Saturday, December 31, 2005

time machine

i can`t state this any more clearly. i have discovered a time machine. one that we can all use. it`s a complex electrochemical device that comes with no instruction manual but for the ideas of those who realise that they are in possession of one.
the device i`m talking about is your mind.
we travel back and forward in time, in our minds, all the time. most of us don`t recognise the journey so much as the effect it has on our emotions. we come back from the trip with reactions in the form of feelings. these feelings create our present moments.
so really what is going on is a constant journey through time, merely touching down in the present for periods and then flying back and forth in what we have learned to call time.
calling this experience time travel is maybe a bit misleading but studies have shown that the brain reacts precisely the same way to remembered feeling than to a feeling experienced due to present events.
the hypothalamus is a structure in the brain that creates chemicals that we experience as emotion. when we remember events, the hypothalamus releases peptides that go into the blood stream and make us feel the same feelings as we felt the first time that we experienced the event. there are thousands of different emotions that we have the potential to experience and there are thousands of peptides that the brain can create to give us these feelings.
are the emotions seperate from the peptides?
the brain can`t tell.
the consciousness can`t tell.
when we go back, in our minds, to a past event and re-experience it our mind cannot tell the difference between the memory and the first time we experienced the event.
we are time travellers.
we also have control over how we remember what it was we remember, we`ve just forgotten how.
it`s my job to remind you.....................
stay tuned.

smile test.

here`s a test to see if you can tell if a smile is genuine or not.
let me know how you did. it`s a lot of fun. the test is made up of 20 short videos of people smiling. you have to figure out which of the people are smiling genuinely.
once i get the results from you, i`ll let you know how the guru did.;-)

a cult.

in the new year i am going to found a new cult. not a cult where a person has to give me all thier possessions and live in a commune on an old farm, or wear orange robes and sing songs and bang drums at the airport, unless they really want to. i`m not into stopping people doing what they want.
the cult that i have in mind is one of happiness. a cult of smiles. a cult of the individual acting out of a sense of wanting to be happy and doing what it takes to create the state of happiness in thier lives.
i believe that happiness is a state that we have to go out and create. i believe we are masters of creating states of consciousness. we create every experience that we feel in our bodies and minds, whether we realise it or not. this is a great responsibility that is rewarded a thousand-fold when we take it on in a purposeful way.
the cult is one of smiles. smiles of our inner self and smiles of our face and body. smiles of ourself and smiles of others as a feedback mechanism. once we are in that loop of smiles then the resonace is extraordiary. it is so strong and pervasive that one smile from a stranger can last all day.
pass it on.
in the cult of smiles i will be the guru. i will wear the white robe, if you like and i will smile because i know that these words are allowing you to smile too and pretty soon that smile will infect the next person that you meet and so on and so on.
i will wear the white robe of smiles as long as you promise to smile sufficiently to trigger the response in others.
i will sit cross-legged on a mat of smiles and smile at you as you read these words............and you will visualise this and smile too.
isn`t my cult nice?
with all the smiles we will make, we will smile forever.
one less asshole in the world.
(made you laugh.)

Friday, December 30, 2005


here`s the antidote. do this at least once an hour. trust me, i`m a doctor. Posted by Picasa


there are many ways of describing chaos. entropy, disorganisation, bureaucracy, hostility, war. however you describe it, it still represents the same thing. an inability for things to go well.
we want things to go right in our lives. we are optimistic about outcomes and we set our sail in the morning toward the far shores of success.
what happens?
we succeed for the most part, but we notice that the more people conspire to organise, administrate and predict and control, the more things become chaotic.
all of the wars are started by organisations, all the strikes, all the unrest, all the poverty, decline and bancrupcy.
all in the name of organisation, administration and control.
why is this true?
i think it`s because all the inspiration, creativity and positive will is a function of one person`s vision, seperate from that of another person`s will and the more that groups of people try to reproduce the single-mindedness of the individual then the chaos emerges.
we have all played the game where we sit in a circle and whisper a sentence in the next person`s ear.
as the whisper goes around the circle each person adds a little something to the meaning of the words as they see fit. this editing, deleting and adding process results in the words emerging out the other end of the chain transformed and totally different from the original.
the bigger the circle of people in the chain the more distorted the message becomes.
this is in a game situation where there is little pressure to do anything but whisper in the next person`s ear.
imagine if there is a situation where the chain is the same but the pressure of a business environment is critical or in a battle or in a conflict situation such as a strike at a car plant.
what kind of distortion, editing, deleting and adding to messages goes on in these environments?
the larger administrations and bureaucracies get the more these distortions of messages become.
what is the answer.
smaller groups and simpler message packets is one answer. letting the pressure off is another.
we live in a society where we want to get it right and we also want to catch the next guy being wrong. this is a highly profitable arrangement for industries such as the judicial system, where they win when someone else loses. the those best suited to working in this kind of industry are those feel good when others feel bad.
where does internal structure come from?
a psychological theorist in the sixties said that people have a voice in thier heads that basically says that we are "useless little shits". this internal voice makes us want to make others feel worse than we do so that the voice wont bother us so much.......until the next time.
i think the desire for "spiritual enlightenment" is a desire to shut the voice off.
you can shut the voice off by telling it to shut the fuck up.
or you can go looking for victims.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

regarding smiling, this is a classic case of how not to do it. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

a clarification.

there have been those who, for whatever reason, have wanted to have religious or theological discussions here. this is not the place for discussions about gamerules. this is a blog about consciousness and man`s interaction with reality in whatever forms it comes.
religion and it`s handmaidens have, for centuries, demanded control and obedience from it`s adherents. this is cult behaviour. it is useful as the companion to government in that it gives rules, regulations and the threat of penalties to those who don`t obey. it keeps the peace.
religion is absolutely and completely nothing to do with spirituality, divinity and metaphysics. those areas are the domain of spirituality, divinity and metaphysics. see how easy that is? the words themselves describe the field they cover.
there are some religious people who have spiritual, divine and metaphysical experiences in spite of the religious rules denying this should happen. this is bound to happen given the divine, spiritual and metaphysical nature of human consciousness. we are all bound to have these things happen to us, in or outside of a church, for the simple reason that we are alive.
we are to know the divine as we open our eyes in the morning, not filtered through the words in a book of any description, but by merely making observations. it`s all divine. it`s all a miracle. and and it`s boundlessly mysterious. i doubt anyone will ever find out what`s going on and live to tell the tale. the best we can hope for is that we learn from experience and fill our hearts with the joy of being alive every chance we can get.......not because we owe anyone anything, but because it just makes sense to choose good feelings......for whatever reason, or for no reason at all.
there`s a new year coming, boys and girls, and i would like to think we could throw some smiles around in the coming months like grenades that will explode in amongst people you`ve never met and they will be hit with the feeling that they should smile too. and thier lives will be forever ruined for anything but another smile.
or we can fuck off back to being miserable.
let me know what you think. those of you who are reading and thinking about things in response to what i`m a line or two in response and let`s get the party going. i dare you to. ;-)

acting within our highest purpose.

would you like to act within your highest purpose?
do you know what it is?
have you acted that way before?
these questions are the challenge to the spirit that we call being alive.
acting out of the highest purpose means that you must ask what the highest purpose in your action is.
each thing of significance that we do has a hierarchy of purpose. i suppose the mundane things we do have a hierarchy too, but for the purposes of our discussion i`m going to focus on significant actions.
significant actions are those things that are acts of responsibility. those things that will have meaningful outcomes that will effect the lives of yourself and of others.
o.k. so now we can see that there are mundane, or trivial acts and there are more important acts that we perform.
the important acts can be taken on in a noncommittal way or with a focussed purpose. the focussed purpose is where our growth lies and the focus sharpens when we choose to see the highest purpose in what we do.
we can choose to sell products for a living. we can sell stereo equipment in a mall and get the highest commisions possible by way of pressure selling to every person who walks through the door or.........we can learn about communication and the passion people have for music and stereo equipment and find a place where those feelings converge and deliver our skills as a salesman in a different way. a way where people come to discover a passionate enjoyment of audio equipment and music. your role then woud be to share felings about these things and find the best products and provide the best service to accompany the purchase for your client.
this process can be applied to any endevour we undertake in our lives, from making dinner to planning a career.
the highest purpose in anything we do is the thing that has the strongest emotional and spiritual value.
working as a real estate agent can be a chase for commisions or it can be a passionate desire to find homes for families to live thier lives. the choice as to how to frame your role in the activity is what dictates the outcome. now.
who would you want working for you, he commision hound or the person involved in finding a new home for you and your family?

Saturday, December 24, 2005

the mind/body split.

a favorite of the psychiatric profession is the idea of the mind/body split. a concept that forever gives them permission to create mental disorders at will.
ever wonder where multiple personalities come from?
the psychiatrist`s office.
our minds have thoughts. that`s how we know we are alive. interestingly enough, the resergent interest in yoga and meditation is looking at stopping thoughts. how does one know that we are alive then?
anyway, i digress.
our minds have thoughts and our bodies follow.
does this happen in reverse?
we recieve sensations in our bodies that make us think things but the sensations are due to actions that our minds initiated.
sit quietly with your hands on your thighs and now concentrate on trying to lift your hands.
you can`t do it.
the act of trying is the negation of action and you fail.
now lift your hands.
up they come, naturally and easily.
where is the seperation between the mind and the body here?
there isn`t one.
we picture things in our minds and our bodies comply immediately.
picture a lemon. fresh, cool yellow fruit lifted by hand from the fruit drawer of the refridgerator. you know how it smells and feel the texture of the skin as you take the lemon and place it on a chopping block. take a sharp knife and cut the fruit in half. see the juice run and smell the lemoniness hit your nose.
what happens when you bite the slice of lemon?
does the mind/body split evaporate for a split second for the purposes of this example only form again for future effect?
we create our internal states as one entity of mind and body together. we live our lives in health and in sickness as one device. psychiatry needed to seperate the system in two so that drugs could be given to treat the symptoms of thinking.
the drugs effect the bodies reaction to thoughts but the thoughts remain.
the more persistant the thoughts, the more drugs need to be taken.
the mind is a pretty determined device. it has created all that we have surrounding us. to knock it out with drugs will damage the body long before the mind will switch off.
does that sound like good medicine to you?

the day before christmas.

so here we are, the day before christmas, already hung over from too many trips to the mall and dinners with friends and friends of friends. christ, i don`t usually eat this much in a month.
what`s it all about?
well, it seems to be about consuming at a rapid pace so that more will be produced to consume. i can`t see any other point to it all. we aren`t any happier, or more enlightened, or richer or healthier because of it all. but more stuff has been produced.
an economist friend of mine once said to a room full of people that if everyone just bought stuff everything would be o.k.
he has a point, in a perverse sort of a way. we live in a society based on consumption of material goods. as long as the stores are doing well then we will be happy.
retailers are banking on a good pre-christmas spend for a large portion of thier years income. we are the ones held responsible for this outcome. we are the ones who are trying to reduce our debts on the one hand and on the other we are the ones holding up the economy by buying more than we need. the indiscriminant spending that we do "for the children" is keeping the factories in production for another year.
how the hell did we get to this point?
do i feel guilty because i didn`t do quite enough this year by not buying my children everything they wanted?
when people ask me what the true meaning of christmas is i have to say that it`s to keep the economy going.
thankfully we have 364 days left to celebrate our life.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

the secret of the shaman`s spell.

the shaman is a healer, a creator, a destroyer and traveler in time and space to gain insight and knowledge unavailable to the person rooted in the material world. the shaman is a person to be revered and feared at the same time.
he is a man who knows.
we have forgotten how to begin to know what the shaman lives with each day.
that`s why there are so few in existance and even fewer amongst the concrete and glass towers of the city.
when a shaman comes to the city he is as out of place as a lawyer in armani suit would be in the dirt of the jungle. equally powerful in thier palce but equally lost when not.
the secret that the shaman holds is that he can adapt to the new place that he finds himself but reaching out will certainty into the dreamtime and allowing the next thing to happen and knowing with certainty that he will be right.
when the drought hits the land the shaman is asked to make it rain.
the shaman prepares and goes out into dust and sees himself in his dream standing in the downpour. the rain pouring down nd soaking his hair, his clothes and his skin. the rain washes over him nd into the soil. he can smell the soil turning from dust to mud. he can feel the mud between his toes. he can feel the sensation of the mud between his fingers and on his skin as he rubs it across his arms and legs and chest and back, as the rain continues to belt down in torrents.
the shaman is so certain of this experience that he can feel the slight chill of the cooling water as it washes over him and down into the soil. this certainty draws the storm to him.
the shaman does this when there are no fish in the sea beneath the fishing boats. he calls them to him. the rain comes to the shaman in the same way.
the lawyer does this too. he brings clients and judgements by acting out of absolute certainty regarding his outcomes.
we all do it in one way or another. we may not have noticed,but we are surrounded by what we are most certain about in our lives.
what we let wash over ourselves, what we feel in our bones, what we can hear, see, taste and touch, in our dreams is summoned to the material plane.
we are just like the shaman.

depression and anxiety.

depression and anxiety are the two polarised aspects of the consciousness outside of the moment. they are created states. depression is the loss of something in the past and anxiety is fear of something happening in the future.
when we are fully in the moment, that is absorbed in comfortable existance, then we don`t behave depressed of anxious.
so how do we find ourselves either depressed of anxious?
i am not going to pretend to have answers as to the cause of depression and anxiety and there may be a genetic component to these states that give someone a greater potential for manifesting these traits as a rsponse to situations, but the fact remains that they are reactions to situations and as such we can train ourselves to react differently.
the medical industry wants to give us pills for everything. they have triumphed over diseases and surgeries have repaired broken and damaged bodies. these are true miracles, but when it comes to anxiety and depression the medical industry has provided cures that are at least as bad as the simptoms themselves.
so what does the anxious or depressed person do?
the cause of the state is created and promoted by the environment externally and internally and continues to reinstall the state in an emotional inertia.
the only way to break the inertia is to exert force upon it from an external source. physically speaking, inertia is defined as a body in motion continues in motion in a straight line unless acted on by an external force.
this is true of the mind also.
the external force is a thought or action that inflicts force upon the thoughts creating the state of depression or anxiety.
the anxious person paces up and down, chews thier lip and obsseses on what could happen next.
the depressed person lies in bed, drinks and eats too much and wishes things could have worked out differently.
these behaviours are changed instantly if the place where they are occuring catches on fire.
a house fire is a cure for all mental illnesses..........temporarily.
the housefire we need to create is the ability to switch on our thinking processes to jump start our internal ability to imagine new possibities in our minds.
in our minds. this is where we are doing anxiety or depression.
we think the sky is falling. we see it happening in clear and vivid detail. we even see the buildings containing our loved ones flattened. this causes our brains to release chemicals into our bloodstream that make us feel as if the sky did actually fall on our children.
don`t do this to yourself..
try looking in the mirror and grinning like an idiot. an idiot will smile back!
smile again and you will feel like smiling more. the sky`s not falling if you`re smiling. (look outside if you don`t believe me.)
then go and do what ever you need to do.
be anxious for a moment but keep remembering to smile like you smiled and felt good.
it`s what people who feel good do.
they may have been doing it for longer. selfish, grinning bastards!
there isn`t any magical secret to it. it`s just a matter of what you`ve been doing for a while. smile more for a while and you`ll remember to smile first.
it`s sophisticated brain chemistry.
we are all experts at it .
that`s good news.
good enough to smile about. now.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

darwin vs. god vs. ??????????????

o.k. so a judge just made it law that creationism cannot be taught in school science class. the intelligent design position has been found, by the judge, to be creationism in diguise.evolution_debate;
what i don`t understand is why there are only two sides being adressed in this arguement. if one visits for a moment and looks at the list of questions about human dna and the suppositions of evolution from apes, it becomes obvious to those with a mind focused on answers, that niether creationism or evolution explain the human species.
a third hypothesis is needed here, on which is examined at the above website. it is called interventionism and it works like this;
for whatever reason, an advanced species came here from space and genetically engineered us. i don`t know why and don`t feel the need to speculate. what i see from all the data and supposition from the dawinists is that we couldn`t have become what we are from what ever else is here now or was in the past. there are no missing links and no way to show that sophisticated biological devices like the human eye could have evolved.....
lloyd pye does the arguement well at his site, which i linked above, and i highly recommend more that a cursory glance at his work. he is a pioneer and gets little support in the sea of academia and clergy because his evidence doesn`t support thier position.
it`s not evolution or creationism in the bilical sense that made us. it was the hand of a technological mechanism. a mechanism in the hands of a species, not more intellegent than us, but able to bring a superior technology to bear on living tissue.

Monday, December 19, 2005

seing it happen and feeling it like it is happening now.

the power of visualisation is boundless. we create our reality this way and it goes on forever.
you may not realise that it does until you think about stopping it.
you can`t because it`s boundless.
in the material, cause and effect reality that we are proving here we need causes to have effects. this id what creates our consumer culture.
other cultures create thier reality in different ways.
there is a tribe of indians that pray for rain. and it rains........
the shaman does his ceremonial dance and seees the rain and feels the rain and feels the mud of the soaking earth between his toes. he holds this image in his mind, deep in the ritual trance until he has done enough and then he goes and has dinner. because he`s hungry from the job he`s done and he is certain that the rain will come.
this isn`t hit and miss. this is technology.
it is the technology of the kinesthetic response. the technology of what we feel effecting our reality.
the implications of this are staggering and put the responsibility on us fro what we allow ourselves to feel.
by getting caught up in all the uptight end-game struggles of ego and power and money we have, as a society, set ourselves up for more of the same struggles by feeling so strongly about conflict and boundaries that we are bound to get more of the same.
just like the shaman knowing it was going to rain.
the solution? choose good, strong, genuine feelings of love, compassion and abundance to upload each day. really feel them with certainty now.
spend the time to fill your bodies cells with unconditional love. smile and spin the molecules of your substance around. you know how to do it. see the good things happening now and see where the feelings go......into your guts and down your legs, up into your arms, across your face and into your scalp and down your spine. the feelings race around all over if you let them. are you letting them now?
are you smiling?
what do you feel like doing next?
the choice is yours.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

emotion = reality.

emotion equals reality. really? there are those who believe that reality is fixed and that we arrive at it after it was formed and they experience it in an objective, solid way. that`s how we are raised to see the world, so it operates that way. until one day we become irritated at things early on in the morning. it may be an innocuous little thing like burning the toast or erasing a bunch of important e-mails or stubbing your big toe on the leg of the bed or running out of toilet paper. whatever it is seems to set off a series of events that result in a huge fight with the girlfriend or the boss or crashing the car in the parking garage.
are these seemingly disparate events connected?
well, the common element is you, isn`t it?
could it be that as your day went along you set up a resonance with negative outcomes that attracted more of the same?
physics works on resonance. it works like this. energy has frequency. that is it vibrates up and down as it moves along. this creates the sine wave we`ve all seen in text books when describing electricity or whatever. the hieght of the wave is known as amplitude. the modulation is the time taken for the wave to complete a cycle. together they describe the wave form. this wave form is the physical character of the wave. it likes to find waves that are like it`s self. this is resonance. all things in physical form resonate when coming into contact with something which carries the same waveform.
an opera singer hits the frequencs that matches a crack in a crystal glass and it will shatter.
a violin string will resonate with the body of the violin, creating the familiar sound when plucked or bowed.
earthquakes shake the ground, sending energy through the earth until it hits objects that aren`t designed to withstand the resonance and buildings, bridges and other structures collapse.
people work this way too.
we come together in like-minded groups because thoughts resonate on specific frequencies. we are drawn to people who are at similar stages of learning, interest and developement. these relationships are called life lessons, karma or a variety of other names. the fact remains that we match frequency of thought and spirit with those who are consistantly in our lives.
sometimes a person takes on new learnings or finally picks up with thier life path and it creates a disharmony with those around them and can cause pain, anger and distrust, causing the person to distrust thier path.
this is a challenge to be meditated upon.
our spirit knows the truth and can recognise where we resonate best. as we get older the lessons start to repeat to the point where we really have to work hard to ignore the message.
when we resonate in harmony all things are possible.
from a purely physical, mathmatical standpoint when we set up a resonance with another we create a second frequency which is called an harmonic. this harmonic is a new frequency which is the higher purpose of the union of the first two.
in marriage this is the home, the children and the love. in music it is a new, comlimentary note singing in harmony and adding to the melody.
in thought it is what comes next when we consistantly hold emotion in our bodies and mind long enough.
this is the practice and truth of prayer, of visualisation and of incantation.
they all work equally well when done right.
from the heart.

Friday, December 16, 2005

time travel.

we are all time travellers. we are all travelling in time together. we move at 60 minutes per hour 24 hours a day forever. the funny thing is that we all experience the same time differently. try standing in line for a coffee while the person in front of you hunts for exact change or sit and listen to the teacher go on and on while the clock hovers between the seconds as your head rests on your desk. or go to a show and barely get comfortable in your seat and the lights come on and you are in the street again heading for your car. or realise that it`s been ten years since you thought a similar thought about something or someone and it seems like just yeaterday.
when i`m waiting for a coffee and i`m really fortunate i will have an enjoyable conversation with someone, or i will go through an enjoyable scenario in my mind and anchor it to a touch on my arm and then keep firing off the anchor until it`s my turn to order. there`s nothing more painful than impatience and so simple to cure.
i travel back in time or forward in time, inmy mind, and my body doesn`t know the difference. i just travel.
but remember, anchor to positive feelings and the travel will be effortless.

lucifer and christ.

there is a lot of talk these days about the identity of the anti-christ. well, we are human after all and so we think in terms of the anti-christ or lucifer as a person. we think of christ this way too and historically the man probably existed as a rabbi 2000 years ago in jeruselem and caused enough problems for the romans that they tacked him to a cross like a common criminal. he was just a man though.
the concept of lucifer , the angel of light, comes from the underpinnings of what went before christianity. before christianity men worshipped many gods and spirits, meeting the needs of his daily life. there were gods for crops, for his family and for his future and he needed to pray to these gods to ensure his prosperity.
the element with the most effect on the lives of men in those times, as now is the sun. men worshipped the sun as a matter of simple efficiency. the sun gives and the sun taketh away. so make your relationship with the sun first and everything else falls in line.
it just makes sense.
jesus, the ressurected, died and was born again. he rose again. the sun comes up in the morning to warm the soil and nurture the crops. it`s that simple.
jesus and lucifer are the same thing in this sense. two sides of the same coin. religion has become industrialised as we have come in from the fields and we have forgotten that we need the sun still, just like those who prayed that the sun would rise in the morning.
to call this new age is patronising and protects a bureaucracy of bishops and cardinals who themselves worship the sun purely and efficiently to ensure the radiant beauty of his contenance.
there is no need for a building to sit in and pray when the sun is in the sky. it is above your head. no need to crowd thousands deep into the piazza to see the holy man in the window. the real god is in the sky. it always has been.
blaspemy? sure. from a bureacratic standpoint. will we burn in hell because of it? no idea.
do we want to grow tall and live our lives? be strong and heathy and be certain in our decisions? o.k., go ahead. the sun will come up in the morning until, for some reason it doesn`t and there`s not a thing we can do about it.
jesus didn`t die for your sins. he pissed the bureaucracy off by teaching hope and love in a time of an invading army of romans in judea 2000 years ago. the only sins we commit are personal and known. don`t do it again, and realise that we may just be alone but for the decisions we make with certainty in our lives.
and the knowledge that the sun will come up in the east in the morning, full of glory.
and don`t look into his eyes..................

Monday, December 12, 2005

because i feel like it.

i just finished listening to an interview with gregg braden on the art bell show. gregg said that the feelings we have are the things that create our reality. he said that a russian physicist took a pipe and pumped the air out of it creating a vacuum. then he mapped the photons in the tube and established that they were random. he then introduced human dna into the pipe and remeasured the photons. the photon patterned themselves after the dna strands. he then removed the dna and the photons held the pattern.
further experiments show that human emotion can effect the shape and tension on the strands of dna. compassion, love and forgiveness allow the strands to relax and unwind, yet anger, hostility and hate make the strands wind up tightly.
he went on to say that the teachings of ancient prophets such as isiah from the bible and a great many others from history have taught that emotions create our reality. we love we get love surrounding us, we hate and it manifests it`s self in our world.
in my postings here i have talked about the precise ways in which we see and hear images and movies and hear voices and sounds in our minds that create feelings in our bodies. i have talked about how we can precisely create specific images and sounds by using our memories and creative abilities to make our bodies experience the most powerful and positive feelings to access the most resourceful states imaginable to live our lives.
gregg braden allows me to scientifically back up all that i`ve known intuitively since i was a small child.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


nobody wants to be seen as selfish, yet we all are. i imagine that it is necessary to be selfish to survive. as an individual we can be selfish because we are only responsible for ourselves. this becomes difficult when we are in contact and have relationships with others. the idea of selfishness then becomes seen as mercinary and destructive to the group.
but selfish we remain.
there is something inside all of us that says, me first, and there is a big part inside all of us that nods in agreement.
so how do we reconcile this paradox inside?
we need to understand that co-operation in groups will gain us the best outcome personally.
if we take everything available and leave nothing for anyone else, we have jeopardised the group and this will adversely effect us personally in the near future. if we are antagonistic and competitive we further alienate ourselves and risk future help and resourses at a later time.
i am making a distinction between selfish and greedy here. greedy is the destructive, narrow-minded grab for everything, whereas selfish is an intelligent strategy for optimum personal benifit.
so selfish we remain but greedy at our peril.
co-operation is an investment in our personal survival. we give of our time and resourses as an investment, not with an eye to immediate and measurable return, but with the confidence that, in the medium term, there will be a balance of most benifit personally.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

what franklin d. said......................

he said; fear is an illusion, if you us the same energy to be confident, the most wonderful things can happen.
yes. absolutely.
our feelings are the result of our nervous systems communicating, neuron by nueron, throughout the body.
this process is unnoticable most of the time, but imagine a memory of something that thrilled you. doing better than you ever imagined possible, the pretty girl looking and smiling at you, hitting the ball perfectly, watching your friend open the perfect gift that you bought for her.
these scenarios are run in our mind in the form of pictures and movies and sounds and voices that we can amplify now to increase the sense of what we are looking at and hearing.
go inside now and pick your favorite memory and see what you saw and hear what you heard and work with the images and sounds until you feel the feelings inside. recognise the sensations?
now double it.............
where is it spinning?
does it thrill you, if for a split second?
of course it does. you are human.
most of the time we go through our day doing precisely this thing and getting the feelings inside that make us do the next thing and the next thing, but do we ever deliberately choose a good memory or imagined outcome and amplify
i think we have all done it to a degree, but what i`m suggesting is more than that. i`m suggesting going after a black belt in creating unimaginably pleasurable ideas and outcomes in your mind and running them out until you can barely stand it and then doing the stuff you do in your day with a smile on your face.
things are bound to go well with that attitude.
i promise.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

everything you know is wrong.

everything you know is wrong.
me too.
certainty makes us stupid.
it`s only uncertainty that makes us resourseful enough to look for answers and solutions. it took me a while to wrap my head around that one. it dawned on you in a few moments. i wish someone had made that clear for me a while ago, but here we are certain enough to be uncertain about things and go in search of answers.
how many times have you known someone was wrong yet they were so sure they were right and refused to look at another way of approaching the situation?
was that you?
the great thing is that we can now take the uncertain approach out into the street and apply it to the next series of situations and smile as we realise that things aren`t set in stone. what seemed like a crisis moments ago or to someone else now appears as an opportunity to exert flexibility and actually assume there is an answer.
you just haven`t uncovered the right stone yet.
you don`t have to turn every stone over either, just keep going until you turn over the one that`s covering your answer.
then go about your day.
look people right in the eyes and smile.
"hello" will be the next thing that comes out of thier mouth.
only the ego needs to be certain. we just need to smile.

Monday, December 05, 2005

things i need for cats to understand.

there a few things i need for cats to understand. firstly, i`d like for them to know that i find them wonderful companions, in spite of thier habits, which is the reason i`m off on a tangent here today.
i live with three of the little (not so little.) buggers, and i wouldn`t change a thing. it`s just that i wish they would understand a thing or two about humans. i believe it would help thier enjoyment of the space we share.
firstly; it`s not a good idea to get under my feet as i`m moving toward your food bowls. if you trip me i will, in all likeleyhood, land on you. this will hurt.
secondly; please refrain from standing on my chest at three in the morning. god knows how long you`ve been standing there, but it`s extremenly disconcerting to see your beady eyes peering at me when i open my eyes from a deep sleep.
thirdly, and most importantly; leave my pens and guitar picks alone. these are two things i need ready access to. i put them in increasingly difficult places to reach with little paws, but you persist. you stubborn little stinkers.
well, i suppose we will just have to put this exercise down to catharsis because i`m pretty sure the cats won`t be reading this.
love them in spite of the issues.
and now back to regularly sheduled programming.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


i just realised that i have no idea how to spell concedence properly. is it coincedance, dense, or otherwise? is it important?.....probably yes, somewhere to someone.
anyhow, coincedence is an interesting thing. we`ve all experienced a series of events that are connected in a way that makes us feel that they are happening for some reason.
there`s that word again.
it`s a trap that makes us intellectualise a process.
the flow of energy is our consciousness experiencing things.
reason stops the flow.
the coincedences are the flow of our energy connecting with the flow of the universe.
the signal that this is happening is a similarity of events. a sort of cosmic yoohoo! that lets us recognise the process.
to try to add reason by putting facts together and saying it must mean something is going to happen or whatever misses the point that we are energy flowing together on a ground of awareness.
the critical mind wants to say , well, it must mean something else. no it doesn`t. that`s only a need that the ego has. it doesn`t mean that it must be so.
once you focus on the meaning of all this the energy flow stops. if you want the energy to beging to flow again, merely stop thinking.
how to stop thinking?
hum a tune, cross your eyes and look into the distance or really look hard at things without criticising,and the internal dialog will eventually wind down.
when we learn to allow pure imput without dialog in our minds, then we join the flow. once we join the flow coincedence happen as a byproduct.
roadsigns on the way to connectedness.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

we are all part of the same thing.

we are all part of the same thing. one of many sets of eyeballs of consciousness observing and creating the reality we share. we forget that we are all part of the same thing easily because we are only able to focus on one thing at a time in this form. with eyes, ears, a nose and skin and tastebuds to feed information back on one channel it becomes difficult, at times, to get the sense of attachment to everything back again.
meditation, yoga, tai chi, tarot, i ching, time spent deep in nature, doing art, and many other activities bring our attention back to recognising an attachment to knowledge, intuition, peace and gnosis that we forget exists as we rush about our day.
any practice of a consist and meditative nature will bring to the edge of a greater something familiar and loving., where we can charge up for the next round of existance on this plane.

Friday, December 02, 2005

this is for you.

the really cool thing is that this is all about you. every thing you read here will be responded to by you in precisely the measure of your consciousness. you are now naked to yourself as you read these words. the pictures, words and feelings you are experiencing right this second are the precise quantity of your soul upon this earth.
it can be staggeringly frightening to realise that we have this much power ofer reality.
it`s scarier that that though.
it`s simply a fact that the entire universe as you know it is created by you. now.
and now.
and now.
it never stops.
it never becomes someone elses job to keep the ball rolling.
forom the moment you were born you have been creating this entire world all by your self.
well done.
i like the colours.
and the kisses are sublime.
thank you. (me).

Thursday, December 01, 2005

echo chamber.

i read somewhere that we live in our own echo chamber. the writer was saying this as a bad thing. i see it as a fact but that we have choices regarding what we allow to rattle around in our chamber. try remembering a joyous moment on the top of a hill or at the opera or seeing the perfect greeting card or seeing your team win the important game and allow that to echo as strongly and a powerfully as you can.
the writer of the observation meant that we are passive to all the noise that echos in our heads.
i know that we are absolutely not.
see a pink elephant.
taste a lemon.
hear a baby cry.
feel a cool breeze.
smell a favorite leather jacket.
see, i told you that you were the master. you just forgot.
you`re welcome........................................

what science doesn`t know.

what science doesn`t know is that we are a living time machine. we are the combined dna of generations of mothers and fathers donating thier genetic material to the process of us becoming born.
what science doesn`t know is that we have a physical connection to the experiences that our ancestors lived. well, they know it, but the scientists refuse to go beyond what they can measure out of the process. what they can`t measure is anything that occurs in the consciousness that connects us to our past. our feelings, desires, and atributes that we share with people that are long dead.
the stories are myriad that directly connect the knowledge of the living with the experiences of the dead.
past life regression is a hypnotic tool that i apply to clients that allow them to have a direct (organic) cellular dialog with thier ancestors. through many incarnations my clients re-experience vivid and meaningful snippets of lives lived in the past that have direct and theraputic effect, sometimes providing profound and life-changing breakthroughs in a persons life.
this cellular memory is contained in the same way that eye colour, hieght, aptitude and a hundred million other traits are contained. in the dna. the dna is an encoding mechanism made of protiens that are so complex as to be virtually infinite. science has found areas in the chains that they refer to junk or spare. why would such a profoundly complex and powerful mechanism contain junk? well, it`s only an opinion brought forth by an analytical tool that has failed to find answers yet, and defending thier position.
what we can gain from this is a tool for inquiring into the history of our species in a remarkable way. by talking to the cells themselves. the so called junk dna is a recepticle for historic memory of the species.
what a concept.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

rights vs. responsibilities.

well, here`s a sticky one. where do we get the idea that we have rights? some political types mentioned the concept that we could get these rights if we subscribed to thier system. these rights have been traded as a currency to the point where government has become a delivery and enforcement system, with the help of lawyers and judges, for more and more rights each passing month.
what suffers in this process is the idea and action of personal responsibility. the more we believe we have a right to do and say what we want the less we have to be responsible for what these actions do.
what do we actually have the right to?
is there a person actually, dynamically, following our every personal move, ensuring the expediency and exclusive domain for these rights?
no there isn`t.
it is getting to the point where people believe that this is so unfortunately, and people are eating, dringing, smoking and engaging in practices that are damaging to thier health and safety because they believe they have a right to.
take smoking as an an example, smokers continue to ingest harmful substances into thier systems with the full knowledge that it will kill them and thier last few years will be lived in physical and emotional misery, yet they persist because they have a right to and the government says, "yes, cigarettes are a legal substance and people of legal age have the right to consume them."
a right to consume them. ??????
that`s permission to go ahead and kill yourself.
what about your responsibility to your health, quality of life and wellbeing?
the smoker knows that if he becomes ill because of his habit, then the medical system must provide him with care. it`s his right.
this dynamic between rights and responsibilities is pretty straightforward.
more rights mean less responsibility.
even for blacks and women and other minorities and the disabled, in exactly the same measure.
the more responsibility we take in our lives, not only will our personal lives improve, but so will society in general.
will it happen?
not when a major part of government is devoted to generating new rights as fast as it can.
all we can do is take more personal responsibility in our lives,and be aware of what the mechanism of rights and the organisations designed to develop them are actually doing.
destroying society and culture brick by brick.

Monday, November 28, 2005


tonight i have the distinct pleasure and priveledge of speaking with mike hagan at about what i do and where we are all heading together. i am excited and slightly nervous but confident that things will go smoothly in talking about all of the stuff going on in our consciousness. i thank all of you in advance for listening and visiting my blog and my site at and hope that occasionally you will join in here and discuss things that you have interest in adding, subtracting or multiplying regarding the big WTF of our existance.

Friday, November 25, 2005

authentic desire.

authentic desire can be described as that which we want at the spiritual level. what we are provided with, culturally, are consumer goods. we are conditioned, at each turn and with each conversation, to want things to have.
what suffers, of course, is our humanity.
a bigger house, a more expensive car and more money to buy brighter and shinier things.
what suffers in all of this is our ability to do the art of life.
the abject boredom and stultifying repetitiveness of menial labour and tasking that is what describes most jobs is what conditions us to robotising our minds and our bodies. we are conditioned to sit still, be quiet and obey at an early age. this prepares us for a cubical existance, making money to raise another generation of robots. and when they leave the nest we begin the cycle of decline, knowing our purpose in a consumer society is winding down.
is it any wonder that pre-conditioned minds rebels with each fibre of thier being?
the sex and violence on t.v. is a product of this pressurising of the intellect and spirit. the enablers are the government and the church. the two most violent entities on the planet.
the two conversations that will engender the most angry responses are that of religion and politics.
the church and state are working hand-in-hand to keep the button on our hostility trigger to further blind us to the fact that we are slaves to the machinery of a mega-corporation.
not many but one.
feudalism never went away, it has merely been rebadged as corporatism.
technology has been able to provide for societies needs with minimal labour for a long time. yet we are still conscripted into a system that is relentless in it`s determination to have us spending 120% of our income and worrying that the music will stop and we wont have a job to go to, to continue to pay for all the crap we own.
it`s not a matter of which pill to take,red or blue. one doesn`t need a pill to see the further enslavement of us when the markets take a downturn and we will have to do even more for even less.
the answer is to not subscribe to the ego driven possessions and desires of the collective. stop reading newspapers, stop watching t.v. period and start actually having meaningful conversations that aren`t about who has what or who. the vacuum created by these simple acts will spur you toward things like playing games, doing art (no matter how bady, we aren`t trying to sell it!) and spending quantity time with people we like being with.
then you will discover your authentic desire.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

the age of reason.

it seems reasonable to assume that there are reasons why things occur. this assumption is the basis for science. it is the basis of our science, our laws and our very existance in a technological society. so why is it difficult to find reasons for important issues like free will and consciousness and death.
a reasonable approach to a designed existance would include immortality, right? we design things and implement systems that we want to exist forever and we resist change. so why do we die?
these concepts sit outside of this new, scientific approach to living. the very idea of life it`s self, the act of consciousness disturbs science so intensely that it doesn`t have a symbol in math or physics to describe it.
science see the effect of consciousness all the time. the observer effect is has been known to physics for nearly a hundred years. there are things going on around us all the time that defy the ability for reasonable explenations yet they continue to happen.
if we take two portions of the same tub of yogurt and hook them both up to a device that measures minute changes in current flow (lie detector) and put them in different rooms, then feed one milk, which is food to the live bacteria in the yogurt, the other portion of yogurt shows a galvanic response on it`s meter.
yogurt knows yogurt.
this study was done over twenty years ago by a cleve baxter, the inventor of the polygraph (lie detector.) and is repeated by students with plants, yogurt, people and dogs in various forms. science sees the data but refuses to accept the finding into peer-reviewed publication without reasons!
what reasons do we need once we know that yogurt knows yogurt?
what reasons do we need to know that when we feel good, we make good decisions?
we just have to go ahead and choose to feel good for no reason and our lives improve.
or we can wait for reason.

what it means to be conscious.

how do we know we are conscious? there are a thousand answers to that question. all of them may be wrong. it may be wrong to suggest that we know we are conscious and alive when we feel happiness, it may be wrong to say that we know that we are alive when we suffer, or when we take a chance and our heart races as we await the outcome. all of these and a million other ideas are merely dreams of something that is becoming information in our awareness.
but what is really going on.
this is a fantastic something, that`s for damned sure, but as physicists become poetic in describing the action of tinier and tinier packets of energy bumping into each other we get a clue as to thier emerging uncertainty about what they are revealing.
a great seething, electromagnetic (?) nothing.
so, on one hand we have science saying that if we can`t measure it, it cannot exist, as they struggle to make finer instruments to measure nothing more accurately. and on the other hand we have religion saying have faith. we talk to god all the time and come back next week for an update. on another hand we have politics, philosophy, sport, judges etc. all making new realities as they go.
what does this mean to us in the search for what it means to be conscious?
not a damned thing.
it`s all like trying to give a fish a bicycle.
the redundancy of human existance.
a struggle to impart meaning into nothing.
why is it so hard to accept the nothingness?
we are addicted to the ego`s need to recognise it`s self in action.
the me,me,i,i game.
that`s why we strive for answers and measurements of things.
prediction and control of the future and the repair of the past.
so we feel better.
so the ego feels better.
anxiety about what is going to happen and depression over lost opportunities in the past.
from the ego`s standpoint anyway.
if we are concerned about what it means to be conscious it is because we want some certainty about all of this. where it`s all heading, what`s going to happen, what we will feel, see and do.
it doesn`t mean anything to be conscious.
it just is.

Friday, November 18, 2005

computer issues.

i have been unable to post recently as i have had simultanious problems with both my computers. thankfully i have gained access to the internet once again and will begin to blog more regularly. i want to thank those of you who have been reading these thoughts and i hope that you will be encouraged to comment, as that is the real purpose in all of this. to discuss this whole wonderful experience that we share.
i have way more questions than answers and i would like to work toward sharing your deepest questions. the real wtf. that we all come to when we really think about the miraculous spectacle that we are part of, each waking moment.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

did you remember to smile today?

we are funny creatures. when people pull faces, we get feelings inside. when people grimace at us we think we`ve done something wrong. when someone`s eyebrows are raised we think something`s wrong too but when someone smiles at us we feel warm inside and smile back. isn`t that nice.
here`s something surprising.
when we smile at ourseves in the mirror we smile back.
the first time we do it, it may feel uncomfortable. we may have to force ourselves to twist a grin. but right after that, if we smile again at our reflection the mirror, a natural smile will appear.
why is that?
it has something to do with the nerves in the face sending signals to the brain. apparently the position of the face in the expression of a smile signals the brain to release chemicals into the bloodstream that makes us feel good. these chemicals are called neurotransmitters and they do everthing from make us happy to make us ill. so be careful what you tell your brain to dose yourelf with.
the neurotransmitter phenyl-ethyl-amine or p.e.a. is a chemical created when or when we get a hug or when we see a picture of kittens or when we eat dark chcolate. it is called the hug drug. it`s no wonder people buy chocolates on valentine`s day.
it`s cheaper to smile at yourself and others and it`s not fattening..........

Monday, October 31, 2005

the map is not the territory

so often i read or hear someone say that something has to be true or false because science or religion or whatever monlithic information system says it is. very often this is valid and true. we can rely on electricity to come out of the wall plug and the sun comes up each morning and the street lights come on at dusk. where this breaks down is in areas where people are struggling with thier versions of reality. there are those who say that they can`t lose weight or that it is difficult to stop smoking because it`s an addiction or that women won`t date them they don`t have this, that or the other thing. these presuppostions become a map that people use to guide themselves through thier lives.
you have used a map before. a street map will allow you to find your way around cities you`ve never visited before. a menu is a map of a reastaurant`s food choices. a telephone directory is a map of the phone numbers of a given region. these guides are reasonably accurate and are useful places to begin to explore new territories, but here`s the thing. new roads and buildings are constructed all the time and this makes an old map redundan,. you can`t eat a menu and people change telephone numbers all the time. what happens when these things occur? we have to exercise flexibility by looking for new information or by replacing the maps with more current ones.
why would this be any different with a map used to run our lives?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

the problem with religion.......

well here it is folks. the problem with religion. it was right under my nose and i never saw it until it was pointed out by a friend of mine who`s cynicism makes mine look like a charming sense of humour.
his point is that religion, and science for that matter, never allows us to remain in the moment. we are constantly being measured against some imaginary standard created by imaginary entities that force us to work toward developing attitudes and outcomes at some point in the future. if we do certain things and become a certain person and by default get certain recognisable things then we will be good enough to be allowed to go to a certain place when we die.
when we die.
not before.
where it actually matters.
so, by default it really doesn`t matter to the religious types what happens to us here as long as we meet some standard that prepares us for the next life in this imaginary place. so we get no instruction about how to actually do the nuts and bolts things that will make us effective people here and now. this minute. and this one.
it`s all to work toward some future outcome.
meanwhile we are still depressed, anxious, uncertain, confused, somewhat scared and not so confident about the future, truth be known.
not a good state for the majority of the population to be in all the time. it`s no wonder we are hostile, agressive, resentful, bitter , whiney, miserable and tired all the time.
but the church keeps telling us that they have the answer as long as we come back next week for an update. the breaking news. the bombshell that will make it all so clear and we won`t feel like shit anymore.
staying in the now stops the doubt. there is no doubt about now. it needs no explenation. and there`s another now right now. no doubt about it. the more time we spend here the more opportunity we have to draw our own conclusions about life and what it means to be alive. which is what life is about.
and remembering to give the gift of smiling.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

do doctors heal?

i was discussing knee surgery with my brother the other day, as he was due to go for a minor arthroscopic surgery to repair the maniscus, or cartilage, in his knee. i have had two similar procedures done to my knee, one of which was a failed reconstruction attempt of the acl of my left knee.
knee surgeries have improved over the years to the point where they are vitually completely successful. the major reason why has been that the procedures are less invasive than they used to be. years ago to do even the most basic exploratory or repair operation meant a major incision and opening of the join it`s self causing major trauma to the join and necessitating months of recovery time. nowadays the tools are so small that even reconstruction can be done through pinhole incisions with little disturbance of the knee capsule allowing for brief recovery times and a better chance recovery.
what i realised in our discussion is that the human body knows how to fix it`s self as long as there isn`t to much damage done by means of surgical procedure. the doctor`s job isn`t so much healing as not damaging.
the human body does the rest. perfectly every time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

how to lose weight.

how to lose weight is pretty straight forward. intake less calories than you are using to run your system each day, exercise a bit(move around.) and learn to actively relax by meditation, self-hypnosis or yoga and if you aren`t already drinking two or three pints of water a day start now. choose to do these simple things now and relax knowing that like the beating of your heat and the in and out breathing of your lungs your body will automatically do precisely whats needed to drop unwanted pounds.
how does the word diet make you feel? no kidding. hard work, discomfort bordering on pain and little results. so don`t diet. eat when you are hungry. you can eat an enormous amounts of salad with little effect on your wieght.
and here`s the magic. see yourself thin.
create a fantasy in your mind full of details about what you are wearing and doing and feeling while you are as thin as you want to be. as you remember yourself possibly. see your self looking in the mirror and smiling comfortably about how good you look and how great you feel.
this image and the feelings generated in this simple exercise will draw you magically toward your goal. it has to happen. it`s the way our mind works. there are many other articles on this blog about how our consciousness operates and it would be instructive for you to poke around and see some of the amazing things that we constantly do each day creating our reality with our minds.
your slim reality is only one aspect of the massive potential you have in your mind once you get the idea that you are in the driver`s seat.
the choice is yours. it always has been. now you recognise it. now you can get what you want.

Monday, October 17, 2005

childish or childlike?

whenever we play as children we become free of restraint. the restraint is the adult robot telling us how to behave. when we choose not to be a robot for a while we start making associations in a different way and all of a sudden, hey, things are funny and we relax and laugh and the answers come. and the new questions that we never thought to ask before, or we gave up looking for the answer a long time ago and forgot about it.
childish or childlike?
you decide.


fear. we are born with a fear of loud noises and a fear of falling. everything else is learned.
we have learned to be afraid of everything but loud noises and falling.
that means everything we are afraid of is created in our heads without direct stimulation. reaction to direct stimulation is isn`t fear. it`s a reaction. the memory of a reaction can become a fear though.
so what do we do about all the fear going on?
look at where we get it from.
t.v. , newspapers, government, unfounded beliefs of others, outright lies meant to manipulate, accidental imprints(rare) and assumptions we make that can become accepted as fact about threats.
once we understand the delivery system for fears then we can begin to edit the process.
stop watching t.v. and reading newspapers.
when someone makes a fear-inducing statement, challenge the statement. this includes government.
avoid outright liars.
how do you tell a liar? accept all statements from a human as factual until they are proven wrong. if a person persists making erroneous statements..........edit them.
the most difficult area of fear delivery is the erronious ideas we use to run our lives. these pre-suppositions can be hard to detect and therefore hardest to change.
watch the language you use to describe your reality. it is obvious in others. some people are positive, others negative. which are you?
editing your own language can be the most effective means of eradicating fear from our lives.
we talk ourselves in and out of our lives.
why choose to nag the shit out of yourself and create rotten outcomes?
just habit. though so.
choose the happy, irrational optimism. i know you will like it. i`m positive.
if your internal nag won`t stop, tell it to shut the fuck up, laugh and choose a positive outcome.
fear can`t survive without willing participants.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


we strive to live in the moment when we practive meditation and spiritual developement toward divinity. we are surrounded by challenges that push our consciousness away from the now, into this created state we know as the future. the future contains all the victories and defeats that we create in our minds so that we recognise our future. the power of this process is that we manifest the strongest of these images as real events and objects and people that occur in the the next present moments that we experience.
an example of this that we decide to visit a friend. we see the friend in our mind and where she lives etc. so that we can plan the trip. when wew arrive and ring the bell, if all goes well, we will see her smiling face. simple stuff. so simple that it illudes us as a process for concern.
the same mechanism operates out of worry. we fret about a negative outcome and sure enough we are right.
we cannot process a negative. try to not picture an elephant. you see an elephant. same with an angry boss or a failed business plan or crappy golf swing.
we get what we see.
all of this jumbled uncertainty goes away the more we stay focussed on the moment and minimise the endgaming.
endgaming means discounting the now for for a future gain. it leads to burnout, physically and mentally. it leads to heart attacks, strokes, arguements, fights, lawsuits, gun fights, divorce, and war.
a practice of meditation for a few minutes a day, building comfortably to fifteen minutes or more will allow you to have more strength on the now and you will be able to recognise and switch off the endgame dialog whenever you find yourself going there.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

what is raining?

if you notice rain falling down from the sky and someone asks what is going on, you automatically say"it`s raining". nothing wrong with that except for the ghost we`ve just created with a few words. the ghost becomes evident when we ask what the "it" is in the phrase we just used to describe the weather. IT is raining?, what is IT?. the answer is that we`ve just got used to using this way of decribing things by creating another definite article in a sentance when we didn`t need to. now, can you become a ghost hunter in our language?this creation of layers of things in language lead us to seperating ourselves from all that we are here in this conscious realm. we aren`t born into the world, we are of the world and we are of nature. we aren`t a threat to nature any more than we are a threat to ourselves. if we are a threat to ourselves then we naturally stop being a threat as a matter of survival. if we create a seperation from nature then we can damage it without risk of threat to ourselves.when we realise we are natural and part of all that we see then we become responsible.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

suburban shaman.

i was challenged recently by a post on another site, whereby a comment was put forward regarding he process by which one becomes a shaman. i have used the term shaman to characterise myself, not in a boasting fashion, but merely to describe effectively the process of what i do. the role of shaman in the community is the closest description to what i do that i`ve ever found, so i use the term to describe myself.
the comment in question suggested that unless you`ve been attacked by a spirit and taken within an inch of death then you can`t claim to be a shaman. i see the line of reasoning that the commentor was using to describe the developement of the shamanic soul but i disagreed as to his conclusions.
my shamanic developement contained visions, energy from outside normal consciousness, visitations, coincedences, magical and ecstatic states that lasted for days, unconscious knowledge about people and events and the ability to gain hidden knowledge through intiutive use of the tarot. none of these events killed me or made me dangerously ill. i questioned my sanity on occasion but i`ve got used to that aspect of life now and avoid confrontations with dogmatic processes and people.
i am a suburban shaman, versed in the relationship with the occult nature of our existance and the need for all of us to negotiate the acceptance of divinity within us as our robot programming wears off. we all get the transmissions. some of us need a translation.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


there is a lot of talk about energy. there are those who have lots of energy. we are told that we are heading for an energy crisis. everything is made of energy. the physicists say energy cannot be created or destroyed merely changed.
what is everybody talking about?
there are so many different discussions relating to energy, from the physical to the material to the spiritual. people talk about working out and eating healthy food so that they will have more energy. why? so they can do more..... o.k. so that`s about work and play.
people talk about energy in terms of non-renewable resourses for cars, factories and heating. that is political. people talk about the power of prayer and the benifits of meditation. spiritual energy.
people talk as if they are seperate from all this energy. it is as if we are born into the world and are not of this world. it is as if we are seperate.
we are of this world precisely because we are made up of energy too. the whole of everything is energy. a swirling mass of something moving about, creating effects that we recognise as life. we live this life believing we are seperate from it and that we have to create energy somewhere by force of will. all the work and working out we do is to create energy? it was there all the time, right inside.
once we recognise that we have this energy in us too, then we can be the resourse that we can use to live our do anything we want to. instead of waiting to have enough energy, in some magical way that we`re not even sure about, just go and do what we need to do anyway.
if energy can`t be destroyed then what`s to worry about?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


the manufacturers of cigarettes love to have you believe that thier product is addictive. it warms thier hearts to think that you think that it`s impossible to stop consuming thier product.
but what if smoking cigarettes isn`t addictive?
the word addictive makes a person imagine controlling behaviour. to believe one is addicted to anything is to relinquish control to whatever the substance makes us do. pretty disempowering.
no wonder cigarette companies love the mere thought of the word and they`re going to allow the word to be used as often as possible.
so part of stopping smoking is to stop using the word.
what does an addicted person do?
we have a general idea of how an addicted person behaves. they will do anything to get what they`re addicted to. the will spend thier money. they will lie, steal and cheat. they will destroy friendships. they will risk life and limb to get what they need. generally these people are doing serious drugs or are gambling to behave that way. these people are addicted and are likely to cause themselves serious harm quickly as a result.
if nicotene, the chemical in cigarettes that smokers respond to, was addictive then there would be people that would be lying in ditches covered in nicotene patches.
thats not what happens.
i`ll discuss more about what does happen in the next post.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

responsible cigarette manufacturers.

i have a proposition for cigarette manufacturers. even though they are selling a lethal product they have the law on thier side. they make and sell a legal product. they have been selling cigarettes to people since they were in thier early teens and new smokers are starting every day. the market is enormous and perpetual.
what i propose is that cigarette manufacturers put together a fund so that when one of thier loyal clients decides that they need to stop smoking they can get thier treatment paid for. this would be seen by the community as a good will gesture on the part of the manufacturers, and those who want to stop can do so without incurring the cost of the many therapies available.
it would be the beginning of more active awareness of the dangers of smoking. it would help people feel as if they have true choice in stopping.
if the cigarette manufacturers refuse to involve themselves in such a project then they would suffer the embarrasment of being seen to refuse to provide this service, which would be a fraction of the profit made off the people seeking the help.
what do you think.

Friday, September 30, 2005

hypnosis and cigarettes.

people ask me how hypnosis works. i tell them that i don`t know and that for centuries hypnosis has been effective in helping people change thier habits and live healthier lives yet nobody knows how hypnosis does what it does.
i can tell you what it seems to do though. it seems to allow me to communicate with parts of a person`s consciousness that don`t criticise or argue with what is being said. it is a process of trust and willingness to accept what is being said by me as a useful truth. went a person does this accepting uncritically, they will begin to change thier behaviours.
unless they do this there will be no change of behaviour.
there is no magic. i do nothing but speak. the words go inside but they have to be unconditionally accepted by the listener.
they have to be ready to change.
when my clients call i interview them to learn about thier situation and to discover thier motivations for hiring me. it takes guts to make the call in the first place and most people are nervous so i draw them out with simple questions about how they learned of my sevices and what they know about hypnosis etc., before i begin to get to what made them decide to call me.
if a person desperately needs to stop for health reasons or financial reasons or fear of health risks then in all likeleyhood they will succeed in stopping but if they are being pressured by a husband, wife, boss or parents then it will rarely work. i make it clear at that point that it would be important to find better reasons to want to stop smoking. my sessions are too epensive to fail at. they are the best bargain in the world when you recieve your health as a result.


when i was a child i lived in a small village on the top of a hill about 30 miles from london, england. we didn`t lock our doors at night. we smiled at people who we passed in the street and sometimes we stopped to talk. people knew each other. we knew the butcher and the man who owned the toy store and the vicar really did come for tea.
we don`t do these things here because we live in cities and suburban tracts that go on for miles across land that used to raise crops to feed people. now we go to the giant grocery store. we are wage slaves without time or inclination for the wellbeing of the people who live right around us.
how did we get from there to here?
we are still the same humans that lived in villages and towns. we are the same humans that used to skate on the river when it froze and hike in the woods, even in the rain and make a bonfire.
we have seemed to have lost the awe for the magic of things around us. we are more interested in a new toaster or a movie star`s wife than our own existance, yet we are all there is.
we are taken away from our community by what we are told is important. a new car, a better job, a bigger t.v. these things blind us to what is important.
it takes the efforts of the passionate individual to maintain the focus on the people who live around us, that make up the community where we gain our strength. it is a spiritual matter of the utmost importance. without community we are lost at sea, lost in an ocean that lead us to strange shores of soulless wandering.
our lives are right here. if we put more energy into right here we will have more of our life to live.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

robots in the mechanical age.

the industrial revolution amplified the ability of human hands with machinery, thereby turning craft into industry. this speeding up of production hasn`t slowed down in 150 years. the individual can now, with power tools and machinery match the output of a small factory and , with computerisation and robots, one man can run a megafactory, turning hundreds of cars onto the street each day. in many ways our means of production has far outstripped our ability to consume the products we produce. we can`t possibly earn the money to buy all the things we are making and selling.
consumerism will eat it`s self.
what will be left is a robotisation of the human psyche. we have extended our brains, through our limbs, and into the pulse of the microprocessor assisted machines. we have become part of the machine and have given up the earth rhythm that nurtured us for thousands of years before the orgy of the factory arrived.
our souls cry out for the smell of the green grass and the breeze on our faces, yet the clock ticks by eating up the moments until we go back to work, to match the grinding of industry that presses artlessly along, oblivious to the wash of the tide and the ebb and flow of the seasons and the organic life that we are a part of.
we so precisely match the industrial rhythm that we wake moments before the alarm, barely feeling that we`ve slept, to rise and race to meet the clicking and ticking and rolling of the work attached to the factory. whether we push paper or buttons or tools the rate is the same. marked by the payments of bills and punching of timeclocks and filing of taxes, our hearts beat in sync with this inhuman meter to the point where our hearts and minds can`t keep up and we fail into sickness and stress and we become useless to the machinery.
and why do we do this to ourselves when we wouldn`t do this to a dog?
because everybody has to have a job. everybody works. what`s wrong with you?
the robot can talk...........

cartesian duality, and all that.

ok, so here`s the thing. matter exists seperate from mind, right? o.k. so if we remove mind from the equation what happens to matter? it doesn`t.
without mind, or consciousness, matter ceases to exist. it could quite easily still be there mind you, but with nobody to see it, it fails to actually exist. existance is a product of consciousness. i love how irrefutable that is.
if a tree falls in the woods and there`s nobody there to hear it fall, it fails to register on a consciousness. all the clever ironic points fail to change that fact.
our consciousness creates reality. therefore, our consciousness creates matter.
if we aren`t witnessing it isn`t existing.
it suggests to me that the act of percieving, because of the subjective nature of our thoughts, is specifically and accurately creating an external reality that mirrors our internal states.
happy thoughts make a happy world.
but people are starving in africa, etc.......
yes, there is a lot of crap thought out there, but your thoughts are vital to the equation. as soon as you get it and do it that means one less crap thinker and one step closer to.........well, you get the idea.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


the things we have in our lives are derived from the choices. our house, our friends, our computer, our careers, etc. all stem from choices. sometimes the process illudes our conscious understanding, yet our lives go on around us all the same.
here`s an experiment.
try to stand up from sitting in your chair.
what happened?
you will be unable to get up. you have made no firm decision to do so.
you tried.
what is a try?
a try is an attempt. the start of a process which allows failure.
to avoid this trap in the future decide to do it instead. see yourself rising confidently up and out of your chair, prepared to meet the challenges of your day. you will then find that your body will take over and meet the demands of your mind.
the choices we make are the key element of doing. what we choose to do with certainty and the skill and resources needed will occur.
choosing is a matter of deciding also. choosing/deciding. it is a feedback loop that leads to accomplishment.
without it we remain seated in our chair. trying to get up and on with our lives.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

which is better?

is it better to live in luxury, given the choice, or choose less because there are others who don`t have the right, opportunity, talent, skin colour, gender, spiritual understanding, etc?
my answer is that the luxuries that i can afford allow me to communicate more efficiently and help people with my skills.
there is a group in india that sweep floors. it is thier job. they use short handled brooms even though the longer handles, which are readily available, would save thier backs. i am uncertain of thier rationale in stubbornly continuing to sweep floors stooped over with short-handled brooms all day, but it is of greater value to them than thier ongoing discomfort.
it seems that even though we react to the story about the sweepers with surprise and puzzlement the majority of us continue to do many things the most difficult way possible and we have no idea why.
we hate our jobs, we are tired of relationships, we are bored, stressed, overwieght, smoke cigarettes, are argumentitive, dishonest and disloyal.
what the hell is going on?
we`ve stopped believing in the fantastic. we remember it. we recognise it. we envy it,resent it and hate it in others, but we don`t make any attempt to create it in our own lives. the most that most do is to watch rich and famous people have lives on t.v. and in movies.
pretty sad.
does this sound like you?
are you feeling uncomfortable yet?
do you call yourself a loser, or do you wait for others to say it for you?
don`t get angry with me though, get angry with yourself for recognising yourself. you did it to yourself and only you can change your situation.
it`s not easy or instant either. it takes firm focus and the determination not to let bullshit into your life anymore.
any facet of your life that limits you in your quest to be happy must be removed or simply ignored in order for you to get a straight shot at what you need to do to be happy.
we all know what we want but are afraid to leap out into the darkness, not knowing what lies beyond.
we all know.
that thing.
right there.
seems impossible.
you will prove it sitting there pissed at me for pointing out the obvious.
now, which is better. pissed off and motivated or depressed at your situation?
you`re welcome.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


fear. it is a challenge to us all. it is a feeling that something is wrong and that we are at risk. it`s a useful mechanism for survival that makes us run from predators and find places to hide. unfortunately, in a modern society, there are few predators able to provide significant threat to our survival, yet we still have this wiring in our brain that tells us to run blindly every now and then.
the interesting thing is that the wiring is weak. all we have to do is physically and mentally ignore the signal and the body follows suit.
people jump out of perfectly good airplanes and laugh all the way down, knowing that the parachute will open and they will float to the ground.
leap and the net will appear.
that is a buddhist saying. i have a card on my fridge with that written on it. on the other side of fear is the rest of your life. mine too.
i used to be terribly afraid of public speaking. every time i found myself in front of a group of people i would freeze up and nobody had a good time.
i knew that i had to deal with the feelings i had, because public speaking, doing seminars, is a large part of what i do and i really wanted to do this work.
thinking back i realise that i just got sick of being controlled by irrational fear of talking in front of people. i am good at what i do. i know the material and really enjoy seeing people get the messages in what i provide. so i just went and booked a seminar room, put out some flyers and took out some ads in the paper and filled the room.
i spent two weeks learning to put the fear aside and focussed on the good feelings we were going to have when i did my job well. the night of the seminar i saw smiling, laughing faces and got the feelings going inside as a result and walked out and introduced myself in the best state possible to entertain and communicate.
i`ve never looked back and it changed my life in so many ways.
our biggest fears create the biggest barriers to our growth and attainment. when you leap the net will appear.
that`s why that card is on my fridge.

u.f.o.s are real.

u.f.o.s are real.
i see them all the time.
high up in the sky.
like we wish we could be.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

albert camus.

albert camus said that we are the only animal that refuses to be who we are. camus was a french philosopher who died in 1960, the year i was born. he meant that we are spiritual beings who deny our spirit or divinity.
why do we do this?
well, i blame the agendas of the technocracy.
i will define here what i mean by technocracy and technocrat, because it is critical to my thesis.
technocrat; lover of power.
technocracy; administration of power.
we are the mob. by definition, a disorganised group of people. the potential of the mob is enormous, and frightening to the technocracy.
the technocrats have developed laws and rules (don`t walk on the grass) so that we will have boundaries to control our behaviour. that`s o.k. but where`s the limit?
we are safe, clean and fed now. we are productive and obedient and harmless but the industry of law and law enforcement continues to grow. we are paying for our own restrictions.
our soul cries out for freedom. not to do damage or commit crimes but to spiritually grow and resonate in joy. it is basic to our existance as human animals with spiritual souls.
yet the chapters are added to the law books each and every day. new risks are discovered and new safety regulations and new guidelines are published by the minute, as if there is something to fear by our very spiritual existance.
is there a difference between us and them? who would gladly build such a prison?
the sign that says don`t walk on the grass isn`t to protect grass. it`s to limit our movement. who, if they were concerned about grass would put grass where people walk? we need to have pathways built, not signposts.
walk on the grass? we like to walk on the grass, we like to sit on the grass, roll around on it, make love and fall asleep on the grass. that`s what it`s for, i believe. who would put up a sign depriving us of that pleasure?
the same people who tell us we are not god. that limit our divinity. our godhood. inside each and every one of us in the mob.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

if it`s not on t.v. it`s not real.

if it`s not on t.v. it`s not real.
do you believe that?
then why does t.v. dictate what we wear, what we eat and what kind of car we drive?
we have been watching t.v. since the 1940`s. it`s a delivery system for entertainment, politics and consumerism, in other words culture.
who decides what goes on t.v.?
mostly, it`s a delivery system for corporate products. therefore it`s a mechanism controlled by large corporations.
t.v. is hypnotic.
the conscious mind watches the 450 dots per second of data fired out of the cathode ray tube that we call t.v. for about 15-20 minutes before deciding that there so little data being recieved that it begins to shut down the conscious brain wave frequency. what happens next is that the brain goes into a waking sleep mode for the duration of the watching session. this is a state of high suggestablility. hypnotic trance.
we spend a fair amount of time watching t.v. in a state of hypnotic trance. we watch commercials, movies, political commentary, comedies, and wars and it all goes into the mind in a state of accepting sleep.
the people who control the content of t.v. control the content of your mind and therefore the content of your life. unless you consciously decide to limit your viewing time and pay attention to how you respond to the content you watch.
notice how similar everyone`s choices are?
our tastes are dictated by t.v. , unless we watch less. then we can choose to get our information from different channels.
here are some simple rules for active t.v. viewing.
1/ mute commercials or get a remote that allows you to surf away from commercials on a timer that returns you to your original program.
2/ yell "bullshit" when needed.
3/ don`t watch when you are tired and don`t fall asleep when the t.v. is on.
4/ don`t watch movies on primetime. too many commercials by far.
5/ never watch news programs on t.v. unless there is an emergency.
6/ repeat #2.
what will happen when you do this enough is that you will find less and less need to watch the awful content provided as entertainment on t.v. and you will become more resourseful in your choices of media consumption.
without seeming sarcastic, here is a list of other media.
playing an instrument.
meditation. (best media there is.)
this is a short list of media that you can consume that can expand and enrich your life and exercise your brain and develop your creativity. you will then have flexibility and choice.

Monday, September 19, 2005

we are god.

i become agitated by this denial we have accepted deep inside ourselves, and i suppose i should realise why this is happening, but it is frustrating.
we live our lives being told by all the people who have power in our society that god is a seperate entity, outside our consciousness, who has made everything we see and has plans for us when we die. we are told that if we accept this on faith that everything will be o.k., and that heaven waits after we die and we will be welcomed into his house.
what a terrible arrangement. what was this god thinking? i don`t know of too many creative people who think about the object of thier creativity in such a perverse, manipulative way. that god sounds to me to be the creation of a pretty twisted mind. the only people i see acting that way are the kids who blow up frogs with firecrackers. malformed, preadolescent types who are heading for a life of minor crime and alcohol and drug abuse.
i don`t see the connection between subscription to a white bearded guy living in the sky and a life of happiness. in fact most of the shit that happens between people tends to be in this god`s name.
i see evidence for the fact that we are all god together.
i see evidence that all the goodness in the world comes from the decisions we make when we feel well inside. whether we choose good feelings consciously, for no reason but that they feel good, or whether we come about good feelings by accident and go on anyway. the results are the same.
no wars.
food to eat.
safety on the streets.
no bullshit.
all of this stuff is simple, easy to attain and doable now, when you realise that you are god. so am i. so is your sister, mother, cousin, brother, dad, friends, teammates and co-workers.
there`s nobody else here.
it`s got to be us.
we are god.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

why do people look after thier car better than themselves?

i watched my niegbour today. she washed and vacuumed her car for over an hour. it was a beautiful day and so why not? it is a brand new jeep and she`s quite proud of it. it`s midnight black with chrome wheels and leather interior and i bet she`ll never take it off road in a million years.
so where`s the problem?
the problem is that she looks after that car far better than she looks after herself. she can`t be more than 30 but she`s way over weight and smokes and i`m quite sure she got her weeks exercize washing the car.
so why does she behave this way?
it`s the way our society places it`s value in consumer items. she gains pride and status via the type of vehicle she drives and how clean it is. this isn`t directed at my niegbour as cricitism on a personal level. it is a comment on how we discount the spirit within us and focus that energy into material possessions as a society.
our culture is industrial.
our religion is work and it`s rewards are the things we can buy.
our soul goes begging for a walk in the woods or to sit on a hill and watch the hawks soar.
but we end up in the mall with our credit cards, our eyes filled up with advertising and pretty things on sale. the feeling of joy with our new purchase lasts about as long as the walk back to the car in the parking lot. then we are on to the next thing. the next purchase. it`s like taking a drug or drinking alcohol. temporary pleasure that takes permenantly.
i won`t go to the big malls anymore. i can`t take the visa card zombies and thier empty stares. i know we haveto spend to keep the economy going, i hear what the politicians say. but how did we get to the point where we are responsible for the economy? why can`t we just buy less and work a bit less and spend some more time with our friends and families and our spiritual focus, the meditation that heals and rests the soul?
we can.
we can just find a quiet place. and sit. and let go. the purple colour. the vibrant yellow. the nurturing green..... the red..... the blue, in our mind`s eye. now. breathe in the colours and with each breath we heal. maybe a tear will come, for a moment, then the release of the tension and the realisation that we are all joined together as one here. no rush. no panic.just peace. and smiles. any time we wish to. we decide.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


the amygdala is a gland that sits behind the eyeballs that does something rather interesting.
if you can imagine, in your mind, a peanut in your brain about an inch behind your eyes, you have approximated the location of the amygdala. the amygdala, once visualised in meditation becomes a tool for euphoric sensation.
if you can imagine gently stimulating the amygdala in your mind using a feather or cat`s whisker or imagine it has a switch labelled on/off that you can switch to on when you need to you will discover that as you do this you will start to experience tingling and a rising of pleasure inside as a direct response to your actions.
do it again.
do it again.
nice again.
the more that you do this stimulation exercise the more the sensation builds to the point where it will feel like a mental orgasm charging through your brain.
an explosion of neural firing that rushes like a drug because it is one. it is neuro-peptide mainline.
neuro-peptides are the drugs we make naturally in our bodies as a response to the information that our sense organs provide that make up our reality.
we make pain-killers, stimulants, ahrodisiacs, narcoleptics(sleeping pills) and a vast array of medications that drug companies can only dream of. we make growth hormones, digestive enzymes, atp, phynyle-ethyle-amine (the stuff found in chocolate that we create when we get hugged.)................the list is thousands of names long.
we do this in our minds and we can decide to make specific ones when we needto.
imagine stimulating your amygdala now.
endorphin creation process complete.

Friday, September 16, 2005

something fantastic.

imagine something fantastic.
it doesn`t have to be something that happened to you, though that would be best. imagine in your mind the person, place or thing or event that you consider fantastic.
go there in your mind now.
tell yourself what you see, what you hear, what you feel. do you smell anything? is there a taste or flavours associated with this experience?
now make the elements stronger. make the colours brighter. turn the lights up, in your mind. illuminate the situation so that you can feel the colours. make the sounds louder and notice how a change in volume can alter the way you feel about whats happening there. do this with all the aspects of this memory and as you do realise that the feelings generated by these memories are as real to you now as when you first had this stimulating experience.
when you hear the sounds made louder does it make the feelings associated with the memory stronger?
how about the images? when you look at the scenes made brighter, more vibrant in colour, do your sensations deepen in response?
notice how the feelings travel through your system, down and around. where do they eventually go? do they push out and away?
examine where the feelings travel to, then............
pull the feeling back and churn it up now, if you`ve managed to capture it, and spin the feeling around............ now double it. double it again and add a blast of energy like trumpets or yelling. yes!
how far can you push this? how good can you make it feel, for no reason?
what will you choose to do now that you feel this good?
anything you want.