Wednesday, February 28, 2007


more on the harlequin.

the coincedance of the harlequin was profound today. the person involved might be aware of what happened but suffice to say i will be meditating on this for a while.
no apologies.
i just need to really evaluate what is going on here.

lucky man.

stairway to heaven was written and performed by led zeppelin in the 1970`s.

i first learned to play the piece in the latter part of the decade and have loved to play it ever since.

today i had the honour of showing my oldest boy the first few chords of the tune and he is now playing it through.

i am grateful for this miracle in so many ways.


does anyone have a comment about harlequins?

all will not be revealed.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

waking up your spirit.

well, have you ever noticed that some moments are more real than others?

there are times when the colours are brighter and the sounds are clearer and things just feel better to the touch.....

and the coffee is particularly good.

and you can make clear decisions that lead to positive outcomes.

it is those moments when you are open to your divine spark.

the essence of being alive.

these moments are fleeting and rare and when they come it is a blessing.............

be ready when the next one comes.

prepare out of confidence and absolute certainty.

set a place at your table for the visit from the spirit.

and know that it is within you always.

an observation.

i noticed that my shinystat visits and pageviews have mirrored my internal state fairly accurately over the last few weeks.

today was one filled with working my way back to being present in the now..............

i need to do more meditation, but i noticed my hits and pageviews were up subsatantially as a result.


kb made a comment about assuming that struck a chord with me.

the core of my work as a therapist is knowing that the people that come to me for help know what they are experiencing.

i don`t.

i have no clue until they begin to get comfortable enough to begin to tell me what is going on.

i get some clues early on about how they do what they do, but if i assumed from the begining that they should go into box a or box b, then i would stop listening for what they had to say and fail to get to the bit about helping them.

i saw a great name for a high school the other day.


every day for years those students have to eat, sleep and drink that word in as they grow and learn.

love catholics.........

yeah baby.

what’s that einstein quote? something about how you can’t solve a problem with the same type of thinking that created the problem in the first place.

tell that to the bureaucrats.......

so, who hires the problem solvers then?

Monday, February 26, 2007

ok so........

do we reveal too much about ourselves here?

i have been on an on-line dating site since thursday of last week and have been quite overhelmed in many ways by the sheer volume of hits on my profile.

from an ego standpoint it is good for strokes but one realises quickly that most of these people aren`t interested in dates so much as the stroking of contact and e-mails and instant messaging and so on that i don`t have time for.

i want to meet a real woman for the normal reasons.

otherwise the fish can stay in the sea.

there are many types of people who get involved in games.

winners, losers and those who just like to be in the game.

i have to conclude that the majority of those people posting pictures are merely just wanting to be in the game.

sir winston..........

.................keeps an eye out for breaks in form as the iron flys.

two things i miss, and one that i don`t.

my cat, painting of the blue squares, and the thing i don`t miss............. the cherrywood floors in the house that i renovated so that my ex could sell it out from under me.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


seems impossible, but it`s exactly how things are.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

this shit makes me smile.

kids will be kids.......

it wasn`t entirely the jews fault though.

the romans helped.

i`m still laughing.

as bill would say, silly monkeys.


we are energy.

energy is, for want of a better way to describe it, emotion in motion.

we feel that which is energetic and we repond in kind.

this can be heaven or this can be hell.

so we are this bundle of emotion rocketing along at the speed of light......and let`s not fool ourselves in to thinking that we aren`t going that fast.......because i can prove it.

and so when things happen, they happen that fast.

186,000 miles per second.

indistinguishable from instant.

it is the human meat-mind that slows things down into words.


it`ll be interesting to see how this guy is recieved when he returns home, and who will photo-op him first.


interesting thing i learned this week.

my ego can be distracted.

quite easily actually.

i signed up for an on-line dating service and women have been checking out the picture and my comments.

it has made me feel much better about the escapade of this time last week.

it makes me realise the whole thing was ego-play.

a woman from my past stroked my ego and it took over.

i don`t blame her.

she did me a favour.

i learned something about myself and what i can do now.

and now that my ego is distracted from the last thing and is entertained over on the dating site, we can go back to talking about other bullshit.......

so where was i?

Friday, February 23, 2007

george carlin had a list....

.......of words you can`t say on tv.

here`s a thought. which words do you find objectionable?

which words wouldn`t you want coming out of your mother`s mouth?

your kids?

or do you care?

if you don`t know george`s list by heart, then use your imagination.


sometimes you just gotta laugh.

in the next few days...

in the next few days this blog will see it`s six thousandth visitor and ten thousandth page view, according to the shinystat plug-in that is represented by the map with all the red dots on it on the top left-hand side of the blog.

those red dots are you guys checking out the ups and downs of the hypgnosys experience.

i want to thank everyone who has visited here and returned to read further and comment, and of course those who just choose to read.

you have made this blogger`s life a richer experience by far.

so what have i learned from all this?

that humanity has a chance if we fight on a blog more often and less in the meat world.

i used to think that the blogger`s life was one of sitting in front of a screen in a dark room alone without actual personal contact.

now i`m convinced of the fact.

it takes real balls and a thick skin to deal with the fragility of the human condition face to face and i keep getting bloody noses as a result.

but i won`t ever stop the meat world adventures because i`m a stubborn prick with a mean streak that keeps me answering the bell......

but i`m seeing more and more positives in this form of stroking.

today i signed up for an on-line dating service called plenty of fish.

i never though i would and i never thought it would help me much.

thanks al.

i spent an hour there tonight looking at faces and reading profiles of people who are similar to me in many regards.

maybe i will contact one or two in the coming days.

but i noticed one thing that i wasn`t expecting.

the shit feelings that the week-end left me with have almost completely gone.

for that i`m so very grateful.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

couldn`t be........

i love the apologies the scientist make for the hunting behaviour.......

we need meat to feed our brains.

the word vegitarian means shitty hunter.

"hmm, this doesn`t fit the existing must be wrong"

and then......

i`m sitting in having lunch with a friend.

well, he`s ordering something for himself because my guts won`t let me think about food right now.....

and the waitress is asking me why i`m not hungry.

my friend bob tells her the tale because i`ve just got sick of reinstalling the feelings by repeating what happened.

and so.......

this waitress becomes all motherly and consoling and sharing my feelings and sits down right beside me and kisses me on the cheek.


you just have to laugh.

bless her heart.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

and some good news.

you have bore with me through the bullshit of the last week and so to balance things out i will share some of the good news.

the meeting my partner and i had with our client went extremely well today and we are being asked back to present our concept to the full board in three weeks. they have agreed to sign a pre-disclosure agreement to protect my methods, not so much from being stolen, but so that i have the right to use them with other prospects if the deal doesn`t come together.


oh yeah..............


probably not, but it sure felt like it today.


the sun is out, the wind is down, the snow is melting and it feels a lot like spring......

so i`m going to behave as if.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007


to some money is the root of all evil.

the dogmatic view is that somehow money earned is taken from those less fortunate.

those who preach that dogma are the first to hold thier hands out though.

i guess they are good enough to spend it wisely and for our own good.

it strikes me that they are the one`s preying on the poor......those working to raise families and pay the bills to get to the sermon on sunday.

well now is the time to stand up to that programming and take back what is ours, to claim what we have earned and need to survive and thrive.

and realise that money is merely a tool.

it is not good or evil.

the dialectics are a philosophical football kicked around by people with too much time on thier hands and who are generally french, or some other form of twerpyness, that stops them from thinking logically about reality.

money is a symbol of energy.

it is a symbol of everything that manifests it`s self in this plane of consciousness.

money comes into our reality like everything else in our lives.

by how we focus on it.

so if you think it`s good, or if you think it`s evil, or if you think it comes easily or hard, then you are right.

and i like bill`s take on energy.

all energy is sexual.

so money is a symbol of sexuality.

fuck yeah...........


the snowstorm last week postponed a meeting my business partner and i had with a major maufacturing company wherein we were going to present a solution to a problem they are experiencing which is costing them a great deal of money.

tomorrow we go back to the presentation table.

life makes me smile sometimes.

from the sublime to the ridiculous.

from the painful to the intensely enjoyable.

all in one moment of time that we stretch into a life.

i can`t tell you anything about this proposal or the industry this company is part of and even once the ink is dry on my cheque i won`t reveal all likelyhood.............

but suffice it to say that if they decide to hire us, my financial concerns will be taken care of for the foreseable future.

where there`s a will..........

well, you know the rest.

Monday, February 19, 2007


i can think of a few other things that would be theraputic using that technology. and no need for e-mail or phone calls either.


that was strange.

in the last few hours i have had this odd sensation begin.

i feel a sort of shifting of feeling, from desperation and pain to a sort of calm.

i find it hard to explain.

i got pissed off a few hours ago after a good work-out at the gym with some extra heavy weight.

jump-starting the heart is effective at times.

unfortunately i bit the head off one of the girls at starbucks as a result.

she was ok after i apologised though.

the resulting calm has allowed me to let a few hours go by and not call nancy.

what has happened as a result is the realisation that i don`t need to be treated that way.

this realisation has shored up my resolve to get on with things after being pretty much useless the last 24 hours.

i owe you guys another round of gratitude for your consistant support and advice.

don`t let it go to your heads.


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

the path that is to be walked.

i cannot begin to describe what has happened in the last 30 hours.

my mind won`t let me think clearly enough to begin.

so i will begin to type and see where i end up.

i began writing this blog to gain some perspective some months ago as things began to come apart in a phase in my life.

i have faith in my love for myself and for life and that drives me forward each day.

the rewards i have gained as a result of this faith are indescribable.

the disintegration of the family i had worked toward building was painful at first but as i moved forward i realised that things were going to be ok and i was still going to have my children happily in my life.

my business has taken some remarkably positive turns recently that are going to play out substantially in the next few weeks.

so things are good.

so i cannot believe what has happened here.

i am stunned.

bill, brother.................. you warned me.

i don`t even know how to put this into a readable post.

but she`s gone.

no phone calls.

no e-mails.


it was as if those few kisses were enough.

i can`t call any more for feeling like a fool.


so the word is fertility.

we want to be fertile.

so why do people worry about being infertile and talk about infertility and re-enforce the fact with thier friends when they are planning on spending $10,000 on fertility treatment?

because they don`t realise the power thier words have.

if you say the word lemon to yourself and see the small yellow fruit and get a knife and cut it and take half and bite it.......

what happens?

you will salivate.

so make sure that your words and your desires are congruent.

because the universe plays simon says all day long.

and then...................

..................there are those who won`t take help.

stubborn bastards.

rather sleep under a sleeping bag on a hot air grate than get off the fucking street.

though it does simplify things somewhat.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

more on spirituality.

bill said he has no problem marrying people because it`s up to them to make the ship float...........


it`s up to us to make our own boat float.

find a way.

fall down.

get up again.

help may come......... there are those who fill themselves up with helping others...................

but you are perfectly capable of getting the fuck up yourself.

don`t sue the minister if your marriage fails.

keep the feet moving.

find a way.

and besides, the one who will rush in and help will be waiting for payment eventually.

my spiritual path is a motherfucker, take no prisoners type thing.

and i`ve only got me to answer to.


little miss sunshine.

a painful deep look into dystopia.

if you`ve got an hour and a half and want to creep yourself out then go rent the movie.

oh yeah, and bill`s in it.

three beautiful things.

27 years between kisses.

27 years between kisses.

27 years between kisses.


i don`t know much about the little island off the coast of florida except that the bloke who runs the place killed his way in the door not unlike saddam husssein.

i know my exes parents live there six months of the year.

and i know that havana is a crumbling shell of a spanish colonial city.

what i don`t know is how a leader of a country could see his own population hobbled for his political advantage while he sold off the national industries one by one and pocketed the cash.

he even made forbes magazine as one of the wealthiest people in the world.

and his uniforms are made by his hong kong tailor.

and i don`t know how many people get eaten by sharks while trying to swim there.

Friday, February 16, 2007

a letter to my sister.

my sister had a shit day today and so i sent her this in an e-mail.

i think she`d feel ok with me sharing it with you too.

dear sister, when we track the path we walk we notice that it`s never the straight line we hoped for.

so where did we get the idea that it was in the first place?

so up and down we go.........

happy one minute and sad the next.

happy we are happy and sad that we are sad.

which do we notice and appreciate more?

the answer to that question is the answer to how we move forward.

like attracts like.........




fuck the metaphors.

realise that the more you look at things in a certain specific way, the more of that you will get.

it is the easiest, and at the same time, the hardest thing to do.

love, alistair.

my turn to guess......

spiritual is what we are.

the default setting.

the noise of what runs through our heads is installed commands from other humans.

when we tell that chatter to shut the fuck up, after awhile we start to have other experiences and feelings.

and we can choose to feel good for no reason.

no intellectul process.

no inventory of thinking that went before, that we studied and learned and regurgitated in excange for a piece of paper.

we live in a well created by all the chatter and learning that altered the default setting.

so we are working to buy bits of things assembled and sold to us to keep us going to work so that we can get more things.

a consumer society.

the noisy heads prevail.

and the girls were not allowed to play this game for so long that now they have the ability and permission to get it on, they are going full tilt.

and the lawyers tell them precisely how.


we unattach to outcomes and go for a walk or a bike ride and love our kids and play guitar and hang out with friends and realise the game is afoot and don`t beat ourselves up anymore or blame anyone else for this sorry mess.

and recognise the joy of the abundance of everything that we are surrounded by and be a part of it.

i am working on my doctorate for credibility in business, not to find answers.

there are no answers in a textbook.

that`s just another game.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

a definition of the term spiritual.

please, if you would be so kind, leave us with your definition of what it means to be spiritual.

and there are no wrong answers..........

`cause we`re all trying to find our way.

after the storm.

the view from the tower in the morning sun.

a quote from tim.

There’s no such thing as a “mental disorder.” Rather, we have linguistic complexes which we format into programs and load into the AI plug&play-([hot]air)port and then these programs create logical flaws (because all language-based bio-programs terminate in logical errors) and then because we have reified these linguistic structures, we believe ourselves to have a “mental disorder”.

logical errors! precisely.

stop telling yourself you are a piece of shit............

just in case.

just in case.

sometimes it is the simple thing that is the solution.

occam`s razor.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007, i er.......

i think that`s what willaim of orange wanted from sir issac newton.

to have the gold in the bank and used to pay for mercenaries in the war against france at the same time.

newton was an alchemist, and promised bill that if he couldn`t return the gold, that he would make some more.

fuck, i love history.

king william made newton the chancellor of the excheqour. (or how ever you spell it.)

head of the bank of england.

sort of like the federal reserve.

born to win, conditioned to fail.

watch if you dare...........

and the snow keeps coming.

and the coffee shop opened just for us...........

it`s still snowing.

well, my plans have been dashed on the rocks. the snow has closed the city and my children are here as the schools are`s time to go for an adventure.

i was supposed to be in a meeting that has the potential to change my financial life this morning at ten.

i knew by about supper time last night that it wasn`t going to happen.

it can wait.

i am hoping to get flowers to my new old friend though. that would be nice.

pictures of the snow will be pending once the camera charges.......

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

global warming.

hey, a shovel?
the view from the tower as the snow has continued to fall all day.

what bertrand russell was really on about.

oh shit......



Monday, February 12, 2007

a blonde and a brunette.

loyal women..........

word verification.

for those who care to indulge me, i would be interested in seeing some of the word verification thingys you get when posting here.

some seem to be trying to communicate a message.........

and your interpretations would be useful too.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

i make no apologies....................

the core of this is that it is man`s natural desire to name, claim and organise everything.

maybe it`s out of fear, but certainly it puts the process to death with absolute certainty.

The Devil was walking down the street with a friend, and they saw a man pick something up, look at it carefully and put it in his pocket. The friend said to the Devil, “What’s that?” The Devil said, “He has found a bit of the truth.” The friend said, “Isn’t that bad for your business?” The Devil said, “No, I am going arrange to have him organize it.”

and thanks to tim over at for the humour, which is the condensation point of the post.......

and i`m as guity as the next man.

in da haus......

you vill laf.

here`s something i live by.

lead, follow or get out of the way.

and if you get the v for vendetta.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

we all fall.

it`s inevitable.

gravity is a fact.

no matter why it still works.

and so every now and then we fall.

so we are all in it together.

falling now and then.

what seperates us is what we do next.

so now that i`m dusting my self the fuck off and looking around for my hat and my horse, i want to thank everyone for your kind comments.



yeah, good word.

in my exes defence though, she worked hard and made sure the kids were well looked after.

she still does.

what she doesn`t realise is that she`s crashed a part of her children`s lives that can`t be repaired.

and for what?

a pile of bricks and a bank account?

a fair portion of which she`s going to have to give her lawyers.

which i warned her about.

she said i was a liar.

she`s written a number of cheques so far and the big ones are coming

i told her that i would negotiate without the lawyers and she said i didn`t have a case, so not to waste my money.

yet here we are.

i said that the only ones who were lying (or not telling the whole truth....) were her lawyers, which has worked out considering where the judges actions have taken this so far.

so we wait until april and round three, wherin a judge makes a determination of a non-binding variety.

this gives both parties in the case a fair idea where the next judge, the one in civil trial, will go.

which is what i wanted to do a year a go.



good word.

love what you do........

................and you`ll never work another day in your life.

my ex left me because she said i didn`t know the meaning of hard work.

well i do........

and i prefer not to.

i`m not adversed to building a deck or installing hardwood flooring or finishing basements.

i did that for 12 years.

what i have to show for that is the remnants of a sore back, a surgically repaired left bicep and many months and years of lost life due to fatigue.

i know what your thinking..........everyone has to earn a living, and you are correct.

and this goes to my point.

when i decided, and my ex agreed, that i change careers and start a therapy clinic i immediately felt that i`d made the right decision.

and so did my clients.

people lost weight, stopped smoking, dealt with anxiety and generally began to make improvements in thier lives as a result of my work.

raising two boys and working from home meant that i had to juggle clients and be a full-time dad while my ex went on with her career in nursing.

and i was fine with that.

my fees are reasonable for the industry and allowed us to pretty much kill a $300.000. mortgage in 15 years.

so when my common-law spouse of 15 years announced that she was going to sell the house and wanted to seperate..........

.......i was more than mildly suprised.

i was more suprised when she expressed her belief that the house was hers.

she told me that she felt that i wasn`t actually working and that i was sitting around talking...........

well, no shit. that`s what councelling is.

well so here we are, fast forwarded six months.

we have been to court twice and are going back in april to negotiate a settlement under the family law reform act here in ontario that allows for shit like this to be taken to a civil court in 2007.

so i`ve been writing this blog to keep some semblance of sanity while this all goes on.

i`ve lost my ability to earn a decent living in my home of 15 years and struggle to see clients in this crumbling old apartment or go to thier home when thats suitable.

and i only get to see my kids when they are too much for her to handle on week-ends.

but you know what?

i love what i do and all this just makes me determined to find financing to open a clinic before spring.

Friday, February 09, 2007

hey kiddies........

we`re going to iran!

nuff said.........

know these cats?

why i stay out of politics.

i find myself being drawn into the circle of political opinion as i click comment links and surf across the consciousness.

i have said from the start that i would avoid comment of a political nature, and for the most part i have..........

why? because it tends to reduce people to a petty level.

but someone recently took my behavioural analysis of a particular political figure personally and made a rather strongly ad hominem remark in response.

i made the comment in an environment where i felt that i was comfortable to do so and that my position would be taken in the way it was intended.

now, while i don`t feel personally harmed by the statement, it is a shame that the person who made the comment hasn`t got a blog presence to allow responses to thier remarks.

so, i guess i will just have to be a little more careful with sensitive subjects.

yeah, gonna happen............


we are all made of energy.

even science is begining to come to the same conclusion now that thier toys are becoming powerful enough to look past the illusion of solidity.

now, i`m not going to rant on about scientists here because i think the majority of scientists are as curious as the next person about the oddness of what`s going on around us each day.

the closer we get to looking at matter, either physically or philosophically, we start to realise that there is nothing solid at all about the stuff we are surrounded by.

the human will is far stronger and resilient that the hardest steel or the toughest diamond.

it goes through these things as if they aren`t even there.

the human consiousness has decided to allow things to be real.

we have had centuries of consensus to form our towers of glass and steel and our technology of silicon neurology.

so where is this all going to end up?

back where it came from.

and what will be left?



there are those who say that it`s a photoshop job, and rightly so.

so i poked around and found a story from ctv news in canada that actually quotes an ikea spokesperson (robot drone.) who states clearly that photo is as published in thier 2007 catalog and that it`s in reality the dog`s hind leg..........that looks a lot like a dog`s cock.

no, she didn`t say the last bit.

dog cock?

this is my point. the images aren`t subliminal. that`s a load of bullshit dressed up as caviar.........these are covert images that are so out of place that the mind sees the image and then goes, nah, couldn`t be, and then goes on as if nothing happened.

the fact remains that the dog has an erection fit for a king and, well, actually looks a little distressed about the whole thing. but nonetheless.

this image is from the ikea catalog for 2007.

covert messages.

i spoke recently about media and made some preliminary statements about what exactly it is and is not.

it is clear that media is just about anything that contains something else.............

like a human, for instance.

the major thinking of the sixties and seventies was that the media themselves were the message and that the content was meaningless.

so we went back to sleep.

there are so many levels to this analysis (bill....) that the discussion could go on forever never getting to the core of the point.

the message is so vitaly important as to be critical to our existance.

so what is the message?

well, it used to be fertility.

for centuries the media of the day was about virility and reproduction..........

even the religious icons contained virtually pornographic representations of phalluses.

i will be posting examples of these things in future posts.

the thing is these symbols were there in plain sight and became common parts of religious paraphenalia and yet people didn`t consciously percieve them.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


this one`s for jlee.

thanks to modern technology we don`t have to wait to get impatient anymore.

we used to have to wait for half an hour to get our t.v. dinner out of the it takes a few minutes to get impatient waiting for the microwave to cook the damn thing.

i have seen people standing in line at starbucks get so worked up that they actually leave the line.

you can see it brewing.

they start moving jerkily and breathing out their nose and looking at their watch.

then they start shuffling and looking this point they are still embarrassed to just walk out.

then it becomes too much. they notice that someone isn`t paying quickly enough or the staff are too slow, and bang, flashpoint, huge adrenalin dump, and they`re gone.

the begining of a rotten day.


i play over a led zeppelin riff in my head or imagine something fantastic like scoring a cracking goal in soccer or running as fast as i can until i can barely keep my feet on the ground.........

and then it`s my turn to get served.

i hate waiting, so why do it?

love this.


i love uncertainty.

uncertainty is the thing that makes everything happen.

it is the creative drive. the anxiety. the real reason why.

when we are certain we become complacent and don`t need to try any longer.

most try to switch the uncertainty off and succeed.

but then what?

nothing further ventured.

nothing gained.

imagine if the people who built and the internet couldn`t be bothered to keep going until it was finished.

"it seemes like a good idea but who`s gonna want to sit home and type at a keyboard in the dark?"

we wouldn`t be doing this right now would we.

was it really uncertainty that built the internet?


layers and layers of uncertainty stacked up on eachother.

as soon a certainty hits then nothing more needs to be done and people lose interest.

media is the message.

the content of the media isn`t as important as the media it`s self.

the media is the message.

this is marshall mcluhan`s position regarding media.

then why the covert images everywhere?

is it just some boyish prank......or are there reasons why we are bombarded with images that our conscious minds don`t process?

the cn tower.

here is a picture of one of canada`s most famous attractions. first-time visitors to this great county are always pleased to be able to see one of the wonders of the modern world.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007


not too big a word.......

it means self taught.

i find that my best and most meaningful education has been on my own without the traditional schoolroom/teacher modality.

i don`t know why this is but probably because i can`t sit still for extended periods of time and get bored shitless by monotone voices and content-free lectures.


i read most of my text books in the first few days of class.

my most meaningful education is ongoing and with the help of friends, neigbours, business associates, clients and you guys........

there is an intellectual snobbery surrounding a formal education that dictates that the only knowledge is gained at the degree level and beyond.

this attitude makes me love to play with people like that who are so overbought in thier stuff that they can`t exert any flexibility over thier own dogma.

though she is very pretty when she smiles.........

Carbon has 6 electrons and 6 protons and 6 neutrons.

Carbon has 6 electrons and 6 protons and 6 neutrons.

what is media?

we use the term freely in conversation, but do we really understand what it is?

here`s the way that i use the term.

media is a ground for information.

tv is the one example that we are familiar with.

tv is the ground for programs which are the content.

but what isn`t a form of media?

i`d be interested in your ideas about what wouldn`t be considered a form of media.

i`m going somewhere with this so bear with me.

litebrite strikes fear into the hearts of ...............

apparently terrorists are using litebrite media to strike fear into the hearts of children.

i can`t see anyone but an oversensitive child being alarmed by the sight of this little guy, but that`s just me.

law enforcement experts see things differently, as ricardo points out in his posting above.

to me this smells of good old-fashioned viral marketing, whereby a staged event is branded with an image of something that is linked to a consumer product............and the reporting media does the rest.

just like i`m doing now.

so when you buy a litebrite on whim one day you will know why.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

three beautiful things.

i forget to do this.

remind myself that i have things to be grateful for.

so when i remember i post three beautiful things that i`ve seen or experienced recently.

i encourage you to find the time occasionally to do the same......

or just post three beautiful things here to share.

-the sun on a day that is so cold your nose hairs freeze as you pedal your bike.

-a visit to the gym and the best workout i`ve had in months.

-showing my friend al the tortures of my workout.

i did take it easy on you didn`t i brother?

i want to cheat a bit and add another thing.

i watched a red-tailed hawk swoop down on a field mouse in the front yard of a house in front of the tower this afternoon. i watched him through the bushnells for about ten minutes or so while he just sat there with the mouse in his clutches, steadily watching all around for other predators.
i`m not sure what he was waiting for and when i left he was still sitting there just waiting.

hunt and kill.



for anyone who has been called a mysogynist, either to thier face or behind thier back, you might want to go visit my friend henry`s site for a bit and feel that you aren`t alone in your views............

and the girls could learn a thing or two about why they sit by the phone alone too.

we are in this together after all.

tab a still goes into slot b.

that`s right........

a smile occasionally makes things so much nicer.


for those who love viral marketing like i do will be entertained by this story as it emerges.


the one eye`d monster.

does anyone actually like tv?

there is never anything on is there?

but we watch.

well, actually, you watch.

i own a tv but there is no media signal coming in the back from the cable company.

the only time the tv is on is when the x-box is running or i`m watching a movie with the kids.

marshall mcluhan, a media analyst from the `70s said that there is so little in the way of data being transmitted by the tv. that the conscious mind goes to sleep within a few minutes of watching.

what continues to watch is a trance-induced entity that you have become.

the consumer.

and you guys will buy anything.





more wars.


the terminator is now the governor of california.

and what are you eating and drinking?

don`t supersize me thanks.


politicians don`t run things.

they are the gatekeepers.

anyone who sells knows what gatekeepers are.

the guard around the executive class.

the people who make decisions in an organisation place guards up so that they can go about thier day uninterupted by pitches for this that and the other thing.

the true executive in our society are not politicians.

they aren`t partisan.

they understand the currency of power.

they understand where they get thier power from and they are not going to ever lose it.

so we get to watch from the sidelines in our cubicles glued to our flatscreen tvs beaming in complete and utter bullshit directly into our sleeping consciousness.

remember what you have watched all your lives since the vietnam war.

it`s all been bullshit.

and we shout at the gatekeepers as if they are the one`s in control.

elvis as left the building.


there are those among you that feel that because i have certain views that i must be a specific sort politically.

it`s reasonable to assume this for the most part because we are conditioned to sort people by thier opinions and values.......

but here`s the thing.

my views aren`t political.

my views are economic, cultural, social, sexual, psychological, genetic or spiritual.....but are never political.

the only time they may seem political is when i`m analysing the behaviour of a politician.

the entire political game is one of obfuscation.

it is a three ring circus designed with one purpose in mind.


within it everyone is confused.

look at the debates.

the winners are lawyers and other bureaucrats who, for centuries, have been writing law and then forgetting what the last law was about.

so they write another one.

these people are passionate about law as you or i would be passionate about sports or music or art or a beautiful woman.

these laws are designed to do one thing; seperate you and i from our money.

the display that politicians put on is a peacock dance of shakespearian proportions designed to give thier egos a jolly good handjob, meanwhile democrats and republicans both eat and drink from the same trough when the cameras are turned off.

that trough is filled with our tax money.

like lawyers from both sides in a dispute, these people are team-mates, not adversaries.

you might think they are on your side when you write cheques or vote (same thing.) but you are wrong.

rene descarte popularised the perception of duality.

now these people play on the perception for power and money.

for more on this try;

omnipresent....not omnipotent.

still thinking about that one.................

i`m going to riff on this one for a bit.

so god is here all the time but he can`t do anything he wants to effect events and people now.

so he created all this and now it`s running along out of his control.

here`s a descartian question then.

who, if anyone is in control then?

if nobody is in control or can have any effect on things other than by direct physical means then we can just relax and go with it.

if there is some direct link between thinking and outcomes.......which i tend to favour......then it would be in our best interest to build good healthy models for thinking about our prospects and our creative responsibility.

Monday, February 05, 2007


here`s the thing.

we`re hypnotised all the time.

that`s why science can`t figure out what the hell hypnosis is.

double blind won`t work.

placebo won`t work.

drugs won`t work.

only normal people can hypnotise...........or be hypnotised.

the good news is that that includes 100% of everyone.

well, there is that one 37,000 that is a walking stone........ but hey, he`s the exception that proves the rule.

not only are we hypnotised all the time but we choose the trance we want.....though most don`t realise it.

so now i will not have to count backwards from ten for you to realise that you are at your computer once again.

and things will be better from now on.

before i forget.

three beautiful things.

my fucking life.........i`m alive!

knowing that eventually it will warm up.

knowing that there are more moments of joy and wonder to come.

alan watts.......

the mind of a philosopher is formed when he is young.

when we are young we are all philosophers.

"but why mum?" is all we say until we are about 6 or 7 years old.

mum usually breaks of that habit one way or another.

and if she doesn`t do it then the teachers will.

like alan watts, i never felt that most of the answers my mother provided me with really answered the questions i had.

or my teachers.......well, except occasionally when mr. harris was stoned. or because mrs. kennedy actually cared. or because mr. archambeault actually was a geologist who helicoptered into the rockies to find things, instead of just reading shit out of a book and then getting pissy because we couldn`t memorise the facts like they did.

so yeah, the philosopher`s mind is formed out of curiosity that stays fresh each day.

so when i asked my mother where we came from i wasn`t asking for a biology lesson............

why i`m not a christian.

bertrand russell wrote a book called why i`m not a christian.

it sat on my dad`s bookshelf looking at me for years.

i never did read it.

but it made me think.

here`s an eminent mathmatician/philosopher with a book title like that`s sitting on the bookshelf of a catholic mathmatician/philosopher who tries to instill catholic dogma in his son any chance he gets........

and yet, there`s the book.


if that thinking is good enough for some strident socialist blowhard, then maybe i can try it on for a bit.

eight year old`s logic.

now i know the reasons why i`m not a christian.

though i love family, property, community, the right to bear arms, and to militarily solve problems.

and that makes me not a canadian either.

so why am i not a christian?

i`m not guilty of any original sin.

i`m not personally responsibly for anyone else`s happiness, comfort, freedom or blah blah blah.

and jc? he died to put an end to the dogma.

it`s over.

but the bureaucrats reign supreme.

sorry, but i`m not going to carry that weight.

what? now he`s having a go at alcoholics.

no, actually what i`m "Having a go at" is this organisation that proports to help people contend with the abuse of alcohol.

i have known more than a few people who have gotten in with this group and have never been heard from again.


my father included.

so convinced that they were "powerless" to something that that`s exactly what happened.

not rocket science........otherwise those fuckwits that started a.a. wouldn`t have been able to do it.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

er, um...........

or, shut yer pie hole.

but, oh we can`t say that to these poor ill children........they might get offended. so we`ll just surgically mutilate them instead.

then everything will be fine.


isn`t it remarkable how small black marks on a computer screen can evoke such feelings in people?

i have followed the comments recently across the blogs of north america and beyond and i have to say it is just incredible how people can be so unavailable to themselves as they sit at a keyboard in a dimly lit room.

i have a really cool device on my blog. it`s called a moderator.

i have to personally decide to include a comment when it is recieved, so i exercise the right to not post some of the deluded nonsense that some people apply instead of reasonable care and concern for others.

and you know exactly who you are...........

now having said that, i have to say that i enjoy a go at issues and people that i disagree with.......but the great thing about this medium, and life in general, is that if you are in disagreement with me or are offended you can comment or simply go away.

and just remember, we are all hypocrites. so if i contradict myself you can point it out if you need to, but just realise that there is no, um, prize for best answer or for stump the doc, or for debating for more that a few posts.

actually you can`t stump the doc..........come to think of it.

oh yeah, so the point of this post is energy.

we are all energy.

everything around us is energy.

we are all creating all of this every second of our existance.

make the fucking best of it.

and stop wearing that cross with the guy nailed to it around your neck................

no really...........cut it out.

it didn`t even work like you thought it would the first time and it only scares little kids and retards anyway.

grow up.

with all due respect........................

....................which equates to um, zero....................

the guy in the fish hat is talking out of it again, and the sheep are listening.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


winai hopes i don`t believe in reincarnation.

i have to say that i have no absolute imperical way of knowing if it does or not, but i would like to consider this;

our dna is transferred directly from generation to generation by obvious physical means.

our dna is an encoded molecular series that transfers physiological and psychological traits from one generation to the next.

apples don`t fall too far from the tree, as they say.

our minds and bodies are experience machines. we take our lives into our cells and adapt. darwin was right about this one thing at least.

spirit somehow arrived in an animal form at some point in our existance.

who`s to say it`s not a fluid function?

i do not believe or subscribe to this position.

that would require proof.

begs the question.

well, judges are nothing if not political.

could you imagine what would have happened if these two deviants had been regular people rather than members of an enourmously powerful political entity?

now remember kiddies, if you want to act out your criminal tendancies all you have to do is align yourself with some popular political cause and then once you have your official membership you can then commit all manner of otherwise criminal acts.

this isn`t to say that you won`t be arrested and charged and tried, but the court will not recognise you as an individual so much as a member of a group, and as such you will then gain access to those delicious and non-fattening inalienable rights that some people clammer on about having a god given right to..........

......whatever the fuck that means.

so, if you are feeling pathological and angry at the world (read, mum and dad....) for not giving things to you when you jump up and down and hold your breath, now here`s your chance to gang up and have your revenge.

and for those of you who aren`t imaginative enough to figure out which groups i`m talking about and are looking for a radical new career, here you go che;




right to life.

the democratic party of america.

in canada, the ndp.

i`m not sure if the i.r.a. are still into public relations these days but i think that eta, hezbollah and the tamils are looking for cannon fodder, i mean, er new recruits.

wango tango.

i love vegetarians. i eat them all the time.

cat scratch do doo dooooooo.............


abundance is a measure of quantity.

the word means different things to people.

some people see it as availability and some as a lack.

both are right.

for themselves.

the word is another mirror on the soul of the person reading.

Friday, February 02, 2007

the secret.

i highly recommend this movie to anyone who wishes to align themselves with abundance.

it is streamed here free.

blessings from the universe and all that..................

selfish motivation, like what, a life insurance policy? the anihilation of the self is just about as unselfish as one can be..............unless you are the one currently providing a shoulder for hilary clinton to cry on..........

(shit, political statement..........maybe nobody will notice.)

seriously though, i have known a few people who have commited suicide and, other that a few self-centered people who thought they were the one suffering, the act didn`t hurt anyone.

and i fail to see how a judge would be a greater arbitor of one`s pain than one`s self.


i forget to meditate. sometimes i go weeks without the practice. then, for no apparent reason i find myself deep in a place where there is no dialog.

the practice of putting colours togther on canvas does that for me.

no, don`t do it man...........

but who could resist.


the sheer beauty of this guy is breathtaking..................

Thursday, February 01, 2007


in my training it was instilled in me from the begining that the effectiveness of a message is measured by it`s responses.

in other words, if people misunderstand you, change the way you are communicating.

unless you don`t give shit.

many times i deconstruct confusing communication, especially in advertising, where it seems that one message is being transmitted when actually it`s another.

for example; "don`t drink and drive." this statement is made by law inforcement with the supposed intention of stopping drinking and driving.

a much more effective way to communicate that message would be to say that "if you drink then drive a car it`s likely that this will happen." then show a picture of a car crash.

the difference is in that the first statement is covert command to drink and drive, whereas the second statement is an overt indication of outcome.

why is the first statement a covert command to drink and drive?

well, it is the intention in some people`s minds to drink and drive already. the mind cannot process a negative statement. you cannot not think of an orange, for instance.

you firstly have to entertain the idea of that which is being presented in a negative way.

sooooooo, therefore, if you command someone to "don`t drink and drive.", you are asking them to entertain what they are already thinking about doing..............

and many choose to then go ahead and do it.