Wednesday, May 30, 2007

clowns are scary......

how to pick a mood.

remember when you felt that way before.

see what you saw.

hear what you heard.

smell what you smelled.

taste what you tasted.

feel what you felt.

when you realise that you can do these things in your mind while you sit comfortably reflecting back to a pleasant memory, you begin to feel the way you did when you first experienced that wonderful memory now.

the longer you involve yourself in this process the more of the sensations emerge and effect how you are as you sit thinking back to that first time...........

and you can imagine what you saw becoming more vivid.

and the smells become more insistant.

and the sounds more intense. amplified.

and as these things grow in your mind you notice your mood changing.

and you are doing it.

do it more.

let the sensations wash over you.

how do you feel now?

will you remember to practice this and choose good feelings for no reason at all.

except that your whole life will change.

just a small thing.

the core of the unconditional....... choosing good feelings, for no reason.

irrational happiness.

it seems odd at first and most struggle with the concept.

old programming.

until you realise that you are choosing to feel the way you do anyway.

"fuck off " you say. "nobody chooses to feel anything, we are reacting to objective reality that makes us feel good or bad."

well, not really.

we edit, delete and distort our reality on an on-going basis.

we base these processes on pre-concieved ideas about the way things are.

i have been told things about me recently that are subjective characterisations that i choose to accept or reject according to my beliefs .

i am an arrogant asshole apparently.

i beg to differ, but that`s not going to change thier opinion.


we choose to feel the way we do.

once you realise you are doing it in a masterful way....then you can pick your mood.

which one would you prefer?

oh yeah.........

............and about the breathing in and slowly letting it out again............

realise how many times you tried hard to not breathe out.

and that`s impossible.

more on unconditional.

it means more than "love"

it means.......don`t hurt others.

it means......mind your own business.

it what you can.

it means......if you lose the ball, go get it back.


it means.......let it go.

it means.......guns don`t kill people, people kill people.

it means......include yourself.

it yourself first.

it yourself first, because if you don`t, nobody else will.

it conditions.

no apologies.

it means.....have faith in loyalty, trust and abundance of the spirit.

or you can just go back to the way it was.

Monday, May 28, 2007


means without conditions.

no thinking involved.

just breathing in and then eventually out once again.

nothing else matters........

unless you want conditions.

then there are never enough to satisfy.

go ahead.

try and figure out if you have made sure everything is safe enough.

buy some insurance.

wear a helmet.

lock the door.

check it again.

tick, tick, tick........

and then theres.......

this is also known as the luscher colour test.


traditionally i have not liked the colours pink and black in combination, i have found the combination to be drab somehow, but today i had my opinion changed forever by a rather pleasant experience that will remain undiscussed here.

however the idea of colour as a stimulus has got me thinking of how we react to colour and how it effects our mood.

there is a vast field of study into colour psychology and what has emerged is how colours can promote specific behaviour in people.

pink, for instance, has a calming effect whereas blue has the effect of making weightlifters stronger.

and i now know what pink and black in a certain situation does to me............

Sunday, May 27, 2007


woof, woof, woof.................

Saturday, May 26, 2007

.......and lifting up the edge.

to see what`s underneath.

so what is underneath?

and what is the surface that we exist on?

we use the words that create our reality so casually and yet when asked to answer simple questions about the thing we have created we seem almost confused...........


so what IS underneath...........and what IS the surface we exist on?

if you liked the first religious nutcase........

you will love this one..........................

a message.

hypgnosys is temporarily unavailable.

please try again later.

enjoy the salad fingers................. or something.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

legal arguements.

kettle calling the pot black.

take this test..........

apparently i`m going to die in 2045 sometime.

i guess i`d better get used to being here for a while longer then.


i believe in a personal apotheosis.

when you choose, you can too.............

helter skelter.

some people imprison cult leaders, while others make them pope.

and who is more of a threat to society?


the true meaning of communication is in the response you get.

it`s not what you are saying but what others are hearing.......

or seeing.

so watch how others react to things and act accordingly.

if you care that is.

Monday, May 21, 2007

real love.

my thanks to bill for this cartoon illustrating the typical foolishness of the male (and female...) of the species in thier quest for love.
guys, and girls, it doesn`t exist outside of yourself.
if you need someone else to "complete" you then shoot yourself now and save the pain later.
i love the face on the guy on the right in the final frame of the cartoon.
if you can see yourself in that expression and find yourself laughing then the healing is well on it`s way.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


so what sign are you?

jlee posted a bit about horoscopes yesterday just as i was thinking about how it is interesting that certain signs seem to just get along, whereas others just want to bash heads.

the universe kept sending me aries people.

i can`t thank it for that.

the scorpio`s patience is only a waiting to kill after all.

Friday, May 18, 2007

more consumerist ideology.

try running and jumping.

then you can eat what you want.

then go run and jump some more.

oh yeah, and not that jogging thing either.


as fast as you can.

it`s what we are designed to do.


there are those who strive for a sort of ascended type of enlightenment made up of an unattachment to the material.

these people are harmless for the most part and are honestly trying to find thier way.

they are hippies.

they eat organic.

they tend to be politically left.

they are missing the point.

we are material beings.

we are made of a pile of chemicals.

we kill and consume living tissue to survive.

we are the virus.

we are the thing they try not to be.

when we return to embracing our humanity we can deal with a visit to the mall and a drive in the country in an suv and a meal in an expensive restaurant occasionally, because we are best suited to urban, technological living.

it is as if we were designed to live in glass and concrete surrounded by software controlled devices.

so embrace it.

it is who we are.


global warming.

and the evidence to back it up.

millions of years ago.

speaking of thinking for ourselves.

we knew this when we were kids in school.

algore thought we had forgotten.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

true spirituality.

the true life is lived in freedom.

freedom from that which unreasonably binds us to obligation, confinement and conscription.

when we challenge those who wish to bind us in this way we take steps to allow ourselves room to live our lives the way we wish to live.

and like the songs says.........

"one girl says she`s a friend of mine."

jehovah`s witnesses.

so i`m walking with my children the other day and these two j.w.s walk up and start in on me about wanting to know jesus and all that and i told them to get lost.

it really pisses me off that these types are cruising around hitting on people like they do.

i kept my self composed because my boys were with me and they didn`t need to see me wind these idiots up.

i`m riding my bike this morning and who do i see but dumb and dumber with thier white shirts and backpacks i gave them the finger.

and i laughed out loud.

two hours later i`m riding back into town and i am gifted with the same two robots on thier pilgimage or whatever they think they`re up to, walking toward me. and this time i just grinned.

thier tiny little minds must have been racing.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

three beautiful things.

through all the bullshit i had almost forgot about this excercise.

1. understanding.

2. the noises my children make.

3. the smell of the grass in the rain.

4. mary.

shit. that`s four. sue me.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

pattern interrupt.

16% of the keyword searches that brought up my blog used the term pattern interrupt.


the pattern interrupt is a method used in therapy to break the chain of behaviour in a client while in session.

for instance, if a client is becoming consumed with a series of memories that aren`t useful to them while talking, i may simply cough and adjust my seating position in a significant way or ask them if they would like some water, or whatever i feel is appropriate to disengage them from thier train of thought.

poor communicators use this method to disrupt those who are talking so they may gain unreasonable control of the conversation.

the pattern interrupt can become a cultural phenomenon.

a terrorist threat for instance, or a radical political shift, or a school shooting.

these events dislodge us from our normal social dynamic and pole-vault us into stress.

the resulting state is one of hightened suggestability.

the next series of commands are installed unconsciously and accepted without criticism.

makes one think more deeply about what 9/11 means.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


no parking.......

there`s a war on.



in the sixties a socialist american leader told people to ask not what government(the state) could do for them, but what they could do for government.

and so the politically correct society was born.

now we are busy destroying our lives and society for the welfare of a legal fiction..........oh yeah, and the planet.

the planet has been here for billions of years, through global warmings and freezings that had nothing to do with hairless bipeds and thier detritus.

algore is a used car salesman.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

the mind.

you think you are training your body.

but you are wrong.

it`s the mind that must form first.

everything else follows.

everything is made up of thought.

when thinking stops, so does the universe.

and it`s kinda nice to do that occasionally.

i love this kind of thing.

the environment shapes your brain functioning........

no shit.

algore is an asshole.

the inconvenient truth is that every planet in the solar system is having global warming right now.

the inconvenient truth is that there are fluctuations in solar emmisions that effect the entire solar system.

the inconvenient truth is that this has happened many times before in the history of our planet and that the geological record clearly shows this to be true.

you just can`t tax the sun.

sorry al. you`re an asshole.


hmm, blogger seems to have taken all my images.

when my patience returns i will get to the bottom of this.

if anyone has some insight please let me know.

Monday, May 07, 2007

sleep deprived.

those responsible will punished accordingly.

Friday, May 04, 2007

time machine.

peter jennnings and marshall mcluhan and some other guy talking about media and presidents.


from 1975-76.

then william gibson comments further. from 2oo3.

where do you think this is going to go?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

the sociopath.

attractive, charismatic, inteligent, calm, capable, talented........

every parent wishes these traits for thier children.

everyone wishes they can work toward becoming this. begs the question.

why the witch hunt?

so that we undersand what russ is on about......

a short discussion of the traits of a sociopath.

begs some interesting questions.

blogger`s life.

with thanks to bill.