Tuesday, March 20, 2007

what we don`t know.

three beautiful things............now that i remember again.

a child`s birthday.

a kiss out of passion.

many many more kisses...............

Monday, March 19, 2007


this is a picture of a friend of mine`s son. the boy has just turned pro as a cyclist and this is part of a photoshoot for some advertising the boy is doing for one of his sponsors.
the cyclist pictured above stole my heart ten years ago when he was the same age as my oldest boy is now. his energy and simple joy at being alive cut through even my thick skin.......
my oldest boy was born not long after i first met him.
we are all the same. me, my son and charlie. we just love life.
charlie is now not so much a boy any longer.

for carina........

borzois in a box.
my sister raises borzois and chevaliers. she also trains animals for tv.

Saturday, March 17, 2007



golly gee.

there is something irritating about a bloke who reads all the answers on a card and comes off knowledgeable.

or maybe i`m just projecting.

what we are.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

don`t look...

no, really......don`t.



i have excellent eyesight for an old man and i have always thought that it was because i played soccer for years and have to spot changes in objects and trajectories over distance.

recently i got an x-box 360 and finally enjoyed playing racing games because the resoution of the medium distance was so much better that the first x-box console and i could better guage the braking speed and road shapes of corners in the gotham racing game.

the eye structure contains muscles, and if you excercise muscles they get stronger and work better.

makes sense.

who are these guys?

any ideas?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the slumber of desire.......


Monday, March 12, 2007


statistics can be made to say pretty much anything.......but demographics are a different thing.



off to never-never land..........

cj and micheal go into a trance.............

Sunday, March 11, 2007



whether you have any understanding of the political nature of this issue, if you look at the expression on the faces of the two people pictured in the article above, you get a sense of dread over the situation.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

something you don`t see every day.

we are provided all the protection we need.......

how would you know?

how would you know whether your intelligence was artificial or not?

if someone suggested that your intellegence was somehow unnatural, how would you feel?

how would you feel about someone who started to question the way you thought, or questioned how you came to your conclusions?

or told you that you shouldn`t think in certain ways?

and what is natural intelligence anyway, and why do we feel as if we are not part of nature?

where does that feeling come from?

too many questions?

just wait.

and then there`s.............


my metaphysical brain hurts......




it`s not so much about war as knowing who you are.

Friday, March 09, 2007

i couldn`t resist.....


it even comes with a replica ark of the covenant...........

t.e. lawrence.

t.e. has me thinking of dreams and how they shape our thinking.

we are made up of what we think about, and certainly dreams, whether sleeping or awake are a significant part of this.

we can also decide what we deam about.

we can progam the process.


by reading about dreams and goals and desires and seeing ouselves in whatever dream we envisage as actually happening now.

this process becomes a habit after a while and the dreams that seemed to faint and distant form into reality to absolute that we fogret that we dreamed it all first.

it has happened that way many times for me........and for you when you think.

so, let`s do it again.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

i stole this from freyashawk

'All men dream: but not equally...the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act out their dream with open eyes, to make it possible.' T.E. Lawrence

but i don`t think she`ll mind.

Monday, March 05, 2007

groundhog day.


the word means without conditions.


without limits.


so the concept of of conditional love for one`s self applies infinitely in all dimensions, ad infinitum.

i`ll take two of those please.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Saturday, March 03, 2007

and so.

we find ourselves in that familiar position of wanting to talk to that attractive person we see in a bar or at the local coffee shop and we go inside our head and have thoughts.......

you know what happens then don`t you?

you manage to get scared half to death.

how did you do that?

i know how you did it. you ran a rejection scenario that went something like, um, "she will think i`m an idiot", or " i`m definitely not her type....."

whereas she`s hoping someone will come along and have a nice chat with her about something.

so look at her.

what is she doing?

what is she wearing?

how about those great shoes?

is there something that she`s doing or wearing or behaving like that reminds you of something that you can talk about for the ten seconds it will take for you to calm down nough to act like a normal person around her?

because if there is, then you have a 99% better chance of talking to her than by feeling like shit and then making her feel uncomfortable by trying to talk to her.

and do you know how desperate she is for someone to talk to her?

about the same as you..........

and now..................

...........we return to regularly scheduled programming.

and you are being progammed.

see a picture in your mind of something that makes you smile.

look at the colours you see and hear the sounds made by the thing that makes you smile and look what happens to you as you continue to run this movie in your mind.

do you realise that as you smile you are able to be in contol of your feelings?

want do do it again?

we have our lives backwards.

we think that some event or person is going to make us happy and so we give these people and things all kinds of power over us.

this is a neuro-synaptic response that is conditioned.

we aren`t born this way.

if i offer you my hand to shake you automatically lift your hand to recieve the gesture.........even if you have never seen me before and have no intention or need to respond.

but imagine if you felt good first and then went out and made decisions?

Friday, March 02, 2007

enig. matic.

ace of clubs.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

and again.

picasso painted many versions of the harlequin. the clown. the joker. the riddler. the fool. the shaman. the cartoon.
the only one who could tell the truth about issues in open court without losing his head.
beware the clown who becomes serious.
steven king`s version is deadly.
and for those who like codified messages in pictures.......look at the clowns left hand.

calvin gets it.

but notice how your mind wrestles with the idea of choosing.
the idea is only acceptable out of the mouth of a cartoon character.
childish, cute, funny.
edit, delete, distort.
or just accept and try it as a new way of doing things for a while and see what happens.

a process.

firstly, i will say that the map is not the territory.

then i will proceed to irritate the dogmatic and the unicorn lovers and those who think that god is sitting on a marble chair up in the sky.

occam`s razor is a logical mechanism that says that the idea that explains the most issues with a problem in the simplest terms is generally the answer.

so here`s the thing.

we go inside our minds and show ourselves pictures and talk to ourselves in all manner of different ways.

this process creates our reality.

we gain feelings from this process about what the world is about.

this filtering mechanism is occuring 24/7 in everyone`s minds.

so what about the "actual" reality that is going on around us?

we edit, delete and hallucinate all of the imput that we recieve from the "objective" reality that goes on outside our heads anyway, so it becomes redundant after a while anyway.

there are those who would go so far as to suggest that it doesn`t even exist.

but anyway, the internal process of pictures and words stimulate our nervous system that release chemical triggers called neuro-peptides (transmitters.) that are coded to match areas of our brain that run reality progams.

if you see and imagine lemons in your mind and pretend to bite into one, you are going to salivate.

bill may choose another object for this example which is equally valid............

if you see a memory of your old school house in your mind you can see, hear, taste and smell and feel all sorts of attendant experiences as a result.

or that long fogotten love.

or winning that memorable game.

some will get upset that i have in some ways trivialised a wonderful mechanism, but this is n`t the case.

i have broken it down to show you that you can choose which pictures to show yourselves and what to say to yourselves and how to say it.

and get the feelings you want as a result.