Monday, July 30, 2007


i have my critics.

i can class them safely into two groups.

the group of those who mean well and those who don`t.

there is a saying that goes "nobody wakes up looking to harm others."

it`s wrong.

there are those who`s sole intention upon rising is to interfere in the affairs of others, to varying degrees.

either personally or organisationally, tyrants abound.

and they love the law............. applied unreasonably and by force. little playground bullies.

one of the first clues into the psyche of an associate is how much they love the law.

a little bit of helpful information.

how to make bacon.

take a hot dog and place it in a microwave oven set on high for around 99 minutes.

let cool and serve.


is this a fact or an unsubstantiated claim.

and then there`s this amusing little bit.

which doesn`t actually work. maybe it`s schizophrenic.

anyway, the process for diagnosing this illness is one of asking the patient how they feel. one has to wonder how you can do that with rodents, unless the little buggers can talk now.


so you tell me what time is.

we have clocks and calendars and day-timers and so on to create time structures that we can agree on, but does time exist seperate from what we agree on?

so the question is not what time it is, but what time actually is..........

Friday, July 27, 2007

what can one say?

this woman came into my life five years ago. she left us all last tuesday. she was my mother.

i look at her picture and she doesn`t speak. she doesn`t answer the questions i have, and i don`t try to ask.

i just accept the simple fact that i met her finally, and nothing else matters.

for that i am grateful.

thanks mum.

god bless.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


i love it when bureaucrats think that they can wave thier hands and make things happen.

making more rules is great for giving bureaucrats jobs, but when illiterate farmers get ahold of surface-to-air missiles and aim them at people who they`ve hated for generations then all the laws and policies in the world aren`t going to stop news being made.

remember kosovo?


tim boucher.

as long as i have been blogging i have been reading tim`s blog and it has been fascinating to see how his blog has changed over time, as mine has also i suppose.

in a recent posting on tim`s blog someone commented that tim`s posts seemed artificial and random, as if they had been made by artificial inteligence.

the comment started me thinking.

i have had a relationship with tim via the blogs and by e-mail and my assumption was that tim was and is a real person with a blog. like i am.

but how does one know with certainty?

no really. how do we know?


one of the least used of the letters in the alphabet but begins some interesting words.



question. (wtf.)

my favorite word of all.

q and a is the very favorite part of my seminars.

it is an opportunity to find out about people and interact.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


the letter p is an odd one.

p is for push.

p is for prod.

p is for procreate.

that`s how we all got here.

funny how we feel mildly uncomfortable about the whole thing even though it is all we are designed for and and that it feels good to do it and to conspire to do it and to plan to do it again soon.

so what`s going on?

how did we get to the point where we would have an issue with it at all?

another p word might shed some light on the issue.

the pope.

no shit.

once again science is a late second figuring things out. social pressure is the strongest energy in culture.

be cool or be cast the saying goes.



o is for suprise.

o is for pleasure.

o is for revelation.

"oh god".


n is for censorship of all the words we aren`t allowed to say.

and how upset that allows some people to get when they hear one of those words.

but you don`t consider for one minute how it makes a person feel when you openly blame them for all the problems that you are experiencing in your life.

you have no censorship on your anger and resentment and your political views that allow you to continue to blame them for something that happened a very long time ago to people you don`t even know.

you aren`t alone in your little word-created prison mind are kept company by feminists and environmentalists and illegal aliens and anyone else seeking special rights and privileges (money).

you don`t stop even for a minute to think that your reaction is as hostile and violent as the use of the word, or any other word, in the first place, and politically you are doing exactly the thing you are holding others responsible for.


check under the letter l.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


m is for mary.

thank you mary, for the gift of you.

tonight i will watch the 300.

so appropriate that you are in sparta as we speak.

and again, this time sober.

wherin he dines lightly on the lunch of one reverend, and sometimes drug dealer, al sharpton.

Monday, July 23, 2007


bill mahar is a tit and unfortunately chris hitchens is gassed close to pelatic but he is brilliant nonetheless.

the l word.

well, we come to the letter l.

it stands for a lot of words, but only one is important.

without this word, all of the others are meaningless.

the word is love.

but there is more.

the only type of love that makes everything else work is the unconditional love for the self.

this is no simple thing.

this is the thing of wars and of murder and of death.

because people get it wrong.

they think that love comes from someone else.

and so they start to look.

this girl, that girl, this boy, that boy...........

and then these people leave.

and they do, don`t they?

and what happens?

then you don`t feel so good anymore.

but they must come back.

so you do everything you can to get them to come back.

and you feel better.............

but you know, in the back of your mind, that they could do it again unless you work very hard to work on the "relationship".

and that doesn`t sound like love anymore does it?

that sounds like a game of "you`d better do this or that or i`ll leave again".

love yourself unconditionally and you will accept whatever another person does because it will be ok whatever they do.

find someone else who feels this way and enjoy being with them.

keep looking until you find them, if that`s what you want. if you feel the need to be close to someone.......and we do.

it feels good.

another one.

symbolic of things that come out all at once................


k is for killing.

k is for king.

and k is for karma. as in; my karma ran over your dogma..........

Sunday, July 22, 2007

the letter j.

j is for joke.

j is for joking.

as in you`ve got to be.........

and j is for jesus.

whether he actually existed of not is unimportant.

it`s if you win or lose.

speaking of the pope.

i love the arrogance of catholicism......and pretty much every religion that believes it is the true word of um, "god".

he says that other christian faiths aren`t truly churches in that thier bishops can`t be traced back to jesus...........(@#$%^&!)

the catholic bishops were presbyrites that wandered around asia minor in the 3rd century pretty much inventing doctrine and dieties as they went.

it wasn`t until the council of nicea in the 3rd century that constantine, a roman emporor, decided to form the catholic (universal......) church by bringing these "bishops" together to form a consensus of religious rules so that there could be some consistancy in catholicism.

sort of a wal-mart of churches.

the jesus the pope was refering to had been dead for 300 years at this point and whatever connection any of these presbyrites had to the man had been lost in the mists of time by then.

this jesus fellow to which the pope refers was a rabbi from judea who claimed to be the son of god, and claimed that we were all also sons of god by the way............but constantine wanted his pope and himself to have that power and everyone else could get fucked............

but they were forgiven as long as they admitted how fucked they were each sunday.


Saturday, July 21, 2007


i is for the ego. the thing that makes things happen.

for good and for bad.

i have heard the ego described as the gatekeeper between the awareness and the unconscious.

i have heard the ego vilified by those who wish to find some enlightenment via mechanical means.

i have listened to people raving about quieting the ego in meditation or during yoga for some reason, as if they will become an ascended master sitting on a mat in thier new yoga get-up while taking yoga classes at the "y".

and i do have to ask why.

jesus would pray.

he would get on the celestial telephone to his dad and go on for hours about the isrealites and the cannanites and the cicereans and the romans and the philestines and the assyrians and the jews.

can we do that?

i don`t think so.

so what`s this thing some have against the ego?

i think i know.

jesus would have had to have been some sort of egtoist to have wanted to heal people, or preach the word of god, his father........and to have laid claim to be the son of god.....and to have challenged the authority of the occupying roman army and of the jews.

and maybe the romans and the jews got so sick and tired of this egotist that they finally tacked him to a tree.

or maybe he was actually capable of what he claimed and that was what got him killed.


after g spot comes h.

h stands for huge.

h stands for humongous.

and h stands for horseshit. the stuff that comes out the back of a horse that is so hard to get back in again.

the electro-magnetic model of the universe.

the answer to the question algore didn`t ask when he made his enviro-porn infomercial for his presidential campaign.

it pretty much suggests that the universe is 99% plasma, which is a soup of electrons and protons without a nucleus.

real science by real scientists answering real questions in understandable ways.


today`s blog is brought to you by the letter g.

g is for great.

g is for goals.

and g is for spot. you either know or you don`t. there is no inbetween.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


kate asked me to answer these questions, well, my ego asked her to send them actually but anyway............

1. Have you even experienced or do you believe in love at first sight?

i have experienced the sensation of being caught in the gaze of another so intensely that i could think of nothing else for more than six months. we would spend evenings together and talk of many things, and then as quickly as she came, she was gone.

2. Are you afraid of getting old?

i`m not sure if fear is the way to describe it. at 46 i`m lucky to be physically young and somewhat mentally and emotionally mature and so i have the luxury of being glad to be alive at this moment. i am hopeful that things will persist for the foreseeable future.

3. Would you ever consider emigrating? If so where and why/why not?

i am originally from england and so i have done that once, as a child moving to canada with my parents, and do wish for the english way once more.....but with two young children i will remain here as they grow.

4. How did you choose hypnosis as a profession and what parts do you like best and least about it?

what a great question. hypnosis chose me. everything is hypnosis. the reading and the writing of this post is a shift in awareness that takes one from one focus to another. conversation is hypnosis. words are hypnosis. we are all hypnotists.

i saw don kellar hypnotize patti l`orange in grade 8 and i knew from that moment that hypnosis was a powerful tool that could be used to help people. i was 12 and i knew that i could use that mechanism to show people better ways of doing things.

i always wonder what happened to patti.

what do i like? the sheer depth of human consiousness and the thrill of being able to help people make profound and lasting changes in thier lives. i am greatly honoured to be able to do this for people, and every day it`s something new and i meet bright, enthusiastic people who are keen to learn and apply the knowledge to thier life.

what do i dislike? the professional discourtesy. in canada the field of hypnotherapy isn`t as well recognised as in other parts of the world, like england for instance, and so building a practice amongst others in the healing arts can be tough. doctors are very jelous of thier patiens and the money they represent and so another effective treatment weakens thier already crumbling position. i really have to be careful what i say about what i can and can`t do in treatment. no cures of things that are legally illnesses, otherwise i`m practicing medicine without a licence which is against the law.

so i have to watch it with a.d.d. and anxiety and similar conditions when there are medications involved.

5) Why have you chosen divinity as the area for your doctorate? Are you religious?

i am not a religious person. i grew up with a jesuit who was a master hypnotist, so i learned the craft at an early age. (he wasn`t aware of his talent.) i only really understood his methods through my studies of hypnosis techniques.

the tragedy in modern society is that when we have spiritual concerns we go to see a minister or priest.

the role of church through history has been, and continues to be, mind control.

i chose the study of divinity at the doctorate level to claim my position that we are capable of a direct knowledge of god, and in fact that all that we experience is indistinguishable from that fact.

there are rules to this game of interview.

Interview rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by commenting back on your blog with your five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
Please let me know on the comments page if you want this once in a lifetime experience.

aliens pt.2

in the first part i laid out the history of what we are seeing and knowing as aliens and ufos.

in the second part i want to clarify something that has struck me for many years.

why it is so hard to believe stories about ufos and aliens.

in my field, that of psychotherapy, people bring me stories of thier lives.

many of the stories i`m told are unbelieveable, yet i am being told these things by people who believe them to be true. so true that they live thier lives according to these beliefs.

much like those who report lights in the sky, creatures in the woods and being abducted into flying examination rooms......these people firstly need to be believed.


the natural response is to ridicule someone when they say they went to venus with little green guys last night.

but if we validate the experience we can get to the next thing.

the next story.

the next report.

because it is in the safe confine of a trusting environment that we find that there are thousands of people who are reporting incedents of abductions and other encounters with beings from what seems like the twilight zone.

and so, whether these are actual physical experiences or dream type events, the process is consistant and valid as an artifact of human consciousness and needs to be adressed as such.

because we are consciously experiencing this stuff. it`s so real that it`s terrifying statistically real portions of our population.

so we need to stop laughing at people who seriously report this stuff.


sj during our recent blogging has reminded me of my interest in aliens in our consciousness.

there have always been aliens in our consciousness. we have always been talking about aliens as far back as recorded history goes. and this record goes further back than linguistics.

in africa and australia and on the south mountain near phoenix arizona and probably everywhere where pre-literate man left his mark, on walls, hills and in caves, there is a record of something flying in the sky and of beings other than ourselves walking amongst us.

so what is going on?

is this a physical thing made up of nuts and bolts ships and flesh and bone creatures of intelligence.....or is this some 5th dimensional thing whereby we are becoming aware of other realms of existance through the appearance of lights and shapes in the sky and dreamlike sequences where we seem to be taken aboard craft and given examinations and messages of dire environmental consequence if we don`t seprate out our garbage?

carl jung suggested that there is some higher order of creativity in the power of the thoughts of all of us alive on the planet that he called the collective unconciousness and he directly suggested that ufos could be a by-product of this thinking.

one of the first government ufo investigator experts, a man named jacques vallee tended to agree that the reports some people had of encounters had a dream-like magical quality not unlike religious experiences reported by those witnessing events such as fatima in portugal.
three young women saw the virgin mary appear in a field one day and when they returned with others the same thing happened.
soon thousands of people saw similar things at fatima with crowds of thousands seeing lights dance in the sky and even an event so startling as to defy belief.
at one point the sun it`s self actually began to dance in the sky.

the three young girls who first reported the story said that mary had spoken to them and told of things that would happen in the future.

they told the pope and he kept it all a secret, in good religious fashion, adding to the mystery.

any casual inquiry fatima and other lights in the sky phenomina like the phoenix lights starts one on a path to a point where we reach the thought that maybe religion has something to do with this.

or that religion wants to claim the experience as thiers.

much as government does too.

and the politicians.

and why wouldn`t they all?

control belief and you control people.

control enough people and you control society.


well what would a discussion about the letter f be without the word fuck?

supposedly derived into the english language from the german word friecken which means "to strike", the word has come to mean just abut whatever the fuck we want it to.

everything from confustion; wtf?

to suprise; fuck me!

to resignation; fuck my old boots........

to threat; now you are fucked.

to the conditional; i`m fucked if i`m going to......

to the emphatic; fuck off!

it has the flexibilty to convey a variety of emotional states in subtle and clear ways.

quite remarkable for word we aren`t allowed to say in polite company.

e is.

for effortless.



the indulging of the ego.


you think i think i`m better than you just because i can fly.

you think i do it deliberately and that`s the reason why.

i can can`t convince you other wise.

so i won`t begin to try.

you will keep on chipping away.

you will keep trying to play.

your game.



all around.

d is for......................




the power of the human consciousness condensed into three "d" words.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


c is for crusade. life`s too short to not have one.

c is for christ. what would he do?

c is for children. our immortality.

the b.......s

b is for blackmail.

don`t try it until you know you can win. jail sucks.

b is for breakfast. this is the only time you can eat what you want and not regret it later.

b is for blackadder. google him and you`ll know what i mean...........

blogging the alphabet.

why not?

whatever it takes to get the creative machinery rolling.

this will be an ongoing theme for at least 26 posts.

today`s post is about the letter a.

a is for asshole.

we all have one and we all know a few human iterations who bless us with thier presence occasionally.

a is for arguement.

done with dignity and discression, arguement can be an affair of the heart, done with ego and agression it can lead to war.

a is for attention. pay it. it`s a wise investment.

maybe dr.phil has a point after all.

By following simple advice heard on theDr. Phil show, you too can find inner peace.Dr Phil proclaimed, "The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all thethings you have started and have never finished."So, I looked around my house to see all the things I started and hadn'tfinished, and before leaving the house this morning, I finished off a bottleof Merlot, a bottle of Zinfandel, a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream, a bottleof Kalhua, a package of Oreos, the remainder of my old Prozac prescription,the rest of the cheesecake, some Doritos, and a box of chocolates.You have no idea how freaking good I feel right now. Please pass this on to those whom you think might be in need of inner peace. ....

Monday, July 16, 2007

more neurologic externalisation.

as above, so below.

as within, so without.............or something.

on-line date.

i met her on an on line dating site and we agreed to meet for coffee.

she semed slightly nervous when we met but after a few minutes chatting she seemed to relax into a very attractive woman who said she was in her mid-forties but seemed younger.

she was tall, probably five ten or so and thin but muscular like a rower or a javelin thrower and she liked to laugh.

she liked to laugh and smile and look deep into my eyes as we talked and i wanted to know more.

and so i did.

we talked for hours and went to dinner and walked along the lake and talked and laughed.

it seemed as if we had always been together.

so we sat on the side of the lake where the city was beginning to build a new jetty and even though the concrete was uncomfortable i didn`t want to move for fear of breaking this warm wonderful spell that i was under.

"take me home" she said suddenly, and that jolted me out of my dream......

"i don`t know where you live" i replied.

"no, your home."

i was so suprised at what she said that i barely responded except to say "what?" in total suprise.

"please" was the last thing i remembered her saying.

as we lay there together in my apartment time had left us behind. the sun was beginning to rise and birds were singing in the trees below the window and i felt as if this moment could go on forever.

"i`m scared" she quietly said, her eyes bright and impossibly green in the new light of dawn, darting and searching for something she needed from me now.

"scared, why?" i answered, thinking of many reasons why a woman should be scared in this situation, none of which made me want to hear the answer.

"i am scared of the people who built me". she said as if it were the most normal thing in the world. " i am afraid that they will find me and hurt you and switch me off".

"what?" i said in absolute disbelief. you are joking, right?"

"no, i`m not. i was built as a prototype for a medical android to test psychological processes and new psychotrophic drugs, and i escaped three weeks ago. i needed to find someone to look after me.

i got lonely."

my jaw just fell open and i stood staring at this woman as she said these things and i couldn`t speak or move or even blink.

"i`m sorry". she said.

i laughed outloud at that.

"my god, woman, sorry isn`t going to do it............i still don`t know if you are joking or not and if you are it`s not funny anymore and if you are serious you have to give me some proof."

"the proof is that i`m going to stop soon. my internal energy supply is limited and i re-charge electro-magnetically in a charging vessel at the labs in maryland."

"unless i go back in the next few days i won`t be able to function any longer. my data will be stored on stand-by, but i won`t run any longer."

"great, so now what?"

"i want to stay with you until that happens".

"and then"?

"when my energy cell depletes a beacon is triggered and there is a signal uplinked to a satelite that tells them where i am."

"why doesn`t that beacon run now?"

"i turned it off before i left the facility but i didn`t have time to find the code to switch off the fuel cell beacon, i suppose if i find a way to re-charge my fuel cell then the alarm won`t be triggered and they will never find me if i`m careful enough."

"i`m still finding this hard to believe..........won`t they be looking for you, or something.......i, um, this is crazy, i`m going crazy or something......and you seem so real."

"so do you, so we are even."

so i decided to play the game with this beautiful woman, and she has lived with me for........well forever actually.

for some reason her batteries never did run down.

we have to move occasionally because i age and she doesn`t. robots don`t.

i am 87 now and she is now playing my grand-daughter for everyone at this party in my honour. it is my birthday and a few of my new friends are gathered here to have a drink and welcome me to the faculty of the psychology department of the school where i have begun to guest lecture.

on artificial intelligence.

taurine dreams.

recently i have been taking redbull drinks before a soccer game on a friday night. the drink provides a caffiene-like buzz that gets the legs going nicely after a day of blogging.......

i discovered that while taking redbull i felt more relaxed on the field and didn`t have the usual urge to scream at the ref every few minutes.

i did some research and discovered that redbull has taurine in it, and i`ve posted some expert stuff on that above.

i decided to go to my local supplement connection to see if taurine was available as a pill.

sure enough he had some and so now i have one 500mg capsule of taurine with my breakfast (mini-wheats......) each morning.

what i have noticed is that since friday i`ve been much more relaxed and focused, on friday night i had an "A" game, scoring three and finishing up playing defence in the second half and we ran out 6-0 winners.


not entirely, but the research suggests that the compound does promote focus and well-being, and i never said one thing to the ref all game...........

but here`s the most unusual thing.


i have had the most vivid dreams since friday, and i`m not going to begin to describe them......other than the gold porsche carrera that drove it`s self out through the back wall of a friend`s garage and away up a hill, followed by a turbo volkswagen beetle.

yeah, anyway, if you are into dreams and want to amplify them at all, try the taurine. and you`ll be easier on the ref too.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

begs the question.

well, a number of questions who underwrites thier insurance?

the seven deadly sins.

which is your favourite?

Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, vengeance, envy and pride.

well, let`s go through them and see.

gluttony? no. i`m not into food and drink that much and monopolising the conversation was never my thing either.

sloth? no. i can`t sit still long enough to read my e-mails, never mind lolling about eating crap and watching oprah for hours.

envy? of what?

greed? there`s plenty for everyone, just relax.

pride? well i could see why some wouldn`t be.

vengeance? there are those who are begging..........

and finally, lust. oh yeah. who doesn`t lust for life, that sweet embrace......that intense drive to live and know the fine line between love and hate.

the look in her eye.

to be passionate.

but then again, each of the sins mentioned above have their purpose, and to make them somehow wrong as rules to live by would make one a spineless jellyfish.......

we need to rest some days because we run, we work out, we play our sport with intensity, we get up early and work and we think a lot. so taking a day off occasionally is part of the plan.

we need to over-eat and dring excessively and talk out our arses now and then. it`s called a celebration.

we need to covet, otherwise we would be motivated to do more.

and we need to be greedy to take more than we need to put something away for that rainy day.

we are sinners.

fuck `em.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

thoughts are things.

the simple fact is that we are doing this anyway........

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

billy c.

the antidote to all the seriousness at hypgnosys.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

webster tarpley on the history and, of course, the future of american money............

mad popes........

like all popes before him, this one is a dipshit.

if you can`t build up your own value, then you drive down the competition.

and you see, popes are monarchs also. people don`t realise that the pope is king of the vatican which is a soveriegn nation.

Monday, July 09, 2007


an ongoing experiment with the themes of the interconnectivity of things expressed in two dimensions with the added illusion of depth and motion.

read this CAREFULLY...............that is, without emotional bias.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

in poker this is called a tell.

"Democrats and Americans feel betrayed by the Democratic leadership," Sheehan told The Associated Press. "We hired them to bring an end to the war. I'm not too far from San Francisco, so it wouldn't be too big of a move for me. I would give her a run for her money."

this girl talks funny..........

in a democratic process people vote for politicians. they aren`t hired in any capacity that is part of the voting process.

cindy needed to fully grieve for her son before she went on a politicized crusade. she is now displaying full-blown ptsd behaviour, and i would imagine, being played by some powerbroker types for fun and profit.
we use the terms information and news interchangeably whilst blogging.

i find the habit confusing.

i would like to make a distinction that i personally find useful.

information is data that will effect me and if the message is a threat then i have the opportunity to take steps to protect myself accordingly.

everything else is entertainment.

which part of the news do you find fits into the definition of information as i posted it?

for example, if i have been chosen for a cash prize, then that`s information that effects me directly and i appreciate the notice.

if thirty people go over a cliff in a bus while on holiday, that`s entertainment. and i don`t find that sort of thing entertaining so i don`t watch "news", though some do,......otherwise they wouldn`t be glued to the tv for hours a day.

i find it odd that people know more about the movements of paris hilton than they do about thier own health.

they know how many soldiers have been killed in iraq, yet they have no clue what their children are doing or what they want in life.

so much for the news.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

and while i`m busy at it.........

if you have learned anything here at hypgnosys hopefully it will be something about thinking for yourself and taking time to research claims made in the media.

read the page linked above carefully and tell me what you think.

a brief introduction to astrophysics by jim mcanney. he will explain complex systems in clear terms because he actually wants to communicate why we are experiencing what we are experiencing.......and he`s not motivated politically to create a problem and convince you he can fix it with tax dollars.

unlike some moviestars.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

greenhouse gasses.

my children are now entering into the grades where they are beginning to be exposed to physical concepts. weights, measures and other values are now being taught to them so that they will have a basis for futher study in these areas if they choose to.

so why the fuck are teachers allowed to misinform them about something as simple as greenhouse gasses?

it is common knowledge in science (the regular, non-environmental type.....) that 70% of the greenhouse gas in our atmosphere is comprised of water vapour due to evapouration. less that 10% is carbon dioxide of which 90% of that is due to resperation of vegitation and um, cows farting.

these teachers generally have high schoool science under their belts and so are actually ignoring these facts conveniently to deliver a biased political message to my children.

and i pay their salaries.

so when my eight year old asks me why we don`t go to see algore`s movie i tell him the truth.

inconvenient or otherwise.

here`s a question.

what happens when a planet emerges from an "ice age"?

the answer is obviously that the planet gets warmer.


interesting question and one that enviro-weenies would do well to adress before they completely hobble our industry in their gleeful want to "save the world".

the answer is that over the course of millions of years our planet has been exposed to shifts in solar emmisions, shifts in the magnetic polarity of the globe and other geo-physical effects that have directly effected the surface temperature of earth, which is what we are all concerned about.

the geological record shows that we have gone through many "ice age" temperature shifts, with drastic changes in the face of the planet as a result.

where i live we are a few miles from the edge of the pre-cambrian shield, commonly known here as the iroquois shore. it is a cliff edge that runs across ontario providing scenery, wildlife preserves and challenging hillclimbing and cycling.

what most fail to realise is that it also used to be the edge of the old shore of the sea..........

why do we fail to realise this?

because the old sea level was 800 feet higher 50,000 years ago.

and there were few manufacturing plants and suvs then.


what environmentalists are actually about.

where is the actual link?

nowhere in the entire article is there a single case of actual discrimination so that a direct link could be established.

the only mechanism that was discussed was women`s perception of whether they were being discriminated against or not.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

another observation.

this time from someone else.

a woman who manages a large book store in our city.

we got onto the subject of shrinkage (theft.) and the types of things that people steal and how they do it.

she pointed out that by far the most popular type of book that people steal were the religious books and of the types of religious book stolen the buddhist titles were the ones that disappeared most.

any ideas why?

an observation.

i have noticed that if i post an issue that polarises a viewpoint significntly enough the comments fly.

if i`m nice or merely pedantic in my observations then things are quiet.


what does one do if one has a will to dialog?

brace yourselves.

with thanks to fleming.

the impeachment of jehovah........for your reading enjoyment......or jihad if you wish.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

the arguement fails.

the arguement against those who say that islam supports violence fails in the light reports of government commissions behaving like this.

some kittens.

a video of some kittens.

for those of you who want to try my thesis.

bill, someone must have broadband somewhere for you to watch....................

and so........

......back to regularly scheduled programming.

after all the bullshit about politics and race and love and hate for others.......what can we do about this thing called life.......right now, with what we have?

we can choose to have good feelings for no reason.

so often i see people digging themselves further into their discomfort by continuing to churn up the same feelings that got them feeling the way they do.

and they don`t realise that they could have chosen a better feeling or two along the way.

so how does one do that?

well, the other day i was going to the gym and as i walked into the mall where the gym is i passed the pet store window and saw something remarkable.

people standing in front of the store window smiling.

and people inside the store smiling.

people looking at and playing with and holding animals.

and i realised that without even thinking i was smiling too.

so i continued.

i stood in front of the pet store window with a small group of strangers for a few minutes and watched kittens doing what they do.

and i smiled.

and in all that time i never once thought about killing anyone or global warming or how many clients i need to see to pay the rent or how much my lawyer is costing or whatever.

i just smiled.

so it`s a choice.

and that makes me smile too.