Monday, November 30, 2009

choose a religion.

thanks to bassman who unwittingly provided the graphic for this post.

isn`t it great that, on the internet, you begin a relationship by stealing someone`s shit...and they are ok with it!

a bit about hypnosis.

hypnosis is everything.

in fact i can`t think of one thing that isn`t hypnosis.

the simple act of thinking involves making sounds and pictures  inside one`s head that ilicits a responce.

we hypnotise ourselves every day by thinkng.

and we hypnotise eachother too.

we say something like "imagine that..."  or "try to see it this way"  or we ask questions like "what were you thinking?".

my girlfriend`s son said "i can`t see why not" when asked if  he would share the tequila he got for his birthday yesterday.

he didn`t share it.

i knew he wouldn`t even though he had a smile on his face and seemed like he would open the bottle.

he might even have consciously wanted to share a glass to celebrate...but he didn`t.

the phrase "i can`t see why not" can be broken down into two seperate elements. a command to himself "i can`t see"  and the picture he commanded himself not to see., which was "why not".

if you can`t see why not, then you are going to be left with why.

he was basically saying "why"?  even though  it sounded like there was no reason not to share the tequila.....

my idea of the season.

i am sick of intolerant types selling childish fantasies to people to get them to buy things.

but getting them to buy things is only part of the game.

once the child has his or her every whim met by santa at the north pole, they are then exposed to the "greater" meaning of the season...that someone was slaughtered horribly by powerful men and thier soldiers.

and the child feels guilty after recieving the gifts of thier greatest they go along and listen to a bloke in a dress (a bloke in a dress?) tell them all that he speaks to god about how we treated his son, and that he knew this would happen and blah blah blah......

so we are guilty for all that we have recieved.

not grateful.


but wait you say, this is christmas, the birth of christ...for god`s sake (god`s sake!) at least leave us our season of well-wishing and gifts and trees and lights and egg-nog.

but i can`t, becasue the long winter ends in spring and then we rip the man apart.....while our children search for eggs and your wife dances with the blokes in the bunny suits at the party and you drink too much and try to pull her off the dance floor when she`s only having fun.....

the trance induction begins with dissipating our energy to exhaustion (spending money) at christmas and ends in an orgy of death at easter.

and little old ladies wear the image on a gold chain around thier necks.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

fuck christmas.

y`know....i`m getting more than tired of this season. this season of stress and and anxiety over spending money we don`t have on people we barely tolerate.

i spent almost 15 miutes getting coffee at starbucks today due to everyone rushing out to get ahead of everyone else rushing out to get christmas shopping done.

why not just give it a miss this year?

oh yeah, because everyone will think you are a selfish dick otherwise.

they do anyway.

so save the $1500 and buy yourself something nice and enjoy the season for once.

what could $1500 buy you that would make you happy and keep you going for the next twelve months?

here are some ideas.

liposuction...for that fat head of yours.

a hooker who has had a shower this week.

the best noise cancelling headphones in the world.

a hand gun or two. (unless you live in canada, in which case you can`t)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

shit happens.


the label organic has become synonimous with better for you and better for the environment.

better for the environment in that no chemicals were used in the growing of the produce....but better for us how?

apparently the added chemicals used in growing the fruits and vegetables and feeding animals and the making of dairy products are bad for us, os some producers are providing additive-free produce and calling  it organic.

we are seeing organnic products in the grocery selling for as much as five times the regular prices for similar items.

hell of a price to pay to save the planet.

questionable price to pay for supposed health benifits.

i eat a lot of oat meal. in fact i eat oatmeal at least once a day as a major meal, and sometimes two large bowls of oatmeal is all i eat in a oatmeal is a major component of  my diet.

occasionally i find organic oatmeal side-by-side with my regular brand at mere pennies more, and so i will try the organic stuff to compare.

i haven`t noticed any difference in taste or digestion or provided nutrition between the regular and the organnic, but that`s just me comparing in a non-scientific way.

but i will tell you, if the price was any greater than the few pennys i see on my shelf, i wouldn`t make the effort.

i know people who can`t eat without crowing on about the virtues of organic food in thier diet, and i know one dear girl who eats nothing but organic and says the word entirely too often. she even drinks organic wine....because it doesn`t give her a hangover.

silly girl.

anyway, to me, the whole organic industry is sold to hyper-sensitive save-the-world types and elitists with more money than sense.

and besides, little dry apples never appealed to me.

Monday, November 23, 2009

pictures from dealy plaza, dallas texas.

active visualisation practice.

mind control.

you are about to practice some...on your own mind.

for once you will be able to choose the images and sounds and even smells and tastes and physical feelings in your opposed to sitting passively while someone chooses those images for you.

so what are you going to show yourself.

i recommend a vivid positive memory of something that happened to you or something that you witnessed that you enjoyed.

sit quietly and relax.

breathe slowly and comfortably, and allow yourself to remember what it is that you`ve chosen to re-experience.

see what you see now, and hear what you remember hearing.....

play these images and sounds over repeatedly until you really get a sense of knowing that the feelings you are getting now match that which you experienced then.

look at the colours of the images you are seeing and brighten them. make the reds redder and the blues bluer.

and the whites whiter.

 make the sounds a little louder and notice if your feelings intensify accordingly.

let the process run as many times as you feel comfortable with the idea that, like anything we do, in time the process will become easier and the results will become more profound.

the movie projector.

in your mind there is a giant hi-def screen.

on that screen you show yourself things.

and you`ve been doing this all your life.

some of the pictures and movies are really short and so you might not even notice them as they play for you, but the fact remains that you are being played movies and stills that effect your life.

to discover the content of these images means that you have to slow yourself down and be able to visualise internally. this is a process of learning to relax and breathe deeply as you let pictures come at you randomly.

yoga and other forms of mediation use visualisation as part of thier training to help relax. this is a passive from of what i am beginning to describe here.

the active from of visualisation stimulates the mind to discovering our true motives for existance in physical reality, and as you explore this internal reality you will earn to escape the mundane trivial materialistic obsession we call life, that leads us all to distress and disease.

so why is it that some are happier than others anyway?

it`s because they can see clearly what they need to do with themselves and don`t get caught up in mind-numbingly stupid games with other depressed and tired people.

which takes me back to the lists of people who pissed me off.

it was good to write that list and get a perspective on where i had found myself for a while....and see where those people were caught in a spiral of feeding of eachother`s discontent.

makes me cringe to think now.....

new followers.

recently hypgnosys has been joined by new readers. this readership is welcome and i am grateful to be able to share with more people as my time here grows.

what i would like is for everyone to say a brief hello and to acknowledge thier presence here and possibly say a ittle bit about themselves so that we may understand the journey together that bit better.

cheers, alistair.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

now that you`ve disagrred.

how do you know that you disagreed?

a voice in your head told you.

think  about this for a moment.

all your life you`ve had this voice in your head impelling you to do things...or not to do things.

do you have control of this voice?


is the voice encouraging?

does it speak to you nicely?

does it seem to have your best interests in mind?

once you have realised that you have a voice in your head, imagine that you have a movie projector also.

mind control.

we are all under the influence of mind control all of the time.

there is a little voice in our heads telling us what to do.......constantly.

what does yours tell you?

i will say more about this later....once you`ve had time to fully disagree.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

scientology mind control.

More DIY videos at

a short primer on how scientology indoctrinates people into obedience. sorry about the ad at the beginning of the clip, but free is free after all......

now. my question here is, how does this differ from that of church, school and government?

random and mundane.

wet and rainy here. didn`t get my early morning starbucks i am now nursing a caffiene headache that, even with one americano in me, is making it hard to see out of my right eye.

fucking coffee addiction.....

i watched supersize me last night. this is a documetary about mcdonalds food made by a guy who decides to eat thier shit 3 times a day for a month.

he goes from 185 to 210 pounds and his blood work goes right into the toilet. cholestorol and enzymes go squirelly.

his mind is affected also. he becomes depressed if he`s not actually eating, and becomes elated as he`s finishing his next meal.

that is some serious drugs they are putting in those meals.

his vegan girlfriend is annoying though. her sanctimonious attitude made me want to force feed her the happy meals `til she shut up.....

what is wrong with meat for god`s sake? is it some freudian thing that lesbians tend to be vegitarian?

i actually got ill a few times watching the show, which it was designed to do. watching him make himself sick in his car forcing food down...but he made his point....i guess that is good journalism.

i had a bias against the fast-food industry going in, so watching helped bolster my position that this industry preys on people and eventually contributed to sickness and death.

but an industry that lobbys government to be able to sell thier garbage to kids as nutritious meals needs a kick in the balls as far as i`m concerned.

and it suggests that government cares very little also.

the courts decided that the fast-food industry wasn`t liable for damages to two children who gained large amounts of weight while eating fast-food, and i think that the judgement will make some think more about thier own responsibility toward food choices.

blame the media.


stop watching media.

turn off the tv. don`t drive near fast-food places. cook at home when you can. exercize. feel better. realise that you have an investment in health and that poor food choices will damage that investment.

would you put diesel in your gas powered car?

i didn`t think so.

your body is the same. so is your mind.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

the brave new world.

in the past we learned at the voice of teachers.

slowly they revealed thier position as we sat for hours listening to thier point...and then putting thier ideas down on paper, to be marked for accuracy.

and we did this for many months at a time, becoming expert on the internal state of the teacher and becoming a clone of thier ideas as we graduated.

many of us emerged from this process in a state of shock, programmed to regurgitate reams of useless information so that we could get our degree and go to work for a decent wage.

now we learn from others who went before us, absorbing thier experience and thier strategies and tactics to prepare us for the next thing in our lives.

we can access a million experienced voices and sort them at the speed of our newly sped up brains.


the stress for the old brick-and-mortar style must be agonising.

how dare we teach ourselves....

i had prepared.....

...another rant wherein i was going to compel you all to go to mr. keen`s site and tell him that he is wrong and that alistair is right...but y`know, that would be wrong, because from his perspective, he`s right.

the erosion of educational standards, and vast shifts in media content and standards and the emergence of many new media and technologies have resulted in a radical shift in peoples awareness and pace of thier ability to process information.

this accelleration of information processing has sped everything else up too.

now we can get frustrated in as little as 30 seconds with a microwave oven or a slow internet connection while waiting for a file to download...and also get impatient waiting for three years for a degree when the information contained within it can be digested by the new, sped up brain in weeks.

and so mr.keen is is killing the radio star.

and the ivy covered liberal arts degree.

but i would like for mr.keen to at least acknowledge that marshall mcluhan was correct in his prediction of the shattering of the old indvidualist paradigm as the computer pervades more of our daily lives and ushers us into the new global village.

Friday, November 13, 2009

a video wherein mr.keen reveals himself.

if you have been reading recently you will know that mr.keen, or andrew to his friends, particularly dislikes the internet, youtube, bloggers and everything else that diminishes his degrees and intellectual elitism.

he rails against what he calls the cult of the amateur and the ability of just about anyone to self-publish. he feels that agents, producers and other midddle men are there to nurture and develop talent....

...meanwhile he is using the very tools he so strongly decries to promote his book and his ideas. youtube, blogging, pdf downloads, etc.

but it`s ok for him to use these things because he is learned and an intellectual. you can tell this by the condescending fake oxford accent. (it`s hiding a lisp and a bit of a stutter too.)



firstly, i will say that i have never heard either sing, so this isn`t about who is a better performer. i understand it`s country music, which i choose not to listen to because i haven`t heard all the zeppelin i want to yet.

so one doesn`t have to go too far into this one to see the issue.

fat old girl resentful of the attention the young pretty one is getting.

fat old girl makes things ten times worse for herself by tearing into the young one.

and then apologises.

try the weekend long drinking. you won`t feel better, but you will forget for a while.

what a dumbass.

a bit about hit-rates.

it seems that whenever i rant my hitrate goes up. i watched as i made my lists and my hitrate almost doubled. as i`ve said before, i`m not here to het pageviews, but it is interesting that people seem to resonate more with the negative in things than the more positive and uplifting.....

..oh well. ay be i`ll have to make another list occasionally.

a bit about hit-rates.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

this guy is a dick.

because his web start-up failed, or he has a small dick, or has decided that the internet, and in specific youtube are evil.

his thesis is that because youtube is so easy to use and that anyone can now become a publisher of multimedia products, this is somehow undermining something.

oh yeah, that something is a game of intellectual elitism called copyright.

further he rants that everyone and his brother is now able to post a video of thier less than concert-ready version of whatever instrument they have been practicing on.

guilty as charged andrew.

i didn`t go to julliard or even learn to read music, but guess what, i can play and perform music as entertaining and of equal or better quality than many who have met your criteria for expertise.

and so have many posting thier efforts on-line via youtube and the like.

and the fact that this has threatened the institution of copyright and somehow diminished the institutions of ostensible higher learning makes me wonder what the game was about other than to control artists product for the profit of bureaucrats....and to control the information flow of learning and accomplishment into to narrow streams.

now, having said this andrew, i would hate to think that the man who operated surgically on my knee relied on youtube videos for his instruction.....

.....but you can still fuck off for being an elitist dick hiding your failures and shortcomings behind a moral arguement.



while some people are starving in affluent suburban areas, crows are able to adapt to new challenges and eat.....amongst other things.

adaptability, flexibility and determination are major hallmarks of intelligence that many humans are conditioned to underutilise.

welcome to the distopia.

i was going to....

...continue writing about places and people that piss me off.

and i noticed that my hitrate and pageviews were climbing accordingly.

this tells me that people want to resonate with pissedoffness, and that`s fine i suppose, except today i`m not pissed of and i`m not interested in revisiting anguish from the past so much.

so what am i?

enthusiastic about what is coming next.

moving. growing and experiencing new things. meeting challenges and living a life of happiness and gratitude.

quite the change from pissed of with people and frustrations.

so how did this happen?

i remembered something.

we are what we think we are.

i was pissed off about some things occuring in my life, outside of my control, and i was resonating with that feeling and it reflected in my writing.

i have no regrets about what i was writing, in fact re-reading a few posts with my girlfriend made us both laugh out loud....and that`s always good.

so i will say good-bye to my growing hit-rate...for a while...and go on enjoying a joyful and abundant day.

but check back soon, i might have need to grumble again.

new pictures of the galaxy.

i was looking at some new pictures of our galaxy this morning and i was struck, as i always am, by how much it looks like a giant explosion.

we have seen slow-motion explosions in movies where things literally fly apart and disintergrate...and this where we are the middle of an explosion.

so why do we experience so much suprise when things want to fly apart around us and inside us?

silly talking monkeys think we can control everything with baling wire and tape.

and a rule or two.

history tells us that we are all going to return to dust soon anyway...and this isn`t fatalistic or depressive thinking in the is emancipating.

think of all the petty struggles that are going on in your life right now and imagine sitting on a hill somewhere high above the noise of it all.

now what do you see.

silly talking monkeys trying to control everything......

had enough yet?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

november 11th.

as i watched the memorial sevice at the legion across from where i lived this morning i was struck that it is a tragedy that all those men died so that gays could have a parade.

is this what freedom is about?

our ever-more liberal media is taking more and more steps to be as outragious and offensive as they possibly can be without getting censored...and that censorship is becoming more liberal too.

i understand that viewers are becoming desensitised to shock and demand more "entertainment" and that the studios and tv stations have to make money.

the failure of borat was a welcome message that enough is enough and that the general population isn`t as fascinated with gay porn as some in hollywood might imagine.

the thing that disturbed me was that my children were talking about the movie.

they are 10 and 13.

and you might ask how they knew about it in the first place...but the bloody thing was being promoted on youtube and prime-time tv where kids go to watch.

and those men died so we can sit in our living rooms and watch will and grace and south park with our children while we eat dinner.

it says "lest we forget".....not fuck it.

big y`un in the hallway.

and ranger is unsure what to make of it all.....

pollocks...for k9

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

fourth list.

you thought i was done?  so much shit irritates me that i may never be done.

today`s list is one of places particularly irritating to visit.

first on the list because my girlfriend reminded me, is the hospital. she is visiting a sick person today and commented on how difficult it was to get around the place and actually find the person you want to visit.

endless long hallways with little or no signs and locked doors and elevators that don`t go to the floor you want and volunteers who are barely able to help because they are so old.....and have you visited our gift shop yet?

the reason for all this isn`t immediately clear, but once you realise that the hospital is designed for nurses, technicians and doctors and administrators. you see why things are arranged the way they are.

everyone else is an inconvenience to be diminished or avoided at all costs.

and that woudl be you and i. either a sick person or a visitor.

the hospital stay or visit is designed to be as difficult and uncomfortable as possible. ideally the staff and administrators would never be inconvenienced by actual sick people and visitors, but there is an evolution in medicine where pretty soon we won`t be able to afford a hospital stay, thereby solving the dilemma that nurses, technicians, doctors and administrators experience every day in trying to deal with unreasonable people.

and things would run much more smoothly for them.

secondly comes the airport.

the airport is a torture device designed by a group sadists who know people desperately want to go places other than where they live in the dead of winter. this group of cruelty specialists design processes and barriers to delay your escape from whichever industrial hub you live in for as long as humanly possible.

this delay begins well before you get near to the airport because it seems to be located precisely in the convergence point of the busiest highways in the city. this i believe is a conspiracy between city planners and airport authorities to place the airport as near to downtown as possible without totally shutting the city down.

once you are shunted into the appropriate alleyway by the tiny and too late signs for your terminal you find yourself faced with your first delay.

the carpark.

and it`s always under construction. why the fuck is it always under construction? didn`t they know they were going to get this busy?

and i know this is true of all metropolitan cities worldwide...and that it`s deliberate.

so you pay whatever fee gratefully and squeeze your human sized vehicle in with all the "smart" cars and hope to hell you don`t get dinged while you are away.

then there is the walk to the terminal.

some math pervert has figured out how to optimally place each parking area to make you walk as far as humanly possible to get to where you need to go.

and why the living christ do you have to be there two hours early?

so you are already exhibiting signs of stress from marching nearly three kilometers to reach your newly renovated boarding area (?) and wait in line with all the other sorry pieces of shit hoping to escape the ice and snow of january in toronto.

and, of course, they brought the kids....bless them. they are all tearing around having a great old time irritating the tired travellers all waiting obediently in line for the approving smile of a boarding clerk....

an hour later and you`ve managed to hold it together and stay cheery for your girlfriend, who had to slip off for a bit to pee. (yes, the bathrooms are on another planet.) and you finally get to the gate to give the girl your luggage and documents, which you magically manage to have in completed form..

.....and then you are given the singular privelige to be able to enter the departure lounge.

such as it is.

a sprawling expanse of plastic chairs in a big room (newly renovated) with windows barely looking out onto the tarmac so that you might, possibly, enjoy watching planes take off.

no. the building is situated so that you can only see the tails of other planes waiting to be boarded and far off in the distance some planes landing...though it`s dark and snowing so you can`t even see that clearly.

and you remind yourself why you wanted to do this.

oh yeah, to get away.

then the announcement comes that the plane will be delayed.

and all you want right now is a decent cup of coffee and internet reception.

but you are in the waiting gulag.

and so it goes.

every time, you think it will be different. efficiencies in booking, registration, organisation, management and staff training would make the experience seemless and enjoyable.

but no. same. world wide.


airports are designed for the pleasure of airport adminstrators and pilots....and you are niether of those, so all you get are delays and discomfort.

my next post will explore some of the other chambers of anguish we have to enter occasionally in hte hopes of making our lives more enjoyyable.

Monday, November 09, 2009

third list.

this time not only will i be listing annoying people, but also people who are irritating and those who are malicious and should know better.

the new gay starbucks barista. get over your big sissy self and make my drink, dipshit.  and yeah, we know why starbucks hire friendly girls and gay blokes as staff, but it can be really annoying when all you want is a coffee.

big box retail staff who don`t know anything and when you ask for help, they begin to do what you just finished doing, which was look at the box and read. i have just finished a home renovation and have had to visit home depot, home hardware and the like repeatedly and several times have had to wrestle with tiny intellects while trying to find the right kind of breakers or tap fittings or switches. it makes me wonder how these people got driver`s licences.

speaking of driver`s licences, what`s with all the people driving under the speed limit?


speed up or get out of the way.

people with leaf blowers.  what kind of fuckwit buys a device that makes more noise than a harley to blow leaves around? just rake the fucking things up you dipshit.

now, i don`t find this next type of person annoying so much, just funny. the woman in the expensive clothes and makeup with the nails all done and the new bmw who does her hair in the mirror but forgets the back where the hair is still pressed flat from a night`s sleep.

you have to laugh.

people who sit in thier garage and drink and talk really loud until 1.30 in the morning. fuck off inside your cubicle and yell if you want to. we really don`t want ot hear your shit. i`m about to toss a smoke grenade in there one night....thank god i`m moving somewhere where people stay inside on an evening. fucking rednecks and thier yappy dogs.

stop yelling at the thing. shoot it and go inside.

people who ask you a question and then keep talking so that you can`t answer. people who drone in a monotone voice and barely smile. people who gripe all the time whether it`s hot or cold outside. people who are constantly telling me thier plans to not be here for the winter, yet are here all winter and complain.

christ sake, join some volunteer organisation and they will take you somewhere hot alright. and i won`t be able to hear you go on about it.

people who go to a coffee shop and expect ot be left alone quietly to read.

firstly it`s not a library.

secondly it`s not a private your living room.

and thirdly you`re an idiot expecting people you know not to talk to you when they see you in the coffee shop. where you are every day, sometimes for hours at a time.

people who say they are going to get fit and lose weight and go on a ride for charity and then when i encourage them and support them, they tell thier frineds that i`m telling them what to do.

actually fatty, i was sincerely encouraging you to be healthy, which  is what i could have sworn you told me and a couple of my friends that you were planning to do.

in fact if my memory serves me, you actually did the ride and was happy you did...and i was glad you did too, because i know how good it feels to accomplish something and wanted to share your achievement becuase i thought we were at least aquainted well enough to share such a thing.

so fuck you, you miserable fat cow sitting there all hostile telling people i know that i`m prying into your business. no wonder you can`t find a man if you treat everyone like that.

so, from now on i will avoid engaging you in conversation even for a second, even if you are sitting with people i know, because you are a mine field of not-ok shit and i don`t feel like having you go off on me.

the annoying buddy who goes after the girl you are interested in and tries to dress like you and train like you and eat what you eat and say shit like you and thinks he`s a better version only hoping to see you fail.

and waits until you have a broken ankle to try to wrestle you in front of the girls. i was of two minds to hip toss you onto the cars in the parking lot but for the fact that your thick skull would have dented some poor bastard`s hood and i would have had to pay for it.

pretty tough picking on a guy who could barely put any weight on his ankle.

what a dick. you creepy old man. chicks don`t dig your smooth shit. try that on women your age. they will laugh in your face.

and the young ones will take your money and laugh.

and yeah, they look. because you are staring at them full on. it makes them nervous, not turned on. fuckwit.

and finally, the most annoying type of person, the yes person who agrees and seems intrigued with what you have to say, only to run to the next person and repeat what you said about them.

and yes, i have said stuff about people to other people. to me it`s a good way to see who says what to whom. i differ from others in that i  know it will be repeated, so i tag my comments with specific details for just that one when it comes back, gotcha!

anyway, that`s me feeling a whole lot better about annoying types. i needed to get that off my chest. especially the people i come in contact will that piss me off. i needed to say those things. thanks for reading.

hopefully you will recognise some of these types in your own life, draining your essential spirit for thier own greedy desires...and if you are one of these people, shoot yourself now.

Friday, November 06, 2009

the second list of people who annoy me.

bono. sanctimonious terrorist by proxy. for those of you who are wtfing right now, understand that he and his band, u2, have raised tens of millions of dollars for the i.r.a. and thier political wing, sinn fien.

people who gossip. not for gossiping, because we all do that, but for saying they don`t and that others shouldn`t. (i actually like people who gossip because i tell them things that only they then know...and when they repeat it, i know where and when it came from.)

liars. because we want to believe you, you piece of shit, and you betrayed our trust.

fools. because they aren`t bright enough to get out of anyone`s way....including thier own....and they have a job wherin they can make decisions over the lives of others, particularly my own life and that of those i care about.

like the canadian ministry of health lining people up to inject them with shit in little bottles.

schoolteachers. for telling my kids all manner of lies and half truths about everything from history to science to health. thankfully my kids are bright and don`t now believe that polar bears are drowning because we don`t recycle enough.

environmentalists. proselytisers of the new religion. saving the world. once you are convcerted, you then go out amongst the unbelievers and merrily hammer away at them until they start repeating the silliness.

(for those really interested in what is causing the heat of the planet to`s the sun. no big story, exept for the fact that..the sun is so big that it can do what it wants and nothing algore can do will stop it.)

feminists. (lesbians) they would have to be lesbians, because no woman who enjoyed the company of a man and is hopeful of a relationship with one would ever say or do any of the shit things that comes out of feminists mouths.

religious people. religion is great and helps people through shit periods in thier lives (sometimes) and gives people things to do and a purpose that they wouldn`t have otherwise..but people, keep your beliefs to yourself. i don`t want to hear about it or pay for it or anything else to do with it.  and no you don`t have a right to go on about it. feedom of speech works like the freedom to not listen ot it.

they cancel eachother out.

so shut the fuck up.

activists. just stop. you waving your anti this, that or the other thing banner around is irritating, and if anything is polluting anything and we can do anything about can stop waving your banner.


well, that`s me feeling better. tommorow i wuill continue with part three.

that`s better.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

list of annoying people.

ten people i find annoying. not necessarily in any order or context. they are listed as i feel.

michael buble. mickey bubbles.  barely 25 and he cartoons the voice of crooners from the `50s. douchebag.

the drummer from metallica lars ulrik. great, great drummer...but shut the fuck up you asshole....let the kids download your music for free (lars, here`s a`s free advertising.)

oprah winfrey. nuf said. 300 pounds of beef liver in a plastic bag. there, i said more. my blog.

politicians in general,  but specifically the ones on tv when i have the uncomfortable experience of siitng watching for any length of time. i know it`s thier game and they paid to play...but fucking hell people, why do we encourage them.

the entire cast of friends. it`s a soap opera with a laugh track....and if it didn`t have one you wouldn`t know when to laugh would you?

anyone reporting about h1n1. seriously. are we really that stupid?

i guess we are.

celine dion. celine dion pregnant. celine dion smiling. celine dion singing. french accent and a hairlip.....jeez.

new country.  i know that`s not a person. it`s an entire collection of really annoying people. some time ago some sharp people called marketers noticed that people with big hair, certain types of clothes and modern musical instruments sold a lot of records. 

many more records than nasal twangy singers blethering on about depressing suubjects.

the people who sold lots of records were, of course, rockers.

the clever marketing types thought, hmmm, lets make these depressing people look and act like rockers....and bingo, thier sales shot through the roof.

gullable people thought, 'hey, those people look like rockers, let`s buy thier cd and go to the show."

well, that just encouraged them.

now even rockers are begining to sound like country.

idiots in cowboy hats are really annoying. that`s why you don`t see people wearing them in public unless it`s halloween....or they are off to see annoying nasal twangy singers pretend to be rockers.

don cherry.  many in the u.s. won`t know who this twit is, but google and you`ll see. tiresome old windbag ex nhl coach resentful of the way hockey can be played by real athletes with skill.

he would prefer kids to hit and crosscheck everything that moves sooner than learn to skate and shoot and pass. and it`s a shame that he has the ear othe nation when hockey games are on because he tells kids to kill eachother as the best way to play the game.


and i`ve saved the last spot for the most annoying person i can imagine.


spooky unblinking sociopath. i`m suprised he doesn`t have his own halloween costume. it would be terrifying.

hey al? stop telling kids that they are drowning polar bears if they don`t pester thier parents to recycle.

anyway that`s today`s top ten. i`m sure if i thought about it i could come up with another ten, and i apologise to those who didn`t make the big ungainly woman who insists on making my starbucks coffee wrong so i will "notice" her.

i already noticed you dear. you are an idiot.

anyway. h ave a nice day everyone and hopefully you will manage to avoid those people who annoy you.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


thanks to the internet and the sharing of information, more people are able to decode the bullshit foisted on the public regarding the h1n1 virus.

and hopefuly people will begin to take this attitude on other things we are asked to accept from our government.

like taxes.

retirement funds.


`n shit.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

it`s funny to read.

but it`s a shame to think that people are buying this shit.  refridgerated trucks to deal with the dead?

and, let`s just say for arguement`s sake, that there will be a you think the people who are being quoted in this article are going to be able to cope?

when people realise that they are on thier own in the world, they will be able to make better decisions for themselves and thier families.

Monday, November 02, 2009

isolated act.

nothing to do with cultural and religious beliefs.

at all.

yeah, yeah, i know......

....don`t believe everything you read on the internet.

moral indignation?

no, more like an indication of the barometer of the moral compass of society.

i`m not suprised that people are consuming this type of service, and i predict that it will become more popular in the next few years as our pre-existing moral and ethical codes are eroded further.

cat tower

happy kitty.