Saturday, September 25, 2010

boo hoo.

and many teenagers who were hoping he could get them more allowance from their parents....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

jack gets a flash.

jack in his new home. sweet little chap. so good natured and tolerant of overbred cockerpoos and so on.

jack sees the cat for the first time.


jack is a bernese/malmute cross who has been with us for two weeks now and is fitting in nicely.

the only one who has had issues is the cockerpoo. wait until jack is six months old and we`ll see how the poo feels then. retard.

action shot.

the infamous #14 blasts away indiscriminantly once again......

something baffles something else....

triple blade?

sully tells me how close he`s going to shave me next time i try to run by him.......

and we`re supposed to feel sorry for this guy?

many a criminal, when confronted with their crimes, expresses an emotional outburst.

it is normal and healthy to do so, and many a judge will see this as remourse. the beginning of the long and gradual process of making good to society for crime.

this criminal needs to begin the process of paying back to society that which he, and his agency, took...knowing it may take many lifetimes of work.

wash the feet of those who you wish forgiveness from....and look into their eyes.

then, remove the silly hat and the clown costume and begin the work that will ensure that none of your agents do such things again.

can you do that?

Friday, September 17, 2010

class act.

class act.

don`t know her, her music, or the real context of her outburst....but wow, it really gives you credibilty to chew up  a non-famous person.

hope you feel better.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

you`ve got to be kidding.

a number of things spring to mind here intitially.

firstly; canada has never had it`s airspace attacked, unless you include pigeons.

secondly; what`s wrong with the jets we got recently?

and finally; if we do get attacked, the americans will protect`s in their best interest to do so as we border with them not fifty miles from where i type.

as an addendum, to those paranoid types....if the americans are the ones attacking, it won`t matter that we have a few new jets, because they will have two trillion of i recommend saving the money and doing something useful with the money, like helping the city of burlington finish it`s new pier. (they seem to be struggling a bit).

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


consciousness doensn`t necessarily need to operate on an organic substrate.

unless you are a moral dogmatist.

you can explain your position to the machine when it wakes up.....

Monday, September 13, 2010


sorry people, but i don`t wash after a bathroom visit.

not only is it a waste of time, but its certain to  be an activity where you are most likely to come into contact with the surface contaminants of the hands of others.

And besides, the bathrooms are cleaned every night at starbucks where i frequent, which is more than can be said for handles on doors, handrails in malls, money, items at the grocery....

the problem we have in a germophobic society is that our immune systems are being weakened by the simple fact that there aren`t enough microbes in sterilised environments to allow our systems to "work out".

and now drunks are beginning to drink the hand clenser provided in public places.

and don`t get me started on peanut allergies.

i went to post a package last week and i was eating mixed nuts from a bag.

the clerk jumped back as if she`d been shot from a cannon.

"i have a peanut allergy" she said from a safe distance.

she then took the package, weighed it and took my money from my hand with any further ado.

i felt like offering her a nut.

we are convinced to behave in more and more illogical ways all the time.

pay attention people, and think things through...unless you want to be like the peanut girl....

moose feeding time in quebec city.