Sunday, August 30, 2009

radio interview.

here is an audio clip of my recent interview with amec stevens on the no state radio  show.

give it a listen and tell me what you think.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

we do need some proof.

creating a dinosaur from a chicken embryo would be really exciting. it would make me want to take a degree in biology. it would give some concrete credence to the theory of evolution. it would scare the shit out of people in the lab.....


or maybe just arrogance.

or both.

though citing cellphone use while driving is not the same thing. talking does not diminish your attention to the road....unless your are a blonde woman in an suv.

then you`re gonna` have a problem.



so..i`m back from holidays and all you get is another shitty knee update.

the knee still hurts.

it won`t let me run my ass off like i imagine i used to and i`m really upset about that.

at l east we won our playoff game. and yeah, i got two my ego isn`t totally destroyed.

and the holiday was nice.

a week at at the cottage somewhere in near a bunch of small towns i`ve never heard of before.

it was so quiet there for a few days until an asshole and her fat children showed up with a giant speedboat that left a huge wake in the bay where we were swimming.

so we fired bottle rockets at them.....

and the people on other side spent thier time shouting at eachother in italian.

so we build a massive fire and smoked them out.

there is always a solution.

i like my dad`s attitude. speak when you are spoken to. i just didn`t like it so much when it was applied to me.

noisy freaking cottagers.

the bottle rockets were very, very loud though.

and that meant a lot.

even my girlfriend thought that was funny.

Saturday, August 22, 2009



just not virtual.

Friday, August 07, 2009

last knee update for a week.

played soccer on wednesday and did a 70% showing. frustrating in that i wanted to get going and push harder occasionally, but i was too aware of the discomfort of the joint.

yesterday was tough as the knee was really stiff again above the joint and i noticed a small amount of inflammation below the knee, which has since gone.

i will have a week of rest at the cottage.

at least i can walk and run and look forward to a full return eventually.

oh oh....

the article was typical catholic p.r. designed to appease the catholics. my interest was in the comment made suggesting that the crimes are nothing compared to the feminists attack on the family and the damage done there.

unfortunately, there is no group to hold directly responsible for the slanted legal judgements in divorce, alimony and child support payments awarded.

interesting also that we use the term "awarded" without thinking of the semantics involved in the choice of such.

a good friend of mine grew up in antigonish....he only mentioned being terrified of the nuns.


off to the cottage for a week tomorrow morning.

we are going to take some of our stuff and put in someone else`s house in the woods and try to re-create our living space here so that we can relax and enjoy ourselves in close proximity to eachother for an entire week, without losing our minds.


see you in a week......

more cowbell.


google car.

i saw one of these cars today while i was having a coffee in waterdown.... is odd to think that an entity is filming the entire known planet for it`s data base.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


i didn`t check to see who the author of this article is, but she`s clearly wrong on this issue.

55 minutes a day for 5 days per week?

if you want to lose weight, simply eat less calories than you need to maintain the weight you are at.


the body will take over from there as if by magic, and you will lose the weight.

it might take a while though.

if you are say, 350 pounds. substantially fat for a woman at 5 foot five inches...and you stop eating 5000 calories a day and winch it back to 1800, which is nearly impossible for someone eating emotionally...but let`s say you do....let`s do some simple math based on the assumption that a pound of fat is 3600 calories and the food you are choosing to jam down your neck is 50% fat or more....and most commercially available food are instantly depriving your system of nearly half a pound of fat per day.

in one year you will automatically lose 183 pounds.

you will now be 167 pounds.

if you continue for just a couple more months you will be down around 120 pounds.....bikini weight.

and 1800 caloeries of good healthy food is a quite a bit.

and you haven`t even seen the inside of a gym or ridden a bike.

but wait, let`s look at this from another angle.

how many skinny people never work out and have always been skinny?

the myth of working out needs to be put to rest as a way to lose weight and get fit.

i train with weights. i ride a bike. i play soccer. i watch what i eat.

i do none of those things to change my body weight or shape.

lifting weights builds muscle. eating food repairs damage done due to exercise. eating too much food makes you fat.

you can never outrun or outlift your mouth.

keep your mouth shut and you will lose weight.

ask an anorexic.

knee consult.

after consulting with an athletic rehab specialist i did some adductor work, which released my hip, instantly making my right knee feel ten times stronger.

apparently i was not tracking my right femur properly due to minor inflammation of the adductor tendon in the hip insertion point.

and i had some suspicion that this might have had something to do with it, as i `ve had groin issues this year also.

i guess they were more connected than i`d initially thought.

the contact i felt during the game was so minor that i had thought the injury was related to some on-going weakness elsewhere in the system.

good news, as i can use the adductor machine at the rehab facility for a week, thanks to a friend who runs the place.

Monday, August 03, 2009

unfortunately...another knee update.

after just over two weeks my knee is still not ready for gameplay, but i`m reasonably happy that, with some weight training and some running around with the children, i`m in a position to feel optomistic about playing again before the playoffs in september.

yet another knee update.

after two days of chasing the boys around the soccer field this week-end my knee is extremely sore.


no. just sore.

the thing about socialism is....

...that, pretty soon, you run out of other people`s money.