Saturday, May 30, 2009

waking up the spirit.

ok so....not everyone`s spirit is aligned with all that is positive in the world, but that`s no reason why they should be deprived of the opportunity to actualise themselves......

....this is, after all, what liberalism is all about. embracing all the twisted freaks out there who see things alternatively to those of us who went to school, learned respect, duty, honour and resisted the urge occasionally....all in the belief that we existed in a consensus of responsibility, discipline and faith in doing thing well.

apparently not.

but, having said that, i have faith that there will be an adjustment to the mean eventually and that we will get back to some sense of measure in things.

Friday, May 29, 2009

dope is dope.....

i have decided, after some pressure from the prevailing opinion in our society, that pot really isn`t all that bad for our children. it is only my uninformed opinion that being whacked out of one`s skull is conducive to fucking your life up before it has a chance to get going.

and maybe anal sex isn`t all that bad either.....although i have no expertise in that area, and therefore a limited position to comment.

boy, i thought i was a conservative.

after all this time holding rigidly to outmoded beliefs about substances and behaviours, it sure feels good knowing that i can fit into normal conversations around town about teen drug use and queer sex and not offend anyone by suggesting that kids should be taught about the dangers of smoking dope and not taught that sodomy is a choice.

if you feel like it.

now and then.

and how would i know, i`ve never tried shut up and let us teach your kids the right way to put things up thier arse.

boy was i ever sheltered as a kid.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

could this be the reason......

.....the hair and nails gang are so cranky all the time?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

oh no.

why does he want the entire population of cuba?

Friday, May 22, 2009



40 year-olds selling pop crap to our youth should expect some resistance to thier message from people thier own age who have kids....occasionally.

though i imagine this publicity will not hurt thier sales.

green day decided to "sell out" by playing to a politically polarised market place on thier last record and sold millions...not for an artistic gesture, but for a political one.

so i guess they tried to hit another hot button with kids, and are getting a different response.

thier next cd will be a run-on love song to obama/guevarra....

i feel tired now.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

wierd drivers.

recently, here on the roads of ontario, something strange is going on. people are driving under the speed limit.

on monday, victoria day, an irritating and unnecesary holiday, people who are normally somewhere else being told what to do are having to decide for themselves.

i think this is the problem. people are so afraid to make a mistake that they are driving a hair under the speed limit so, in thier mind, there is no possible way they will get a ticket.

except that people who are used to figuring shit out for themselves just want to get where they have to go with reasonable speed....and not at 85kph on a 100kph highway.

and it`s not just on holidays either. yesterday evening climbing the hill back home on an 80kph highway people were crawling along at 65-70kph.....


is is the recession? fear of losing one`s job? obama`s shirts?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

here we fucking go.

a new drug?

it`s cheerios people, get a grip. you are bureaucrats with nothing better to do than to sit in offices and figure out if some law-abiding citizen if in contravention of some rule or law that only you have heard of....

this is the tip of the iceberg though. pretty soon water will have to be approved with testing and constant evaluations to see of standards are being met....because water is the only known cure for dehydration, a substantial threat in third world nations.

men and women in lab coats will be whipped into action to begin looking at such things as meat and eggs and salad greens and oats...because, y`know, claims have been made as to the dietary effectiveness of consuming such things...and people have to be protected from the potential health risks associated with being confused by packaging and labels that say things like meat has protien in it.


pretty soon only a doctor will be able to "prescribe" meals.

you think i`m kidding. just wait.

Monday, May 11, 2009

a man....

...comes out of a bar one night only to be confronted by a six foot tall rabbit, who addresses him by name.

the man is so moved by this experience that he tells his wife when he gets home.

his wife suggests he go see a psychiatrist because she says it`s not normal to see six foot tall rabbits who address you by name.

the psychiatrist asks the man if he was suprised that the rabbit knew his name and the man said, "no, it is a small town, most people know me."

we are all different.

with all this talk recently about miss california and the gay judge being "offended" by her comments about marriage (i mean really mate, you openly tell everyone what you put where, and we should believe you are shocked that a young woman feels that marriage should be between a man and a woman.....?) i am reminded of a thought i had some time ago about religion.

religion, and by connection, spirituality wants us to all be the same in our beliefs and practices so that we can be known as religious or spiritual. we go to church and read the bible, or we go out in the forest and talk to trees....but we follow the ideas and practices of those who we believe have some idea about where this will all take us.

but, in the same breath, priests, ministers, druids and witches are saying we should now express our individuality in how we live our lives.

this seems to fit nicely in with the shift in political views and cultural values regarding things such as money, voting, leadership, what we should allow our children to see and hear....and of course, what we should be putting things into.

but what about spiritual diversity?

the romans for instance had all sorts of gods for praying to. love gods, war gods, money gods, gods for favours, gods for doing well at competion.... did the greeks, and many other cultures.

but now we are left with one god and one way to communicate with him, and that seems odd considering how different we all are.

i`m not really sure what my god is, other than to say (heretically of course) that he is within me and without me at the same time.

the buddhists say that makes me one with everything.

maybe that`s and then...except when i`m flying past vehicles on my bike. i really don`t want to be one with any of them.

Friday, May 08, 2009

regarding my last post.....

....approaching mother`s day it is appropriate, i feel, to discuss a little bit about how some women really don`t like the man they married.

in my last post i provided a link to a blog wherein a woman has displayed a substantial dislike for the behaviour of her husband, and as a result, several women have agreed and indicated that they have similar feelings for thier spouses.

there are a number of questions i have for women such as this that feel that there is something substantially wrong, not with the relationship....but with the man they chose to be with.....however long ago that may be.

and then, in full public view (and let`s make no bones about things such as privacy and personal space here....) they rail on at length about how pissed they are that they can`t get thier man to do what they want to do.

my simple answer to that concern is; your men don`t want to.

your men will avoid, distort facts and "work late", and forget entirely the demands on a consistant basis....and risk you withholding sex from them as a consequence.

so this begs the question, why do men behave this way?

you failed to hold up your end of whatever bargain you struck in the first place.

and there are many men in relationships who fail at this also, but in this instance i`m refering to the blogger in the last post who fails to include herself in the equation......and get`s consistant results.

so what do we agree to when we marry?

the true answer to that lies at the heart of the problem.

now, if you`ll excuse me, i have to seed my girlfriend`s garden, do a few dishes, some laundry, make the bed, and prepare for a wonderful evening with my girl.

oh shit.

can`t get any more painful than that.

working late?

no shit.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


for me it is no thing, to experience through you.

for me it all direct.



words come thrown, like hooks biting into flesh....ripping and tearing as they try to retreat.

do not talk to me anymore.

i gave you that space; but you came for more. so now you have forever.

my gift to you.

Monday, May 04, 2009

a pound and a half of heroin?

let`s hope that these civil rights types don`t ever have a loved one meet this woman at a party.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

now the pigs are getting it....

Saturday, May 02, 2009


a philosophical analysis of bullshit. straightforward and obvious deconstruction of the state of politics and other serious and important environmental ism, feminism, etc.

what we are asked to believe by so-called experts with alterior and impertinant mmotives, is mostly....bullshit.

tea for one.