Sunday, January 27, 2008


ok, so what is a bishop doing with a $10.000 crown, and what is it doing in his car, left unattended while he`s at dinner?

i`m not a big fan of organised religion and this sort of thing just goes to my point that these bureaucrats are so out of touch that they swan about in gold and jewels while some of thier parishoners can`t afford to feed thier families while donating money to support this perverse behaviour.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

cultural insensitivity.

i love the language these different groups use to claim thier position.

the japanese claim that whaling is a part of their lives and thier culture.

it`s commerce guys.

like us in the west.....

........raising cows for meat.

could you imagine a militant environmental group from india freaking on texans?

i have always had issues with the arrogance of enviros.....and greenforce (um, peace?) is a good example of this.

the sea shepherd conservation society?

greenforce wants to distance it`s self from it`s (more) militant cousin while cruising the oceans of the world together, merrily interfering with legal (i didn`t say moral or ethical) whaling and jeopardising the lives of japanese fishermen, who, lest we forget.....are people too.

so, while we raise millions of cows for beef and protect our borders with laws and military the japanese aren`t afforded the same luxury.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

new year`s resolutions re-visited.

did you make a resolution this year?

how is it holding up?

i made the resolution to drop the things that weren`t effective and postive in my life.....

and it`s remarkable what made it across that barrier and how relationships changed and how my life has become a different place (?) as a result.

i called my life a place in the last paragraph.

i wonder why i chose that particular way of characterising it.

i want to say my life is a movie in process on the big screen.

i want to say my life is one of magic and intrigue and adventure.

so i will.

and it is.

my life isn`t a place. it isn`t stationary and immovable and limited to one way of existance.

it`s a flowing, living organic process, full of challenges and wonder and excitement.

that`s the space my new year`s resolution has created.


are you?


what makes you go if you are not fascinated?

the electrons firing out from my computer screen are hitting the pick-ups from my guitar and are making crackling sounds in my amplifier.

certain processes within the computer are making different types of crackling sounds come out of the the amp.

i`m fascinated.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

stupid people.

let`s get this one straightened out before we proceed.

animals don`t entertain the same thought processes as humans.

for them it`s simple, basic and consistant.

tigers kill other animals for food.

if you are going to act like food, you`re gonna get killed.

the animal wasn`t getting pissed off, she was provided with an opportunity to eat.

i know if i was a big cat i would get wholeheartedly sick of being thrown sirloin all day long off a long stick, and would be dying to tear into something live and moving.......even if it was a tourist.

the main reason why people get hurt by animals is because they make tactical errors.

the majority of people who assert theselves behind thick glass or heavy duty fences by making jestures and yelling are ignored comprehensively.

for the most part you can bang on the glass and yell and jump up and down all you want and the cat will yawn, fart and otherwise go on with being top of the food chain.

the fuckwits in question failed to remain out of the cat`s reach, and got torn apart for thier efforts.

that`s why they call them stupid people.

and i bet they have had at least one conversation with a lawyer since.


my two children, boys 9 and 11 both said that they found clowns weird and my youngest said he thought they were scary.

they added santa, one or two of thier school teachers, steve from across the street and one soccer coach and boy scout leaders who wear shorts to the list.

razor sharp perception from my two.

Friday, January 18, 2008

bike ride.

i rode to milton yesterday. the ride is mostly hills and valleys and made me realise how much i missed this type of riding, as i mostly ride on the flat in town and into toronto.

the weather was perfect for a winter ride. just a few degrees above freezing and little wind to speak of.

as i climbed up and out of suburbia for the first time in, well, i forget the last time i was away from the tract homes and consumer traffic......i realised how much i missed the raw landscape that i was now surrounded by.

the mystical envelope that now enveloped me was made up of rock faces and pine trees and two lane black top and my shifting neurology due to the much missed exertion due to pushing the pedals.

i felt a drawing into all of this existance and a certain knowledge of my place as included, accepted and welcomed.

i laughed outloud a few times is i cranked up the hills and around the twists and bends into the creekbeds and across the edge of the escarpment that seperates the lakeside communities from the halton hills......and soon i emerged into the new emerging community of milton, the new bedroom community for the teeming metropolis to the west, toronto.

the same suburban spasm that is occuring in burlington is also occuring in milton with equal intensity, and with it will bring a commercial prosperity and unprecedented growth and opportunity.

that being said, it will still be necessary to get away from it occasionally to recharge and see the futility in such an existance.

i rode back with a sort of sadness, knowing that i had to descend back into the suburban ghetto once again, but comfortable in the knowledge that the unspoiled escarpment awaits my return.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

beautiful morning.

i woke this morning prematurely to the insistant digital chime of my alarm clock.

i had been up until late last night mentally pacing over the events of yesterday with it`s delightfully contrasting messages of both opportunity and anxiety.

once my eyes grew accustomed to the brightness upon my less-than-rested eyes i realised the beauty of what greeted me out the window.

the sun was shining.

that was what was so different.

we have had such unseasonably warm weather of late that most hadn`t realised that we hadn`t seen the sun in weeks.

seeing it made me realise that and i was struck by the sheer beauty of everything lit by the sun`s warming rays.

the bare trees and the roof-tops and the glowing white bricks of the apartment buildings rising out of the ground in the near distance all seemed almost surreal in this unfamiliar light.

i was smiling before i realised.

i`m sure that over time i will lose the sense of wonder of today, but for now i will immerse myself in it`s gifts.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

for christ`s sake people.

we don`t have a steroid problem.

we have a bureaucrat problem.

the tiresome endless rhetoric from all sides in this witch hunt is painful to sit i don`t for the most part.

but occasionally i see an article which captures the tone of the problem.

this is a huge waste of tax-payer money and a wild goose chase that will solve nothing and ruin lives into the bargain.

bureaucrat heaven.

there is not on single benifit that this process provides at the end of the day either.

it ruins careers, team morale, and artificially effects the nature of sport.

the use of steroids has been common in sport for thousands of years. the greeks and romans were aware that certain compounds derived from roots herbs would allow a man to get sronger and recover more quickly from training and injury.

just look at some of the statues in the cities of greece and rome to see my point.

this witch hunt has decimated the whole attitude of the sport of cycling, with major sponsors pulling money out of fears of damage to thier image.

and don`t tell me that people actually care about the damage athletes do to themselves with steroids.......

this is another arificially created problem that bureaucrats can then use to feather thier nests and call in thier buddies to feed also.

the athlete always seeks to gain advantage......and fair has nothing to do with it in the least.

genetics isn`t fair.

i am feet two inches tall with a 45 bpm resting heart rate. i was born with this ability. add this to my years of training and focus makes me naturally able to ride a bike and to do well at athletics that i choose to participate in.

i was always chosen first or second when picking teams.....

is this cheating?

when allowed, people always make teams comprised of the best available athletes and those athletes are genetically superior and have trained and dieted the best also.

i chose on many occasions not to do steroids because i didn`t understand them and didn`t trust the use, but many athletes that i knew did them and got noticable benifits as a result.

and there are many other substances that athletes ingest that will provide advantage, mentally and physically.

steroids will never enhance the ability of the mind though.

you can prepare the body perfectly and still fail on race day if the mind isn`t prepared.

and that 95% of the job.

but that`s another story.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


you are being shown something.

you can`t see?

i know.

it takes effort to see.

to be aware of the consistant message being aimed at you.

most never get to the point where they can even begin to even try to look.

but you`ve been trying.

otherwise you wouldn`t have read this far.

so, what`s next?

more looking.....and eventually you will see......or not.

next time you are in the grips of some anxiety, try to remember what i`m going to say next.

relax, and really look at what it is that you are being asked to look at.

because it is in these times of extreme anxiety that we are closest to seeing.

Friday, January 11, 2008

these words heal.

my new project for 2008.

the healing power of words.

cut and paste the "these words heal" graphic and post it wherever you wish and repeat when necessary.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

sir edmund.

as were many schoolboys growing up in england, i was enthralled by the story of sir edmund hillary and sherpa tenzing`s climb up mt. everest.

they became the first to climb to the top.

sir edmund passed away today, leaving this planet with one less hero.

hmm. ironic how we don`t miss people until they`re gone.

i had to laugh.

keystone cops ride again.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

mildly political.

aren`t you all on the edge of your seats over this election thingy in the u.s.?

well stop it.

you aren`t normally this gullable, so why now?


come on people, grow a brain and turn it off.

someone will tell you what happened when it`s over.

meanwhile you can do something important.

like something pleasureable with people you like.

just a thought.

a man of god.

we are all men of god.......

if one of us is.

there is no division.

how can there be?

and why should there be a division anyway?

we are all part of one thing.


the eskimos have a word for it.

that should be a clue to the suburban robots that this is a known phenomenon.

the january melt is characterised by a dramatic rise in air temperature and moderate winds, which together contribute to the melting of the ice and snow lying on the ground.

this event has happened at this time of year for centuries, so much so that indigenous peoplea are familiar with it.

yet the enviro-twits keep saying that this is further evidence of a man-made shift in global temperatures.

chinook means snow-eater in the eskimo language.

i have spent the last few minutes enjoying the warm breeze as i stood on my balcony looking north and west, and hoping that the warm air will stay with us for a while longer yet.

and i didn`t worry for a moment that the ecosystem would collapse any minute.

Monday, January 07, 2008

new year`s resolutions.

did you make one?

have you made one in the past?

i have to say that i`ve never made them in the past.

i guess i never felt the need nor saw the point.

this year i was compelled to make a resolution in a rather odd and convoluted way.

some months ago a friend asked me to host a group ceremony for new year`s eve, culminating in an evocation ceremony to welcome in the new year.

plans fell through for the party and so i was left without plans for the last day of 2007.

as life has a habit of doing, i was pleasantly suprised when a friend invited me to her place for a quiet night over drinks......

i was quick to accept her offer.

when i arrived she announced that her friend would be joining us and wanted to do a special ritual for the new year.


there are none, my faithful readers.

the three of us wrote out new year`s wish on a piece of paper which we each then burned in a candle flame, dropping the ash into our champagne glasses......and as the last few seconds of 2007 counted down we toasted to the new year with the magic potion.

i haven`t spoken to the two girls since but i can tell you that my new year`s resolution is well on the way to completion, and as a result the closing of one door is allowing the opening of several new doors that i will be more than eager to walk through in 2008.

resolve is a powerful thing.


life is not fair.


could you imagine if it was?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


perfect for the work-crazed consumer.

a spray to counter the effects of not sleeping, so that one can function "normally".

psychiatrists have evolved from process analysts, keen to help people with thier emotions, toward drug dealers using dope to mask problems for robot consumers long enough for them to make more money to buy more stuff.........for a little while longer.

nothing to worry about then.

thanks darpa.

what is hypnosis.

i have no idea.

what i have experienced in my work that my clients tell me what they think hypnosis is, and so i can share some of thier feelings with certain knowledge about what they feel.

many of my clients experience relaxation, time distortion (the session seemed as if it took minutes, when it was half an hour or more.) movie-like sights and sound, profound changes in perception, experiencing remarkable things (hot sand and sun, cool water, friendly tigers.......) and many more incredible things.

the trance induction could be characterised as a state of fantasy or hallucination that seems absolutely real and seamless to the subject, and i am constantly suprised at how good my clients are at creating such remankable states.

as i said before that i have no idea what hypnosis is, and this is true.

science is ambivalent on the subject.

scientists love to pronounce thier final understanding of hypnosis occasionally, but they still haven`t figured out what my clients know as experts; that the human mind is the master of it`s own reality.

and science can`t measure that.

what is fear?

fear is a trigger.

it is made up of memories of similar events to the one you are fearful of now.

you are pre-supposing that what you are experiencing now is the same as the experiences that went before.

and you are wrong.

when you take a moment and realise that what you are experiencing now is a unique opportunity to react differently to what may appear to be a familiar frightening situation, you can choose to react differently.

relax for a moment.

learn something new about yourself.



move fluidly and with purpose.

three things you never did out of a fear reaction before.

did you feel differently as a response?

well, this is the beginning of conquering what you though was a fear.

a new environment to exist in that will begin to set you free.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

well, here we are.

2008 is upon us and with it comes the snow.

i visited with an angel last night and through into this morning.

we talked and joked and laughed and dined and drank, and finally ended up down by the lake, watching the water crash onto the boardwalk, while the snow blew all around us safe and warm inside her car.

we ritually turned our backs on 2007 and all that didn`t work then pledged to let all the abundance resonate with our intentions and actions for the the coming year.

as the first few rays of morning sun attempted to push back the chill of the night`s storm i climbed from her car and an evening`s spell broke.

i felt a physical pull on my soul.

i must remain unattached, but yet so grateful.

for her, as well as for me.

until the next time.