Friday, October 24, 2008

even in second life.

and maybe in first life, if you try...........

Thursday, October 16, 2008

pat condell.

as a communicator i struggle to say difficult things with the clarity of this man.

thanks to youtube and blogger i can now allow pat to speak for me on the thorny issue of the islamification of the west.

enjoy.....and please, once you have watched, let me know what you think.


not suitable to watch....

......if you work in a church.

when you`ve finished laughing, be good boys and girls and leave a comment.


flying mince.

NOT suitable to view at work.

good advice about diet.

and don`t be offended by the fucking swearing.

Monday, October 06, 2008


i`d like to dedicate this to ms.q.


that means without conditions.

like...all the time.

that`s how i set out to write this blog some years ago when i realised the relationship with the mother of my children was falling apart.

and how i realised that i could love myself.




loving and supporting.

because i knew truths about myself that were good and bad. and accepted that i`d got this far in this state and that i could experience love and devotion....i learned this through becoming a father........and that the world that i didn`t want to bring children into for most of my adult life had this ability to be ok once i began to accept and love myself unconditionally.

so it all comes back to this; once we find a way to unconditionally love ourselves, then others are left to face thier own decisions about themselves (or not....) and our lives change.

we stop putting ourselves in situations that are uncomfortable, or worse...and we put less obligation on others, and let them do thier thing and accept that too.

meeting others expectations a challenge?

then stop.

and sit back and watch the damage that expectations can cause....and just accept and love yourself.

others can then choose to do that too.

and you will be suprised at who comes and who goes from your life.

i feel like preaching a bit this afternoon so forgive me, or not, as i type away about what i feel is the most important practice we can take up on our journey through whatever it is we are journeying through in our conscious awareness.

oh yeah, and be prepared for the consquences of such a self-indulgent act. some will get hostile when you refuse to feed thier disagreement.

one of the first challenges i met in blogging was the power of disagreement.

people would openly challenge my posts and comments with all manner of comments in return, that, if we had been face-to-face, would have been too confrontational.

it took some adjustment on my part and a new-found confidence in my position to continue on typing and the point where i discovered that i really did love, not only myself, but how i said what i said.

and so i come full circle to begining to post once again about the unconditional love for the self.

also called not taking shit.

try it for a day or two and watch eyebrows fly.

Friday, October 03, 2008

no shit sherlock.

"kellogs are working to make thier cereals more nutritious."


if they managed people wouldn`t eat them.

oatmeal, or as we called it as kids, porridge, is a dense, low glycemic food that is equally good for men and for horses......and as any horse owner will tell you......he ain`t feeding morning star lucky charms.

the majority of commercially available cereals are only as nutritious as the milk you drown them in, and your are better off eating the box they came in as they provide many minerals, oils and types of fibre not found in the nutitionally inert consumer product inside.

many of my weight-loss clients struggle with their wieght simply because the makers of these products lie to them, and while people try to limit caloric intake, the body needs nutrition from the calories ingested.

you would have to eat an entire box of special k, for example, to get enough protien and carbohydrate in a useable form to make it to lunch........ people struggle in agony all morning and over eat at lunch.......or struggle further in cognitive deficit until supper and then devour whatever is available then.

and continue to eat late into the evening, because the bodies natural tendancy is to eat when real food is available.

stomachs don`t lie.

eat oatmeal in the morning and have a salad for lunch and a sandwich and fruit for supper.

and wake up hungry.

repeat.....and live lean and strong with energy all day.

and stop getting diet advice from commercials.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

some logic required.

firstly, mr.lee is not being criticized on how he makes a film, but on the factual content within the work......and secondly, mr.lee doesn`t make films that aren`t going to get "special" attention.

lee deliberately takes on subjects that promote issues of race, which he has a right to do, and has made a fine living at it.

having said that, i`m not contending that i have any knowledge whatsoever of what happened.

i will leave that to the experts.