Friday, September 30, 2005

hypnosis and cigarettes.

people ask me how hypnosis works. i tell them that i don`t know and that for centuries hypnosis has been effective in helping people change thier habits and live healthier lives yet nobody knows how hypnosis does what it does.
i can tell you what it seems to do though. it seems to allow me to communicate with parts of a person`s consciousness that don`t criticise or argue with what is being said. it is a process of trust and willingness to accept what is being said by me as a useful truth. went a person does this accepting uncritically, they will begin to change thier behaviours.
unless they do this there will be no change of behaviour.
there is no magic. i do nothing but speak. the words go inside but they have to be unconditionally accepted by the listener.
they have to be ready to change.
when my clients call i interview them to learn about thier situation and to discover thier motivations for hiring me. it takes guts to make the call in the first place and most people are nervous so i draw them out with simple questions about how they learned of my sevices and what they know about hypnosis etc., before i begin to get to what made them decide to call me.
if a person desperately needs to stop for health reasons or financial reasons or fear of health risks then in all likeleyhood they will succeed in stopping but if they are being pressured by a husband, wife, boss or parents then it will rarely work. i make it clear at that point that it would be important to find better reasons to want to stop smoking. my sessions are too epensive to fail at. they are the best bargain in the world when you recieve your health as a result.


when i was a child i lived in a small village on the top of a hill about 30 miles from london, england. we didn`t lock our doors at night. we smiled at people who we passed in the street and sometimes we stopped to talk. people knew each other. we knew the butcher and the man who owned the toy store and the vicar really did come for tea.
we don`t do these things here because we live in cities and suburban tracts that go on for miles across land that used to raise crops to feed people. now we go to the giant grocery store. we are wage slaves without time or inclination for the wellbeing of the people who live right around us.
how did we get from there to here?
we are still the same humans that lived in villages and towns. we are the same humans that used to skate on the river when it froze and hike in the woods, even in the rain and make a bonfire.
we have seemed to have lost the awe for the magic of things around us. we are more interested in a new toaster or a movie star`s wife than our own existance, yet we are all there is.
we are taken away from our community by what we are told is important. a new car, a better job, a bigger t.v. these things blind us to what is important.
it takes the efforts of the passionate individual to maintain the focus on the people who live around us, that make up the community where we gain our strength. it is a spiritual matter of the utmost importance. without community we are lost at sea, lost in an ocean that lead us to strange shores of soulless wandering.
our lives are right here. if we put more energy into right here we will have more of our life to live.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

robots in the mechanical age.

the industrial revolution amplified the ability of human hands with machinery, thereby turning craft into industry. this speeding up of production hasn`t slowed down in 150 years. the individual can now, with power tools and machinery match the output of a small factory and , with computerisation and robots, one man can run a megafactory, turning hundreds of cars onto the street each day. in many ways our means of production has far outstripped our ability to consume the products we produce. we can`t possibly earn the money to buy all the things we are making and selling.
consumerism will eat it`s self.
what will be left is a robotisation of the human psyche. we have extended our brains, through our limbs, and into the pulse of the microprocessor assisted machines. we have become part of the machine and have given up the earth rhythm that nurtured us for thousands of years before the orgy of the factory arrived.
our souls cry out for the smell of the green grass and the breeze on our faces, yet the clock ticks by eating up the moments until we go back to work, to match the grinding of industry that presses artlessly along, oblivious to the wash of the tide and the ebb and flow of the seasons and the organic life that we are a part of.
we so precisely match the industrial rhythm that we wake moments before the alarm, barely feeling that we`ve slept, to rise and race to meet the clicking and ticking and rolling of the work attached to the factory. whether we push paper or buttons or tools the rate is the same. marked by the payments of bills and punching of timeclocks and filing of taxes, our hearts beat in sync with this inhuman meter to the point where our hearts and minds can`t keep up and we fail into sickness and stress and we become useless to the machinery.
and why do we do this to ourselves when we wouldn`t do this to a dog?
because everybody has to have a job. everybody works. what`s wrong with you?
the robot can talk...........

cartesian duality, and all that.

ok, so here`s the thing. matter exists seperate from mind, right? o.k. so if we remove mind from the equation what happens to matter? it doesn`t.
without mind, or consciousness, matter ceases to exist. it could quite easily still be there mind you, but with nobody to see it, it fails to actually exist. existance is a product of consciousness. i love how irrefutable that is.
if a tree falls in the woods and there`s nobody there to hear it fall, it fails to register on a consciousness. all the clever ironic points fail to change that fact.
our consciousness creates reality. therefore, our consciousness creates matter.
if we aren`t witnessing it isn`t existing.
it suggests to me that the act of percieving, because of the subjective nature of our thoughts, is specifically and accurately creating an external reality that mirrors our internal states.
happy thoughts make a happy world.
but people are starving in africa, etc.......
yes, there is a lot of crap thought out there, but your thoughts are vital to the equation. as soon as you get it and do it that means one less crap thinker and one step closer to.........well, you get the idea.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


the things we have in our lives are derived from the choices. our house, our friends, our computer, our careers, etc. all stem from choices. sometimes the process illudes our conscious understanding, yet our lives go on around us all the same.
here`s an experiment.
try to stand up from sitting in your chair.
what happened?
you will be unable to get up. you have made no firm decision to do so.
you tried.
what is a try?
a try is an attempt. the start of a process which allows failure.
to avoid this trap in the future decide to do it instead. see yourself rising confidently up and out of your chair, prepared to meet the challenges of your day. you will then find that your body will take over and meet the demands of your mind.
the choices we make are the key element of doing. what we choose to do with certainty and the skill and resources needed will occur.
choosing is a matter of deciding also. choosing/deciding. it is a feedback loop that leads to accomplishment.
without it we remain seated in our chair. trying to get up and on with our lives.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

which is better?

is it better to live in luxury, given the choice, or choose less because there are others who don`t have the right, opportunity, talent, skin colour, gender, spiritual understanding, etc?
my answer is that the luxuries that i can afford allow me to communicate more efficiently and help people with my skills.
there is a group in india that sweep floors. it is thier job. they use short handled brooms even though the longer handles, which are readily available, would save thier backs. i am uncertain of thier rationale in stubbornly continuing to sweep floors stooped over with short-handled brooms all day, but it is of greater value to them than thier ongoing discomfort.
it seems that even though we react to the story about the sweepers with surprise and puzzlement the majority of us continue to do many things the most difficult way possible and we have no idea why.
we hate our jobs, we are tired of relationships, we are bored, stressed, overwieght, smoke cigarettes, are argumentitive, dishonest and disloyal.
what the hell is going on?
we`ve stopped believing in the fantastic. we remember it. we recognise it. we envy it,resent it and hate it in others, but we don`t make any attempt to create it in our own lives. the most that most do is to watch rich and famous people have lives on t.v. and in movies.
pretty sad.
does this sound like you?
are you feeling uncomfortable yet?
do you call yourself a loser, or do you wait for others to say it for you?
don`t get angry with me though, get angry with yourself for recognising yourself. you did it to yourself and only you can change your situation.
it`s not easy or instant either. it takes firm focus and the determination not to let bullshit into your life anymore.
any facet of your life that limits you in your quest to be happy must be removed or simply ignored in order for you to get a straight shot at what you need to do to be happy.
we all know what we want but are afraid to leap out into the darkness, not knowing what lies beyond.
we all know.
that thing.
right there.
seems impossible.
you will prove it sitting there pissed at me for pointing out the obvious.
now, which is better. pissed off and motivated or depressed at your situation?
you`re welcome.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


fear. it is a challenge to us all. it is a feeling that something is wrong and that we are at risk. it`s a useful mechanism for survival that makes us run from predators and find places to hide. unfortunately, in a modern society, there are few predators able to provide significant threat to our survival, yet we still have this wiring in our brain that tells us to run blindly every now and then.
the interesting thing is that the wiring is weak. all we have to do is physically and mentally ignore the signal and the body follows suit.
people jump out of perfectly good airplanes and laugh all the way down, knowing that the parachute will open and they will float to the ground.
leap and the net will appear.
that is a buddhist saying. i have a card on my fridge with that written on it. on the other side of fear is the rest of your life. mine too.
i used to be terribly afraid of public speaking. every time i found myself in front of a group of people i would freeze up and nobody had a good time.
i knew that i had to deal with the feelings i had, because public speaking, doing seminars, is a large part of what i do and i really wanted to do this work.
thinking back i realise that i just got sick of being controlled by irrational fear of talking in front of people. i am good at what i do. i know the material and really enjoy seeing people get the messages in what i provide. so i just went and booked a seminar room, put out some flyers and took out some ads in the paper and filled the room.
i spent two weeks learning to put the fear aside and focussed on the good feelings we were going to have when i did my job well. the night of the seminar i saw smiling, laughing faces and got the feelings going inside as a result and walked out and introduced myself in the best state possible to entertain and communicate.
i`ve never looked back and it changed my life in so many ways.
our biggest fears create the biggest barriers to our growth and attainment. when you leap the net will appear.
that`s why that card is on my fridge.

u.f.o.s are real.

u.f.o.s are real.
i see them all the time.
high up in the sky.
like we wish we could be.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

albert camus.

albert camus said that we are the only animal that refuses to be who we are. camus was a french philosopher who died in 1960, the year i was born. he meant that we are spiritual beings who deny our spirit or divinity.
why do we do this?
well, i blame the agendas of the technocracy.
i will define here what i mean by technocracy and technocrat, because it is critical to my thesis.
technocrat; lover of power.
technocracy; administration of power.
we are the mob. by definition, a disorganised group of people. the potential of the mob is enormous, and frightening to the technocracy.
the technocrats have developed laws and rules (don`t walk on the grass) so that we will have boundaries to control our behaviour. that`s o.k. but where`s the limit?
we are safe, clean and fed now. we are productive and obedient and harmless but the industry of law and law enforcement continues to grow. we are paying for our own restrictions.
our soul cries out for freedom. not to do damage or commit crimes but to spiritually grow and resonate in joy. it is basic to our existance as human animals with spiritual souls.
yet the chapters are added to the law books each and every day. new risks are discovered and new safety regulations and new guidelines are published by the minute, as if there is something to fear by our very spiritual existance.
is there a difference between us and them? who would gladly build such a prison?
the sign that says don`t walk on the grass isn`t to protect grass. it`s to limit our movement. who, if they were concerned about grass would put grass where people walk? we need to have pathways built, not signposts.
walk on the grass? we like to walk on the grass, we like to sit on the grass, roll around on it, make love and fall asleep on the grass. that`s what it`s for, i believe. who would put up a sign depriving us of that pleasure?
the same people who tell us we are not god. that limit our divinity. our godhood. inside each and every one of us in the mob.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

if it`s not on t.v. it`s not real.

if it`s not on t.v. it`s not real.
do you believe that?
then why does t.v. dictate what we wear, what we eat and what kind of car we drive?
we have been watching t.v. since the 1940`s. it`s a delivery system for entertainment, politics and consumerism, in other words culture.
who decides what goes on t.v.?
mostly, it`s a delivery system for corporate products. therefore it`s a mechanism controlled by large corporations.
t.v. is hypnotic.
the conscious mind watches the 450 dots per second of data fired out of the cathode ray tube that we call t.v. for about 15-20 minutes before deciding that there so little data being recieved that it begins to shut down the conscious brain wave frequency. what happens next is that the brain goes into a waking sleep mode for the duration of the watching session. this is a state of high suggestablility. hypnotic trance.
we spend a fair amount of time watching t.v. in a state of hypnotic trance. we watch commercials, movies, political commentary, comedies, and wars and it all goes into the mind in a state of accepting sleep.
the people who control the content of t.v. control the content of your mind and therefore the content of your life. unless you consciously decide to limit your viewing time and pay attention to how you respond to the content you watch.
notice how similar everyone`s choices are?
our tastes are dictated by t.v. , unless we watch less. then we can choose to get our information from different channels.
here are some simple rules for active t.v. viewing.
1/ mute commercials or get a remote that allows you to surf away from commercials on a timer that returns you to your original program.
2/ yell "bullshit" when needed.
3/ don`t watch when you are tired and don`t fall asleep when the t.v. is on.
4/ don`t watch movies on primetime. too many commercials by far.
5/ never watch news programs on t.v. unless there is an emergency.
6/ repeat #2.
what will happen when you do this enough is that you will find less and less need to watch the awful content provided as entertainment on t.v. and you will become more resourseful in your choices of media consumption.
without seeming sarcastic, here is a list of other media.
playing an instrument.
meditation. (best media there is.)
this is a short list of media that you can consume that can expand and enrich your life and exercise your brain and develop your creativity. you will then have flexibility and choice.

Monday, September 19, 2005

we are god.

i become agitated by this denial we have accepted deep inside ourselves, and i suppose i should realise why this is happening, but it is frustrating.
we live our lives being told by all the people who have power in our society that god is a seperate entity, outside our consciousness, who has made everything we see and has plans for us when we die. we are told that if we accept this on faith that everything will be o.k., and that heaven waits after we die and we will be welcomed into his house.
what a terrible arrangement. what was this god thinking? i don`t know of too many creative people who think about the object of thier creativity in such a perverse, manipulative way. that god sounds to me to be the creation of a pretty twisted mind. the only people i see acting that way are the kids who blow up frogs with firecrackers. malformed, preadolescent types who are heading for a life of minor crime and alcohol and drug abuse.
i don`t see the connection between subscription to a white bearded guy living in the sky and a life of happiness. in fact most of the shit that happens between people tends to be in this god`s name.
i see evidence for the fact that we are all god together.
i see evidence that all the goodness in the world comes from the decisions we make when we feel well inside. whether we choose good feelings consciously, for no reason but that they feel good, or whether we come about good feelings by accident and go on anyway. the results are the same.
no wars.
food to eat.
safety on the streets.
no bullshit.
all of this stuff is simple, easy to attain and doable now, when you realise that you are god. so am i. so is your sister, mother, cousin, brother, dad, friends, teammates and co-workers.
there`s nobody else here.
it`s got to be us.
we are god.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

why do people look after thier car better than themselves?

i watched my niegbour today. she washed and vacuumed her car for over an hour. it was a beautiful day and so why not? it is a brand new jeep and she`s quite proud of it. it`s midnight black with chrome wheels and leather interior and i bet she`ll never take it off road in a million years.
so where`s the problem?
the problem is that she looks after that car far better than she looks after herself. she can`t be more than 30 but she`s way over weight and smokes and i`m quite sure she got her weeks exercize washing the car.
so why does she behave this way?
it`s the way our society places it`s value in consumer items. she gains pride and status via the type of vehicle she drives and how clean it is. this isn`t directed at my niegbour as cricitism on a personal level. it is a comment on how we discount the spirit within us and focus that energy into material possessions as a society.
our culture is industrial.
our religion is work and it`s rewards are the things we can buy.
our soul goes begging for a walk in the woods or to sit on a hill and watch the hawks soar.
but we end up in the mall with our credit cards, our eyes filled up with advertising and pretty things on sale. the feeling of joy with our new purchase lasts about as long as the walk back to the car in the parking lot. then we are on to the next thing. the next purchase. it`s like taking a drug or drinking alcohol. temporary pleasure that takes permenantly.
i won`t go to the big malls anymore. i can`t take the visa card zombies and thier empty stares. i know we haveto spend to keep the economy going, i hear what the politicians say. but how did we get to the point where we are responsible for the economy? why can`t we just buy less and work a bit less and spend some more time with our friends and families and our spiritual focus, the meditation that heals and rests the soul?
we can.
we can just find a quiet place. and sit. and let go. the purple colour. the vibrant yellow. the nurturing green..... the red..... the blue, in our mind`s eye. now. breathe in the colours and with each breath we heal. maybe a tear will come, for a moment, then the release of the tension and the realisation that we are all joined together as one here. no rush. no panic.just peace. and smiles. any time we wish to. we decide.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


the amygdala is a gland that sits behind the eyeballs that does something rather interesting.
if you can imagine, in your mind, a peanut in your brain about an inch behind your eyes, you have approximated the location of the amygdala. the amygdala, once visualised in meditation becomes a tool for euphoric sensation.
if you can imagine gently stimulating the amygdala in your mind using a feather or cat`s whisker or imagine it has a switch labelled on/off that you can switch to on when you need to you will discover that as you do this you will start to experience tingling and a rising of pleasure inside as a direct response to your actions.
do it again.
do it again.
nice again.
the more that you do this stimulation exercise the more the sensation builds to the point where it will feel like a mental orgasm charging through your brain.
an explosion of neural firing that rushes like a drug because it is one. it is neuro-peptide mainline.
neuro-peptides are the drugs we make naturally in our bodies as a response to the information that our sense organs provide that make up our reality.
we make pain-killers, stimulants, ahrodisiacs, narcoleptics(sleeping pills) and a vast array of medications that drug companies can only dream of. we make growth hormones, digestive enzymes, atp, phynyle-ethyle-amine (the stuff found in chocolate that we create when we get hugged.)................the list is thousands of names long.
we do this in our minds and we can decide to make specific ones when we needto.
imagine stimulating your amygdala now.
endorphin creation process complete.

Friday, September 16, 2005

something fantastic.

imagine something fantastic.
it doesn`t have to be something that happened to you, though that would be best. imagine in your mind the person, place or thing or event that you consider fantastic.
go there in your mind now.
tell yourself what you see, what you hear, what you feel. do you smell anything? is there a taste or flavours associated with this experience?
now make the elements stronger. make the colours brighter. turn the lights up, in your mind. illuminate the situation so that you can feel the colours. make the sounds louder and notice how a change in volume can alter the way you feel about whats happening there. do this with all the aspects of this memory and as you do realise that the feelings generated by these memories are as real to you now as when you first had this stimulating experience.
when you hear the sounds made louder does it make the feelings associated with the memory stronger?
how about the images? when you look at the scenes made brighter, more vibrant in colour, do your sensations deepen in response?
notice how the feelings travel through your system, down and around. where do they eventually go? do they push out and away?
examine where the feelings travel to, then............
pull the feeling back and churn it up now, if you`ve managed to capture it, and spin the feeling around............ now double it. double it again and add a blast of energy like trumpets or yelling. yes!
how far can you push this? how good can you make it feel, for no reason?
what will you choose to do now that you feel this good?
anything you want.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

the division between the spiritual and living.

we make a distinction between our spiritual practice and our living world. we pray. we meditate. we visualise. the insights and answers we gain there resonate in conversations and in the tasks of the day. but the expanded consciousness we attain in our reverie needs to come forward into each and every action in our lives.
what is the point otherwise?
if we have wonderful thoughts in meditation, quietly in the garden, why can`t we have those same thoughts while we are driving to work? while we are answering clients questions? while we are preparing a meal? having a root canal? waiting in line for a coffee?
why can`t we drive those concepts and feelings gained in meditation out into the everyday world where thy are desperately needed? the answer is that we can. me must giv ourselves the permission to share our experiences of divinity with others as a catylist for the growth and enlightenment of others.
the good feelings we immerse ourselves in are powerful enough tools to share with others by living them each and every moment, pushing back all else until a resonance is set up in the world of our consciousness that will be fed back by all aspects of our surroundings.
do not be afraid to share good feelings with others in simple ways like smiling.
smiling is the forgotten art of humanity.
children smile all the time. they sing, they dance, they make up games.
when we do those things out of a recognition of enlightenment we resonate and sing and dance and smile too.
this bringing forward of our spiritual practice out into the world to share with others is the greatest gift we all have. it is simple, powerful and doesn`t cost a thing but to remember to smile.

what is god.

we are taught in the christian religion that god created everything. o.k. that is an explaination of who. what about why, how, out of what, etc. in all the time i went to school and listened to the religious discussions i accepted, for the conversation, that god created everything, but never did my teachers go into why, how, out of what, etc.
lets say, for a moment, for the purposes of this conversation, that i am god. why do i need to create people? am i bored? do i need worshippers? am i some sort of artist with ideas about societies and the type of species that will exist?
o.k. so i`m now god and i made the world. the mind boggles to try to make sense of all the stuff that goes on here. dirt is dirty, water is wet, the sun is hot and everything can kill you if you aren`t paying attention all the time. so i made this stuff just this way. i mustn`t like humans a lot. i must be like a kid blowing up frogs with firecrackers. that doesn` t make a lot of sense. on one hand i am an immesurably creative and capable person and on the other hand a cruel pervert wanting to kill in as many ways as i can think of full time.
but that`s what god has created. a very dangerous place to live. unless you`re a rock.
who would choose a dangerous place to live?
a person with no other choice.
this is where the christian view falls down for me. a god sitting on a marble chair in the sky that did all this wasn`t doing this for all the right reasons. to believe this was deliberate creates a self estimate in our species that is pretty limiting. hence all the wars, i suppose.
i think we are an animal with a spirit consciousness that is new to the earth-bound physical game. the challenges of survival in the state of the flesh is one of evolution, not of the physical but of the spirit. we exist here. we don`t know how or why or out of what, but it emerges, if we search and pay attention, that we create all that we percieve in a god-like way.
the only god-like action that i`ve ever witnessed is the action of all of us. i have to conclude that we are god.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

things to do now.

smile again.
stretch and smile again.
imagine the fantastic.
imagine you being fantastic.
smile at the thought of you being fantastic.
look in the mirror.
feel silly?
smile again.
this time you smile at yourself smiling, don`t you. even if you only imagine yourself doing the smiling.
so now that you feel better, what are you going to do?
imagine the fantastic.
imagine yourself being fantastic.
smile at the thought of you being fantastic.
wait a minute, haven`t we done this before?
each time we do this we feel good. that`s the natural expression of our innate joy manifesting it`s self.
smile in the mirror.
or just imagine you did.
for the rest of your life.
and imagine the fantastic and you doing it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

negative to positive.

in order for us to move away from the negative it is not enough to choose to not be negative any longer. our society is on a curve of negativity borne of attachment to material gain. we all lie on a point on this curve and unless we allow the negativity to fall away by withdrawing from attachment to material things we will remain there. how do i do that in a material universe?, you might well ask. it is the most difficult task facing us in a material driven society. everywhere we turn the currency is possessions and money. we begin by realising that the goals we choose have to be spiritual. that is toward enlightenment. the careers we choose, the things we write and say, the way we communicate, all must contain the idea of non- attachment to the material.
as we practice this we slowly but inevitably sink down the curve of negativity. the negative then has less meaning in our lives. less anger, less hostility,agression, winning, beating, competing. more space comes into our lives for compassion and understanding, creativity, love and peace. our meditation will deepen and open up and eventually we will begin to rise up the curve of the positive in the universe.
the positive will come into our lives. things will be more authentic. we will be more authentic and assertive in our goals and direction. opportunity and attainment will come. we will feed, clothe and shelter ourselves well as a result. this isn`t poverty, this is real wealth, not only of money and things, but of spirit.
chasing the material out of desperation will make it a struggle. doing life out of love and a practice of devotion to spiritiual truth of meditation and non-attachment will open up the potential for all things.
when you are ready.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

sending messages back in time.

as your meditation practice develops there are things that you can apply your mind to. our mind creates our reality. this become apparent to those on the path to enlightenment in many ways. one way we can recognise our connectedness to everything is by realising that we can send messages back in time. time has been constructed semantically as a direct correlate of space. it becomes space/time in quantum mechanics. time needs space to function. time is consciousness moving through space and vis-versa. it could be suggested that consciousness it`s self needs space/time to exist. any more of that line of reasoning and we could get headache! the point is that thoughts exist in space/time and we generate them as seperate realities, each thought sending a new "us" off into a new universe driven by decision. a new space, if you will. this new space is made of information. it can be coded any way we want. we are doing it right now.
so let`s set up a transmitter universe now. and now set up a reciever universe. these two universes exist in seperate semantic universes intent on communicating with each other because you have decided they will.
the transmitter universe is set up first. we meditate on building a transmitter from a certain calender date. today will do. choose to send important information to the reciever universe back one week in time. any information you want to.
then you begin to meditate on setting up a reciever universe in your mind to recieve the information from your future.
as you do this practice you may feel the activation of certain areas of the brain that are unfamiliar to you at this point. blood flow and pressure is gently adjusting to do the extra work necessary to build this new semantic map of reality. just know it`s happening and welcome it`s abundance now.
it is important to do five minutes meditation, first on sending, then on recieving, each day until you see information coming into the recieving meditation that can only be from your future.
it is important that when transmitting that you focus on sending present information back in time one week. this may seem awkward at first, but as you become comfortable you will notice results appearing.

predicting the future.

we see time in our minds as a flow, from right to left, left to right or back to front. a line of times running from way in the past from the depths of memory and forward into an imgined future. this timeline is laid out this way as our concepts of space allow. the philosopher p.d. ouspensky suggested that as ideas about space change then so will our ideas about time. the quantum mechanical model of the universe binds space/time together as one thing. these are constructs of semantics, a universe built on words, very powerful things.
when we think about things that happen in the past, in our mind`s eye, they are framed in one area in the mind. as the images progress in time in our mind, the image frame moves over, and as our thoughts move onto the future the frame is in a completely different location. the differences in the position of these frames is known as the time line. people`s timelines travel in different directions. left to right, right to left and back to front right through the head, as it were. people`s trajectories vary, but the concept is the same.
in the first frame we see things that we know with certainty that happened in the past, in the middle frame we see things that are happening now, and in the final frame we can imagine things occuring in the future.
here comes the predictive aspect and practice.
build up past frames of information and occurances the you know have happened. then build up a frame of things that are happening now. now, in the final frame see a glass of water either full of liquid or empty, representing a good or a bad outcome for whatever it is the you are predicting.
you can use this to see future winners of sports games, stock prices, business ventures or anything that has a flow from past to present and be able to test the accuracy of your predictions with facts as they occur.
this practice is something that takes time to develop, but with time, some astonishing results can be attained. the rule is slow and patient with the practice of visualisation. seeing the past and present images strongly and firmly then switching to the future with the glass full or empty providing the answer.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

why can`t we change?

the good news is that we can change. we have the ability and the methods installed from birth. the noise of our lives has created a state of confusion that has made it difficult to focus on the things necessary to change. learning to focus is the key to doing anything we choose to do. there are games played by psychiatry and the education industry and even religion that further cloud the issue of focussing our attention on the things we need to do in our lives.
our beliefs become molded by myths like a.d.d. and the necessity for a university education and the idea that there is a god seperate from us that is harsh and judgemental but if we do exactly what we`re told we get to go to heaven.
it`s no wonder we are confused.
the simple act of quietly clearing your mind of pictures and words for a few minutes will allow you to be able to have a clean slate to be able to put pictures and voices in there that make you happy. this simple process will make you feel good and be able to open up a world of comfort that will spread into your experience in ways that only you can imagine for yourself.
i can`t tell you what is right for you. your dreams, aspirations and desires are personal to you and are a deeply intimate part of what drives your life forward. take a few moments to evaluate what is important to you and what you would like to accomplish if you knew you could. and then run them in your mind as if they were happening. in your mind`s eye. like sitting in a movie theater watching the screen in the dark room. hear the sights and sounds of yourself as the star of you life and let the movie play to the end, as many times as you need to be able to get the feelings of excitement associated with knowing it will happen to you.
these are the true words of jesus in the bible. he was giving the keys to the kingdom of heaven so that we can live our lives. he was standing on the shore of the sea, talking to friends. not in a church. his words work in your mind anywhere you need to be. they are your words. your mind. your life. pretty cool idea, huh?

audio hypnosis products.

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when you buy a cd you will be recieving a professionally recorded product in digital stereo incorporating a harmonic carrier frequency known as the schumann resonance. this frequency matches the pulse of the planet it`s self and is immediately recognised and matched by us living on earth. there is more information and links on the product page at there is a huge body of study done on this phenomenon and the benifits to all of us.
hypnosis delivers powerful commands to the subconscious mind allowing for effortless change of behaviour, when you order and listen to the disk now. the deep level of trance induced is safe and relaxing, allowing effective and permenant benifit in body and mind.
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if you are suffering from weight issues or struggling to stop smoking or find it hard to relax when you need to, try one of my audio disks with the money back guarantee and change your life now.

Friday, September 09, 2005

a new model of reality.

we all have the ability to create a new model of reality. in fact if we aren`t doing so already we are living someone else`s now. it`s not important to know who`s reality we are living, but for the most it`s a mixture of parent`s, teacher`s, government, boss, etc, with some individual imput along the way.
those who do create thier own reality are the one`s living how we`d like to live, doing the things we`d like to do and having the results we`d like to attain. we can`t take over another person`s life like in the movie being john malkovich, and abduction and theft are crimes, so what do we do?
our whole life is made of the end result of planning. the things we see, feel ,hear, taste and smell drive our external world. they are the signals that we recieve from our environment that we react to, shaping our reality.
we store these sensations as memories and then feed them back to ourselves, in our mind throughout the day. we colour these memories emotionally to fit our ideas about the way things should be. these pre-suppositions are biases that we accumilate in our travels that are filters on objective reality.
these pre-suppositions are the fences we put around our spiritual property. they make our live`s what they are.
for the inquirer into the realm of meditation and spiritual developement the internal sensations are the key. when you meditate or pray images form in your mind and they take on the form of memories or situations that could happen in the future. these images are made of the same stuff that our external reality is made of. sights, sounds, feelings, tastes and sometimes smells. whereas the external reality is consistant and shared by everyone as it happens, your internal reality is plastic and is open to your ability to drive it any way you want.
the proof in this is easy. you are doing it already. just think back to a time when you made a firm decision in your mind about something and it happened precisely the way you planned. this was no accident. it began in your mind and you moved toward the image and it became real.
every spiritual teaching leads to this one thing. see it happen in your mind as if it happens with certainty and it will happen. it`s the one true thing.
it`s how precisely you see it, hear it, taste it, feel it and smell it that matters.
building a vocabulary of amplified sensory knowledge in your mind`s eye, as you meditate will focus your mind to making the events happen.
every building has it`s plans. from the simplest bungalow to the tallest skyskrapers. in minute detail. the minute detail of what you see happening in your meditations will begin to emerge into your life as you go.
i can`t prove that aspect. i know it works though, you have to do the visualisations to prove it to yourself.
try this. imagine an experience that you particularly enjoyed. see what you saw, hear and feel what you heard and felt. see the colours and shapes of things in your mind as you imagine the experience. make the colours brighter, turn the lighting up, draw the image closer and notice the feelings you get amplify. hear voices louder. smells and tastes more intense. these sub-modalities of the experience are the tools for making the feelings you get from the experience stronger. any time you want.
the visualisation doesn`t have to be real. it could be something you are preparing to do. see yourself performing the task perfectly, smiling, others smiling. see yourself taller, bigger and others reacting positively as you do what you planned to do and hear applause and cheering as you go....... this is your visualisation. notice how you react to the sights and sounds in the scene and choose more of the ones that get strong bodily reactions in your experience.
these strong positive feelings, the trills are the kinaesthetic anchors that you can fire off any time you want to in your day by doing the visualisation and amplifying the sub-modalities as you prepare to do the task that you visualised. try a fanfare of trumpets and then growl like a tiger and feel the feelings as you do this and smile knowing you you thrive on doing this stuff and will succeed.
i use this for puplic presentations to get in the right state to entertain, i use this for athletics, house work, writing and anything else that i can think of the just feel good for no reason. and live the life i want.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

thoughts have energy.

thoughts have energy. a good example of this is in the way people respond to what you have to say. if you are reasonable and supportive in communication with others you will tend to find that others are the same way back. if you are harsh and critical you will find harshness and criticism coming back at you.
this is an example of resonance.
people and things tend to want to resonate with each other. if you take a tuning fork and hit it sharply it will ring at a specific pitch. if you place the ringing fork against a glass the glass will sing with the fork. the material of the glass will resonate with the moving frequency of the fork and make the air around it vibrate toward your ear. your ears then transduce the signal into audible information that your brain decodes for you to recognise as sound. a whole chain of systems resonate to bring the tone to your ear. tuning fork, glass, air, ear, brain, conscious recognition of sound. all resonating at the same frequency.
this works with thoughts too.
thoughts vibrate out into the universe and set up resonance with other like frequencies. these bodies begin to resonate and align to sing together and soon feed back to the transmitter. the transmitter is your consciousness. the feedback comes back in the form of all that is in your life now.
happy? continue doing what you are doing and you`ll get more of the same.
if not, begin to build models of what you want in your thoughts. open a movie screen in your mind`s eye and play out movies of pleasant, positive events that you want to attract. dare to do it consistantly and it will become a habit that will attract these new things into your life.
it`s happening now anyway. in exact resonance with what you have been saying and doing all your life.
and it`s true for everyone else in the world for as long as we`ve been in existance on th planet.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

making and selling cigarettes is criminal.

making and selling cigarettes is criminal. if you or i were to manufacture a product containing over two hundred toxic chemicals we would be shut down immediately. if we were to make a product that was known to cause cancer in most organs of the human body we would be shut down immediately. if we were to deliver these products to the marketplace knowing that the majority of new users were underage, we would be open to the full penalty of the law.
the manufactures of cigarettes do all of the above with the full protection of the law.
the laws need to change.
will they?
the government has shown it`s blatant disregard for the health of the citizenry by encouraging the consumption of this lethal product and when pressed to limit the amount smoked, merely raised the tax per package, solving nothing.
if cigarettes are to be removed from culture permenantly the laws have to be changed.
the laws will change automatically when the cost to health care outwieghs the tax revenue. the government recently prolonged that process by significantly increasing the tax per pack and it is inevitable that they will do so in the future.
we all know people who`s lives have been shortened by smoking. thier health severely compromised, thier quality of life diminished and finally taken from them entirely.
it`s a crime.
in real terms it`s murder.
a conspiracy to commit murder.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

the ability to change the world.

what are we supposed to do with the ability to change the world? i don`t think we can change the consensus world. what i believe we can change is the one filament of existance among many that is unique to the self. i think that there are exactly as many worlds as there are examples of consciousness existing in parallel. it`s the only way that i can support what i will say next. in my world, what i imagine comes to fruition. what happens in your reality is true and concrete for you…….even if i differs substantially from mine. my consciousness contains a version of you that responds to my world-view even though the same is true for you.for us now here on the planet there are approximately 6.5 billion streams of reality ripping through space/time carving out reality. each of our experiences is different for each of us in direct relationship to what we generate via focus and meditation. this all happens while we still all have a groundstate of shared reality to fall back on.two parallel realities. the collective and the individual.each individual is a copy of the original with re-write and editing functions enabled for those who know how.this is the gnosis that was esoteric enough to be kept for the can choose to live the default reality as a passenger and take what comes, or get your spiritual sleeves rolled up and create a new world full of love and passion and discovery by opening up your third eye and looking through it onto a screen of new ideas and outcomes.

Monday, September 05, 2005

divinity and human experience.

the concept of divinity brings forward ideas of god in heaven and the process of the church in society. these are the natural effects of the meaning of the word divinity in society. divine means god. god means church and all that entails. we accept this meaning because it`s all that we have to go on. every time we have thoughts about the issue of spirit we think of church and religion. so religion satisfies our spiritual needs, right?
o.k. so there is some other thing going on then. something that`s not being satisified via religion that has something to do with the idea of spirituality and divinity.
the thing that`s not being satisfied is our own attachment to the divine. our own intuitive knowledge that there is something more than a concept of a seperate god in heaven and us all "down here" on earth until we die.
it reminds me of theories in physics that say things like "the universe was created in a big bang billions of years ago". o.k., from what? what was there beforehand?
we don`t get satisfactory answers. it`s o.k. not to know, but fudging answers with silliness makes one lose confidence in the process of inquiry.
back to the discussion of divinity.
we question the creation of our reality and all that is in front of us. some like to give a seperate god the credit, but any critical inquiry into the concept put forth fails to satisfy.
we stand witness to the miracle of everything around us every conscious moment. the common, obvious, consistant element in all of what we see is us. maybe we have something to do with the creation of this wonder. why do we have to give someone, or something else the credit.?
the search for the divine consumes spiritual endevours. the bhuddists sit for hours meditating, christians pray, muslims pray. nothing has changed in all of this. the grass is still green. sky is still blue and the water is still absolutely and perfectly wet.
hmm. what if we are the one`s doing this experience. what if we are the divine spirit.
want to find out for sure?
let`s say the word of god in the bible is the words of men on paper.
let`s say the world is created by what we decide in the morning and hold in our thoughts all day.
let`s say we develop a practice where we learn to hold these creative, loving thoughts in our minds all day.
let`s agree to do this for a period of time,say a month or so, and see what happens.
let`s play creator and choose loving, exciting, playful thoughts that have direct benifit now.
let`s find a quiet place where we can sit and imagine a screen in our mind where we can run a movie or slide show of all the things we want to have happen.
this takes some practice and discipline initially, but over time, the practice becomes habit and soon it becomes an automatic part of your day.
your movie becomes your life.
it has to because it already has, you just didn`t realise you were doing it. the fact still remains.
the divinity is within. it was there all along.
jesus died for saying it.
all mention of his mystical teaching has been tranlslated out or removed entirely.
why? who is going to go to church and listen to the priest talk about his conversations with god if they understand how the whole thing works?
who`s going to go to bible"study" when they realise what has happened to the bible over the centuries?
who`s going to put coins on the collection plate given thier own spiritual practice of meditation and visualisation?
to be human is to be divine. it is our birthright.
claim it now.

thoughts on thoughts

what are thoughts? thoughts are images made up of sights, sounds, sastes, smells and feelings that come into our conciousness. the thoughts we have become our reality by how we react to them. if we forget about them they have little time to have an effect in our reality. if we hold the thought through focus or by actively reviewing the elements of the thought for a period of time the thought has more chance to become real in our world.
this is known as meditation,prayer or creative visualisation.
the two ends of the spectrum of human consciousness in recognisable terms are love at one end and fear at the other. this is a simple way to illustrate the mechanism but is nontheless valid for this discussion.
when we access our thoughts through a state of love then our thoughts drive positive outcomes. when we access our thoughts through fear/hate then we can expect negative outcomes as a product.
most people experience thoughts in a random and passive way. that is, they don`t begin to choose and create thoughts deliberately. the traditional view of thoughts is that there is no connection between them and reality, so why practice creating them?
the fact remains that everything around us is the manifestation of thoughts in the world.
how did that new car appear on the driveway?
how did you put goceries in the fridge?
how did nasa put rockets in space?
these things are the end of the process that began with thoughts.
ideas, dreams, passions, goals, fantasies, etc. begin in the mind`s eye. we take those flickering images and enjoy the feelings we get as a response. then if we practice holding the images for long enough, the feelings persist and make our plans change in real terms. we start to rearrange our life according to ideas that started in our mind. now we are shuffling our lives around and acting differently because we are thinking differently. pretty soon, if the idea comes from love, we can see changes in our live`s in a constructive way.
we can lose wieght, we can stop smoking cigarettes, we can get a raise, we can build an addition to our house or get a new car. whole countries were built this way. the documents are in the museum. the manifest destiny is our destiny. onw.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

ego and what you think you are saying.

i had a conversation recently with a client about his luck with women and i asked him how he approached them. he told me that he felt it was important to be as honest as possible with a woman, and tell them as much as possible about himself and what he does so that the woman would be impressed with his job and accomplishments,etc. he went on to say that he believed that a woman wants to know how consciencious he was about health, diet and excercize and about his hobbies like mountain biking and lifting wieghts.
he was disappointed when i told him that women could care less about those things and that if he continued to bore her with the details she would drink her drink and leave.
women want to feel good. men want to feel good. men`s egos get in the way of this process.
a woman will listen to you describe her good feelings back to her all night long. she will laugh and smile and you will feel good too.
how do you know what her good feelings are?
she will tell you if she trusts you enough to make eye contact and listen to your voice.
my client learned that in a few minutes a woman will describe in precise detail how she derives pleasure from any situation imaginable. all you have to do is give her the opportunity to tell you about it.
what she sees, what she hears and what she feels are all part of her internal world, precisely the way she wants it to be. she will tell you exactly what she wants to hear and how you can create it for here in real time.
it becomes a story-telling. she will sit forever to listen, if you do it right. she will see the things you want her to look at, she will hear the sounds you want her to listen too and most importantly, she will feel the feelings you provide for her to feel.
is it manipulative? yes.
is it a powerful tool for buliding lasting relationships? yes.
is it what you want?
well, if you want someone who is glad to be with you, wants to be with you and please you like you please her, then the answer is yes.
there are critics.
generally the tired, bitchy, complaining types that are going to suggest that a person who communicates like this is taking advantage of a woman in her vulnerability.
this couldn`t be futher from the truth.
a soulmate is someone who talks the same language as you do. if you take the time learn and practice how to speak a person`s personal language you are communicating soul to soul. we all want to communicate this way. here`s the opportunity.