Friday, June 30, 2006

more on mirror neurons.

mirror neurons are nerves in the brain that are designed to react to the behaviour of others in such a way that they begin to re-train our bodies to emulate the new behaviour.
monkey see; monkey do.
we tend to intellectualise ourselves out of the functioning of this process and thereby resisting the ability we all have to take on new tasks or becoming better at the old things.
resist the urge to talk yourself out of improvement.
the chatter in the head can get in the way.
just let the body go and it will adapt in ways you can`t imagine........yet.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

the world cup.

are you watching the world cup? you know, the game where men run relentlessly for an hour and a half and only score one goal? well just imagine how happy they are when they do. what happens when a goal is scored? pandemonium breaks out. yelling and screaming and jumping up and down. traffic stops and horns blare out and fists are raised and people just lose thier minds.
try doing that as you walk to your car in the morning. it doesn`t matter that people are watching......they`ve had thier suspicions all along. run out the front door and jump up and down and yell and scream and laugh for 15 seconds like you just scored a goal in the world cup.........the winning goal.
and then get in your car and go to work..........smiling.


you do it to yourself................................
you go inside and remember a time when you were the most excited about something that you remember now. you see what you see clearly and in detail and you hear the sounds that remind you now, of what you experienced then. the more clearly and accurately you build the experience up in your mind the more the feelings can grow until you can relive the experience now and be as excited if not more.
when you choose.
choose to do this before a meeting or a presentation or an exam or getting off the bus to go to work.
no really.................why not go in to work in the best state possible?
we do have choices after all.
i choose to have good feelings for no reason.
and go from there.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

mirror neurons.

great short video by wendy friessen explaining how visualisation of the ideal self stimulate areas in the brain to begin to emulate that behaviour. a powerful tool for change.

getting back to the divine.

this is easy.
take your shoes off and walk on the grass. feel the soft, cool green blades under your toes. smell the rich earth and see the green lawn spread out and away from you as you walk. look behind and see your footprints in the grass.
can you smile about that?

some thoughts on god.......

o.k., so if you or i were god what would we build?
given that we have created everything and made it as awesome as it appears and made men and given them thinking and love and all this come there is so much unhappiness?
yep........i have come to the conclusion that we get into piling up ideas and concepts and types of thinking to the point where we forget our humanity and our direct access to god.
if you and i were god would we want to have people forgetting about us?
i wouldn`t.
so, what`s going on?
we have forgotten our true nature by being distracted by bright shiny things.
the competition for these bright shiny things is a brutal struggle for some form of peace of mind.
the ad in on t.v. says you`ll be better, fitter, stronger or whatever if you have a certain product. so the divine creature that we are that has forgotten who we are and has decided to get caught up in a game of material feel good about being alive degs, borrows and steals to get the new bright shiny thing.
and then doesn`t feel any better...........
so this descent into a "hell" of material things continues.
until you look up from your catalogue and look in the mirror and recognise the divine in yourself.

space travel.......

and why is it we are in so much of a hurry to go of into space? what part of outer space are we interested in. we can`t really get any more out into space that we already are..........whizzing through the void on this green and blue rock we call earth.
could it be that we are trying to escape from something in ourselves?
many peopple travel of to far distant places in search of themselves only to find that they were right there all along.
look in the mirror sometime.

alan watts....

if you are into alan watts at all you will appreciate some of his impossible to find audio files. the link above contains some lectures of his and the work of terence mckenna and others.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

who is that?

i noticed a hit from an island in the middle of the atlantic ocean. i just have to know who you are.
would you post a response if you read this?

the protestant work ethic gone wild.

now we have drugs to help us attain the american dream. tim is discussing the new "smart" drugs and thier attendant effects. it is interesting that we are becoming so wired to do things to get things that we are becoming unable to stop when the work is finished. ocd?

Monday, June 26, 2006

how we seperate.

when we think that the universe is made of bits of things and not all a part of one thing it becomes easier and easier to think in terms of seperation. the fearful person creates ever more complex and smaller and more seperate little bits of things and makes rules and regulations to govern and seperate these bits. pretty soon there are huge industries of rules and regulations governing tiny bits created by fearful people so that we can`t do anything in case something might happen.
and there are, of course, people who can tell you the statistical likelyhood of something happening to these precious bits of things. so we`d better just not do what we want to do so that the bits of things will be safe.
the bits have become more important than we are.

the world inside your head.

the universe in your mind is made up of a number of elements. sights, sounds, smells, tastes and sensations that relate to the body. these elements are entirely within your control, even though it seems that these elements appear and effect you as if you are powerless at times, this is because of a lifetime of passively sitting back and just watching the show.
we are raised in the belief that things happen to us and we are seperate from the rest of the universe. this concept is a judeo-christian construct that has formed us into mere observers 0f our lives. there are other ways of thinking that include us in the wonder of existance. a person thinking this way doesn`t ask where we come from. they already know.
as you realise that you are in control and can decide what you think, see, hear, taste, smell and feel in your mind and you start to actively do these things out of confidence you will begin to feel included. needed. involved. loved.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

an expression.

there is an expression in the airforce which says that the flak is heaviest over the target. this is true in many areas of our lives. in my work it is truest regarding my success with clients who have anxiety issues that lead to substance abuce. my strongest critics are those who suggest that because i`m not a medical professional that i couldn`t possibly be able to provide relief from alchohol or drug abuse. well, tell my clients that. the clients that come to me with substance abuse issues get to work and stop the anxiety and then make better choices.
people who feel good naturally, without medication, don`t need to drink or do drugs. it`s as simple as that.
so i wear a flak jacket and keep working.

more about voices.

have you ever noticed that when someone encourages or compliments you thier tone of voice is totally different from those who criticise?
is the tone of voice you hear in your head critical or encouraging?
you realise now that you have a choice.
you can go inside and speak to yourself in the most positive, encouraging tone and make your next experience one of excitement and anticipation.
still aren`t concinced?
try talking yourself into it.
"come on. you can do it. you`ve done it before. go get after it. you are the one. yeah baby"
it may sound silly at first but there is someone talking to himself right now and he doesn`t feel silly.
he`s too busy planning to win.


how do you treat yourself? what i mean is how do you talk to yourself? how do you talk yourself in or out of what you want to do?
the voices we hear in our heads make us feel so many things...........these voices are snippets of conversations we have heard and things people have said to us and so many other things....lines from songs or movies for instance, or poems or stories that we have read.
all of these ideas come back to us in the form of voices in our heads. these voices have volume, tone and persistancy. just as if a real person was right there talking to us.
seems as if we might all be a little crazy, right.
not really.
it`s perfectly natural to have a dialog running in our minds. it`s a steering mechanism for our consciousness.
it`s only the psychiatrists that have a problem with the process.
now, here`s the interesting thing; we can say anything we want to, in any tone of voice and for however long we want to.
in our minds.......any time we want to.
even when the boss is standing right there, and there`s not one thing he can do about it.
because he can`t possibly imagine what`s going through your mind.
so how are you going to talk to yourself from now on?


my sister in scotland has decided to release her jewellery designs to the public. here`s a bit of promo for her new site. tell her her brother sent you.

if you have an inferiority complex, don`t read this...


not uraguay.
still. odds were the same. 1-0. bring on portugal.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

wrong again.

the pressure is on uraguay to beat a team far better than they are. uraguay has approximately .ooooooooooooooooooooo75643% chance of winning this game.
many teams from smaller footballing nations rise to the occasion with spirited performances in the world cup and that is part of what makes the game of football what it is.
but uraguay, good luk. you will need it.

inocuous enough..........;_ylt=AsVi0dbKBQF40KNlc8tpzHCs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3ODdxdHBhBHNlYwM5NjQ- well, here`s the thing. there are those that assume that there is something wrong with certain people hearing differently. these same people then look to find "solutions" the "problem".
who`s to say that there is a problem that needs to fixed in the first place?
in the logic of arguement the premise needs to be valid for the arguement to be sustained. if the premise is flawed then the arguement fails.
this flawed premise is the basis for many issues that we deal with in our lives. we assume to readily that the premise is valid and true.
environmentalism is another case of an assumed premise. the media has pushed global warming, peak oil and the extinction of species and then sars and now the impending pandemic bird flu to ther point hwere the is an assumption of fact for the premise in the arguement for the environmental movement.
what we may actually be seeing is the hegelian dialectic at work; problem-reaction-solution. (thesis-antithesis-synthesis.) those who create the problem in the first place are suspiciously likely to magically just have the solution.......for a couple of hundred billion.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


internal states.

when we think about things that have happened and things that are going to happen we show ourselves pictures and talk to ourselves and as a result we get feelings that make our legs go. we then go about or daily tasks.
most people are unaware that we can direct the types of things that we think about. we find ourselves having all sorts of emotions during the day, a fair amount of which is destructive. it`s not that these thoughts are even real. they are mostly suppositions about things that probably won`t happen, but we worry all the same.
this constant conflict has a wearing effect on our nerves and reflects in the stress we feel and the decisions we make in our lives.
the only hope we have is to take on a practice of focusing on the positive in our lives and processing these thoughts to fuel our existance.
then out of this unconditional love we have for ourselves we have to do some radical things.
here`s a list;
stop watching the news.
stop reading newspapers.
tune out negative conversations in your environment.
only promote the positive in your own thinking.
leave the politics to the others.
now, i have to say that the negative is a natural part of our existance and we have to deal positively with challenges that we face on a daily basis but here is no need to consume the negative as entertainment in the newspapaers, magazines and on t.v.
we are worth so much more than that.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


as a student of divinity i study religion, spirituality and philosophy. these schools of thought are negotiating to be the one that accurately describes the world and man and the meaning of our existance. each one either overtly or covertly demeans the others at times in the vain hope that they can grasp the top spot. this is typical human behaviour seen in all areas of our existance. i think what bothers me most about this behaviour in terms of consciousness is that all of these fields want to seperate us from the concept of god.
there are six and a half billion of us here all looking around at everything and most are convinced to look for god under rocks and in trees and deep in the ocean or high in the mountains. we are sent on a lifetime of wild goose chases, argueing over dinner about who`s ideas are right and fighting wars and killing people who don`t believe precisely what we believe.
doesn`t this all seem a little silly when described this way?
i have another view.
i think that we are all part of the same one god. we are all capable gods as a part of this one great thing that is rocks and trees and mountains and oceans and everything else we see, hear, taste, smell and feel.
why else to we feel what others feel and hear, taste, smell and see what they do if we are not connected?
there are those who would bind us to obligation and performance by creating a seperate, judgemental god that has to be lived up to and who`s love must be earned.............but that sounds susupiciously like some nasty people i know that want to control people for thier own twisted reasons.
a creative, loving god wouldn`t create and love a shitty arrangement like that and test a group of people without giving them instruction and set people amongst each other like that.
i think something else entirely is going on.

what excites you most?

what excites you most?
are you planning to do it again?
why not?
excitement is a propulsion system that drives our life. we remember the feelings we had when we were excited and we want to attain that feeling again. so we plan to get there.
or not.
which one are you?
i`m the one who loves to be doing things that are exciting. i plan to remember how i felt the last time i was doing the things that excited me.
i remember the sights, sounds and other stimuli that triggered feelings of pleasure within me and in so doing this re-enforces my desire to want to do those things again............with the absolute certainty that i would feel the same way.
and i`m right every time.
our neurology all works the same way.
if you show yourself the right pictures and talk to your self the right way you will feel the same feelings.
it`s the feelings that make your legs go.
the better you get at churning up the feelings the beeter and harder and faster the legs will go........and they will carry you right to where you want to be.

what are you doing about it?

there is an epidemic out there of monumental proportions. it is called blaming. we get ourselves into a bind of one description or another and we automatically blame someone else.
habit. conditioning. protecting the ego. who knows.
the problem with this reaction is that, while there might be some justification in the observation of blame, the other person isn`t going to solve the problem for you.
you have to do it yourself.
so, the action and continued feelings created by blame are useless to solving t he problem at hand. any time invested in blame is gone.
so, if you are focused on loving yourself unconditionally.............don`t waste time getting caught up in all the nattering to yourself about how the other person did this, that and the other thing to effect you.
even if you are right.
put your energy into what you can do to solve the problem yourself without persecution and vilification.
clear your mind of the negative.
what will naturally fill your mind in the space you have created is positive thought that leads to solutions.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

have fun with this................

how much?

the huge list.

how big is the list of things you make in your mind about the things you want to do and the way you feel about life and what you see and how you react to things?
if it`s a list of all the shit that could happen in your life you`d better make it a short one.
or better yet,stop listing shit.

life is too short.

life is too short for a wasting time making yourself feel bad. the worrying that we do over things that will never happen is staggering, yet it`s what we do. we show ourselves horrid pictures in our minds then we talk to ourselves in ways that make us feel bad.
what is up with that?
this process makes us feel bad all day and into the night and we wake up the next day with the same feelings all over again.................unless we break the back of the process by focusing on something good, fun and exciting instead.
it`s the same process we used to piss ourselves off, with the same likelyhood of actually happening, but this time we just feel better during the process and wake up the next day feeling better still.
which do you prefer?
i thought so.

Monday, June 19, 2006


welcome to hypgnosys. if this is your first time or your fiftieth visit you must know that there are hundreds of entries in the archives about the variety of experiences we call consciousness. if you visit here regularly you know that i post about the hidden aspects of the human mind. my hope is that my writing helps each person in some way to awaken thier own personal power to love thier live.
let me know what you find in your travels through the archives. ask questions and i`ll do what i can to expand my thoughts toward your specific issues.
happy reading and a happier life.

how are you doing?

good and bad things happen to all of us. it`s not what happens to us so much as how we react to situations that decide who we are. so much of what i love about sport, and life it`s self, is this simple fact. the winners decide to win before they play the game.
decide to win the game of life the moment you wake up in the morning.
show yourself the best thoughts possible.
expect the best possible outcome.
put yourself in advantagious; in front of the people who will consume the product of service you provide.
too many people plan in thier mind to do things and yet they never tell thier legs to get going.
many times you see the pretty girl you would like to talk to and you think of clever things to your mind, while she drives off in her car.
dare to make mistakes and see them as practicing for the real thing. over and over...........hey, at least you are talking to people who you find attractive..........eventually someone will find what you have to say interesting, funny, charming and honest.
unless you think you are so special that you are different from the six and a half billion other people on he planet and that one day someone will magically appear out of a star trek transporter beam into your life.
do you really believe that?
this is what i believe. i believe that there is enough of everything out there in the world for everyone who truly believes they can have what they want and can meet thier goals.......especially because most talk themselves out of the game first thing in the morning.
so now you have an unfair advantage.


recently i am hearing and reading about being "awake" with greater frequency. being awake in terms of an amplified sense of a wareness of things . not just being in a state of functioning in the world but actually seeing the source code........seeing the pattern of life laid out like a map with all the details and the traps, pitfalls and snakes in the grass that await the unsuspecting traveler.
then other times i`m blind and asleep, deeply unconscious and wandering through life like a robot.
rarely though.
i see how plainly human we all are. the pope is a man. the bureacrats are children in suits still bullying, the cops are so scared they have to carry a gun. the politicians are full of shit like they were as kids.
when you wake up you see this plainly.
sometimes you don`t really want to.
sometimes you are staggered by how asleep most people are.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

all the good things.

so, tomorrow is monday. time to make a list of all the good things that have happened to you in your life. i don`t care that you don`t feel like it. take a piece of paper and a pen and start writing. write what you saw and what you heard and what you did. get into the detail, the colours, the type of sounds and the people around you. the more you detail the memories the more you will vividly re-enact the events now. keep writing and go as far back in your memory as you can to the point where you are writing about your favorite teddy bear or a memorable christmas present or being with people you cared about of that raise at work or promotion. hey, i don`t know, it`s your life.
churn up the bottom of the memory river and relive the high points of your life in your writing.
this piece of paper will be a valuable tool for you to be able to access good, strong memories and new good feelings as a result.


in a perfect world this would be taught in grade school. the tragic irony of it all that a fair number of education professionals fall into the class of people causing damage to others without personal gain. i will go further and say this is true of a fair number of bureaucrats in all other fields as well.

i love articles like this.

the industry of predicting the future, whether it be from a technological, religious, social, political or spiritual standpoint, is one of entertainment. many people come to my seminars on stop smoking or weight loss for entertainment purposes. they don`t have the slightest intention of doing the work to change behaviour, but if they feel they`ve been entertained then they feel they`ve got thier money`s worth.
from ogden to chomskey, from al gore to david suzuki, from the dalai lama to the pope. it`s all show business. the bigger the event, the better. when the pope came to toronto a few years ago there was almost a million people jammed into a field and the sewage system overflowed. there`s a comparison for you!
the point is that we can`t predict the future but it is enjoyable to see how some subscribe to the belief that someone can and see an industry built around them.
one thing i will predict though. humans will continue to behave pretty much the same as they have for thousands of years come monday morning.
you can bank on that.

a reality caused by the mind?

pay attention.........

when your ten year old boy beats you at chess there are a number of things that run through your mind. after you have congratulated him you start to realise that the boy has a seperate intellect from you, capable of waiting patiently while you take his pieces, knowing that you have left your king trapped behind three pawns and open to a pinning move from his castle.
that is the greatest father`s day present a man could ever ask for.

Friday, June 16, 2006

the human mind......

the human mind cannot process a negative. for example; try to not imagine a pink elephant.........first the mind visualises a pink elephant then deletes it. the child learns by this method. everything you say and do gets processed in a positive way. then the editing and deletion begins.
the master lawyer will contaminate a jury by making stements in open court that he knows will be struck from the record and the jury instructed to ignore......but the information is already installed.
you would thing ethics professors would know this already.

words we use.........

what are your favorite words?
here are a few of mine.

the language that we use forms our reality. i include these words in my conversations and visualisation dialogues. i get a thrill out of how i feel when i use these words.
take some time to honestly inventory the words you use in your daily conversations.
are they positive, powerful and assertive and loving words?
they can be.

love yourself.

if you don`t love yourself what is left?
power, lust, control, conflict, fraud, threats, revenge...............the list goes on.
choose to love yourself, it`s easier and nobody gets hurt.

what do you expect?

"england expects every man to do his duty."
that`s what i grew up with. admiral horatio nelson`s speech as he lay dying to the men of the british navy.
what you expect will happen will happen. your reality is all around you. you have been an active partner in getting where you are today.
if you like it do`ll get more of the same. if you are dissatisfied, changes have to be made.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

winners and losers.

the difference between winners and losers is that winners believe that they are going to win.
i am watching the world cup and as an englishman i have my favorite. during the game with trinidad today england went 82 minutes without a goal. there were rumblings of an upset amongst the commentators. england seemed to be flat and lacking ideas, yet they kept on plugging away and finally, in the 83rd minute peter crouch got on the end of a precise david beckham cross and put the ball behind the trinidad keeper. steven gerrard put the game out of reach for trinidad in injury time with a clinical strike from 25 yards which sent a message to the rest of the world that england are on thier way.
trinidad were in the game. they were fit, strong and skilled, yet they lacked ideas and the type of optimism needed to go forward consistantly for 90 minutes.
and that was the difference.
bring on brazil.

beautiful things.

how do we recognise beautiful things?
by being that way inside.
otherwise we lust and control.
the universe matches and mirrors who we are and what we think about and what we do.
we are in and of the universe so we manifest accordingly.
it is our consciousness that drives the slide show........the movie.......the sound track.
the more in love inside we are the more beauty we will percieve.
and let it all go.

it`s all about love.

love is everything. it is the manifest and the process of manifesting. it is the energy of the universe, the gravity, the weak and strong electro-magnetic force and it is inertia and time as is our thinking, our breathing and our will. it is the thing that makes everything just the way it is.
choosing love is the choice of existing in tune with the universe.
there is a language of love that we recognise at the cellular level. love is food for the cells and for the nerves and for the blood vessels and for the brain and the heart.
we recognise others in love. we see it in thier eyes and in thier walk and in thier gestures. we can see it so plainly that we have to actively force ourselves to look away if we don`t want to see it.
it is easy to be in love in the universe. just say you want to be in love in the universe and you will be.
hold that though..................................for the rest of your life.

other ideas about happiness.

i have enjoyed tim boucher`s approach to the idea of consciousness, religion, spirituality and happiness it`s self. tim has a deep scolarly ability and will root around the internet universe to provide views on this thing called life. tim`s commentors provide a good testing ground for my ideas and they don`t always agree with my thoughts. this adds another dimension to my thinking and makes me work harder to be clear in my thought and explenation.
it is interesting to see how others respond to how we think and communicate. i have learned to accept that when someone responds out of misunderstanding that i have to work to clarify my point and not become defensive of my original statement.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

generating good feelings.

we generate feelings in our bodies by the way we think. we think in several distinct ways. we see things, we hear things, we smell things and we taste things. these processes result in us feeling things in our bodies. these feelings in our bodies make our legs go. we either go towards what we like or we move away from what we don`t like.
when we attain some mastery over what we see, hear, tase, smell and feel we begin to master our lives.
have you got a favorite memory?
what does it make you feel like?
look at this memory in terms of the sights, sounds, tastes, smells and feelings. amplify the sensations you like by deciding to in your mind. make the colours brighter, the sounds louder and movement faster. notice how the change changes your feelings.
what did you notice?
the different things that you notice in this exploration of your mind is your individual temprament.
you can practice playing with the elements of your visualisation of the memory you chose to intesify the experience.
remember; we are doing this all the time anyway. why not do it in a way that can add to your life?
when you are around others notice how they are going inside and experiencing things to drive thier reality. everyone is different and most are faily controlled in thier behaviour, but every now and then you see someone who is totally controlled by what they are experiencing in thier mind and are exuding this internal stuff out into the world.
they are the one`s who make people watching so much fun.


those who are happy by default are blissfully unaware of how they are that way. those who aren`t so happy and wish that they could be don`t have access to the means to do so. there are exceptions to this rule but they are rare.
here`s a question. does happiness come from within or from without? another way of asking this question is; do we find happiness inside our own thoughts or do we need to be made happy by material things or by the actions of others?
for the majority of people alive on the planet today and those who have gone before us, the answer is things and other people.
so by the metric of the huge majority of thinking, we are made happy by others and by things.
so we need to get things and have people do things for us to become happy................
i think that`s a poor way to arrange things frankly.
what if we could just show up happy in the first place?
then we wouldn`t need to do anything or provide anything for anyone else unless we wanted to, by agreement or choice and we certainly wouldn`t have to have things to be pleased.
so how do we generate good feelings inside so that we can be happy?
that`s the subject of the next post.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


i have been reading a bit more recently, as my computer was off-line all week-end, and i picked up a book about logic and reasoning and it brought to mind some of my early study of nlp (neuro-linguistic programming.) and how it`s rooted in the logic of aristotle 2000 years ago.
aristotle called us the reasoning animal.
we are also the emotional animal, but that`s another story.
logic is based on reason.......if we dig hard enough we will find the cause for things......if we are patient, disciplined and, of course, schooled in logic.
the thing most people miss is the schooling.
what are we left with if we don`t have at least a basic understanding of logic and reason?
emotion is quick, easy and feels right.......sort of, and gets us into trouble by confusing, jumping to conclusions, blaming and plain not getting the facts first.
emotion is a powerful tool in arguement by it`s self. people are swayed by emotion all the time. one can be intimidated into taking the first offer if you don`t have the facts and don`t believe you have time to get them.
logic and reason are habits that allow you to take time to learn the reasons why things are happening and find out the full extent of your options. then in the calm light of reason take the first step.
a good first book on this topic is called being logical, a guide to good thinking, by d.q. mcinerny. it is the book i`m re-reading and as simple and accessable as it is it gives a good basic understanding of how we think and reason and draw conclusions, for right or wrong.
i recommend it.

technological challenges.

my modem died so i took it back to the cable company as per thier instructions and they gave me a new one. after a half hour on the line with tech support i finally got signal on the device and i can post again.
i love technology when it works and i hate it when it doesn`t.
we are slowly becoming more and more dependant on technology for our daily routines.
since the modem stopped i have gone through withdrawal from e-mail, blogging, surfing, and research that up until six years ago i wouldn`t have been able to do at all. the internet has changed my life and the life of millions of people around the world. one of my favorite writers, marshall mcluhan, predicted this "global village", driven by high-speed computer communication, that would reduce the percieved size of the planet measured by the time it takes to send and recieve information. in a hundred and fifty years since the invention of telegraph the world has shrunk a million fold. in the four hundred years since the invention of the printing press the world has shrunk a billion fold. how much further is the world going to shrink in the next ten years?
are you ready?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

for some reason blogger has been acting funny i have had problems posting. right now i`m typing into a blank screen with some icons in one corner with the hope that i will be able to post it when i`m finished.
well, here goes.

a test of my faith.

sometimes something happens that changes your life. you work hard and study and plan and work some more............and then there are setbacks. things happen that are well out of your control that come down hard to make you doubt that there is a rationale to this existance.
we causually call these events setbacks........especially if they happen to someone else.
but life has to go on and so you dig down and find reasons to continue. with some faith that things will improve you keep rowing your boat and your friends support you and keep you going through the darker times, and you do your work and find the place where your mind can rest for moments at a time............and you face your situation with all the strength you can imagine.
and then, against all your expectations, you recieve news of a solution to the problem..................
and you know your life is going to return to some semblance of normalcy.
to my friends; thank you. you know what has been happening. to those who don`t; take my word for it, it`s been a challenge.
it`s not over yet though, but at least i have a plan.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

we enslave ourselves.

"if i had a million dollars i would be happy".
fair statement, right?
most people who have that kind of money have it tied up in a mortgage or investments. they then go to work at jobs they dislike, working with people who the dislike and commuting through traffic jams to get there.
they have enslaved themselves.
they are working for thier money.
the money doesn`t make them happy at all. it makes them miserable having money as a boss...........a slavedriver.
what`s the alternative?
if you have a million dollars in a mortgage...................sell.
rent an apartment and slow down a bit and listen to your heart instead of your head.
the head that got you into this jam in the first place.
the ego wants the big house..........your heart wants a rest.
the love you feel wants to grow into a lifestyle of peace and grace and enjoyment of life........instead of chasing next year`s model.
that`ll kill you.

Monday, June 05, 2006

the spirit in the normal.

too often people on a spiritual path will find themselves deep in philosophical concepts trying to derive meaning in thier lives. meanwhile life is swirling around without them as they sit reading or meditating or listening to a lecture or reading blogs like this. life is persistant and pervasive. we have to go to extreme lengths to shut it out.
the tragedy is that many succeed.
the very essence of spirit is in what is going on around us each moment of our lives.
notice it.
there are insects under rocks and microbes in the drinking water and molecules in the grains of sand all alive and ocillating with life.........yet we have been convinced to try to stop the flow.
get ocillating.
watch the birds on the wing and the clouds moving across the sky and the shift in the smell of the wind as the storm approaches........and you will begin to become a part of it again.
"there is a rustle in the headgerow".

Sunday, June 04, 2006

a gibson sg of indeterminate vintage.

the bloke at the stall said the guitar was from the early sixties with a `59 les paul neck grafted on. it sounded nice and played well but `59 neck? very nice restoration though. beautiful blue baby.

matt`s favorite.

the blue hagstrom swede. the swedish les paul. good choice boy.

chris gets a brief glimpse of heaven.

the t-shirt is a dead giveaway...........

Saturday, June 03, 2006

spirituality and enlightenment.

so what do soccer and guitars have to do with enlightenment?
we can delve deeply into the meaning of existance it`s self and meditate until our ego dissipates into nothing, but unless we are stimulated to be alive and enjoying the experience of participating in the process of humanity, we may as well give up and crawl under a rock.
there are too many people putting things off until tomorrow. tomorrow doesn`t exist. there is only a continuous stream of now.
it`s the only time you can do anything.
right now.

guitar show.

my friend chris and i took my boys and ourselves to a guitar show in north toronto today and wandered around for hours looking at guitars that we couldn`t afford, but i did bring my camera and managed to capture some images of wild beasts from darkest america. my head is still reeling from seeing the `57 les paul gold top and playing the `68 les paul gold top. i got some shots of some old s.g.s and a really nice blue hagstrom and i caught chris eyeing an old gretch. i have a feeling he was having a feeling right then...............
more to come later.

57 les paul gold top.

wasn`t even going to ask to play this one though.

`68 les paul gold top.

there are no words to describe this experience.

Friday, June 02, 2006

watch this now.

watch this now........don`t think.
just click on the link.
do it now.

we are the champions.

proof you can`t teach an old dog new tricks. once a champion, always a champion.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


a friend of mine is a bono impersonator. he sings in a u2 cover band and travels around the world doing shows. he was asked to do a private party for a large corporation and was announced as the surprise guest. there was no announcement as to who he was and so nobody knew who was going to appear. after the event it was announced that he was in fact an impersonator. the e-mails his manager recieved after the show were interesting. some e-mails stated that the show was great and that bono was amazing, some e-mailers were upset at being fooled and others were convinced he was really bono even though it was announced that he wasn`t.
this is an intersting comment on human perception and reaction.
some were happy with the "deception".
some were angry at the what they felt was a deception.
some were entertained and happy.
some were determined to keep the original feeling of actually seeing bono.
a bit like religion and politics.

this is what i do.

a major part of my work is helping people stop behaviours that are destructive to them. smoking tops the list. the government ban on smoking in public places is a reasonable step toward what has become not only a health problem but a tax issue as well. as our population ages our focus falls to retirement and benifits. the action of the government is directly related to the health issues caused by cigarette consumption and it`s attendant health risks.
traditionally the government has sat back and watched it`s citizens poison themselves with tobacco products while reaping the tax benifits. now they are looking to reduce the back-end cost to the health budget by restricting the consumption and visibility of the product.
too little, too late for the approximately 20,000 people in canada who will die as a result of smoking.

this is the miracle.

that we are alive is the miracle. the simple fact that we can experience all that is here.
we can walk amongst the tall buildings and look up staring until we feel dizzy.
we can stare up at the clouds and watch them turn into animals or monsters.
we can look deep into the garden and see bugs and worms and birds and small animals like rabbits and mice.
we can walk in the rain and get wet and spash in the puddles.
we can sit and talk about nothing with friends and laugh.
like children.
this is the miracle.
just experiencing.

unsung hero.

week in, week out jamie carragher has been a tireless defender of the liverpool goal and it`s no wonder he has been included in england squad. he is the winner of a european champions medal and f.a. cup medal in the last year. he is the consumate champion.

more about the world cup.

as we get closer to kick-off i will be posting more of my views regarding the event. it is my opinion that england will win the cup. it has been my nature to be biased in favour of old blighty for obvious reasons over the years, but this year england has a real chance as one of the favorites in competition. defence and midfield is argueably the best in the world and with the recent return of micheal owen to 70% or so the opposition must be concerned.
come on england!

wold cup preview.

surprised? don`t be. this is the not-so-secret weapon that the rest of the world doesn`t want to see in the final 20 minutes. and there are a few more not-so-secrets to be aware of if you are germany, holland or brazil.
70% owen.
i could list them all but in eight days we will see them all on the field together. let the games begin.