Thursday, December 24, 2009

dead zone.

just moved and the powers that be have decided that we don`t get internet for the holidays.

welcome to the dead zone!

i will get to the library and post occasionally until such time as we can go on-line again....but until then....happy blogging, and don`t talk to the elves.

no really, don`t talk to the elves.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

of course.

this is offensive to people who believe that a man and his wife don`t have sex.

those who believe that a man and his wife could live together and travel together but not have sex for the entire time they were married have some issues would think.

but then again marriage has got other purposes than sex and pregnacy in the normal human way.

transfer of assets for instance.

and i know a couple of women who have a personal relationship with the lord our saviour.

i guess if you don`t like sex with another person, a ghost will do.

one woman actually said to me with a straight face,  'i feel him move within me..."

you have just got to be kidding woman.

on another note, did you know that 95% of women that abuse thier children have never experienced an orgasm?

and futher, that toronto is known as the frigid woman capital of the world.

golf finally becomes a sport.,209225

and by the way, tiger?; cut her a cheque the old fram oil filter commercial says, "you can pay me now, or......"

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


these guys are spooling up for a big old bang.  they don`t like israel and they don`t like america and they don`t like anything really unless it`s iranian. we went through this with iraq recently and thankfully they now don`t have access to technology greater than a red and white taxi.

nice people though.

just don`t give them medium range thermo-nuclear rockets.

Monday, December 14, 2009

i`ve posted about this guy before.,208327

and for those who don`t know him, he`s an old-school hockey coach who advocates physical violence in the game of hockey.

now, i now there are those of you who know a bit about hockey and say, well, it`s violent by where`s the harm in rallying the troops?

the problem is that hockey is really a skill game with a few of the fat kids trying to hit the athletes before they score again.

and don cherry encorages the fat kids to try  harder.

cherry freaked when the russians and czechs and swedes and finns started coming into the league because the flowing skill game makes the hitting game seems so neandertal and stupid by comparison.

cherry`s cry of "hit them harder" was heard on coaches corner each saturday night for years.

granted, canadian players have the skills...gretzky, lindros, lafleur, cornoyer, etc...but the culture of agression and voilence still persists in the receptical of mr. cherry and the like who encourage parents and kids to "kill him" he needs to shut the fuck up and let them skate, pass, shoot and score.......

....and maybe he can go and commentate on the ufc.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


recently i haven`tt had much to say.

tiger woods sort of took the wind out of my sails, and as i watch this train wreck happening in slo-mo i wonder just how much shitty our media can become as they deliver this to our eyeballs in various ways.

the only way i ever see that man`s face is because yahoo pushes it in my face as i check for e-mails...otherwise he falls into the infinite abyss along with all the other "news" i can`t be bothered to comment on.

oh yeah, and gossip at christmas parties.

which  brings me back to christmas.


people are already stressed enough and too fat, stupid and ignorant to get out of thier own way regarding most issues, and so when christmas looms they go into that traditional not-ok state of panic and spend and eat and drink as if it`s somehow making them feel better.

and for that brief moment when you are full and buzzed and have wrapped all the boxes ready for your "loved" ones to descend upon them...i guess you are sort of happy. at least satisfied that you`ve run your errands and satisfied your commitment to whomsoever will sit in that room with you on the 25th.

but what about the 24th?

or the 27th?

or january 3rd?

what shit state of affairs leads us to neglect the other days of the year so profoundly to pile heaps of consumer items under a decapitated conifer while ungrateful whelps grap, rip and tear at the paper and ribbon that you so carefully applied a few hours before?

and then...not minutes later, while the cat dives in an out of the refuse....the feelings begin to dissipate and a slight chill descends....driven by a mild hangover and thoughts of visa card bills and another emotive spasm looming a week later.

new years!

for fuck`s sake.

are we that lame and disenchanted that we will sit drunk once again and countdown the last few remaining minutes of this sad pathetic year that has been 2009...with  other drunk sad people that we really don`t want to hug and kiss on this night...or any other night for that matter.

yep. we are that lame.

i need to  get back to my disciplined life. the life of workouts and focusing on my diet and professional developement.

i met a wonderful woman and she has shown me the value of family, love and closeness....things i so desperately missed...but with it has come a longing for my sharp focus on, well....anything but mindless consumerism.

i`m trying to balance this all out this cold wet rainy morning while my children play somewhere in the house and my girlfriend is tucked in her bed reading upstairs.

and i will continue to try.

but i need to feel the road under my bike tires and my heart pounding in my chest.

then i will be able to deal with christmas...a little bit at least.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

i have noticed.....

....a substantial increase in the number of followers recently.

just thought i`d say hello and welcome you all to the hypgnosys ride. it can get dark occasionally, but mostly investigative, analytical and sometimes sarcastic.

good to have you on board.

now, can anyone tell me what the fascination with obama`s wife is?

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Monday, December 07, 2009

pick one.

better than trying unseccessfully to get you to pick a religion, you can now pick an icon which best suits your demeanour.

do it now.

thanks to grant by the way....

and further, which one would you want as a boss?  friend? cross country companion?

Saturday, December 05, 2009

i was thinking.... i used to, about such things as evolution and just exactly what that means.

the idea that we came from some other species of animal adapted to changes in our environment seems somehow wrong to me.

darwin catalogued species of birds in the galapagos islands and noticed that in different areas of the islands the birds had adapted physiologically to best survive. where insects were plentiful the birds had beaks and claws for holding and eating them. in areas where seeds were the only food source the beaks adapted. this sort of adaptation took generations to evolve.

this adaptation is seen in all species, including humans.

what darwin didn`t find was birds becoming other types of species.

and no other scientist has either.

the only place i`ve ever seen evolution of the type that evolutionists have suggested is in technology.

mechanisms evolve as humans find ways to improve thier devices.

the actions of a higher intelligence act upon devices to allow them to improve in form and function.

like computers.

the first ones were simple beads on rails for doing math.

then came mechanical devices for holding place so that computations could be made.

when vacuum tube technology came along electronic circuits became used for the same purpose.

as circuits became smaller and smaller power consumption grew less, allowing powerful computers to become portable. what once filled a whole room could be held  in the palm of one hand.

now our giga-bit memories allow us to store every phone number in the world in our phone.....

we are the one`s who are driving evlolution. we are the one`s who work in labs to breed clones and create new species...

...and suggest that we can take dinosaur dna and create a new dinosaur.

which i personally think would be kinda cool....unless peta let it loose.....

so how did humans come to exist?

we certainly didn`t evolve naturally from apes or chimps.

even darwin knew that.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


i was watching a movie last night with my girlfriend. the x-files movie for those interested. we were being bored for a few moments with an interview with the actors and the director and my girlfriend said, "why don`t you skip ahead to the film...." and i said that it was one of those old-fashioned newtonian mechanical devices on tape and that it conformed to physical limits of time and space, unlike a cd or dvd which transcends them.

we live in a reality that we experience as if it is on a strip of iron oxide coated tape running in one direction.

from birth to death.

for the majority of us we will see, in the not too distant future, more devices and processes that will allow us to shift from this newtonian local view of reality, toward a non-local quantum mechanical view of things so that things like size and time and location won`t be as critical to our thinking as it is now.

for some this is a frightening concept that means losing a grip on things that "matter" literally and figuratively. areas such as computing and nano-technology are now entering into the realm of non-local functioning and will soon become indisticnct from magic for the lay observer.

the simple fact that people could actually invent the cd in the first place is an early indication that this process is underway....and that in the more than twenty years since we first got cds imagine what else has been developed, waiting to emerged.

the newtonian physical view of reality brought us wonders of clockwork machinery and thinking, the next shift of perception will be......non-material.

and maybe some things that have been a mystery to society will become apparent.....finally.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

what if....

...we never stop asking questions?

i am criticised occasionally for asking so many questions about everything....and i`m asked when the questions end.

they don`t.

questioning is a way of life for those on a spiritual path. those of us looking for enlightenment in all facets of our lives continually ask questions about....everything.

so if you are uncomfortable with the constant inquiry, i suggest you take up a religion.

you won`t have to ever ask a single question in your life again.

in fact, in most religions you won`t be allowed to.

do we have to?

do we have to choose a religion?

do we need to believe in something greater than ourselves?

i think most people are either already believing in something because of where they have found themselves through the actions of parents, family or friends....or they had questions of faith and asked a bloke in a dress.

i think that there is an energy that we are all part of that shapes this existance and that religion has usurped this knowledge and jumbled up simple concepts in mythology and fairy tales so that people are confused and sometimes even a little afraid to think for themselves and ask the questions they wanted to ask when they were five or six.

y`know, pat condell does a great service to people by giving them a perspective on religion that most are too close to to be able to distinguish the politics fromt he sunday hymns.

he is a little radical and he freely admits that he relishes the position of being a militant athiest.

so; the questions we wanted to ask when we were five or six.

where do trees come from?

god made them, mummy said. dad said that it is all a part of god`s plan for us all. the trees, the sky, the birds, the fields and the rivers.

all of it made by god.

why we asked?

so that we may know his splendour and that when we die we will be re-united with him and all of our loved ones that have gone before us.

(?) why do people have to die?

because it is a part of god`s plan. a mystery to us mere mortals.

pretty soon little kids stop asking questions because, frankly, it gets frightening. to think that a god made us and then summerily whacks us  whenever he feels like it......

and pretty soon the whys just peter out and we have this benign habit of going to church on sunday and watching our parents put money on a plate.

and personally that is why i think religion is a waste of time. and money.

and they do like our money don`t they?