Friday, March 31, 2006

consensus reality.

o.k., so everyone agrees that a certain thing is real. i will use the example of comets being ice balls filled with dirt as an example. everyone, from little kids to grandmas, says this is true. does the fact that everyone agrees that a thing is a certain way make it so?
well, that`s how we come to know our reality. by the amount of people who agree the things are the way they are. truths or facts are supported by the volume of people who say comets are dirty snowballs flying through space.
before science, we had religious truth, before religions we had mystical truth. now we have all of those things operating together, along with legal thruth, political truth, journalistic truth, athletic truth , siritual truth, superstitious truth, etc. the list goes on.
which truth do you subscribe to?
the arguements and disagreements that we get caught in tend to be that we aren`t defining which truth we are using and against which truth we are debating. to clarify that position would dissipate a fair majority of arguements toward sharing facts.
it has become clear recently that the work of certain astrophysicists has shown that comets aren`t dirty snowballs at all. they are plasma bodies. condensed pre-planetary matter, and that they are electromagnetic in nature, as is the rest of the universe. this flys in the face of the traditional newtonian gravitational (which we have no definition of.) model which has to make comets snowballs, otherwise the math doesn`t work.
who is right?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

what is this guy thinking?

more from the master of joy................................

pattern interrupt.

so you have a`s a terrible thought. one you have had before and when you did it made you feel terrible for hours. now you are having it again. it is a feeling like no other. it overwhelms you and controls you and the feeling then becomes you. you become that feeling.
in the past the feeling persisted and had it`s way with you, but do you remember the moment it went away?
the moment it went away was the precise moment that another thought took it`s place and began to have it`s way with you.....and so on.
a pattern interrupt is preciely interruption of the pattern of feeling that you are having that you recognise as your conscious mood. this works exactly the same way for a good feeling as for a bad one. you are having a nice daydream about something pleasant and suddenly, bang! you nearly run over a cyclist in your can`t quite get back to that same pleasant mood now though. this works with the shit feelings too.
it just takes a bit of practice.
realise you are having a memory that triggers a bad mood, or realise that you are in one. now as you recognise the feelings in yourself and track back to the essense of where it all started and touch on the main points, hit them with a your mind, or literally get a hammer out and bang on a piece of wood or a nail and drive the negative thoughts down flat and yell "shut the fuck up" to yourself until it seems amusing..............
when you begin to smile or laugh is when the pattern is successfully interrupted and a new neurochemical pathway is established in your have made a new drug to trip on.
when you realise that you are in control of the drug factory and you can make any drug you want to do any task you want, then the only question is, what next?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

god help us all.
the data isn`t in yet? here`s a flash...........that data never went out. everyone but a school teacher, a child psychologist and a government diet consultant or a doctor knows that the more you force kids to sit for extended periods of time and bore the shit out of them the more likely they are to to go home and sit and watch t.v. and thier fat parents that went to the same school 25 years before them.

Monday, March 27, 2006

rick nielson................

unless you`ve seen this guy play, you have no idea how brilliant he is. i saw him play 20 years ago with a series of crazy guitars. he is a celebration of life it`s self. we are all better for having rick nielson in the world.



enjoy. be grateful. love yourself unconditionally. be hugged by an entire univers.........................
in the interest of providing the opportunity to see your favorite team play from around the world here`s a new site with information to help you see the games you want to see. at no charge.....of course.

we are a bit of something else..............

when i treat clients i work to finding the nature of thier environment because to treat them as an individual will work temporarily........until they get in thier car and return home or to work. i need to know what they are a part of so that i can understand the environmental pressures and supports they live with.
we are all individuals with our own problems, but if you are dealing with an issue everyone else you come into contact with is too. this goes as big as the whole of the planet. we are all part of this global community. as we all heal so does everyone else.
a rising tide raises all ships.
the traditional psychological/medical models treat the symptoms of the individual. the shaman realised that an illness is the product of the whole environment. the village,the town, the city and the culture it`s self is part of the cause of each of our wellness and needs to be adressed.
the more bits created means the more repitition of the same work for each of the bits created by the fragmenting process. or we can treat the whole system from the top down.
the teacher teaches the child.......but the parents need to be involved, and the brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and grandparents. otherwise we are creating lost souls to wander lost forever.
integration is the key.

bits and pieces.

when we approach a problem we tend to want to look at the problem in bits. it makes things easier to deal with the smaller pieces as opposed to one big thing. at least that`s how we have become used to looking at problems.
what happens when things are broken into smaller and smaller pieces is that we end up with a problem of re-integrating what we`ve pulled apart. we also end up with a nightmare of accounting dealing with each part, labelling, storing and remembering what the part did and where it goes when we are ready to put everything back together so that we can use the thing again.
and what if the thing we pull apart is ourself?
the problem with thinking that things are made of bits is that the premise is wrong. rationale says that things are made of bits and pieces, but really we are a connected thing, existing together as one consciousness. we feel better when we are together, we even say "get it togher" or "i`ve got to get it together", or "he`s really got his shit toghether". it`s all about being together. the more the better.
the problem with business as in living life is that when things are reduced to bits then inventoried and accounted, then the bureaucrats want to write procedures and laws and liability policy and compliance protocols and if you don`t comply then you aren`t open for business. we want to be integrated but there are systems in place to make sure that is difficult. we can`t just play soccer, we have to comply with liability, registration, league regulations, documentation etc. to the point where the bureaucrat`s agents (the ref.) can stop the game for any reason he feels fit to. we can`t try to heal people without board certifications, insurance and credibility from other professions in the field.
we can`t deal with the experience of life and health in a whole way anymore. we have to treat symptoms not causes. that`s where looking at small bits of things has got us.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

unconditional love.

to clarify what is meant by unconditional love it is useful to explore the meaning of the opposite. conditional love is a situation whereby some action has to be performed before the love is provided, or there that is an ongoing expectation of some action or state to exist or be provided for the love to exist or be provided. this is the description of what most people experience in relationships, with others or with themselves. it may come as a surprise to realise that this is true until you begin to look for situations where unconditional love exists.
where do you find unconditional love?
one would expect to find this state in newlyweds or between mothers and thier children or between old friends, but one finds that even these relationships evolve around the performance of accomplishments, standards and compliance. these are the types of conditions that are familiar to most in contract law and not in loving why do they occur?
because we live in a reality created by and for the bureaucrat that has infected the very essense of our language and culture. it has fragmented the consciousness of society and divided our spiritual developement, setting us against ourselves and eachother.
it is the bureaucratisation of our psyches.
we are conditioned to polarise our very core nature into believing that we are playing catchup with everyone else for the prize of being the we can win the prize of being loved.
babies have to grow up to be lawyers and doctors to make thier mothers be proud.
a husband has to get raises at work to be a good man.
a friend has to agree with your rambling..................
realising that this is all a game is the first step to re-integrating the self back to wholeness. to unconditional love. only then can we get off everyone else`s case about who did what to who and why it matters.
resist the urge.
stop making contracts with your emotions.
stop withholding love until such time as something happens to make things better. they are as good as they are ever going to get right now.
isn`t that good enough?

everything you know is wrong.

i like the title of this book. it is a challenge that goes directly to the ego. i like the content of this book. it goes ahead and proves that everything you know is wrong about things like darwinian evolution and how we exist biologically. it raises questions that science tiptoes around hoping that we won`t wake up and point to the obvious.
enjoy the read.


these is a lot of nonsense written and spoken about karma. most of the nonsense is designed to manipulate. hopefully this article will clarify the view that some have about karma and it`s attendant guilt.
life is to be lived in joy. those who are selling less than that are to be suspected of wanting something less.

terence mckenna.

there are those who leave the world a better place for being here. terence is one of those souls. his irreverent inquiry into human consciousness goes where few but for the shaman and the crazyman dare to go. he is the embodyment of a reporter from the edge. human consciousness needs to be explored in an irreverent fashion. too many have restrained thier explorations and returned empty-handed.
again, it is the great strength of the internet that allows us to access the work of the minds of the new explorers into consciousness and hopefully begin to repair the damage done by the freudians and the pharmaceutical industry. oh yeah, and the catholic church.
"we are the priests of the temple of syrinx."

Saturday, March 25, 2006

a guide to football (soccer.)

football is a sport. it is distinct from other forms of activity held out as sport which, whilst engaged in by athletes, entail enourmous amounts of time standing around or waiting for votes to so see who won.
here are a few activities which fall into that category;
figure skating.
synchronised swimming.
here are a few activities that are held out as sports and aren`t even played by athletes.
as much as i personally dislike basketball, i have the greatest admiration for the athleticism of these exceptionally large people.
now that we`ve clarified some distinctions about football, lets have a closer look at the activity it`s self.

purpose; to enrage the supporters of the other team by drawing them into a barrage of insults in the form of songs, chants and repeated epithets, and to encourage the players on your team to score more goals than the opposition.
tactics; to make as many disparaging comments about the opposing team, thier manager, thier tactics and rumours about transfers of thier striker to barcelona in the off-season as possible in the papers the day of the match. to confuse the referee so much in the early going by diving, argueing each whistle and posing for pictures during throw-ins. dying your hair red to match your shirt.
strategy; put a weaker team out in the league cup to rest your stars for the euro clash next tuesday. make up more shit to say to the papers after the game.
clarifications. the lads hugging after a goal are not necessarily homosexual. they are happy to score a goal. could be poofs though.......there have been questions.
the player rolling on the ground is not dying. he`s waiting until the ref pulls out a yellow card.
offside is defined as anything the ref bloody well says it is.
the reason why that new striker is standing around is that he cost a great deal of money and doesn`t want to get knackered in any sense of the word.
a referee isn`t a bureaucrat. he`s thier agent in the field.
a linesman is a wanker. is that clear enough?
sport and politics don`t mix. unless you`re arsene wenger.
ten men are hard to beat. unless you have nine.
robbie fowler is not god.........there is no such thing. he`s probably a space alien.
my top ten favorite footballers of all time.
michael owen.
robbie fowler.
steven gerrard.
johann cruyff.
vinnie jones.
vinnie jones.
peter osgoode.
kevin keegan.
bobbie charlton. (tears of joy.........)
world cup predictions.
england win against germany in the final 3-1. diego maradona has a heart attack. beckenbauer is still smiling `cause he knows..............come on england, come on england, COME ON ENGLAND!
question; why do some national team shirts have stars above the crest?
answer; brazil, 5 world cups, england 1 world cup, italy 3 dictators.

a quiet celebration......

the elm road faithful will singing on the streets of reading tonight.

a statement of opinion.

what i am about to write is a statement of opinion, but an opinion based on personal experience, and research amongst the writings of religions, mystics and scientists.
the body of written work lays out a clear process whereby not only do we humans contain knowledge as a natural process of our existance but that we also recieve information from external sources outside the normal five senses of accuity.
the last few posts here have shown the representation of a metaphysical agent of information transmitted to humans.
the staus quo has reacted to this process with everything from denial to homicadal rage. if this process is discussed, discovered or displayed, a person runs the risk of everything from ridicule to death. (and by death i mean a death of the body, soul or career.)
now why is this so?
we have seen people tortured, killed, humiliated, shunned from professional associations, fired from thier jobs and otherwise laughed off the stage, all for reporting a fairly common occurance in human consciousness.
this process has been called everything from possession to transmigration to becoming a walk-in to shizophrenia to delusion to religious extacy to illumination to enlightenment.
i think this happens to more people than would dare speak about it.
at an early age children are told not to fantisize, or believe in invisible friends or memories of past lives or magic or anything but rational thought. (and sitting still and behaving......but that`s another story.) the fact remains that we all have these snippets of memories of unusual experiences that fly in the face of modern rational existance.
i think that we recieve downloaded information from other realms of existance and that our five senses "rationalise" the experience as visitation from angels, flying disks, aliens or demons or the devil himself, depending on your world view.
as to why this is such a verboten process is beyond me but history is full of dead messengers.......
i believe with the internet and forums such as blogs, that we can begin to voice these concepts and share in getting a better perspective on what is happening in our consciousness. i will continue to speak about my experiences and encourage others to share thiers which i`m confident you all have.
then maybe science and religion will have to catch up................and start making sense instead of just censoring and ridiculing.

a man with a message.

i find that as i write i am able to draw on knowledge that surprises me at times. i certainly don`t feel the need to create a character to write as i do, but i can see where some enlightened types might feel the need to embelish thier credentials to add veracity to thier work.
the message of t. lobsang rampa still remains as valid though tibetan historians might disagree. they are historians though, not mystics.

Friday, March 24, 2006

some shit about religion.

learning to think.

there is a statement in latin that goes; gogito ergo sum. i think, therefore i am. it is a valid statement, but it`s not necessarily true.
thinking in the inate sense is what we always do. it is a passive observation of the external and limited discourse internally. it is not until one realises that there are different ways of thinking that the idea of thinking becomes a study and a craft and a science and an architecture of philosophies.
once one begins to immerse one`s self into the craft of though and dedicates one`s self to honing skills, a whole universe opens up. a universe of ways of looking at the world.......daring to question, daring to wander off the beaten path of accepting ideas that just don`t make sense and learning to pick the lock on the door of the prison that is culture.
the "i am" that i am becoming is an "i am" that changes with each new way of expressing thought. this is true of anyone who is able to resist the ego attachment to ways of thinking that we tend to believe is "i am".
no prison can trap the mind that can be flexible enough to be like a gust of wind.
no though that traps the spirit or body is useful. thinking like that has to be released. the thoughts we claim as ours, that we claim to be us, is that prison.
challenge the ego filled scientist on his beliefs and he will fight his position to the death as if his thoughts are him, his very body. challenge any person who`s ego is formed around thoughts as facts and you will have a fight of varying degrees on your hands.
are you that scientist, so bent on proving his thesis in the world that you will bend the will of others to your point of view?

love of thinking.

philosophy. that`s what it of thinking. it is what our handlers demand that we do. think, damn it! so i did.............and i discovered that i love to think. i stand and look at the world and things that most people take for granted and i see conections and networks and patterns that, to me, are right there and so obvious as to be blatant.
like the odd arrangement that we are all living on a rock ball spinning in a vacuum held in a gravity dance around a giant spherical fire.
to me that seems odd. to most it`s just the way it is, but i say, wow, look at where we are and look at all the empty nothing and absolute cold around in space, yet we are warm and safe with all that we need growing on trees and walking around to eat. everything is precisely arranged for us to live, when 100 miles straight up is certain death in space.
and cats and dogs love us and want to be close and share our space.......and horses too. and rats and other species of animal that recognise our divine nature.
when you start to realise that all that we take for granted is a miracle and that all we have to do is focus on it for a moment to be thrilled to the bone for the rest of our lives, you start to understand that thinking is fun and interesting and it is a window on the miraculous.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

my favorite.

~ "The Baptism of Christ" ~ Fitzwilliam Musuem, Cambridge, England Painted in 1710 by Flemish artist Aert De Gelder depicts a classic, hovering, silvery, saucer shaped UFO shining beams of light down on John the Baptist and Jesus.
What could have inspired the artist to combine these two subjects?

just in case you thought for a moment that i was stretching too far about the coin, here are some images collected on a website for your viewing pleasure. what science says is happening vs. the historical view, from an artistic perspective.

the flipside.

what is this object coming down from the clouds? an unusual depction in any sense, but to go to the extent of putting the image onto a coin? this certainly isn`t the next generation of stealth technology.......

17th century coin.

this 17th century jeton was used in france to teach people how to count coins. i love the rain watering the tree on the coin. the inscription translated means; it arrives at an opportune time. beautiful.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

if you love soccer.........................
this is a peer-to-peer software product that allows people to watch live soccer anywhere in the world for free. now, i`m not into theft. i have a cable subscription for international soccer and i pay $600 cdn. for it per year. the problem is our government body, the crtc, decides which games are going to be shown and even then they pre-empt them for canadian content when they feel like it. so, i have no moral or ethical problem with utilising pplive to watch the games that i already paid to see.
tell your friends. the more people use the network the more stable it becomes. that`s how p2p operates. each node or viewing computer that comes online stores part of the data and passes it to the next person coming onto the network. the more people sharing means that there is less buffer time for the signal.
happy viewing. :-)


there is a tenet in nlp which states that the value of communication is in the response that comes back. the reason why we communicate is to be understood. we start out with good intentions, yet people take us wrong and make up thier own mind about what we mean when we say the things we do.
why does this happen?
because people aren`t able to discern the difference between what is actually said and what they think is being said. people hear the words we are using and then they go inside and add thier own meaning to what we said and then draw a conclusion, not purely on what was said, but on what they thought we said.
we can`t help that process occuring in others, but we can begin to see ourselves shading the words we hear with meanings that we are adding to the message.
stop it the moment you catch yourself.
you see it happening to others as you talk to them. you know when people are begining to misunderstand you........thier nose turns up and thier body language shifts, you can see the precise moment that they are going to draw the wrong conclusion about what you are saying....and you say "but don`t get me wrong......"
we have to sensitise ourselves to our own internal witness. the bit that says in our mind that says..........."oh, he must mean this or that"
and that`s where we begin to get it wrong.
be patient with yourself and ask questions if you are unsure. people aren`t trying to be confusing, though confusion does happen. it`s up to you to get clarification until you both understand what`s being said.
then you can go on to the next thing.

Monday, March 20, 2006

robert anton wilson.....

the words of a human. if i may offer them now as a gift..........i`m sure he would be pleased.

different types of truth. (realities.)

there are thousands of different types of realities. there are as many realities as there are opinions. here is a short list of some of the most pervasive realities that we are asked to negotiate through and with and against in our day.
1. the plausable arguement.
2. mathmatical arguement. arguement.
4. scientific arguement.
how many of these realities are you qualified to discuss?
how many are you affected by each day?
would you be surprised to learn that you are forced to live within them all, all of the time?
it means that unless you are versant with each of these disciplines you are at the mercy of those who are.
these people are lawyers, scientists (including doctors.), judges, teachers, bosses, wives, priests, popes, might think that house pets are outside of this list, and you are right but for the fact that we work for them too.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

do it yourself pope kit.....

make yourself a pope. send this to your friends...........better yet, send it to your enemies.


what conversation goes on in your head?
what was the last thing that you said to yourself that made you do something?
really think now, what were the words you used, what tone of voice did you use, were you nice about it or were you demanding?

when you think for a minute about what goes on in your head while you are travelling around you are quite surprised to find that you go through a rainbow of emotions while talking to yourself. your mood varies based on how you manage to accomplish the things you need to do in your day.
what kind of mood are you in while you are telling yourself what to do?
be honest about this..............becase it`s about as important as it gets.
would you talk to other people this way?
how would you like to be talked to if you had a choice?
imagine talking to yourself like that right now. be careful to notice the tone, volume and rhythm of the voice that is encouraging you to do things the way you want to be spoken to.
once you have a model for this ideal voice in your head, then practice seeing how you respond to varying the volume, tone and speed of the voice. do you notice differences in how you feel as a response?
notice the difference between how you would like to be spoken to and how you have found yourself talking in the past.
the voice in your head makes your feet go. where your feet go, your consciousness follows.
change the driver, change the road...............
change your world.
p.s......... if you have a favorite actor or person you know you can use thier voice in your head as a model. this favorite voice can be the guide to your next great accomplishment. or meditation.


we are either programming ourselves or we are taking programming from some other agency. other such agencies are teachers, parents, friends, government or commercial interests.
the study and practice of meditation and creative visualisation are two methods for self-programming that i recommend. any behaviour that allows you space to think and plan for yourself can be considered self-programming. yoga, painting, music, sculpture, rock climbing, hiking......creative and physical endevours that need a concentrated depth of thought over time will allow some mind work to occur.
sitting in front of the t.v. or shopping or reading the newspaper or doing taxes or argueing about politics or religion will engrain pre-existing programming further. avoid these things like the plague. they are mind destroyers designed to condition people to obedience.
programming is evident in the type of behaviours we become addicted to. like gambling, politics and religion become compulsions. we will ruin discussions by becoming unreasonable over points that are opinion. what good is that?
quiet meditation allows us the grounding confidence to not focus on such nonsense that binds the spirit to pointless enterprises that take up time effort and money that could be put to better use in our lives.
like a walk in the park or a visit with a friend or listening to the wind in the trees.............

Saturday, March 18, 2006

it`s not a question of whether you are afraid. it`s a matter of how afraid you are. it`s o.k. folks, just go back to your cubicle...........a little bit of hysteria isn`t going to kill you.

and then there`s.......

the yes, it`s true but we can`t do much about it view.

global warming?

in the interest of balance in reporting.,take a look at what the enviro-types don`t want to talk about. the globe is a big place and i haven`t been to most of the places that are mentioned by people pro and con global warming/cooling, but, i read a variety of points of view and work to maintain a perspective based on rationale.
for too long it`s been politically correct to think in terms of global warming and greenhouse gasses produced by reckless humans that have resulted in the permenant poisoning of our environment, unless we raise taxes and ban technology. i prefer to think that the planet is part of a galactic eco-system that is so massive and ancient that we can have little insight into predicting cycles of heat/cold on the surface of the planet. there are those dimwits who will then say "but we must do something". really, why? acting without information is just wrong. it is emotional, irrational and interfering in economies and environments for nothing but political adgendas.
science has been usurped by an ideology of environmentalism. it is a neurosis that has cost billions of dollars in research and limits put on the economy, based on poor and/or agenda based reasoning. how can we get back to a reasoned middle ground and look at objective facts?
we can`t. unfortunately it`s human nature to take extreme positions. it seems to be entertaining for some people and obviously profitable for others.
what sells newspapers most?
bad industry and corporations vs. the good environment=newspaper selling headlines.

Friday, March 17, 2006

the blue picture.

my blue picture......and a little cat.

mind your own business.

there is one thing that we can all do easily and if everyone did it for a day, just as an experiment, the world would be a better place........immediately.
mind our own business.
just focus on what is going on inside our own heads. the sights and sounds of our own minds are a universe that most people never begin to explore for the simple reason that they are too busy looking at what someone else is up to.
why is that?
well........from the time we are very small we are told to be aware that there are other people in the world and that we have to do things so that these people will be happy. parents, teachers, nieghbours, friends, associates, etc. all of these people are to be considered as we plan our time in a day. this pressure to observe the actions and attitudes of others conditons us to trade energy with everyone in a dynamic of negotiation for "o.k. ness".
we are made to feel that we need to check to see if everyone is o.k. all the time.
now, this would be a reasonable situation if the playing field was level and we could trade "o.k." for "o.k" and get equal value each time we did a deal.
but the reality is that people cheat, lie and steal. anything and everything they can. the bits of "o.k." that we are trading are no different than any other commodity we have to trade with other people. so.........sometimes we get ripped off for our "o.k." .
you know how that feels. betrayal. hurt. pain.........
why does this happen again?
because we are made to feel responsible for the feelings of others.
we are given a conscience.
we get guilt as a result.
this leads to crimes.
if we can just mind our own business for a while then we can focus on our own shit with the knowledge that everyone else is doing the same thing........and we can relax and smile at people and not worry about our actions being misunderstood or manipulated or rejected.
no more mental illness.
no more power struggles.
99% less government.
no cops. (who would do the job anymore?)
no more guns.......nothing to force on people.
it reminds me of an experiment that a man called timothy leary did with prisoners in the early sixties. he gave them lsd, a powerful hallucinegenic drug, in a controlled environment where the prisoners would be supervised during the process.
95% of the prisoners who went through the process were able to face thier deepest fears and memories in a few short hours and realised that these issues had put them in an institution. these prisoners, when released from jail, never returned. they were able to deal with thier own issues instead of making the issues someone elses responsibility.
that is the essence of taking responsibility for what goes on in our heads. we are the only one who can, ultimately, do the work.
none of the other six and a half billion people here on the planet can.
we each have to do our bit and when we do, we get off everyone else`s case just that little bit and the pressure eases.
we now return you to regular programming...............

more lies.

we lie to ourselves all the time. we go inside and tell ourselves the most outrageous bullshit and then react as if it were true. we say the most hurtful and damaging things and then feel horrid for hours.....why?
it`s not important to know why. the first lesson here is to understand and accept that we do these things to ourselves. accept with unconditional love for our self. then let it go, realising that we have flexibility and control over this process.
once we have accepted that we lie to ourselves and then feel badly as a result, then we can realise that if the process works so completely and effectively to make us feel terrible, sick, depressed and despondant, then it must work equally effectively to be able to make healthy, joyfull and so full of divine light that it begins to infect and affect others too.
you can`t have it both ways.
it either works for good and for bad feelings, or it doesn`t work at all.
remember what i said about 95% work?
realise now that most of us have worked very hard all our lives to talk ourselves into a bad mood.......
it`s time for a change.
whenever you`re sick and tired of being sick and tired.


this is another lie. an image formed in my mind based on images that i percieved that i wanted to become integrated into my consciousness. the original image moved me so much that i wanted to reproduce it. the sketch is just the begining of this process. now i am focusing on the colour aspect so that i can get it right in my mind before i proceed to the canvas.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

enlightenment, my favorite.

there are many different ways of thinking of enlightenment. in the occult traditions enlightenment refers to a nameless infinite state of expansion into everything at once. being at one with all. some refer to the one thing as the universe or the void. in the west we view enlightenment as knowledge, insight and named and controled things and processes.
i prefer the former description because it feels good.
the western view considers this to be a cop out. doing things just because they feel good doesn`t make sense.
who says it has to make sense?
science is the age of reason.......but are we happy in our reason?
there are those obsessed with naming things and processes and measuring and probing and experimenting. all in the search for enlightenment.
i prefer to sit back and expand out into the far reaches of the universe and laugh.
don`t get me wrong. science and technology are great. the device i`m typing on is a miracle. but it is nothing compared to the smile of another or the playing of a kitten in a sunbeam or sudden want to jump and run..........and laugh.
at one with the universe.
once you go all the way out as far as it is possible to go........and you turn and look back, the fussing and measuring and arguing seem so sensless and silly.


ego. we all have one. there are those who claim to have attained an egoless state. this is a lie. if a person manages to convince the ego to stop exerting control over the consciousness then that person would run the risk of dying. ego is the survival mechanism of our existance. ego tends to be a reluctant team player, and in certain instances becomes a pain in the ass. having said that, the problems of ego tend to be when the ego is allowed, for whatever reason, to have sole control over the system. in a system where ego is supported by unconditional love for the self, then great things are possible. the ego that grows in abusive situations tends to be the most "egotistical", demanding attention, control and power.
ego, when loved, is responsible for everything creative and nurturing that humanity has built. so why spend time shutting it off?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

how to create a new state of mind................

our minds operate in this way. we see pictures in our mind that are snapshots and little movies. the soundtrack we hear is made up of voices and sounds that go with the images. when we watch these images and hear the sounds it makes us feel different things. apart from the odd smell and taste sensation that accompanies these images and sounds, that`s our entire universe right there.
would you say that it`s important to understand the mechanics of this process, given that it is how our world is shaped?
o.k. now, choose an image that you know will make you feel a certain way. it doesn`t matter what emotion you choose to move toward for this practice but realise as you do it that the feelings will get stronger.
when you have got the image or memory of an experience in your mind then find yourself focussing on what you see, hear and feel as a result of looking.
hear the sounds in the image getting louder. how does that make you feel? does the feeling diminish if the sound becomes quieter?
see the colours of the image or memory getting brighter, more vivid and rich. make the image brighter, as if a floodlight has been switched on, bathing the scene in bright light......or conversely make the image dimmer and darker and soften the colours, blurring them together. now, recognise how these changes make you feel different things as a result.
do textures at your finger tips and against your skin make you feel differently too?
i want you to realise something in all of this. it is you that is doing this. by manipulating the image environment in your head you feel differently. precisely in response to you choosing to mix up the stuff in your head.
the more you choose the way you want to feel by using this method as an artist on a canvas or a sculptor with clay, the more you will be incontrol of your moods. whenever you need to most.
when you get good at this you can do the work in an instant to amplify whatever mood you need.
or whichever one is most important for you to have in your consciousness. right now.

inanimate objects.

do inanimate objects have a soul?
probably not. at least, not in the way that we understand a soul to be. but there are objects that evoke such feelings into my nervous system as to suggest some higher order of existance than mere matter.
this car for instance. should hear what it sounds like. pure animal.


the holy sacrement of the cult of dr. alistair.

in and of nature.

there are those who act as if we are seperate from nature. i would like to ask these people who the hell they think we are if we are not precisely and exactly a natural thing.
these people say that we are destroying the planet.
these people say that we are the enemy of species of birds, plants, trees and rivers and lakes and oceans.
they say we are the enemy of nature and of the planet it`s self.
i say that we are of nature. we are natural. what we do is natural and the products of our actions is natural too.
there is more to this disconnectedness.
it is about what we are here for.
why are we here?
there are those who say we are here to help others.
o.k., then what are all the other people here for then?
nobody has ever knocked on my door with an exta few dollars for a mortgage payment or groceries or clothes for my kids........and i don`t expect it to happen.
we aren`t here for any purpose that i have discovered in my 45 years other than to experience and enjoy.
we aren`t human doings are we?
we are human beings. we just have to be. that is the ticket to heaven.
we don`t have to do anything more. not for ourselves, for our niegbours or for the environment or for world peace. unless we want to.
so the joy we know we can experience has no conditions for it to begin. our friends and lovers and children don`t have to earn our love.......we just love them, unconditionally.
and, most importantly, we love ourselves unconditionally too. just for being born.
nice, eh?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

when we look at optical illusions such as the one in the previous post, we see that things aren`t as they seem. why does a pattern begin to move when we look at it? who`s to say that it doesn`t move of it`s own accord?
who`s to say that it`s moving?
there are those rare people who don`t actually see movement when they look at the image. i imagine that they`re puzzled to hear that some people see the images moving.
so, how does the image actually move?
the surface of the retina, which is the inside surface of the back of the eye, is covered with nerve clusters called rods and cones. these nerves convert light into colours, shapes and movement that the brain then converts back into pictures of the world. i have oversimplified this process for descriptive purposes, but it is an accurate model nonetheless.
when the rods and cones become fatigued, as with the complex pattern in the optical illusion, then other rods and cones are recruited to maintain the image in the mind. these other rods and cones are located on slightly different areas of the retina, giving the illusion of movement to the brain.
this fatigue/re-recruitment process is true of all aspects of the human system, from brain cells to muscle cells. the eye is no different.
our body adapts to fatigue by adjustng it`s self to perpetuate operation.
it`s a good thing too. unless what it`s adapting to is an illusion. then it gets fooled.
so what`s real then?

optical illusion.

don`t stare at this for too long................

science vs. religion vs........?

this is a british documentary that hasn`t been aired in america for some reason. it is hosted by richard dawkins, a scientist and one of the world`s greatest proponents of darwinian evolution. he is typical of those who are so far into the woods that they can`t see the trees.
darwin doesn`t explain human existance well and doesn`t explain consciousness at all. he proves that those who try too hard go mad.

Monday, March 13, 2006

more ghosts, this time they are legal.

check this out for a clear description of the power of words...............

Sunday, March 12, 2006


ghosts can be frightening, but if we don`t know they`re around then they don`t frighten us. i`m going to describe a type of ghost to you now and from this point on you will see them but you won`t be afraid.
the type of ghost i`m going to describe is not one of wearing a beadsheet and dragging chains....the type of ghost i`m refering to here is one of language.
we use words all the time. we say things and we barely focus on what we are saying, how we say things or why we even say the things we do.
"it is raining."
we say this phrase casually in reaction to seeing the rain coming down from the sky. it`s a natural statement of fact. we have been saying this simple phrase as long as we`ve been able to speak.
but there`s a ghost in there.
can you see it?
i will ask you this question; what is raining?
think about it.
the statement we all make describes "it" as raining.
what is "it"
the rain?
"the sky?"
why do we say this thing this way?
frankly, i don`t know. i have wondered about this for years and all i can say is that it is a ghost.
i use this odd little observation as a way to illustrate the way that language gets utilised in ways that are illogical and are invisible to our conscious mind.
they do have unconscious ramifications though............i`m just unsure of what they are in this case.
i would love to know what "it" is.


recently i have been posting about semantics, or the meaning of words and how they create our reality. the reason why i have been doing this is because we live in a semantic reality. whatever our consciousness exists in is immaterial compared to the power of words that shape our reality. all of the practices of buddhism, yoga, shinto, etc are useless unless we are consciously aware of our words.
most people are unconscious of what goes on below thier nose. the noises that eminate from the hole that lies there are merely to give orders.
they don`t realise that the noises they make hit the ears of those around them.....and thier own ears too.
the noises we make are the song of our life.
our world.
our universe.
the noises we make go inside and paint pictures in our minds.
those pictures make us have feelings.
those feelings are the ground state of our world.
what you feel becomes your reality.
100% of the time.
so it goes to what drives the feelings.
when we begin to see some of the science behind words, we can then learn to master them and change our reality as a result.
don`t apologise. never apologise.
just dig in and learn to witness what comes out of the hole below your nose and learn to choose the words that will make your universe the way you want it to be.

how does this apply to life?

this is a test of our ability to reason......................................

is this statement true?

is this statement true?

Friday, March 10, 2006


so often in our live`s we want to find an easy way through the maze and so we get lazy in our thinking. a product of this laziness is the dealing in opinion of others.
it`s quicker and easier that finding out the facts.
fact checking is vital to the wellbeing of our consciousness.
everything else is gambling, which i will define here as a tax on the stupid.
what happens when we rely on opinion?
we run the risk of error.
this risk of error is unquantifiable but is a significantly large.
large enough to be unreliable.
but i trust my friends.
even when they are dealing in assumptions too?
our state of well being is so precious to us. don`t gamble with it.
assert your need for facts.
even if people get offended.
only act on the facts.
then your actions will be rooted in certainty.
it doesn`t mean you`ll win all every game though............
but you won`t get caught up in the intrigue, betrayal and manipulation that fall into the area of human dynamics called games.
and that is a significant step forward in our spiritual quest for enlightenment.
so i have now established a link between enlightenment and discipline.
95% work........

deductive reasoning.

as one can see from a brief look at the link above that deductive reasoning can be a complex issue and not as simple as one might surmise from the example regarding the picture of the cars.
the reason why i showed the test was to illustrate how our internal dialog can lead us to errors in how we observe our reality, and that little things can be amplified over time to cause problems in perception.
we have to give ourselves the permission to be human and to understand how we can be misled and assume and draw false conclusions, but over time and with an acceptance and love for ourself we can use examples like this to sharpen our discipline regarding observation.
the best mind i has discovered for sorting out the head is a guy called robert anton wilson. he is a student of general semantics, nlp and just about everything else that you can imagine. and extremely funny too.
one thing that i`ve noticed in my travels. the brighter minds tend to include humour in thier work.
here`s a short list of people who are serious and funny at the same time.

robert anton wilson.
richard bandler.
alan watts.
george carlin.
bill clinton. (though i disagree with his politics, there is a shine in his eyes.)
timothy leary.

this list is by no means complete. these are just a few people who have touched my life in profound ways and illuminated a path of insight, spirit and laughter.
i will always be grateful to them for that.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


i want you to tell me what you can conclude from this picture. the only additional information i`m going to provide is that the car on the right is owned by a doctor.
this image of birch trees always seems to capture,for me, the essense of calm and a certain knowledge that i am a part of nature. i can almost smell the mustiness of the wet leaves and soil and feel the cool damp air on my skin and hear the wind gently rustling the leaves above me.
very peaceful.
all that just from a picture.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

ufos are real.............................
ufos are real........


our minds are inundated with a constant flow of information designed to provide us with instant access to the newest consumer products available. there is no other reason why we have broadband internet and digital cable t.v.. if there were no commercials there would be no media. we couldn`t afford to pay the network costs. we are hammered with commercials for refridgerators, cars, soap and more cars. the t.v. shows themselves are brief breaks between consumer choice alerts.
we think that this increase in information is preparing us in some way. we think that we are smarter. we think that we are getting news when in fact we are getting more entertainment.
how can one make a distinction between news and entertainment?
my thought is that anything that directly effects me is news. the rest is entertainment.
if the tornado is heading for my house i want to know about it. if not, then what are my motives for continuing to watch minute-by-minute updates from some idiot in a rainsuit and an umbrella standing on a beach in a 70 mile-an-hour wind?
there are those who watch police chases on t.v. too............
i guess we have so much taken care of for us that we are desperate to have some conflict in our lives, even if it`s tragic.
so what`s my point?
my point is that spiritual practice includes a retreat from someone elses idea of becoming informed.
wherever we look for information we get manipulated into watching commercials or religious or political opinion. the endless debates are enough to try the patience of a saint.
there comes a point where the ideas that have been sitting below the surface are begining to emerge and you are searching for a common voice. people to agree with you. that is a natural thing. the intellect wants company. so you are back to consensus in the media........right?
well, actually, the quiet voice is deep inside of the consciousness that we are all part of. the consciousness that we have access to when we are still to the whisper of ancient knowledge and understanding.
there is truly nothing new under the sun.......except our confusion. when we detach from that confusion to accepting that the universe will take care of the answers and the details, we just have to make the firm and clear decisions in our life and have the confidence to keep walking the path.
now that`s news.

Monday, March 06, 2006

do you want to change the world?

well, i think every man of conscience wants to. every guilty soul on the planet thinks that it would be better if some of the bad things didn`t happen and if they could just wave a magic wand then the world would be a better place.
but then what?
there are those of us who wake up in the morning and read the paper and say that we are going to hell in a handbasket and there are those who wake up and do some breathing exercises and visualise the sun shining in thier heart and smile and find that this feeling propels them to the coffee shop and off to work with that smile still going.
which is real?
but don`t read the newspaper and expect to find a smile, o.k?
when it gets down to the real basis of all of this, when it gets to the truth in all of this, we are not in any position of power or control of anything but to choose to read the newspaper or to choose to smile.
these are the only choices.
we can go to work and plan and develop and be part of teams and love our kids and grow plants in the garden and go on holiday and win, lose or draw in a game or two, but the only chance you have to change the world is to control your thoughts.
as soon as you do that then everything else changes too.
everything is driven by what you choose to expose your consciousness to.
if you watch news reports about war and disease, your world will be filled with hostility and illness.if you focus on love and joy then that will be your reality.
you are doing it...............
it has to be you, there`s nobody else reading this.
you aren`t going to be able to stop wars or rid the world of famine. there`s no amount of money or human effort available to stop poverty or homelessness.
it`s only consience and guilt that gets us manipulated into believing that we can.
we can only come away distressed from these issues and we are powerless to have an effect.
if it was a matter of money and effort then the problems would have been dealt with a long time ago.
those who show you the images of famine and war are taking your soul.
take it back.
do what you can.
with your hands and your attitude.
if everyone minded thier own little patch out of unconditional love for themself there would be no issues.
you can change the world by loving yourself enough to know what you can do and do it.
every day.
and, who knows, maybe it will become the next cool thing to do.

the adversary.

in my spiritual paractice, the personal path that i follow, i choose to focus on what drives me in a positive way. the pictures, sounds and feelings that stimulate me to the next thing are chosen so that i will have a steady flow of inspiring energy to ride on throughout my day. there are times though where i have to focus on the negative aspects of human endevours.
the concept of the adversary is one such issue that necessitates the focus falls on negative issues.
spiritually humans have been attacked by predators for as long as we have been conscious.
there are those that suggest that our consciousness, our emotions and our wills are the things that create the world. those that control that creative energy control the power of manifestation it`s self.
i don`t disagree with this position.
the history of religion and politics and now science has been the history of controlling what we think.
if we believe that the speed of light is the boundary speed of particles in the universe then that`s the limit of our consciousness.
if we believe that the pope is infalable and that the bible is the undiluted word of god then that is the limit of our consciousness.
and so for politics.
so we are made responsible for the wellbeing of others. we are made guilty and responsible for voting. we are made to think that an all loving god would then make tornados and disease and famines and tiny little spiders.
so when we try to make sense of all this paradoxical nonsense we fall further into the trap of having to go to politicians, scientists and priests for the answers to all the odd things that keep going on around us that are plainly different to that which we are told to believe.
that is the trap.
the round and round feeling we get listening to all this noise.
we know it`s wrong with every fibre of our being yet how many people are strong enough to stand up and choose to reject the nonsense.
very few.
until you choose to begin to love yourself unconditionally.
when you make that commitment to yourself you can`t stand the politics, the religion and the science any more.
but you can love yourself......if you begin working on it.
and then the noise becomes intolerable.
you look away.
not out of hate or resentment or anger, but because you laugh outloud at how foolish it all is.
who cares about politics or religion or science when you know some personal truth?

a description of the universe.

imagine that you are sitting inside a ball that is about ten feet in diameter. the inside of this ball is coated in a perfect mirror substance that reflects images of yourself back to you everywhere you look.
that is the best description that i`ve ever heard of the universe.
everywhere we look we see ourselves.
do you like what you see?
begin to.
begin to love what you see.
because that`s how unconditional love operates.
unconditional means without conditions.
any change in that means that it cannot be unconditional.
when you make any other judgement of what you see that is other than love, you aren`t looking at your reflection in a loving way.
it`s hard.
nobody ever said it would be easy.
it means practicing until it starts to come with less effort.
we have been set at odds with ourselves for so long that it becomes a struggle against everything we believe in to take back our love for ourselves.
there is no support group for this stuff. it is a lonely path. until one day you wake up and it all makes sense and you laugh because you realise that it always had been that way.
you have been waiting for yourself to emerge and when you arrive it`s like meeting an old friend. you hug and smile and hug some more and say that you missed your friend so much and that you want to see them again soon.
the hugging goes deep into your soul and begins to heal and strengthen and clarify all the things that you have questioned in your life.
and then the feeling goes away as quickly as it came.
but it`s o.k. because your friend loves you unconditionally and will never betray that love or forget to write or forget your birthday or whatever.
because this is you.
loving yourself unconditionally.


we think of drugs as being substances that we take when we are ill, or as illicit substances that we take to change our perception of reality as a recreational activity. this is a narrow view of what drugs are.
my definition of what a drug is, is whatever effects our consciousness. when the definition of what a drug is is expanded in this way we start to see that anything and everything has the potential to be used, or abused, to change our perception of reality.
a shiny silver guitar can be consumed in such a way as to completely change the neural pathways of the brains of one or two or many thousands of people at a time.
so can thoughts themselves.
so can a picture of a day spent on the beach with friends.
so can meditation.
so can love.
so can seeing yourself filling with the warm glowing light of love until you burst and expand into the very outside reaches of the universe.
see yourself doing this each morning as you greet the day...........
for a week or two or however long you feel like feeling that good.
that love light shines out of your eyes and into the universe and back again.
when you decide.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

spiritual practice in everyday life.

spiritual practice is a tool that we apply to our consciousness so that we can live our lives. does your spiritual practice infect your day to day existance?
there are those who would be embarrassed to have thier spiritual beliefs and practices known publicly, yet it is thier spiritual practice emerging into thier life that makes the whole thing worthwhile.
the spirit is crying out to be here. it is our ability to be in this state as we do what we do that is the purpose of the practice of consciousness awareness in the first place.
to keep it in a box is trapping the self.
how do we make our spiritual paractice part of our daily life?
well, we may already be doing just that. it may presumptuous of me to suggest that we hide our light under a blanket...........but the fact remains that we are all too ready to dial down the smiles at times, for fear of offending the serious livers of life.
there is an old joke where a man goes to heaven and he`s being shown around heaven by st.peter. st.peter shows him all the great stuff that they have and when all the good stuff happens. then they walk past a great wall that stretches of forever in both directions and st.peter says, " o.k. you have to keep quiet within twenty feet of this wall at all times, because the catholics live on the other side and they think they`re the only ones here."
there are too many serious livers of life blocking the flow of happiness, doing only the "right things" and making judgements constantly and depriving themselves of thier own spirit with every step.
let what you learn out from under the blanket in your waking life, in the warm sunlight, and to hell with what others doesn`t matter what they think. it doesn`t even matter what you think.
all of the thinking is immaterial.
look at all the thinking going on.
is anyone getting anywhere?
and don`t mind the grumpy cat, he doesn`t like getting his picture taken.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


in an ongoing effort to bring you differing perspectives on this thing we call being alive, here is a discourse on stupidity. i find it a useful tool to look at diverse human behaviours, from politics to sport to romance to gives some surprising insights at times.

Friday, March 03, 2006

recommend this blog............................

on monday i will be announcing the winner of the best response contest and so get your typing finger(s) warmed up and point out something that i haven`t spotted or some logical inconsistancy or tell me a joke........or something.
and if you`re enjoying the things that are explored here, recommend this blog to your friends.
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your efforts are appreciated.


our bodies heal themselves. this is a message that the medical profession doesn`t want known. they do thier best to dissuade us from our ability to cure cuts, bruises, sprains, flu, colds, headaches, etc on our own. our body knows precisely it`s shape, size and vitality, down to the cellular level. there has to be a great deal of action on our parts to interfere in this process, but unfortunately we are begining to get the hang of it.
how do cuts and scrapes and burns know how to return to the original shape?
well there are some who think that there is an energy body that contains our shape on a higher level that contains the program of our perfect form and that when we are injured or infected, the system uses this frame of reference to work back toward to health.
i can`t argue with that.
how do we access this energy state to help the process of healing?
by visualising the process in action.
see the injury or disease as a target in the body being reenergised with healing energy that goes to the areas and returns them to perfect health.
we have the ability to see, hear and feel this process happening deep in side our bodies as we do this visualisation.
do this practice daily and then, at the end of each session, allow the universe to do the rest.
the illnesses that we have are in many ways metaphors for things going on in our lives. external states tend to match internal states. if we are attaching too much energy to negative things going on in our lives then they can form in our bodies as illness.
if one has to deal with bad blood between family members for instance, or if you are made to feel inadequate somehow then you may have symptoms that mirror those negative energies externally in your body.
those are only two examples of many situations that we face and try to avoid in our lives.
i knew a man who was constantly having throat problems. colds, flu, strep throat and severely strained vocal chords. when he finally told his wife he needed changes in thier relationship the problems went away.
the negative energy of him not saying what he needed to say caused him illness in this throat. once the energy began to flow again the physical symptoms went too.
when we make the decisions needed the energy will begin to flow properly and healing starts.
we need to give our bodies the chance to do what they already know how to do.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

march 2nd.

well, there come`s a time in a man`s life when he just says fuck it and all of a sudden his heart opens up and the universe changes.....................ever have days like that?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

march 1st.......................

march 1st is a day i look forward to. not so much because of what could happen today but because of what it represents.
it means that the cold of winter is coming to an end and that the grass will begin to grow again and the leaves will emerge from thier buds as the air begins to warm.
we are a month or so away from that and it will probably snow here well before then.
but march 1st means that we are only four more weeks away from that.
it gives me hope. a little lift to my step. something to smile about as i look at my soccer boots in the closet waiting for the feel of the grass and dirt and warmth.
there are days and nights here in the dead of winter when you feel as if nothing can ever be warm again, so you steel yourself for the shock and the bite of the cold. it builds a determination inside though. a resolution that i would not relinquish. it is a yearly training course in stubborn refusal to give in and move to arizona. i would miss the bike rides in -20 degree weather. i would miss the three layers of shirts and sweaters under my jacket as i ride. i take some pleasure from the fact that i can get socks that will keep my feet warm in my boots on the bike. it is a good life.
but when the days begin to warm up then the layers can come off and it is like being reborn to a new life of dri-fit t-shirts and sandals and mountain bike shorts. it is the way angels in heaven dress. with little holes in the shirt for the wings.
and a clean mountain bike. i haven`t cleaned my bike in months. too cold. i feel bad though when i look at it covered in dirt, salt and oil. soon, soon you will be clean.
when it warms up enough to open up the outside water tap.
when it warms up enough to run the length of the soccer field until you can`t run any more. and then laugh.
that`s what march 1st means to me.