Friday, October 30, 2009

no sharia law in britain?


a question.

a friend told me of a situation that occured when he went to meet his date the other night.

he went to pick her up at the prescribed time and she invited him in for a few moments, she meet some of her family...who just happened to be there.

they sat for almost an hour while he got the third degree from the mother, the brother, the cousin and the friend, and they invited him and her to a local bar as they left, so they could talk further.....

his date apologised profusely and promised they wouldn`t do that again.

he told me she is everything he wants in a partner. great looking, funny, intelligent and has a great job in government. all good.

except that it wasn`t them doing the interogation. it was her.

my question is; how does one deal with this sort of situation?

clearly he didn`t enjoy the grilling, and knowing that it was actually her game to grill him makes the situation worse.

i await your answers.

call me insensitive, but.....

what the fuck has the trained monkey that bono hired got to do with guitar playing?

especially in comparison to jack white and jimmy page.

sometimes i get tired.

unintentionally funny.

so it`s ok for the crazy hooker lady to have her own rally with thousands of people, but the opposition leader and the rest of the nation have to stay indoors for the next three weeks?

and why is does ukraine have an escort for a president?

odd story.

my oldest boy used to sing that song. i thought it was sort of clever for a six year old to memorise something and repeat it with such style, though rap and mcdonalds aren`t my idea of culture, one has to begi somewhere.

but ot get arrested for rapping at a drive through. we like to mess with the drive through occasionally by muffling our voices or clipping our words like there is a problem with the mike....

...i will be more careful next time.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


so we can see that 3-4000 canadians die each year from the flu. this is normal and consistent. all of a sudden this n1h1 takes the media by storm like some pop star with tourettes and a too short mini-skirt and we are being asked to line up for yet another vaccine.

interestingly, just as the vaccine is being released, a young boy from mississauga dies from this special new flu.

once again our government swoops to the rescue with a timely cure for one specific flu out of all the different types floating around.

i wonder what the families of  all the people who will die of all the other flus make of all of this?

i`m sure the ministry of health has thier spokesperson standing by.....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

bono, dude! you are an idiot.


and shut up. your mouth is doing things that your brain has no idea about.

to suggest even for a moment that u2 is a rock band, or that they have anything to do with rock and roll is laughable.

u2 is a pop band.

a pop band financed by ira money in ireland and america to promote anti-british sentiment.

sunday bloody sunday is a love song for irish terrorists (sinn fein) so they can sidle up to other political gangsters like desmond tutu or nelson mandela or the pope.

meanwhile real rock bands continue to sell albums.

ac/dc.   led zeppelin.  megadeth.  aerosmith.  zz top.

notice the pattern?

none of these bands ever made political hay from thier notariety.

dixie chicks?

Monday, October 26, 2009

happy birthday to me.

michael plays my `81 dean.


and once again......


if you don`t find this funny you can fuck off.

which is which?

one`s a genocidal fuckwit and the other one is an ejit.......or are they the same person?

all i know is that when the one guy was arrested they stopped filming father ted.

i was thinking..... i read this. maddof is doing 150 years for running a ponzi scheme (a confidence scam whereby people get paid initially by the next group of suckers ) and i thought, isn`t that what governments do?

in 1967 canada pension started promising a basic pension for working people in canada. when it started c.p.p. had nearly 700 people working to pay each retiree.

now we have about 6 people working per retiree.

do we put the governemnt in jail?

happy birthday to me.

this is one of the funniest things i`ve ever heard.

i saw him do this on letterman. i still can`t believe my eyes.

and here is a live version of the boys doing the original.......yeah!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

is this a suprise?

i lived in quebec from 1971 until 1978 and watched the struggle that english residents had with language laws in those days.

it was illegal to display business signs in english. you had to have the french version prominently displayed and placed in front of or on top of the english version.

we had to pass french to graduate from each grade in our english school.

my dad`s federal government job was taken from him because, even though he spoke five languages, french wasn`t one of them.

is it any wonder the place is struggling.

i was back there this time last year and even though the city of montreal charmed me with it`s timeless beauty, the ugly head  of sepratism was evident on every corner.

it is interesting that even the u.n. has cited quebec for being in violation of human rights laws.

the the greater french population of quebec i will say that they are a warm friendly cultured society without malace toward english, german or any other race, but the small radical few fuck it up for everyone.

i would go as far as to suggest they are terrorists.

i just had a thought....

why don`t they let gay couples into olympic figure skating?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

this annoys me.

long after books have been sold and dvds have been played for kids in class by teachers the scientists come out and tell us that they were wrong.

but i don`t see is them going `round to my kids and telling them they were misinformed, or jumped to conclusions..or whatever else.

they just go on poking at bone fragments and hallucinating.


"The Link: Uncovering Our Earliest Ancestor."  is a cat-sized animal related to lemurs.....called darwinius.


what are children supposed to think when scientists call thier new fantasic discovery darwinius?

we have been told to trust these people to do our thinking for us.

we need to stop.


these are a few of my favorite things.

pointy shoes, starbucks coffee.........old denim. life is good.

reds and yellows and so on.....

this one makes me happy.

terence mckenna`s timewave predicts...... October 25th 2009 Timewave Novelty Points Video birthday!

pat condell.

dovetails nicely with hitchens position.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

hit rate.

while i`m not interested in hitrates as a reason for blogging, it is interesting to see that the highest traffic of late tends to be when i post comments regarding politics, religion or racial issues.

as a scientist this appeals to my nature.

makes me wonder what could be next for my loyal readership.

what do you two think?

Monday, October 19, 2009

the final hitchens for today.

...and you can tell them by thier questions.

more from hitchens.

wherein he has a good go at billy graham.

hurricanes named after boys now.


christopher hitchens.

well said sir....

how about shut the fuck up?

a good old fashioned shut the fuck up from obama and we could save millions in diplomatic circle-jerking.....sorry, i mean negotiation.

Friday, October 16, 2009

and the question remains....

who is in actual fact racist?

who sets out to deprive others of the opportunity to have access to modern resources like education, "equal" rights, media coverage and cultural preservation?

who is suffering most from an erosion of the above privileges?

if we put all of the groups of people who are in direct line for approval, promotion and protection with the resources mentioned above, we then are asked to name the group conspicuously not on the list.

who could that possibly be?

Thursday, October 15, 2009


so, not only isn`t there free speech in this country, there isn`t free speech on the blogs either.

when one wants to point out the glaring fraud being commited by the standing president regarding how to spend taxpayer`s money one is called a racist.

now, my definition of a racist is someone who, by thier actions, infringes on the ability of another to life in peace....and we all know what that means in the many different ways that racism occurs.

like having your own t.v. network.

like having your own schools.

like having programs, movements, laws and assets set aside for yourselves.

things like that.

and as vincent said in a comment previously, this has little to do with the chocolate messiah.

this has to do with liberal apologetics. an intellectual process whereby those who have make amends to those who have not.....and substantially make sure they are kept down.

apologetics has two effects. it makes those who have some feel guilty for the things they have, and secondly it makes those who have not look toward those who have as somehow depriving them of something.

out of this atmosphere of apologetics comes civil liberties, affirmative action, race laws, burgeoning social programs ostensibly helping those incapable of helping themselves...and a general mood of divisiveness.

is the black population of america incapable of being industrious?

according to some intellectuals this is so.

and some prominent black leaders keep telling thier congregations this also.

so who`s racist?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

rights and freedom of expression.

we have our rights and we have the freedom to express ourselves, right?

well yes, that seems like the right diirection for a modern society to head.

the formula is simple; censorship and denial of rights = dictatorship and tyranny.

so therefore, reduce censorship and grant rights and as if by magic, dictatorship and tryanny  will decrease also.

so here in canada we have people expressing thier views and producing images that, a few short years ago, people would have found vulgar, crude and outright offensive.

but where is the decrease in invasive bureaucracy and restrictive government?

in fact, in hte last few decades while tv and movies have become increasingly violent and sexual, government  has merrily expanded into more areas of our lives.

and honestly, i`m  sick of the opinionated empty heads figuring that they have a right to inflict me with thier point of view, no matter how misguided it is...just because they heard oprah say it or because sean penn just made a movie about it, or whether the chocolate jesus just won a nobel peace prize.

personally i think the only right they have is to shut the fuck up.

and let`s face it, it would be a lot quieter too.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


ok, so..before the obamaphiles get thier whotsits twisted immesurably, let`s just settle down and look at what we know.

iran and north korea are run by fuckheads who would think nothing of shoving us over a barrel if they had a deliverable nuke.


diplomacy has been tried, continues to be tried, and will always be a part of our attempts to disuade fuckwits from tossing fissile explosives our way, but....we know very well in our non-political heads that this is only feasable as long as they don`t actually have a nuclear bomb capable of landing here.

chomskey et al can moan on about hegemony and the oil motive in all this, but really what is going on is the de-motivation of psychotic dictators in emerging nuclear societies.

full stop.

and to re-visit our old cia friend saddam hussien for a moment to reflect on the actions of these types....just show yourself a picture of all those oil fields burning as the republican guard ran off into syria...and imagine if he had a firecracker in working order.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

happy thanksgiving.....

......for those who need to be told when to do things and what to think.

i`m going to give thanks tomorrow also. and the next day. and yes, the day after that too.

but that`s just me.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

do go on. i`m so sorry......

adventures in wahspace.....

a little arpeggiated foray into parametric harmonics with the trusty wah pedal.

also known as a wah-wah.

Friday, October 09, 2009

is this a joke?

no really, is. this. a. joke?

again it becomes a struggle between conscience and consciousness.

consciousness is the state of being aware.

we are going inside and talking to ourselves about what it is that we know about everything.

this is what it means to be alive and awake.

i thik, therefore i am.

without this process there is no life. just a deep sleep.

conscience on the other hand, is a crated state whereby we feel that we have to do something to effect change.

conscience is created by adults and children teaching children to feel repsonsible for others and for things.

it seems as if this is a good thing, one that would ensure that everyone is safe and sound, but this is clearly wrong, because everyone isn`t.

why does this happen, when everyone is looking out for everyone else?

because nobody is looking after the self.

the self goes lacking while we try our best to help and take care of others.

and we wonder why we fail.

what is the answer then?

find yourself.

know yourself.



charity starts at home.

someone once said that....i can`t remember who.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Carbon has 6 electrons and 6 protons and 6 neutrons.

Carbon has 6 electrons and 6 protons and 6 neutrons.

tones of lilting grace.

we`re all coming undone....will we make our demons our friend?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

and in other news.

it`s now time for all the idiots to rush out and buy it, because you can plainly see how valuable it is. never been higher. get some. yum. low in cholesterol. you know you want some.

the last time gold hit a high similar to this, in the mid eighties i believe, tons of people i knew went out and got some, you know, as a hedge against inflation, or some such shit.

people all of a sudden turn into warren buffet when news stories like this are pushed into our consciousness and start using investment buzz-words and insights from global economics and oil purchase strategies to justify thier stupid top-of-the-market decisions.

which is precisely what all the people who bought gold at $650 want you to do.

they are the one`s paying for the ads, sorry, i mean news stories, in the first place.

and these are the same people who spend hours a week sorting garbage to be a good little sheep come recycling day (formally known as garbage day) shopping in the mall, buying new cars, and dreaming of thier new custom house......(just like the one three houses down)

and you know what, yesterday i paid $8.79 for a cup of fries and an orange juice as a treat for my boy who was home sick from school, and i was pissed off from the start as the girl rang it in with all the taxes and such.

half a potato and some sugar water. fuck.

i bit my tongue for my boy.

and gold is nearly $1100 an tax of course.

speaking of necessary proof and scientific reproducablity......heres a religious icon that the cathoholic church has kept as the shroud that wrapped thier christ at the time of his death. they have cleverly never come  out and said as much, but many church leaders have strongly suggested as much out of belief, which, as we know is good enough for followers.

scientists have now reproduced the image with materials and processes readily available to people in medievil europe.

now, if they could just re-approach darwin with such vigour we would be getting somewhere.

Monday, October 05, 2009


if ever you thought there was something odd (fishy?) about evolutionary theory, this video will answer your questions.

a technical anthropological analysis of acheological finds.

extremely eye-opening.




i got nothing.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Friday, October 02, 2009

more of my dogma.

in the footsteps of michael cremo, tedd st. rain documents ancient artifacts found in america. very interesting lecture on the diversity of unusual items found while mining and making roads in the last 150 years.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


to anyone but an evolutionist bent on finding a link between humans and primates, it would be obvious that a pack animal would be better at co-operating than a herbivorous tree-dweller.

also generally, meat-eaters tend to be smarter than those who only eat grass.


because grass doesn`t run when you hunt it.

the evolution of the gym.

three years ago i seperated and moved in with friends. they were good enough to allow me to set ap a small gym in thier garage. i trained there for four months until i moved to my new apartment.

the bottom picture is from the back room of my apartment. one night i got a knock on my door late. the guy at the door asked if i had heard a large bang an hour or so before. he said the bang was so loud it knocked everything out of his bathroom cabinet. i said i hadn`t heard a thing.

later i realised that it was 245 pounds hitting the rubber mats when i was doing power-cleans. i had to laugh.

when i moved from my apartment this march i made a new gym in my girlfriend`s basement where the second picture was taken.

the new gym features a two level rack that i made out of two-by-fours that will support 700 pounds for shrugs and short range bench press. the lower level is for lower bench press and partial deadlifts. the rubber mats are great for saving the laminate flooring and for saving the concrete floor of my friend`s garage.

the dedicated warrior will find a way to stay battle-ready....y`know, for when the kids get out of hand....