Monday, December 31, 2007

out with the old.

and good riddance.

2008, while merely a string of events created by the rotation of our planet in relation to the sun, offers the delightful thought of the potential for positive outcomes.

so let`s build a frame of optimism with this in mind and say to fuck with 2007.

i, for one, am betting on it.

Friday, December 28, 2007

is google the government?

an aquaintance of mine has a son who works for google.

the man visited his son recently and went to the offices of google with his boy.

during the telling of the visit i was struck with the sheer scope of control that google has over our networking activities.

each communication from ip to ip is mapped on a screen in the boys office in a flow of arcing connections from point to point on a giant screen on the wall.

there is also another screen showing the adress numbers of those making searches in real time that just whizzes along.

what is this all in aid of ?, one has to ask.

monitoring activity.

the new police state won`t need cameras.

am i paranoid?


we bank on-line, we entertain on-line, we research on-line, we hunt on-line, we consume on-line.

so if we are tracked during these periods then those who monitor our activities can predict and control our behaviour.

so if the government isn`t google, then it will soon try to be.

i suggest it already is.

is google the government?

a definition of intellect.

i read a definition of intellect some years ago that appeals to me to this day.

a measure of intellect is the ability to be able to hold two or more different views in mind for discussion, without judgement.

this mechanism allows me to read women`s magazines and liberal politics and so on without judgement long enough to gain some understanding of thier points of view.

recently i read alvin toffler`s eco-spasm, in an attempt to understand liberal views of the neccesity of tax increases as a hedge against inflation, and while i still disagree with the entirety of big government and the bureaucracy that emerges....i reluctantly see the point of controlling money in a closed system.

my view is that money in the form we understand it is the bars on a cage that holds us all in feudal conscription........but that`s just me.

oh, and another thing that struck me the other google the government?

heading for 2008.

as we head for 2008 be prepared for what you expect.

it always happens that way, and so if you want someting different you have to expect a change.

in fact, as you sit at the keyboard realise that everything that you have been expecting has led you to this point.

staggering when you think this way, even for a moment.

the possibilities are exhilerating.

just wait until you try the absolute certainties.

Friday, December 21, 2007

merry winter solstice.............

and santa and satan have something in common.

both are used to get children to behave.

and the letters re-arrange nicely in eaches name to spell the other.

and you never see them in the same place together.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

but, how much red meat constitutes a cancer risk?

i know of people who are eating pounds of the stuff on a regular basis.

are they the ones running the risk, or is it those of us who eat a hamburger or two a week and occasionally have a steak and a shot or two of bourbon to celebrate our masculinity?

or is this more fear-mongering from the vegan camp?

Saturday, December 08, 2007

new blog.

for all the thoughts that are too large for hypgnosys........or something.

see you there, and let me know what you think now.

Friday, December 07, 2007


ok, so in reading the comments posted in reaction to the news on this site, one can see that the book wasn`t banned.

it was removed from the shelves and placed behind the desk of the librarian where one only had to ask for the title by name and it would be provided......with a smile.

not censorship then.


i`m relieved.

my children could, with full confidence, approach the librarian and request the aforementioned title, and recieve it with approval.


the golden compass.

it is interesting that in all the criticisms of this movie, the book series it came from and the author`s cosmology point to the methodologies that the god cults themselves use to indoctrinate children into thier ideology.

the many critics try to make the distinction between pullman`s position and that of the church as the difference between fiction and fact.

the traditional church view is that there is a seperate god in heaven and that there are rules to follow and so on, and some of it just makes sense as a way to live in a modern society, but......maybe the big seperate god in heaven thing is just childhood fantasy, and one on equal footing with the ones laid out in pullman`s books.

so why are school boards banning his books right here in canada and elsewhere.?

as we speak?

because this is the on-going battle of the minds of our impressionable children........the adults of the next generation of our society......and if the powers-that-be want things to continue to be corporate and bureaucratic and so on, then we need to believe in a corporate and bureaucratic god seperate from ourselves that sits in judgement and sees


and if small children can kill this being, then what hope does a government full of graft and corruption that offers us gun control legislation, casinos, and privately-run highways have in the face of a new generation of voters who have already stood up to this bullshit....?

but it`s all just a childhood fantasy you say. the golden compass is just a movie.

well, yes it is. and so is the bible. you first read it when you were a little child. you can still see the comic-book versions from sunday school that got the pictures in your mind effectively of all the bearded guys and fishing boats and lambs and sheep........

so we are kept as children through superstition.

and when someone pokes a hole through the comic-book and says "here`s another idea" the people who make the comic books get upset.

otherwise, why the censorship?

censorship of a tale told about children standing up to the tyranny of the misisterium.

after all, it`s what we all want to do anyway.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

a reminder.

in listening to a lecture by alan watts to ibm managers i was reminded of a distinction he made between mechanisms and organisms.

he said that mechanisms can be assembled and dis-assembled part by part with little or no damage to the device, whereas an organism has to be dealt with as a whole or it can be damaged irreparably.

yet scientists and engineers continue to damage organisms thinking they are mechanisms.

alan warned the ibm people almost 40 years ago that if they and others continued to do this that they would destroy organisms such as the environment or people or cultures within a few short years.

and here we are taking a mechanical approach to problem solving, whereas the solution is organic.

drugging people and selling carbon credits..............

instead of councelling people and reducing consumption.

but that would be too easy, wouldn`t it?

Monday, December 03, 2007

and so.....

......the story goes........

it`s like the kettle calling the pot black, as my dad would say.