Sunday, December 31, 2006

the new year.

well, the new year is upon us and it is a time for reflection. a time for looking back over the last twelve months to see what has come and what has gone and where this is all heading for the next round of existance.

there is a great battle coming. a battle for our minds. it has been in the making for centuries and as we become versed in the esoteric knowledge of the adepts that has always been available to the chosen few we will be able to see more of the pattern in things.

it is going to be interesting to see how this will play out in the next few years.....will we remain transfixed as a culture over the love interests of the rich and famous and who`s killing who, or will we begin to really look at the revelation that is available to all of us now that, at least for the next while, we can talk freely amongst each other.

is this really the year of the individual as time magizine says, or are we just going to go back to sleep and ride the storm out with a newspaper and cnn playing in the background?

i think the choice is for the individual to make.

thanks for reading this far.

happy new year.

make it yours.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

my sister`s new house in somerset.

"new" to was built in the 12th century. i think the windows have been replaced though.

oh yeah,

and a special thanks to jon moore for making my gold top les paul sound so, um, vintage.

he has been making a pick-ups for electric guitars for a couple of years now and if you need to make your guitar sound better for 2007 then put his pick-ups in your guitar.........even if it`s a blue hagstrom.

gratitude. genuine gratitude.

these are the people that, over the past year, have helped change my life.

for this i am eternally grateful.

bob brohman.
chris jones.
richard bandler.
kelley windebank.
alan watts.
elaine dow.
bob "the baptist" briar.
patrick mallaret.
elaine and gail, who`s last names i have never known.
the girls behind the counter at starbucks.
all my teammates.
al gordon.
olga bakai. (both of them......)
a number of girls called cynthia.
tim boucher.
the contessa.......for selling the house.
my sister.........for buying one.
rayburn and trevor, for thier immaturity at such an advanced age.
all my clients, who must remain nameless. (unless they bounce a cheque!)
lisa ashton for being absolutely and completely charming.

if i have forgotten someone it`s through no fault of thiers...............

this as been a year to remember.

thank you everyone.

three beautiful things.........................

my life.

my children.

the next thing that will occur.

be water...........

it is not the system or ideas which are most important, but the individual.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


well, i think i`ve figured out what the end-of-the-world types are going on about.

a clue comes in the form of the question, what has been emerging most rapidly in society in the last ten years?


what is information?


with the emergence of personal computing and growing databases of everything and blogging as a learning tool where people can discuss anything they want to, we are seeing the emergence of personal power.

time just named the individual the person of the year.

because never before has the individual held so much power as right now.

so what suffers at the hand of personal power?

culture, government, religion and pre-existing dogmas and value systems and family games and so on.

it is truly the end of a type of world.

an end that has been predicted for centuries and an end that keeps on happening.


i do disagree that religion says we are god in disguise though............that`s my job.

t.a. simplified.

t.a. suggests that the consciousness is comprised of a parent, an adult, and a child. each of these elements can have varying degrees of effect on the person and can rise and fall in reaction to external stimulii.

the child wants to play, the parent wants to direct and criticise and the adult wants to be reasonable.

our live`s are determined by how functional each aspect of the consciousness is and when each aspect comes into operation.

we react to others by communicating with these three elements of our personality as they do to us.

adult to adult interactions are where the "normal" business is conducted. when the parent and child come into play the games commence.

a harsh parent aspect as a dominant character trait will trigger a resentful child possibly or fearful one......or another harsh parent or a calm adult who will ignore the harsh parent game altogether.

the formulas are endless, but in simple terms once you see how the various aspects of our consciousness relate you can analyse most situations reasonably accurately.

internal dialog.

i am reading transactional analysis at the present.

t.a. is a study of aspects of the personality in relation to others........hence the transactional aspect of the name.

but something just struck me. i`m a proponent of the nature of self-direction. it`s what we all do at the end of the day. there is no more domineering boss than the self.

so this self that dominates our lives must also have the same characteristics that other people do and subsequently can be analysed in the same way regarding games.

the games that t.a. describe as played between people can also be played internally and are as effective and as limiting as the external ones.

so if we are playing games of varying descriptions with ourselves, when we change the game we change the life............


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

three beautiful things................

gotham racing III for x-box 360.

halo II plays on x-box 360.

my children playing x-box 360 (and me..............)

Monday, December 25, 2006


just how confused are you about your uncertainty that you don`t know what to do with your life?

are you so uncertain that you might be certain about knowing that you may just be the only one who does know what you want and actually need to do with your life.......because really, who the hell else could possibly know what`s right for you now?

and besides, you have always managed to land on your feet this far........................

so what the hell.

and haven`t you noticed that more times than not what the hell is the right answer.

do not read this if you are catholic.

the pope said that we are in desperate need of a saviour then he went on to say that he has left the plight of the world in the hands of the baby jesus.

which one is it?

it`s no wonder that catholics are confused.

do not worry..............

.........................about how much you eat this christmas holiday unless you are going to pay attention for the rest of the year.

one week`s overeating equals roughly 2% of your dietary year. you can afford to absolutely stuff yourself silly seven days straight and still see your abs come the spring...........unless you continue to chew relentlessly until easter, in which case you`ll probably have to be removed from your house by crane.

have a merry whatever you`re going to have over the holidays and drive carelessly. insurance companies need the money.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


we are enriched by that which we resonate with. we recognise what we resonate with through our feelings.

this isn`t to say it`s a trivial process, one of childish greed or selfishness purely to satisfy an immediate want.

what happens is that we have a need to resonate with the things that enrich us for our survival as a spiritual and a physical creature.

knowing the difference between the trivial and the vital is the key to enrichment.

at no other time is the ability to discern the difference more important that at christmas when we are deep within the consumerist spasm of gift-giving (getting.) and are borderline psychotic with fatigue trying to get everything done.

the thing we desire most is love.

give it yourself first.......and then others will recognise that and accept what you have to offer.

everything else falls into line after that.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

the road never traveled.

statistically the likeleyhood of something happening in a person`s lifetime diminishes significantly once the ratio reaches around one in ten thousand. this means that the likelhood becomes insistinguishable from "never".

to illustrate this we only need to look at the ratio of one in two hundred thousand, which is the odds against being hit by lightning. i live in a suburban corridor of millions of people and a few people each year get hit.........but nobody i come into contact with knows these people.

the other side of this is the ratio of one in one hundred. the ratio of people who earn $100,000 or more to those who don`t.

i deal professionally with people who earn in this bracket and they are the same animals as thier less affluent counterparts.

so when we say we will "never" attain such levels of income are we refering to the 1/10,000 ratio or the 1/100 ratio?

income relates more to how you prepare mentally in your life that any other factor.

otherwise the ratio would be significantly higher...................

technorati code.........................

Technorati Profile

technical stuff. (i don`t undrstand it myself but i`m learning to follow instructions.........)

the report.................

said you`ll live longer if you are optimistic.

but why would you want to live longer if things suck so much?

(that`s a hypnotherapists joke...................)

another opinion.................

about says it all.

Friday, December 22, 2006

who do you work for?

who do you work for?

here`s a clue as to how i`d like you to think about answering this question.

i work for me.

now, having said that i need to say that i get paid based on my output and get paid by those who benifit from my efforts.

i have arrived at this arrangement because i wanted it to be that way and i never accepted any other arrangement or suggestion that there should be any other arrangement.

this goes back to my point about thoughts creating reality.

i don`t agree that we should be slacking or moving away from work. i just think we need to be clear who we work for and why.

what is work?

work can be defined as a measure of output or of effort exerted. culturally it is defined as a thing we all do or strive to do for money, social position and as a way of sorting time. as part of the cultural flow it creates psychological well-being.

we can safely say that to have a job is to feel good on many levels at once.

but what is really happening here and why aren`t we happy about it?

what is really happening is that we are indoctrinated into outputting effort to attain rewards held out as valuable by media.
this is the tip of one bloody big iceburg.

a clue.

how do we treat those who are doing what they love and make a living at it?

be honest about how you answer that question because it`s a measure of how programmed you are about work.

niether one nor the other.

there is a middle ground to the idea of work. it lies in doing what you enjoy and are passionate about and recieving payment for you efforts.

the last posting dealt symbolically with the idea of the indoctrination of work for it`s own sake, the idea of salvation through effort.

as if we need salvation firstly and then the further concept of judgement of those efforts and the granting of benifit to those who meet the criteria.

does anyone actually believe that shit?

when has that actually ever happened?

there are so many games played with this mechanism held as a valid premise that i wouldn`t know where to begin to explain them all.

consumer society demands that we accept the work/reward game as an honest one...........and it` a lie.

that`s why we are pissy all the time. we have been betrayed since we were small and can`t quite put our finger on how.

to compound the issue further it is instructive to note that the majority of those who do the indoctrinating are unaware of what they are doing and firmly believe they are playing an honest game of teacher or minister or boss or manager or even parent or older sibling.

watch the movie the matrix again if you haven`t already watched it a hundred times.

oh, and one last thing; smiling seems, for whatever reason, to fuck up the programming.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

work makes you free.

we must tread carefully here. i used the image on the link provided above to illustrate a number of feelings i have had growing up and am leading to an important nobody over-react here.

the picture on the link isn`t terribly awful. it`s a picture of a row of buildings with a sign written in german. i used this image to connect to a feeling i used to get when going to school as a child in a small village just east of london.

the feeling i used to get was a visceral dread. a horrid looming desire to run as fast as i could to get as far away from that place as possible.

if anyone reading this went to primary school in england in the sixties they will know what i mean about oppressive archetecture. disturbingly similar to the buildings in the picture in the link above.

enslavement ending in death.

sounds about right.

that`s why i`m a rebel. that`s why i decry modern culture.

it`s a concentration camp.

more about smiling.

the act of smiling triggers brain chemicals called neuro-transmitters to be released.

we are all drug addicts of one sort or another.

my view is that modern psychiatry does themselves and us, thier potential patients, a great disservice by not characterising behaviours via this mechanism more directly.

it seems pretty clear to me that most issues of mood are directly linked to these class of chemicals.

for example the disorder known a sad or seasonal adjusted disorder is due to seritonin issues related to diminished sunlight throughout the winter. my ex will be the first to attest that i have had episodes of this.

the non-medical cures for condition are more sunlight and 5-htp, a neuro-transmitter available at any local health food shop in north america and europe. this reasonably inexpensive suppliment totally aleviates the mood issues experienced by the majority of people relatiing to the change in available sunlight in the winter.

another example is the neuro-transmitter phenyl-ethyl-amine, or p.e.a., found in chocolate. this drug is released into the brain when we are hugged by someone we love. p.e.a. is known as the love drug.

smiling at someone and having them smile back......or even smiling in the mirror at yourself does the same thing.

so unless there are biological or medical reasons why your brain is deficient in these common processes you should be able to create any mood possible through practice.

we are addicts.

our brains are drug factories.

what drugs are you on?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


smiling is an interesting process. it is both a cause and an effect.

we smile because we are happy and stimulated by pleasant things.

we can force the smile and trigger the same feeling.

that may seem odd or uncomfortable to some, but the fact remains.

if you look at yourself in the mirror and make a smile face however you can, the image you see in the mirror will make you smile authentically.

we are hard-wired neuro-chemically to smile when we see another face smiling. they are contagious. there was a smiley-face program started by someone when i was a teenagerwhereby people were wearing yellow disks with a cartoon smile and a pair of eyes on them. this was enough to make people smile in response. i think over time the symbol lost it`s effectiveness and became representitive of particular political leanings but nontheless the fact remains the we are predisposed to responding to grins.

try it to see if i`m right.


now try it with people..........especially if you mean it.


we are presented throughout our philosophical travels with ideas that don`t agree with our own. the natural reaction to exposure to such ideas is to reject them and reaffirm our attachment to our prior position. this determination is biological in nature, as the physical system recreates it`s self and maintains systems of sameness because they work. the actions of thinking flow in line with this homestasic mechanism for survival purposes.

the problem arises when we autmatically react by rejecting new ideas without holding them in a comparitive structure in our minds for a period of time so that we can objectively evaluate them.

the shock of exposure to new and radical ideas is enough to send most running back to the safe and familiar, yet real interest and inquiry is where the discovery of new benifits lie. there have been times when i`ve lifted up a rock and been horrified initially by what i was presented with.........but by suspending judgement briefly i have gained insights into many areas that i wouldn`t have had access to by criticising and editing to fit my prior understanding.

we have to accept that the bulk of what we take as hard operational fact is belief and therefore can be replaced by alternate beliefs and still function.

don`t try that with your internal organs though.

Monday, December 18, 2006


there are occasions where it is fruitful to be openly grateful for the abundance in our lives.

to recognise something is to resonate with it.

the resonance sends information back into the universe, aligning with more similar "it"...........

so what are we grateful for?

don`t think you can be grateful?

try this.

the sky above, whether blue, grey, orange, yellow or black as ink.

the birds in that sky.

the sea, the mountains, the trees, the people you smile at each day having them smile back and lengthen your spine as you lengthen thiers...........

alan watt. what would we see with out mr. watt?


great shoes.

the sheer thrill of it all.

timothy leary and my favorite saying of his. "when they try to get you down, come back at them with as much love as possible."

the great miracles that occur each and every second all around us.

well, that`s a tiny portion of what i`m greatful for. some of that which i`m grateful for would seem egotistical to some if i mentioned it. but hey, you can`t please everyone.

when you are free.

sometimes the only way you realise that you are free is in retrospect.

looking back on the last few months i realise that i had been living like a large animal in a restrictively small cage.

the last few months have been a sort of coming to grips with the fact that the cage door is in fact wide open and that i`m free go and do whatever i wish.

anything at all.


in retrospect i realise that i have actually been having fun. i am involved in serious creative projects, i`m reconciling a seperation pretty much as planned and i get to see my children happy and relaxed, glad to see thier father.

so all of what i have written about on this blog for the last year and a half is coming home to roost.

i can live with that.

three beautiful things.

the humour of my business partner.


how an atmosphere of play and laughter can create an environment where problems can be indentified and solved.

unconditional love.

well,here it favorite subject. unconditional love.

two things here.

1) love. defined as, an all encompasing feeling that just feels good.

2) unconditional. defined as, without condition. automatic. default setting. given freely without expectation of reciprocation.

the added aspect that i always stress is that there is only one person that this feeling applies to in those specific terms.


everything else is part of or is leading to a game.

when you attain this state of unconditional love for yourself you are honest with yourself, you don`t play games with yourself, you don`t engage in behaviours and relationships that can bring harm and you allow yourself the ability to be human.

to try to do this to/for someone else is asking for trouble.

realise that it is always a work in progress.

and imagine if everyone took this seriously enough to stay out of eachother`s shit for a day or two? a week? six months?

with a smile on thier face?

taking control of your brain chemistry.

a controversial subject amongst the religious and philisophers alike. whether our reality is purely neuro-chemical or something more complex.

my view is that it behaves like a purely neuro-chemical effect, so why go any further.

when you practice controlling the pictures you show yourself and the way you talk to yourself in your head.........and the content of the external media as then, over time, begin to alter yor brain chemistry.

your minister knows this, the yogi knows this and so do the good folks who control the media, so lets grow up and take our minds back.

3bt for december whatever it is..............15th?

not caring what the date is..........

playing soccer in 15 degree weather today.

knowing i`ll see my boys christmas day and maybe thier x-box 360 will have arrived by then.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


games, in the transactional sense, are so ingrained in our psyche as a culture and as a species, that to stop playing games and become functional is almost impossible..........for the simple reason that nobody can stand being around you.............

because when you call the game, the game tends to end.

if you know what i mean then you are on the path..........

if not, then consider this;

in the game called alcoholic (a popular game played by three or more players, the payoff being look after me, i can`t. ) when a person begins to stop drinking all the other players are threatened with having thier game stop. depending on how serious a game is being played, this turn of events can turn nasty. in a hard game the outcome can be the courthouse, hospital, jail or the morgue.

in my view of spiritual enlightenment one becomes enlightened in direct correlation to being able to recognise, call and change games for fun and profit.

one does have to eat and entertain one`s self, afterall.

Friday, December 15, 2006

alan watts.

entertainment and enlightenment combined.

the matrix.

though this movie has become a sort of cartoon that people can gloss over and ignore for the most part, it is still the closest i`ve seen to opening the door to understanding that we live in an illusion created by religion and government to bind us to the consumer/robot society.
we are bound by fear to behaving within strict bands of behaviour. the "don`t walk on the grass" sign permiates our whole existance and we obssess on the tiniest of things that consume our energy and leave us tired and frustrated that we didn`t do what it was we wanted the first time................

so here we are. what the is the time to do that think you wanted to do, to say the thing you wanted to say and to feel what you really wanted to feel.

do it.


i have experienced the most amazing things when i just held my ground and had confidence that things were going to go my way........and they did.

files get lost, opportunities appeared, people change thier minds and things that weren`t allowed yesterday are now ok.

bank on it. it`s your reality. claim it.

and the funny thing is you know exactly what i`m talking about. you`ve seen it happen time and time again. maybe always to the other guy..................but he was just believing it was going to happen and it did.

now it`s your turn to have the other guy drop out of the running or a new manager take the caseload or a new department open up with the need for your skills.

or even better than that; an opportunity so amazing that you can hardly believe it yet here it is...............waiting for your next move.

has this happened to you before?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

three beautiful things for today....................

a warm day in mid december. after this i will go for a bike ride to celebrate.

a sense that things are coming together.

knowing that things work in specific ways.......with absolute certainty.

Monday, December 11, 2006


as i am in a library at the present and for some reason unable to access a reply page i will respond to yves here.

i would like to be effective in my humanitarian role as would most who experience the emotion, but the point hardin and others including myself are making is that it makes no sense to send money to feed people only to have them begin to kill eachother......or migrate into other countries where they disrupt economies there. these are hard issues to deal with. much like funds for homelessness that have done nothing to actually curtail homelessness.

in reference to warm feelings, if giving a few dollars or pounds to a charitable organization is a seen as a solution to such problems then we are in dep shit.

i sleep well knowing that i have positively effected my clients who then return to the community able to be more comfortable and effective. there isn`t much more that any of us can actually do without involving large corporations and politics, and that`s no way to get things done.

i fall back on my assertion that it is the conditioned feeling of conscience that is the problem here, not our willingness to help. that`s innate.

eric berne, the father of transactional analysis, had much to say about games and scripts. i will dig around and see if i can find a direct correlation to the game of "feed the poor".


we are conditioned from birth to have a concience.

what purpose does this serve?

in modern society concience makes us feel responsible for others, many of whom we don`t know and couldn`t possibly effect.................yet we are asked to feel somehow responsible for thier care and safety.


garret hardin wrote a book some years ago called filters against folly. in that book he wrote quite a bit about the idea of ecolate thinking, or what happens after we do something.

he was working towards the idea that we are to give charitably to charities to feed nations who`s crops have failed.

on the surface of it it would seem like a wonderful idea to feed starving people in foriegn countries. it is the hieght of humanitarian action and, to some, the clear indication that we are an evolved society.

but here`s the other side of the coin.

those people that we fed and sheltered and showed how to sustain themselves are now merrily murdering each other in a cycle of natural genocide that has been going on since day one in africa.

so what good is it to feed a group of people only to have them return to the fray once they have thier strength back?

it`s clearly not. we are merely acting on our guilty conscience..................and some who read this would rather kill the messenger that face the fact.

this applies to poverty, homelessness, literacy programs.........etc, by the way.

so who benifits from all this fund-raising and bureaucracy?


things i haven`t been posting about recently.

with the move (again.) and business focus and everything else i have found myself wandering away from my favorite topics.
in the upcoming weeks i will be returning to the ideas and concepts regarding consciousness, unconditional love, guilt, concience and ideas as things.
it is time to put a sharp point on my thoughts to prepare for the next phase of my life.

you are welcome to join me if you like.


rules are made by those with some authority, to create boundaries and guidelines. somewhere along the way many have forgotten that the rules are guidelines. when one becomes enamoured with the rules one then has the capacity for the utmost rudeness, cruelty and malice. it is evident in government, bureaucracy and in controlling relationships of all description.

is i before e the exception?

you be the judge.......................... jury and executioner.

just be big enough to live with your decision, one way or another.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

more than three beautiful things.......

comments on my blog.

the sound of my children laughing.

tube amplification.

a warm day in december.

missing an opportunity to play football to spend time with my children.

three days until the presentation that i can`t discuss......................

the thrill of it all.

spending time with sarah on her last day at starbucks.

i before e, except after c.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

3bt for december 9th 2006

eagerly awaiting my children`s first sleep-over.

getting my apartment made into a home.

a break in the cold weather...............maybe a game of soccer on sunday?

ideas are things.

ideas are things.

they are as real as bricks and iron rails and internet connectivity.

you are creating things by thinking each and every moment of your life.

unfortunately most of us are behing the eight-ball by thinking negatively about things.

we know what we don`t want and discuss this viewpoint in our minds.

what this does is send a thought out to resonate with exactly and precisely what we don`t want.

then it arrives.


bills, bills, bills.............

what we focus on comes back to u s. it has to happen. it`s the way things work.

just be careful to focus on what you want.

and don`t be surprised when it arrives.

well, not too suprised...........

Thursday, December 07, 2006

3bt for thursday 7th december, 2006

being alive and in good health.

having good ideas......................

looking forward to playing x-box with my children for the first time in three months.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

decision-making strategies.

we are operating perfectly all the time. we just get anchored to poor strategies for doing things.

for example............remember how we feel badly when we think about doing math problems on the blackboard in front of the class? we don`t have to do that these days, but remember when you did?

we have anchored so much discomfort and pain to the process that we shy away from problem solving altogether now unless we really have to.

and that`s a shame because we have these huge brains that are designed perfectly for problem-solving and decision-making.

the teachers forced us into painful positions to attempt to solve problems and make decisions.

so we solve the problem now by deciding to avoid math, logic and decisions period.

but here`s the thing. we are still working perfectly.

when we are happy and comfortable we meet the challenge of solving problems. the solution is obvious and we decide to act on the solution comfortably and effortlessly.

when we are hungry we eat. when we are thirsty we drink and when we are tired we sleep.

when money runs out we work.

when we need a laugh we seek humour.

when we are lonely we look for companionship.

look at how we see ourselves in these situations.

moving freely towards our goals with the outcome in plain sight.

we don`t even think about doing these things because of how we arranged the goals in our mind.

once you see the difference in how we percieve the effortless vs. the difficult in your mind you can begin to shift the difficult to where you put effortless.

try it.....................

see how you do effortless and see yourself doing the difficult the same way.

keep running the idea over in your mind.

did you notice that the difficult becomes less so over time?

this is what happens when someone else tries to convince you to do something.............if they persist you start to feel differently about seeing yourself doing what they suggest.

you can do it to yourself too. now.

3bt for december 5th 2006

snow.....................riding my bike carefully as i haven`t got the knobby tires on yet.

the english girl at starbucks who is excited to see a real canadian snowfall.

getting my large leather couch into the really small elevator. (and telling rachel about it...........private joke!)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

so who do you think god is?

if we aren`t god then who is..............and what does this person think about?

what logic does he apply regarding things like relationships for example, or government, which he apparently made and was quite happy with the result...........or airline customer service or banking or the mechanism we know as the human knee or religion or physics or car insurance or hurricaines or, um, dating.

or maybe we are all doing this as a consensus of all the interactions or our individual universes clashing together on the surface of this planet in three dimensions of space and one (apparent) dimension of time..........

or............maybe you are just a figment of my imagination as much as i am of yours.

a figment so substantial that it is completely and utterly concrete.............ish.

because you have your doubts don`t you?

you`ve seen little flickers and flashes of some sort of glitch occasionally and those experiences linger in the memory.

3bt december 3rd 2006

playing soccer in the cold with friends..........and smiling and laughing.

the words drawn in the condensation on my window by my children.

being able to spend the afternoon with my children unexpectedly.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


with all the changes in my life recently there have been periods where i have been unable to blog consistantly.
now is one of these times.
it will be a few more days before i can get my internet connection at the apartment and so i will have to wait for opportunities to post as they arise.
there have been times where i have "hacked" the terminals at chapters and posted, but the servers are so slow thereas to make the task tedious at best.
this cold evening i am grateful to be able to be broadcasting from my friend`s shop where he has an office set up, so i can post occasionally.

3bt for december 2nd 2006

seeing my children enjoy thier first visit to my new apartment and knowing they are going to stay over next saturday.

waking up to see that we didn`t get snow overnight.

starbucks coffee. (i realise i`ve said it before but there are no rules against it...........!)