Thursday, August 25, 2005

the mind.

what is mind? we think of mind as contained within the brain, protected and safe within the skull, going with us wherever we go. 99% of the time reality is consistant with this view. but what happens when we daydream and imagine ourselves on a beach in the sun somewhere instead of at work, or driving miles past our exit on the highway, oblivious to the functions of operating a vehicle?
the association with mind and brain is consistant 99% of the time. the other 1% of mind function is purely consciousness. this consciousness is the repository of all of what we see, hear, taste, feel and smell as memories.
consciousness is a memory machine.
there are actually two minds operating here simutaniously. the observer mind and the operator. you can prove this simply by realising that you can see yourself doing things as you do them and recognising the actions by describing yourself in the third person as you go.
" here i go, opening the door for my girlfriend". as it happens!
so there are two minds operating now. which one is in the skull, one, both or niether?
we have the vantage point of being behind our eyes looking out at the world. this gives the impression of consciousness being in the skull. but where are you when you are imagining yourself being in your skull typing at your laptop?
a paradox.
it has been said elsewhere that we are a spiritual being having a human experience. the limits of human, physical existance put limits on our spiritual potential....... until we begin to realise that the real you is a spirit entity of infinite creative potential. the proof lies in the achievements of those who recognise thier spiritual existance and begin to explore thier potential outside thier physical boundaries.
the evidence of the imagination and desire of humans manifest here in physical form is all around us. drawn down from the spirit to the material.
what you imagine becomes real given that you put enough energy into it.
we put energy into our imagination through meditation.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

how we drive our life.

from the moment we are born we begin to shape our reality by learning language and storing images in our minds. the process of looking at pictures and talking to ourselves becomes the method for creating our world.
traditional psychology suggests that people who hear voices and see visions are crazy. they stop the voices and images with medication.
i show people how to adjust thier internal dialog(voices) and alter the pictures they see in thier minds to get different feeling as a result. this is the natural way we create reality. why not master the process to create the life you want?
the next time your feet hit the floor in the morning imagine something wonderful that happened to you from your past.see what you saw and hear what you heard when you first experienced the event. now make the pictures bigger and brighter in your mind and make some of the important sounds that you heard louder as you replay the memory. do you notice that when you amplify the elements of the experience it changes the intensity of your rection to the event?
if you like the feeling do it again. does it make you smile? that`s a nice way to wake up in the morning, and you can do that any time you wish.
whether you realise it or not, you have done this exercise over and over each day, from the time you were very young, and got the feelings as a result. from now on make the effort to decide which memories you use to create your day and your life will change forever.


welcome to the blog for this blog will be the meeting place for visitors to the site with the intention to learn and share ideas about living life and changing behaviours in positive ways.
you will notice that there are no capital letter is my postings. if this offends you there is little hope for your neurosis and my suggestion is that you are in the wrong place and that anything put forth here will be of little benifit to you. having said that, it is my wish to deliver insight into the human condition that will allow the casual reader the opportunity to take the first steps toward self-mastery.
the modern world offers vast riches and abundance to those who have the desire to experience these things and do the work necessary to attain them. this refers to material things but more importantly to the spiritual or divine self that man desires access to but doesn`t know where to turn for direction.
it is my contention that we are the creators of our own reality through the will of our conciousness.
this blog is an exploration of this idea.