Saturday, June 30, 2007

why i don`t like liberals.

that we actually have to struggle against such political criminality is difficult enough.

and more precisely;

the liberals that espouse "equality" know this stuff as well as anyone who has studied history, sociology or politics at the degree level (that is, not out of a newspaper or tv news.......) and so they ignore these issues and press on for thier own political gain.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

when scientific enquiry works toward finding an answer to a riddle then i give it full marks.

it is refreshing to see that there are those in the scientific community that will pursue a mystery and not draw conclusions without fact.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

this place.

i`m gonna take you to this little place i know......

make of it what you like.

i`m gonna show you a little piece of something i call home.

we can walk hand in hand and i will show you around.

this place called the universe.

i hope you like it.

you don`t like me.

there`s something about me you don`t like.

there`s something it reminds you of that makes you small.

so for that reason you commit treason.......

and as a result the hammer will fall.

excessive force;

i laugh at the thought of how you will complain.

i will not go behind your back or hit and run or sneak around and tell tales.

i promise you when the time comes i will look you in the eye.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

here`s an equally important er,discussion.

do you believe in god?

we are so used to being asked this question this way that we don`t stop to think about the trap of words that we are exposed to every time we hear that sentence.



why not.

in the absence of any sort of facts or knowledge, belief falls in.

here is a question i prefer.

was god an extraterrestrial?


was jesus a christian?

the answers are yes to the first one and no to the second.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

the secret.

the movie in question in my last post became a bit of a phenomenon last year after a female tv talk show host promoted it on her program.

anyone stupid enough to buy something or believe in something just because a tv personality talks about it deserves what they get.

however, the movie the secret contains some interesting viewpoints on the power of positive thinking that actually work.

the proof of this is that we all know the the power of negative thinking gets results too.

it`s just that positive thinking gets a bad name for some reason and people shy away from anything to do with living that way.

kind of a shame really.

and besides, i prefer to sort my reality by thinking positively. i just like myself when i feel this way and can`t see the benifit to thinking the worst about things, although you will always have plenty of people agreeing wih you if you do.

the concept is a personal one and can be misinterpreted so easily.

it`s a simple matter of what you see is what you get........or something.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

last night.......

.......i dreamed that i could fly.

i woke up this morning, and i still could.

you fuckers.

my intellectual yoyo is working again........

meet marshall and his mind.

and what mckenna says about mcluhan gives a different perspective.

hmm, here we go again.

the government (whatever that is........) has no legal position to take money in the form of tax from a person`s income.

a tax on money given a person as fair exchange for work or services and products provided is ridiculous, and for what?

so that the government can invent new things to do for make new laws and more cops and more bureaucracy and policy and zonings, by-laws and restrictions.

and, if you think about it, would anyone in a democracy agree to such a thing?

so the government arm thier agents to enforce thier position.

my friend marc at says it far better than i can, so if you have further interest in this vist there.

and now.......

........for something self-indulgent in a different way.

marshall mcluhan, in his analysis of the human condition stated that when we use tools as extentions of our bodies, like hammers or forks or computers or pens.......we anesthetize the limb that we are extending.

interesting thought.

this is played out in the attitudes and physical appearance of factory workers or computer people (notice i didn`t say geeks.....) or technicians or anyone else using tools to do work.

so when it comes to spirituality we naturally rely on religion to access god.

and so we numb the divine with.

religion is an extension or tool that we try to use to develop a relationship with what we know as god.

and we get trapped like a fly in a spider`s web to be fed on later.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

then there`s...

i can understand that maybe the derainged feminist wasn`t all that funny (well, actually she was......but that`s a whole different discussion.) but if you don`t laugh at this, then just forget it. there are those who don`t have a sense of humour, and you`re one of them.

hoot-owl crazy.

first there was crazy, then there was bat-shit crazy.

now, thanks to new emerging forms of unusual behaviour there is a new designation.

hoot-owl crazy.



you just can`t make shit like this up.............

Monday, June 18, 2007

i don`t.

i don`t believe in love.

i don`t believe in anything.

i don`t believe in push coming to shove...........

i don`t believe in hoping on a wing.

and a prayer.

i don`t believe in you.

or me.

or all.

but here are the things i know.

there is you and me and love is real and push does come to shove and the wings and the prayers make us fly.


winning is easy.

it starts with a decision.

the decision to be a winner.

winning is only for winners.

losers cannot win.

it`s impossible.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

father`s day.

well, all week the newspapers have been full of ads for father`s day specials on everything from lawnmowers to mp3 players........motivating children and spouses to honour thier dads and husbands for thier genetic contribution.

.........................which is all well and good, because this is how modern society recognises it`s self.

via consumer products.

and if people buy things then we will have an economy.

the anarchists say that it`s high time the whole game stops and we return to a "simpler" way of life, but i disagree.

we do seem somehow happier and less agressive when we have new things on a steady basis.

the human brain washes it`s self with endorphins when it shops.

endorphins are chemicals that emulate morphine.

endorphine production is known as the natural high......

like exercise or sex or hunting or the first breath of mountain air as you climb

but i realised that the greatest gift a father can recieve on a day specifically named in his honour is to be with his children.

and today i have that.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

ride like fuck.

charlie is in the yellow.........................hellbent..........the only way to go.


sometimes i get tired.......

ok. 80% or more of the greenhouse gas on the planet is in the form of..........water vapour, a natural by-product of evapouration due to an increase in the temperature of the planet.

water vapour is NOT a cause of the increase.

effect, not cause.

so. all of the producers of greenhouse gasses can relax knowing that they are not responsible for the global warming that we are experiencing, even though they are in some small, statistically minute way, personally responsible for producing some sorts of greenhouse gasses.

just like i am typing away here........and you are reading and responding.

now. how do i know that humidity is an effect of temperature increase and not a cause?

think for yourself people.

where you live does it get warm first and then humid, or humid first and then warmer?

have you ever been in a greenhouse?

algore and his associates who have the dollars to make hour and a half long infomercials that we pay to see, use our gullability to allow us to over-ride our own natural powers of observation so that we don`t make simple observations about the world around us.

500 years ago scientists used thier natural ability to observe the world and figure out things like the weight of other planets in the solar system and the distance between planetary bodies..........and how genes operate and how to make things explode or stick together.

now we have been so dumbed-down that we confuse simple cause-and-effect models and believe car salesmen about things that we should take more seriously........ our ability to think for ourselves.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


a buddhist goes into a hamburger joint and says, ‘make me one with everything’.

not craw, craw!

get smart at it`s finest.

more on chaos.

the closer one gets to the surface of the planet we live on the more organised things become.

all the toaster ovens and lap-top computers and guitars are right here near us humans, perfectly situated so that we can use them.

and as chaotic as a thermonuclear explosion can be, the one that continues to go off out there 93 million miles away in space keeps us warm and alive each and every day.

and i`m sure algore is planning some sunshine tax/insurance scheme as we speak so that everyone can have equal sun when they need it.

i didn`t say that everything is perfect.

there are those who like to fuck things up even though they are working just fine the way they are.

maybe this chaos thing is a personal issue..............


apart from being agent 99`s nemesis in the sixties t.v. comedy get smart (spelled kaos.....), chaos is the common term for entropy.

entropy can be defined as a way for unattached particles to disperse into a vacuum, or a way for things to naturally be disorganised.

exactly the opposite of what nature and all of our conscious thinking does.

our natural default state is to organise and to draw together and to create stable functional systems.

everywhere we look entropy is being challenged and mastered (owned, if you will.) by the great creative will of consciousness.

so much for chaos.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

deep riff.


nature loves it and creates it at every turn.

we sort for symmetry as a high signal of beauty.

our math is solved by balancing both sides of the = sign.

whatever occurs on one side, happens on the other.

even in our laws, there is an equalising out in justice.

an eye for an eye.

and so to the depths of this riff.

whatever happens on one side of consciousness, happens on the other............

so what came before our collective awareness in three dimensions of space and one of time?

unless things are different all of a sudden in this one special case then it means that there is a vast awareness that we don`t have access to in this state.

but we are looking.

Monday, June 11, 2007

it it all neuro-chemistry?

or is there something else greater at play...............?

is the divine merely a chemical stimulating a receptor site in our brains or is there a seperate consciousness orchestrating the show?

or is this a simulation of something else entirely set up in some lab of inordinately vast size and scope?


did i fall asleep and dream this whole thing up and i`m really a butterfly waiting for my wings to dry in the morning sun as i emerge from my cocoon?

or did that flash i experienced that froze me in existential wonder come from the artifact of some overdose of seratonin one morning due to too much partying the night before?

and will all be revealed?

bullshit artist......

for those of you who knew that sylvia browne was full of shit but couldn`t put your finger on exactly why.........

Friday, June 08, 2007

the character of humans.

ha ha ha ha ha....................

according to whom?



other humans?



scientists have done it.......they have finally created a baby.


the other six and a half billion were too uncontrollable for scientific inquiry i guess.

it reminds me of the story that alan watt told of how scientists study rivers.

they take water samples in a jar back to the lab.

the character of dogs.

dogs, like humans, were originally bred for work.

therein lies the relationship.

we work for food and they provide companionship.

and they chase the postman.

the other dogs in the niegbourhood.

small children.

airborne newspapers.





in fact anything that strikes them at the time.

did i mention barking?

they like to bark for no reason that humans can find.

there must be some metaphysical pleasure that they derive from barking thier heads off at nothing in particular.

and have you ever noticed that some people look like thier dogs?

and dogs are loyal of course.

they are pack animals and see us as the alpha or pack dominant animal.......unless they don`t of course, in which case they will shit on your bed or tear the ass out of your coat while it`s hanging in the closet or any other way they know to let you know that, well, you aren`t it.

oh, and one other thing; don`t, whatever you do, try to make yourself look tough by getting a pitbull, feeding it steroids, putting a spiked collar on it and walking comically like it does.

people will laugh.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

the character of cats.

the domestic cat is an independant animal that, while needing the companionship of humans, remains aloof and distant most of the time.

if you want a loyal unconditional fanclub that jumps up when you get home, get a dog, a cat is more interested in beauty rest and sharpening her claws on the back of the couch than meeting your fragile ego`s needs.

if you want to dominate and control another living thing, get a dog. a cat will show you it`s tail as soon as put up with your neediness.

if you want to impress your friends with your abilities as an animal trainer, get a dog. the only time a cat will pay any attention to you whatsoever is if she thinks you have food or catnip......or a laser pointer.

but if you want a deep spiritual connection with an animal, then raise a cat from a kitten and meet her every need unconditionally and then one quiet moment as you sit together you will realise that some things are just so absolutely perfect as to almost defy description.

mildly political.

but seriously folks, if this guy was a conservative we`d have cnn doing live updates and hourlong investigative reports...........

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

so.....what do you think?

what do you think about the new look hypgnosys?

since i changed the look things have got a little quiet around here, so i thought i`d test for echo............

the love ......

the love you give is the love you hope to recieve.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

the book of enoch.

could be a forgery.......

but nontheless banned by the church.

then came the dead sea scrolls.

850 scrolls, some of which were thousands of years old.

one was a copy of the book of enoch.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

what are you afraid of........

scientology nutcases borg out on a cameraman.

kookoo for cocopuffs...........

robert anton wilson.

if you hear anything familiar in this it is because a fair bit of his material has leaked unconsciously into our culture.

much like mcluhan and leary and the like..............

Friday, June 01, 2007

three beautiful things.

soccer on friday.

light rain.


new video feature.

at the bottom my blog blogger have allowed me to post video favorites from thier archives that i can change as i wish.

it`s a shame that they are all the way down at the bottom, but if you find yourself down there enjoy the zz top.

what conditions......

.......would you wish to apply to others to have them behave?

does the idea begin with thou shall not......?