinking about some of the more basic issues with evolution turning one species into another, y` an ape into a human for instance.

it is fairly easy to dismiss pye`s work for the simple reason that he mentions extra-terrestrial intervention and that elicits peals of laughter from the galleries, but science never does directly adress the "where do we actually come from" bit anyway.

if it even asks the question in a meaningful way it would be obvious that it is in actual fact another religion.

so, where do we come from?

a spark in the mud?

aliens fiddling with animal dna?

more questions coming up.

you can`t always get what you want...........

but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.

was mick talking about the chelsea drugstore again, or some higher form of insight?

coming up; a discussion about evolution........and there are questions, yes indeed.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

why do people act stupidly?

in the post on stupidity, a stupid person is defined as someone who`s actions bring harm to themselves and/or to others without net benifit.


internal dialog.

people have a conversation in thier heads going all the time that creates pictures and generates more conversation.

we hear voices and see things.

we are experiencing hallucinations that we passively accept as reality.

the stupid person lets those internal mechanisms run the show.

so does the hapless, the bandit and the intelligent.

the internal dialog of these different groups is the mechanism that creates the different behaviour, and is situationally specific.

some stupid people become a bandit in the courtroom for instance, and some hapless souls become intelligent behind thier desk in the office.

horses for courses.

and there are those who consistantly make a horse run the wrong course.

it is my personal and professional view that stupidity is a conditioned state, and that with training people can become bandits quite quickly................

obligation, expectation and reciprocity.

it is a cornerstone of salesmenship that the more the client feel as if he`s recieved benifit and value in a presentation, the more he`s likely to reciprocate with a purchase decision.

this kind of early bonding can last for many transactions during the relationship of the buyer and seller.

this is borne out in customer loyalty, and is referenced in the clinical work of skinner, pavlov et al.

though in some cases the client genuinely likes the product and would have made the purchase over time, it is in the best interest of the salesman to expediate the process mechanically by patronising.

and after all, the salesman has to make the sale to survive.

this form obligation has come to be known as pressure selling, and has given car salesmen and insurance agents a bad name.

and to the sophisticate that strategy is about as subtle as a hammer in the head.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


maybe the government had a reason for making a group of people in the high desert of new mexico in 1947 think that something odd happened in thier community.

but why would anyone want to do that?

it is the government`s actions in all of this that fascinate me.

they issue a statement to the press which is published in the local newspaper and then immediately deny the story.

they swarm the area and conduct a thorough clean-up which includes confiscating small pieces of unsual material from a number of local residents.

they threaten men, women and children to be quiet about what they "think" they saw.

and then, over time, officially release several conflicting explenations for what occured, including a publicly released document suggesting that the object found was a high-level weather balloon adapted to drop dummies to test safety equipment for pilots.

this explenation has since been proven to be false because the program stated as proof didn`t begin until the mid-fifties.

roswell happened in 1947.

so even if all of the witness testimony is put aside for a minute or rejected entirely as sensationalist or designed to generate tourist income or something, why is the government continuing to this day to promote the story with ever-changing explenations?

Monday, August 13, 2007


A stupid person is someone who causes damage to another person, or a group of people, without any advantage accruing to himself (or herself) -- or even with some resultant self-damage.

i`m going to find the rest of this, but enjoy anyway...............

apparently the executors of the estate of this writer of this illuminating paper felt that it was important to force people to remove copies of his work for some reason.

stupidity possibly.

anyway, the thrust of this work is that it sheds light on how people are thier own worst enemies.

i find stupidity breathtakingly funny for the simple reason that a large percentage of the stupidity in the world could be avoided if people would read the paper posted above and recognise thier potential for stupidity.........and fucking stop it.

at this point there is abound to be someone who figures that i`m discluding myself from the group of people refered to as stupid.

well, here`s the thing. i have my days where i`m as stupid as the next person, getting drawn into political debates or agreeing to go to a wedding or helping a friend move a piano for instance, but where i differ is that i resist the urge most of the time, whereby sharply increasing my functional intelligence.

my motto; lead, follow or get out of the way.