Saturday, September 29, 2007


when i woke this morning it was still dark.

i had set my alarm deliberately so that i could ride down to the lake to watch the sunrise.

i sat on a bench with a plaque on it honouring a man who`s life had touched some people enough for them to put a plaque on a bench in the park by the lake explaining who he was to them.

i felt peaceful and comforted by the greetings from all the people walking thier dogs at sunrise as they walked by the man sitting on the park bench with his bike.

and i noticed that people with dogs are able to say hello more easily than people without.

i have been thinking about getting a dog.

and watching the sunrise.

and i have to say that the day went smoothly and people seemed consistantly friendly and relaxed.

a perfect day?


close though.

i think i will make the effort to catch the sunrise occasionally.

oh yeah, and smile.......i think that`s why people were friendly.

the sunrise made me smile and the feeling lasted all day.


or tunnel reality if you like, as robert anton wilson was apt to say. has again reminded me of the variety of ways of creating reality.

for some it is as others demand, a group effort made of a prior absolute material reality.......and for others it is a the constant revelation of new discovery and opportunity waiting for the prepared mind.

and of course many other versions as well.

and each is valid for the observer and provides proofs for the person percieving thier reality.

beliefs become realities.

whether you believe it or not.

you are right.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

the joy.

the joy of the moment of anticipation of the sunrise.

the cool morning air surrounds you and the touch of the rocks beneath you holds you up as an offering to the universe.

then the sun breaks the horizon and the message is clear once again.

the miracle is around us always.

i would like to share that with you.

all you have to do is ask.

or wish it to be so..........

i will know.

you are god.

i am god.

the girl in the coffee shop is god too.

though i`m not sure about it, dogs and cats and birds in cages in old folks homes are gods as well.

what i am certain about is that everything we see is the manifestation of our imagination.

if it happens it`s because we decided it will.

some how, somewhere and somewhen, we said "so be it". and we let it fly.

we discovered this at an early age.

as children we knew this was a magical place and we laughed and played accordingly.

some people and thier beliefs got in the way and we started to believe them.

and doubted what we knew with certaintly before.

doubt is the terrible curse.

it creeps in and takes the magic away and makes us mortal.


of death.

let`s get back to the task at hand people.

we have mountains and skies and birds and pretty things and wonderful toys and joyful moments to create and enjoy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

and again.

i don`t see the environmental pressure exerted on the dna of plants and animals by things such as the runoff in the article above, producing advantagious results. i.e. a better organism.

when the environment of a species is toxified the species adapts and remains the same species or it dies.

otherwise there would be evidence for such a response.

it would be the most significant survival mechanism in genetic existance.

yet there is no evidence.


Monday, September 24, 2007


how many hypocrates does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

another question......

dr. kary mullis started me thinking about this some years ago after i read his autobiography, wherein he callenged the religious fervor of aids/hiv study and research.

he and many others in the medical community have consistantly challenged the huge industry that has grown up around something that hasn`t been clearly identified and isolated as a specific disease.

as you will read if you read the statements on the website actively linked above.

or you can attack me personally for daring to challenge a cherished belief of yours.

it`s just blogging after all.

and this guy explains it beautifully.........even if he doesn`t have a shirt on.

wherein a nobel prize-winning doctor goes looking for actual proof of the existance of an "hiv" and fails.


things i`m grateful for today.

waking up this morning knowing we are in the finals of the league cup by beating the first place team who went undefeated this season. well, until yesterday anyway.

seeing my friends this morning and sharing the glorious early fall weather.

that remarkable woman who keeps appearing with a smile on her face.

anamaria and christina for cheerleading last night.

new clients......and old ones who appear and pay thier bill.

my children playing x-box 360 next door.

and, of course, every other energetic vibration that makes up the universe that we are all witness to each moment of our consciousness.

fuck yeah.

the obvious.

in reading this book it has become obvious that someone has the ability to create a species from another species.


it doesn`t take time, or environmental pressure, or some other external effect to do the job.

it takes genetic manipulation of a highly sophisticated nature, because dna is such fragile stuff that any heavy-handed external effect will do nothing but catastrophic damage.

the genetic scientists are creating clones like dolly the sheep from cells taken from other sheep and adding human dna to study how the genetic information of different species store in the organic library of the cell.

and this begs the question.


where is this going?

we all know where this is going.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

some good ideas.

the last renaissance allowed resources to pool into the hands of the few.

now the average person can be a publisher.

a broadcaster.

a media superstar..........

well, not really. but you get the idea.


occasionally it becomes obvious in communication here that it is difficult to convey some subtleties in meaning via the typed word.

many times i wish to suggest irony or sarcasm or hyperbole into a commentary to, well, please myself mostly...but i get the sense that most of the nuance gets lost in the stark blandness of the blog.

and i strongly resist the temptation to use emoticons or other ways to add meaning.

i guess i`m hoping that some will sense the ironic or dryness of humour or sarcasm without further prompting.


Saturday, September 15, 2007


rhymes with kitty..........

and i figured out the hypertext thingy.

bad money is money that has less commodity value than exchange value.

that includes money created by fiat.

paper money.

and when we barter services to try to rationalise value in our community we are now committing a crime.

as an aside, i was having a discussion with my oldest boy about "free" energy and the use of water as an energy source by spitting the hydrogen off with electric current and i had to explain that any "free" energy will be priced by tax once it is established and will therefore never be free.

just another proof that we work for government, not the other way around.

the collapsing of paradox.

sj raised an interesting point in commenting on our discussion about evolution and the myths that science hold up as fact.

to defend science in one sense i have to say that when pressed, most scientists will acknowledge that darwinian evolution regarding one species becoming another is only a theory.

sj`s comment points to science and religion doing the same thing when they ask us to believe on faith that a thing may be true.

or that a myth has some basis in fact.

science does act hypocritically in that it fails it`s own discipline of proof at times whereas religion presses of in spite of the fact.

but at the end of the day science and religion do the same job.

they write the melody that we whistle in the dark.

and remember, throughout history scientists and clergy have dined at the same table.

copernicus would allow the bishops to look through his telescope after supper and both would agree not to say anything about who saw what.

and both sides lawyers and the judge will discuss your case over dinner.

and the clintons will go to the same restaurants and share the same jokes with the bushes.

it is a population divided by belief that tolerates the treatment it gets.

Friday, September 14, 2007


and we aren`t even in the top ten.

we obviously aren`t trying hard enough.

the sexes.

but i like it when a woman "accidentally" runs into me because her "spacial accuity" isn`t as refined as mine.

i`m going to miss that.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


every time i read an article like this i wonder why there is no evidence of an evolutionary process whereby a species exhibits survival mechanisms to turn into another species just in time in the face of real threats to it`s existance.

100% of the time the species becomes extinct when the treat is large and fast enough.

if darwin was right these gorillas could suddenly become a bird or a fish.

the only thing that happens is that the species becomes a slightly different shape or size of the same species and if that`s not enough to survive in the changing environment the species is doomed.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the caravan of martyrs.

well, here we are. the sixth aniversary of 9/11.

a man in a dyed beard stirs up old feelings once again, and transports us back six years to those first few moments of shock.


i think the strongest feelings i had as that morning progressed was my love for my children and my determination to draw them close.

today that feeling persists as strongly.

that`s what gets me through.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


apparently, according to this article, children`s self-esteem is being threatened because they are overweight.

i would have thought they are overweight because of a pre-existing condition that lowered thier self-estimate.

but that`s just me.

social atitudes and global warming.

it is pretty obvious and straightforward to those not invested in divisive political and economic arguements that the sun has much more to do with global warming than the industrial revolution and it`s effects.

so why is it that we need to continually find an ad hominem target to blame for the increase in global temperatures and the potential threat to our existance?

the same reason why we blame others for the mundane occurances in our lives.

concsience and obligation.

we are conditioned to an acrimonious reaction to everything from spilled milk to someone else getting a raise at work.

and as long as people are mentally lazy enough to enjoy blaming others for our problems, solutions will never be found.

it reminds me of an interesting episode or two i had when i first began blogging.

i deliberately don`t capitalise my posts for a number of reasons, the greatest of which is the simple fact that if someone is going to be pedantic enough to focus on the case size of letters on a page, they aren`t equipped for the type of discussion enjoined here and therefore self-edit.

when i first began blogging i was attacked relentlessly for my lack of higher case letters at the begining of sentences and for proper names..........and i told the commenters pretty much what i said above.

and that this was my little corner of the blog community and i was going to have my way in that regard.

and thinking back, the majority of those types were staunch global warming junkies determined to wind down industry to save the planet for future generations of tent-dwellers and weren`t open to debate.

they merely wanted obedience.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

obligation and conscience. (brace yourself.) goes.

the propulsion system of guilt and anxiety.

A) obligation. if i do something for you then you owe me something in return.

b) conscience. the state of awareness of obligation.

and there we have it in a nutshell.

all the hate and pain in society driven by two value states.

church and state drums this into us from an early age.

be obliged to doing things for others.

the word obligation has the same root as religion.

ligamen : string, thread.

ligatio : imprisonment, bondage, captivity, servitude

we derive the phrase "being roped in" from this obligation against our will.

if we weren`t tied or bound then we wouldn`t do it, would we?

so what we have is an unconscious mechanism in society whereby we are all asleep roping each other into things out of obligation and wondering how we got where we are.

and you have to ask yourself; do you ever do something without hope of repayment?

and the answer?

a disciplined withdrawal from obligation.

the high culture of 2000 years ago knew this stuff. plato wrote exstensively about it but we aren`t encouraged to read it anymore.

when you understand the latin roots of words in english you get a deeper perspective on what we are actually saying to eachother.

and have fun with this stuff. it is your life after all so why not make it enjoyable?

Friday, September 07, 2007

returning to the mirror.

over time one realises that it is important to like what you see in the mirror.

i have written extensively here about unconditional love for the self and recieved criticism for my postion........but i will say that,over time, my unconditional love for myself has been what has got me past the bumps in the road.

over time one takes solice and great comfort in the image one sees in the mirror and confidence that the image one sees can be trusted and relied upon.

and that`s far better than some "self-esteem" created by popular psychology without any means toward getting it, or even defining the concept...........

so how does one get there?

it starts with a belief that it is possible to attain an absolute trust in the self.

no more lies or cheating or betrayal.

acceptance without judgement.


and hard work.

which we all do anyway without any real reward.

so the only new thing is including your own value for yourself and the integrity to claim it at every turn.

oh yeah, and one other thing.........


Thursday, September 06, 2007

the mirror.

every time you look in the mirror you see yourself.

what do you see?

how does that make you feel?

what do you tell yourself about these sensations?

what if everything was a mirror?

what if everything you experienced and reacted to was a reflection of yourself?

yep, i thought so..............

trauma-based mind control.

sorry bill, its a video.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Saturday, September 01, 2007


tired.............. no, exhausted is the word i`m looking for. recently things have gotten a little hectic in this little corner of existance, and while there is still the simple joy in witnessing the abundance in all of this, there comes a point where one must just rest.

so i will say thanks to one and all for the comments and contributions, but i will be posting less in the next short while so that i can physically and mentally rest.