Wednesday, July 23, 2008

hey al......

sssssh, algore`s sleeping..........and if he wakes and hears us giggling about all this he`ll try to get a law passed whereby it will be illegal to point out the obvious about the present global temperature increase.

he wants us all to be impressionable school kids (and teachers...) who will golly-gee him to death with his flash movie and dry dead-pan delivery.

and utter bullshit.

or, maybe real scientists without political agendas are just wrong.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


there are those amongst the blogging community that feel that a hitrate is a valued commodity......and that a constant flood of comments somehow validates thier personal insight into the world at large.

while this position has some validity when the information provided in the blog has some real-world utility, most blogs are a community of like-minded souls sharing and re-agreeing with eachother`s position.

in this state most blogs are reminiscent of a good morning coffee with the lads at starbucks.

but to think that your popularity in the search engines is because your writing is somehow new or interesting to anyone else but your friends or about ready to instigate the charge against "the man" is missing the point of blogging entirely.........

and if your writing was helping you to evolve into a modern-era che guevara then it would just help the "man" to find your subversive ass.

oh, and sorry if the odd spelling error sends you into a perceptional tailspin. perhaps reading isn`t your thing.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

cnn style debate.

the media teaches us to choose sided prior to listening to arguements provided by "experts".

this causes some interesting things to happen.

firstly people consume this sort of arguement like they consume wrestling; as a circus show.

secondly, they take this mode of communication into thier daily lives and expect eveyone to be "down" with the smackdown responses to comments in conversation.

this sort of pissing engenders a further division of people based on thier political, religious or scientific beliefs, and eventually filters down into the exchange of everything between people.

no wonder we have road rage.

you can get driven off the road and killed now because you don`t drive the same car as the guy behind you.......

Saturday, July 05, 2008

absolute tragedy. we live in a society dominated by large corporations who take our money under pretense and then refuse to deliver the product or service promised, while hiding behind legislation and legal process designed specifically to financially and emotionally drain private individuals looking for recourse.

we have a choice, but it means turning our backs on the commercial game known as modern society.

our desire to have big houses, shiny new cars and so on traps us in this un-merry-go-round and most only discover the truth when they have to retain a lawyer to keep what they thought was actually thiers in the first place........

what we percieve to be our right to property ownership, political representation, police protection, etc. is a myth that is only shattered by the hard truth of real-time experience.

the truth is that we work for the right to remain in place.

if we remain in place anyway then we have to work less, without the stress of "keeping up" and hoping that our investments and insurance and retirement funds will be substantial when our bodies fail to be able to sustain the rate necessary to earn enough to keep our shit.

ask any retired person what they really know.

many are beginning to realise the truth after years of struggle to attain the "dream" fed us in our youth.........and sadly those who do realise will join thier parent`s generation of dissapointment as they age toward retirement.

or opt out now and begin to enjoy the moment.