Wednesday, January 31, 2007


at first i thought this was a joke. i will have to go back and see if it`s not just to make sure................


an unforgettable experience.

with all due respect to billy`s undescribed experience i want to share something that happened to me some years ago that changed my life.

i also want to say bill, that this is in no way an attempt to convince you to describe what happened to you.

i was living in an apartment in st.catherines ontario. i was 23 years old and i was playing in a band that toured around the niagara falls area and into upstate new york.

we had just played a halloween gig at a disused theater in st.catherines the night before and it had been a sellout with a couple of hundred people there. i had passed out late, probably 4.30- 5.00 am and i was woken to blinding sunlight pouring in the window.

i sat up to roll over to avoid the sunlight and i was struck in the forehead with a beam of light that pinned me to the bed. i didn`t struggle and just went back to sleep.

when i woke up i didn`t remember the event. it wasn`t until some weeks later that i remembered it happening.

upon reflection i realised that i saw the beam aproaching as if i could see right through the bedroom wall.

the scenario had many of the features that i`ve read in accounts of alien abduction, yet there were no little guys or space ships or examinations.........

speaking of toys. this is a 1/4 scale model t ford made entirely of brass. everything works including the motor. it took the guy 14 years to build it.
my hat comes off to the man.
there are more pictures on the link.


of all the millions of dollars raised to "save" the homeless, how many have been given a house?


i wish i could put money against this type of statement. i would be a millionaire.

and kyoto.....10 pounds of bullshit in a 5 pound bag.

so the planet is getting lets tax industry.

what will happen with absolute certainty is that, as with anything that you tax, it goes away.

industry will leave......even china and malaysia.

more delusions.

what we see is what we get.

when we look at a picture in our mind, i mean really look at that picture, seeing the colours and the shapes and noticing how we feel as a result, we create reactions in the brain that are indistinguishable from "real" or "actual" events.

our brain chemistry cannot tell the difference.

there was a study done to prove this by having one group of people shoot basketballs through a hoop while another group did the same exercise in visualisation.

the results of improvement in their ability to shoot basketballs into a hoop was similar for both groups.

personally i would have chosen a more useful task than basketball to test the theory, but that`s just me.

bill is running a virtual reality experiment over at god uncensored II as we speak.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

a word about philosophers.

when you`ve finishing reading all that you can bear of the ideas of all of the philosophers, what are you going to do then?

impress everyone about how much you can regurgitate?

or are you going to claim that these are your thoughts?

or are you going to think for yourself eventually.

the philosophers think the way they do because thier minds operate that way. they don`t have much choice but to question, synthesise and espouse.......

like hockey players skate and birds fly instead of walk.

and they have the audience of readership or students to support thier fact many eminent philosophers were iconoclasts and gurus to many in thier time.

because people want to know how and what to think.

it saves them the bother of having to do it themselves.

it`s an interesting game.

what is real..............really.

what is real is what you decide is real.

did she actually say that about me?

i`m not think so, but i could be wrong.

so now you are having feelings about something you are entirely uncertain about...........but the feelings are real.

they churn around and spin and if you focus on them they intensify.

the girl in question isn`t here and you aren`t even sure that she actually said what you think she said that is upsetting you........

so who is doing this?

you are.

so if you don`t like it then............

stop it.

and reality changes too.

so we can deduce something about of all of this in a simple equation.

what you think = reality.

and like inertia, reality is consistant unless acted on by an outside force.

like another thought. or if you run into that girl and she admits to saying what you thought she said.

but that`s another story.


what is real?

we experience things in a flow.

our eyes see.

our ears hear.

and our skin feels..........

these processes disagree so much that they tend to just average it all out.

the eyes see one thing while our ears hear something different.........

so what is real?

Monday, January 29, 2007



i have noticed a prevailing sense of desperation amongst the male of the species when it comes to the topic of women.

desperation, exasperation, condemnation, vilification, resignation...........

you get the idea.

the prevailing view is that somehow they are to blame for all this bad feeling we are experiencing.

i think they are experiencing similar things and are as confused as we are.

my view is that we have been set amongst eachother for fun and profit by those who decide such things.

there are those who, upon reading this, will immediately cry "conspiracy" and wail and wring thier hands and gnash thier teeth.(well, not really......)

the idea that it is in the best interest of some to have us scrapping instead of cuddling on the couch in front of the fire might seem odd to some, but that exactly what`s happening.........

am i wrong or are there not roving bands of single men and women all nattering about how the other caused all the problems and that all men/women are assholes?

yet inside all we want is some companionship.

so who is it that would benifit from this dystopia?


those who sell domestic necessities for the recently seperated.


builders of new homes to house the recently seperated once the settlements are arranged.

and the list goes on.

so, you see, there is some benifit to this stand-off. just not for you and me.

what to say on monday.......

well there are the things of beauty that i`ve fogotten to remember to write about..........

so here`s some.

my youngest boy`s hooded sweatshirt that he forgot to take with him when he left to go back to his mothers........

it hangs on a door knob in the hall until he returns.

the final few days of january. brilliantly cold and inevitably heading for february and then march, by which time we will be turning to spring and the promise of warmth once again.

technology that allows us all to post our musings with seamless ease.

the idea of getting a cat. the idea of getting a little joyful fuckhead to share this space with us up in the tower. it`s becoming more and more appealing all the time.

well, that`s my view of the miraculous for a freezing cold ontario monday. so much for global warming and visions of palm trees along lake ontario.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

science tries to catch up.

the headline suggests that science has finally tackled hypnosis.

i wasn`t aware that it needed tackling actually, but science, being the sort of thing that it is obviously felt the need to tackle it.

and if you read the article you realise that science hasn`t tackled it at all.

science merely took some steps toward finding out some of the things that happen in the brain when hypnosis occurs.

i will tell you right now for the record that science wants two things out of this;

1) to be able to say they`ve discovered what makes hypnosis work thereby claiming that they`ve discovered hypnosis.

2) to be able to say that they are now able to offer degree courses in the "science" of hypnosis and you will be able to practice hypnosis once you have thier degree.


now, there has been some criticism of my approach to philosophy recently and so i`d like to adress the issue now that i have a moment.

i am a reasonably well educated man and back that up with some experiential knowledge in what some refer to as the "real" world, and what i`ve discovered about philosophy is this.

you have to get in to get out.

that is, you have to learn the codification of the language used by each philosopher in turn to be able to have a philosophical discussion with those who hold philosophy out as valuable.

the process of reading and attempting to understand what these people are doing with thier writing claims your mind.

you are forever then changed by the process of trying to understand thier points, valid or not.

just as the observer effects the outcome of experiments in quantum mechanics........and everything else.

i have been accused of being closed-minded for not wanting to expose my mind to yet another position so that i may have a discussion with someone..........

i am doing a similar thing here in that i would like to think that people can give themselves the permission to walk away from some of the limits imposed by a dogmatic and repressive i know the game.

and the intellectual niavete of some people is staggering.

especially the religious or political.

and i will now include the terminally philosophical.

i can understand the romantic idea of aligning one`s self with the existentialists or nihilists or the ancient greeks, and when you steep yourself in thier work you relive the time and culture that they lived in.

much as you would studying the work of pollock or debussy or andy worhol or jimmy hendrix.

but i don`t want to be those people, or live in thier world.

i prefer to be in this one.

and laugh.

and i`ll spare myself the dogmatic and pedantic heart pain.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

the answer......

the answer to the test below is that, objectively, there is a car sitting in front of a building.

now, here is where the fun begins. there are those who have subjective opinions about all manner of things that they associate with the image presented.

some call these opinions projections.

we do have to be careful that we don`t act on these opinions as if they are fact, which is the purpose of this kind of test.

they are valid for the person making the evaluation, but not necessarily a shared view.

the shared view, or objective reality, is that there is a car sitting i front of a building. one can go as far as to describe the colour of the car, time of day etc., but once one starts to guess or suppose, then the projections begin.

now, having said that, these subjective observations can be valid, but as to whether they are true or not is the reason why, for the purpose of this little test, the answer is simply that there is a car in situated in front of a building.

Friday, January 26, 2007

reasoning; a test.

what can you deduce from the picture above?


click the link.....


yeah, i know, i spelled it wrong.

i have a rule here.

no politics.

reason; it`s all bullshit.......and i`m on a clarity of thought thing at the moment and politics, like philosophy, is so staggeringly full of shit that i stay well away for fear of falling in and not being able to get out.

recently i have been doing some blog surfing. following the blogs of people who arrive here and going into thier comments and so on, across the consciousness of the internet.

what i have found is that people are mostly well adjusted and amusing ...........until you hit political opinion or philosophical clusterfucks.

then people get outright shitty.

my advice to people who are stressed is generally to wean themselves off media.

this has two immediate effects.

1) less bad news to get upset about.

2) no political shite to wade through to get upset about.

it`s the political decisions that cause all the trouble...............

and one last thing.

what the word democracy means. rule by the mob. latin. look it up.

the fly.

when i moved into my apartment two months ago there were flies on the window sills in all the rooms.

i`m not used to this because of two things;

1) living with a portuguese woman you learn that nothing stays lying around for more than a couple of hours.

2) what the woman didn`t get the cats would eat.

well anyway, there are no portuguese or cats here now, though i do miss my cats, so the flies lay where they fall.

this morning i was at my window looking out upon the washed masses..........they do wash here in least on the outside.............. and i noticed one of the aforementioned aeronauticals moving slightly.

so i blew on it and it moved a little more.

so i very carefully picked it up and while it was sitting in my palm i gently blew warm air onto it.

it woke up!

the little fucker was playing possum. it rubbed it`s eyes and then suddenly shot off into the room and away.

does nasa know about this?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

the true meaning of love.

I cna ytpe 300 wrods pre mniuet.

thanks bill.

the little monkey.......

.............sat in a tree surrounded by his family and his abundant food sources and protection from predators fifty feet below on the jungle floor.

one day he decided to got for a poke around and found himself far from the cover of the jungle and out in the savannah amongst the tall grass in the domain of the big cats.

by the end of this one day he had stood up and shed his hair for the most part and his brain capacity had exploded and his skull was forced out as a result. his dna had alterred also, without the usual mutational deficits, losing a chromasome pair.
he had learned to build fires and hunt animals for food and discovered metal work and agriculture and construction.........

not all in one day. but certainly before he got hungry or got eaten himself.

so this little tale is one that scientists want our children to know is the truth about who we are as a species.

and any other idea gets laughed out of court. literally.

darwin was right.

the little birds on the islands where he spent his days had adapted to different types of habitats. some of the finches beaks had sharpened to eat beetles or crack hard seeds whereas others had become longer to pull worms. thier feet had adapted to different challenges also. these adaptations had occurred in few short generations as the birds environment changed.

this species adaptation has become known as evolution. micro-evolution. an evolution of the adaptation of one species to environmental changes.

never in darwin`s time did one of these birds turn into a fish or a badger or a cobra.

never ever.

but yet those who read darwin`s thesis took this to mean that one species could change into another, given sufficient time and stress.

macro-evolution. the change from one species to another over time.

darwin himself questioned this leap-of-thesis but the noise of notariety in victorial society got the better of the man, and quite possibly his patrons and agent too.

so here we have it.

the idea that a species of animal changes into another species of animal and becomes exponentially more intelligent (bill...........) in the process. some cause celebre for the nascent scientific community of a hundred years ago to hang thier hat on.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


this guy believes he has an extra-terrestrial skull. he also has some interesting things to say about darwinian evolution.

i just finished watching a slide show on his site discussing the building of the pyramids. i highly recommend watching it unless you need to believe that the pyramids we built with rollers and ropes.

six million blocks in one hundred years equals one block every eight and a half minutes..........up a sand ramp with rollers and ropes.

Michael Cremo.

(French introduction last for about a minute) English conference with Micheal L.Cremo, author of the best seller: Forbidden Archeology.


can you convince the computer that you are human?



and then there`s..........


someone passed the turing test a long time ago.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

alan watts tells a story.

alan watts is approached by a famous indian guru who begins to tell alan that he should come and travel with him for a while and stay in india and learn the insights he has to offer, as the guru felt that alan had some things he needed to learn.

alan thanked the man and declined asking; "who taught buddha?"


why is the buddha smiling?

this is the title of a book i spotted today at chapters book store.

i have my own ideas as to why he`s smiling, but i was intrigued to read someone else`s view.

i was disappointed. i should have realised that there is dogma in every religion and so this `ism was no exception.........

the writer never actually adressed the smiling bit actually.

so why is he smiling?

he finds shit amusing.

but you already knew that.

here`s some fun.


people don`t come to see me to find out what`s wrong.

they don`t want to know about this or that procedure or breaktrough therapy.

they don`t want to learn to manage thier issues.

they want persmission to change.

by the time people come and sit on my couch they have had enough.

i make sure that this is true by testing thier attachment to prior behaviour.

then we focus on the vacuum created by thier decision to give up behaviours......and what to put in there instead.

we go behaviour shopping..............

into the motivation store or the attention to detail shop or the stall that has smiling for sale or the time management boutique or the department store that has a bit of everything for the excited consumer of life.

the traditional psychotherapist has a few things to say about this of course.

but that`s because he needs his patients to keep coming to see him for a long time, so that they can make.............progress.

if you took your car in to the mechanic, would you want him to make progress, or fix the car?

my contribution to the happiness of others.

apon reflection i would like to offer a list of what i consider to be my contribution to the happiness of others.

the methods that i use in my practice.

my writing. (though, at times is seems to have the opposite effect.)


willingness to help.

politeness in public.

the occasional iconoclastic diatribe in public and in print.

i give these things without condition. it is my nature to be this way. it is that i don`t expect conditions in return, and for the most part this works........

just live and be happy.

it is a choice.

Monday, January 22, 2007

metaphysical tools.

ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country........

famous bullshit statement delivered to hobble the spirit and bind one to duty to a ficticious entity known as a country. a legal fiction.

i ask you what you can do for you now so that you can live a richer, happier more involved of being a part of things and experiencing the rich resonance of our existance.

the important things of course.

hookers and handgrenades, if that`s your thing........but spend the money, ok?

churn up the good feelings inside. spin them around in a good feeling tornado inside your gut that gets ever larger and faster as you push to think how much better this could feel if you just try to let it build up a spinning determination inside that won`t stop.....

and put yourself first once in a while and smile as you spin up some more intense good feelings driven by your list of things you are grateful for.....because they make you start to spin some good feelings, don`t they?

are you with me so far.

because if you are then you are feeling pretty good about the next thing you have to do.....

but that`s up to you.


welcome to monday at hypgnosys.

it is a good time to reflect on all that we are grateful for once again.

the many things that i`m grateful for provide a bouyancy to my spirit.

i think of these things; people, events, insights, abilities, possessions.........and i transcend the mundane.

this sermon, like all good sermons comes in three parts and so now that we have looked at the topic of gratitude briefly, let`s look at what it can do for us.

it may seem strange to some that a sermon so directly focusses on metaphysical tools but here at hypgnosys this is what we do.

we lift up the corner to see what`s underneath. under the neath. under that which is underneath our feet......sitting there the whole time and we never even noticed for a split second......we just rested our feet on it and stood there.

it`s hidden in plain sight.

gratitude is one of the things that opens us up to the abundance of the universe in all it`s splendours. our hearts swell and open, allowing the energy of creation to flow through one`s bones, one`s nerves, one`s soul.

try it.

make a list of the things you are grateful for. even the small seemingly insignificant things that don`t seem to matter.

put them on the list too.

and then what happens?

well, read the list and remember why those things you chose are on the list.........and look at how you feel.

now, what are you feeling. what so you feel like doing next?

do it.

no, really.

do it.

your life will change forever.

here endeth........

Sunday, January 21, 2007

an anonymous poster.........

posted a fairly rambling and somewhat provocative reply to one of my older articles, and while i certainly make all attempts to adress comments, i seem to have lost the comment.

if you are reading this and are looking for a response. i suggest two things;

firstly, please.....if you are going to take a harshy opposite position to my editorialising, i suggest you identify yourself at least with an e-mail adress or something, and secondly, i sincerely misplaced the response you posted. so, if you care to comment again would you mind indicating the post you are responding to because it is my recollection that you were suggesting an hypocracy on my part......which is possible.....but also the suggestion that i was personally forcing people to quit smoking.

which is factually impossible.........

so send her again and we`ll talk.

to simplify.

we do two things.

we look at pictures.

and we talk to ourselves in our heads.

and the psychiatrist does these things too when you tell him your pictures and talk have gotten out of control and he sees a picture of a crazy person and tells himself to medicate you.

so who`s hallucinating what?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

oh, good.

could you imagine rush hour?

what anu would have wanted.

she would have wanted for me to drive this car really fast..........

thanks anu, for the gift of love.


it is with the gratest of sadness that i am posting the the notice that we lost anu just weeks before christmas in a car accident.

i found out last night as i went to her blog, as i hadn`t seen her comments for a while.

it is with the greatest of love that i will remember her though..................

Walkabout Trance: 08 - Phillips Instant Hypnosis Induction

this demonstration clearly demonstrated how sensitive we all are to suggestive behaviour. there was obviously permission on the part of the subject regarding the induction but nontheless, permission is not needed when other forms of induction are applied.......such as those that we apply to tv or other forms of sophisticated media that are designed with exactly this purpose in mind.


go here.

you did though didn`t you?

oh well......


the mind wanders because that`s what it`s supposed to do when it`s not directly challenged or threatened.

fucking calvinists..........

Friday, January 19, 2007

a mind on fire........ what happens when you start seeing the evidence around you of what you`ve been attracting through your ideas.

your ideas have been effecting your decisions, your choices, your plans, your motivations..........and the way you approach things, how you speak to people and how you accept what happens as a result.

the butterfly effect starts off slowly at first and then as you consistantly continue to think and focus in specific ways and act accordingly.........

things start turning out differently.

it`s always been this way, by the way.......two thousand years ago people were talking about it and getting excited.

about unconditional love.........`s for yourself.

once you choose to love yourself unconditionally nothing can go wrong anymore..........

and you have successfully removed one more asshole from the game.

no apologies.

i make no apologies for my indulgance regarding the guitar videos.

all that i ask is that you have some patience. i will tire of the thrill soon enough and return to grinding on about spiritual this and that.................

but in the meantime there will be a few more rips up and down the fretboard occasionally, because this is my blog and i can pretty much do as i please.

which makes me think...........


a little blast on the sunburst................while the snow falls outside.

the mind.

we are are watching all the time.

we are addicted to imput.

we are afraid to go blind.....and for good reason. we would miss the rest of the show.

we aren`t as concerned about taste or hearing or touch, but to not be able to imput the rich visual feast that is being broadcast 24 hours a day in trillion pixel per nanometer definition?,

well, that`s something we don`t want to think about at all.

so let`s think about this then;

what are we actually seeing when we are being so entertained?

we are seeing what we believe we will see.

a consensus reality.

a sunset is a sunset, a tree is a tree and a dingo is a dingo.............

so the ufo is a glitch in the programming that doesn`t exist.

yet millions of people see them daily.

i`ve seen one or two. i bet one or two of you have too.

so what i`m saying here is that we see what we all agree the we will see and have seen before.

nothing more to see here folks, move along.

so why all the freakin` mind control?

is there something we aren`t supposed to get a look at........behind the curtain?

three beautiful things for friday.


google video.

the best is yet to long is i can get some sleep.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

before i get too carried away........

.............i have to say that without unconditional love we cannot be creative.

we cannot be in the world.

or of the world.

all we can ever hope to be without unconditional love is to be an individual......and that`s a lonely place to be.

unconditional love frees us from the constraints of this, that or the other thing and allows us to flow with ideas and concepts and colours and shapes and patterns and the certain knowledge that we can exist with uncertainty, and smile............

we can be so certain that the uncertainty is sufficient to get us through that we can bank on it.......

how do i know this?

i`m not sure.........(get it?)

goldtop blues

my gold top fitted with p90 pickups from . i don`t know much about the technical details of pickups but these sound great.

having a crap day? watch this.............

on the trail of the lonesome pine..........

radio interview.

this is a radio interview i did with marc stevens of a year ago about mind control.


i agree entirely with the commentator except for his historical timeline. mind control has been used as long as societies have been places for people to live in.

here are a few people who would agree with me.

carl jung.

niccolo macciavelli.

jesus christ.

pontius pilate.

1984 is upon us.......

...........only 23 years late.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jordan Maxwell -Basic Slideshow Presentation (Hidden Symbols)

Jordan exposes so much information hidden in plain site, in churchs, corporate logos, information on occult aspects of fremasonary

Very interesting material

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Richard Bandler how to get over fear!

one of my teachers demonstrating the physical methods of changing feelings. i do this type of work with clients daily and it is profoundly effective.

O'Hare Leaked News Broadcast Footage

The following video was leaked from a News room, showing unedited discussion of the Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO case among news broadcasters.

For the latest news on this case and other worldwide extraterrestrial activity, visit


some media content is good. it`s entertaining , informative and enlightening.

the question is which part and how does one find it in the sea of crap that is delivered to our consciousness?

the dirty little secret is that the content is immaterial for the most part. the media does such a good job of holding one`s attention long enough to induce a trance state that it doesn`t matter whether it`s the simpsons or 20/20 that you are long as you are watching.

the message that media wants re-introduced over and over is culture.

like your education........hours and hours of sitting still and listening to bollocks..............followed by a meaningless job with insubstantial rewards and then one day it`s all over and you are........retired.

then what?

all one has then is an accumilation of memories and experiences.

of sitting listening to hours of bollocks followed by a meaningless job with insubstantial rewards............

or you can say fuck it and really enjoy the moments that you can with people you like and ride out the storm and spend your time planning your next move.......... sophisticated ways using the methods that the media uses.

one can be programmed............or program yourself.

sitting quietly looking out at the stars for a period of time is a good place to start.

but leave the ipod and the laptop and the cellphone and the newspaper behind for a day or two. or a week. or a month.

Monday, January 15, 2007

the reason why.........

.......................i am continually posting this seemingly diverse stuff is because i`m constantly repeating the simple fact that we are the one`s who are creating reality.

the media is desperately trying to convince us otherwise, but the fact remains..........

what we see in our minds as fact becomes so.

when we shut out all of the extranious noise that media delivers then the message becomes clear.

that`s why i`m such a harsh critic of media. it disrupts the creative flow of energy that we are inately able to channel to create all of this stuff around us.

turn off the t.v., stop reading the newspaper and magazines full of bad news and fear............. and let the flow of creative energy align you with your purpose and create the ideal outcome for all that energy in a meaningful way.

when you look at it that way it seems to be that much more likely to work, doesn`t it?

and the alternative is to argue religion and politics expecting the solution to be provided............

media tells us what to do............

and how to think about what to do.

if someone told you this was a humour piece, would you believe them?

the difference between winners and losers.

is that winners know what they`re going to do if they lose and don`t talk about it, whereas losers have no idea what`s going on but talk incessantly about what they are going to do if they win.


your own internal dialog.................... and the observations you will make at your next poker game.


does content matter?

it would appear that it doesn`t.

one only has to look at tv. for any length of time to realise that it must not matter all that much, otherwise we wouldn`t see so much absolute shite coming into our living rooms.

same for radio.

the internet differs in that there are several billion channels broadcasting at the same time, each with it`s own small viewer/readership......

like this blog.

and yours.

this is the last outpost of honest communication.

like marshall mcluhan said in the sixties, it`s the global village..........for now.


i am a media analyst.

the media that i tend to focus on professionally is the human one.

the interface that we as humans are between transmission and reception of memes, dna and consciousness.

there is a great deal of discussion recently about emerging media and the sinister manipulation that it is involved in to get us to do certain things for specific reasons.

most seem to miss the point that this is all driven by us and for our benifit.

we are the only one`s here. there is nobody else. we are doing it.

you are wearing the ipod. you are reading this on your computer or blackberry or whatever............and you are continuing to transmit this message.

you are the media.

emerging into the next thing that we are about to experience.

it`s pretty frightening to think how fast things are going to change in the the next while......but look at what has changed so far, and we are ok with it.

in fact some have to really think to see what has changed.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

movie review........

as a new batchelor i find myself occasionally with some time on my hands and will rent a movie to while away the time.

i thought i might share some of my observations about some of the works i have viewed.

i watched the new miami vice last night and my youngest boy fell asleep moments into it and my oldest kept saying that he felt i wasn`t ever going to end. at 132 minutes running time i could see his point.

the movie was intense and interesting throughout without directly ripping the old tv. series completely, and while the two characters crocket and tubbs were still there, played by colin ferrell and jamie fox respectively, the film could have stood alone as a cop action film.

the cinematography was of the highest caliber and fans of light aircraft and fast sports cars are amply entertained, though there desperately needed to be a car chase at some point during the proceedings as the appearance of aston martins and ferraris tend to make one want to go fast with merest hint of an excuse.

the one detraction in the film in my less than humble opinion was the love affair between colin farrell and the hideously ugly li gong. the intimate scenes between the two were ruined by that poor woman`s unfortunate countenance. my apologies to you li, but for christ`s sake...........keep a straight face woman.

as for the story, plotline, tension, character developement etc. it gets a passable 6/10 but went on about one love affair too long.

it would be nice to see it return to the small sceen though, but i won`t hold my breath.

an idea.

what if we got so bored of being gods that we decided to forget we were gods......for just a short while.......and experience life one day at a time and have to physically do everything instead of willing things to happen?

kind of a dumbass thing to want to try don`t you think?

Saturday, January 13, 2007


good-bye bob. hey, i wonder if he realised that his name is spelled the same backwards as forwards.

i guess i`ll never have the chance to ask him now........


does the quantum mechanic have really tiny tools,

and is she uncertain as to where to leave them after the day`s work is done...................?


we are all looking for something.

many aren`t sure what it is they are looking for exactly but they persist.......

many don`t realise they can look.

some are sure they need to find something.

others gave up long ago.

the fact remains though, that life comes at us one moment at a time and whether we are seeking or not, take your time, look around for a bit and enjoy your stay.

after all, that`s what it`s about.

Friday, January 12, 2007

you can`t hit what you don`t see.

but if you can see it, you can learn to hit it each and every time you try.

as a soccer player i know how to score goals. the net is clear in my mind and i position myself with the ball in such a way as to put the ball into contact with that netting every chance i make for myself.

this seems simple and straightforward but how do you structure your targets?

how do you see them in your mind?

here`s a slower reminder.......... relax and remember a time when you smiled comfortably and in fact couldn`t have removed the smile from your face if you tried.

see what you saw then and look at what was going on that made you smile so uncontrollably and remember how that made you feel now.

where is that feeling inside?

is it a general warm glow.............or a sharp insistant excitement?

does the feeling spin around or just expand all over into a powerful sense of well-being that you can use to do what you want to do now.........right now.

don`t even think.

just do it.

a reminder.

just a quick reminder to find something to smile about.

my father used to say "keep smiling, it makes them wonder what you`re up to".

sure dad. i don`t really give a fuck what they think i`m up to, just as long as they`re not trying to get in my way.

so smile you miserable bastards.............and that means you too chris.

three beautiful things.

the first hints of a return to full power after a 15 round match with the flu.

rain instead of shovels it`s self.

blessed solitude listening to the rain on the windows.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


i`m sitting in starbucks this afternoon........because that`s what i do.........and a woman is sitting beside me as i`m talking with a friend about, well, everything....... and she`s looking through an illustrated book of dante`s divine comedy.

i struck up a conversation with her about the book because it`s interesting how people percieve the message of dante and how the engravings from the 19th century add to the 12th century poet`s vision.

the conversation led to some interesting points, one of which suprised me coming from a beautiful grandmother in her 60`s. she actually said that religion is a waste of time. it was like a breath of fresh air to me and she was surprised when she found out what i did after making such a bold statement herself.

my friend bob and i drove home and fell into a conversation about coincedance and so when i opened my browser and found an article about dante i felt compelled to write a piece around it.

what do you think coincedances represent?

but the good news is................

that once we understand the tools of manipulation that are used against us, we can use them for our own benifit.

we are a form of media also. our dress, our language, our tone of voice, our mannerisms and our pace are all ways of communicating the message we want to get across.....

and it`s highly manipulative.

so the question becomes; what do you want to happen next?

once you have that answer then you can begin to go and make it happen.

does that sound familiar?


to some this is a paranoid view, but i assure you that thee are those who control the media for thier own purposes.

it has been my most enduring interest since i was a child. i was raised by a jesuit who felt a desperate need to have me exposed to indoctrination from an early age, and for whatever reason i noticed a pattern to his concern that struck me as alien to my best interest.

i am begining to realise why now.

lord bertrand russell was one of his favorite people and alan watts discusses russell`s views in the interview above.

i would be interested in your comments if you have some time to listen to the interview as i feel that it encapsulates my view that we are being manipulated into thinking this society is a good deal.......

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


y`know for years i`ve been fascinated by reports of unidentified flying objects. my take on it is that until they are identified one cannot draw conclusions about what they are.

they are merely unidentified.

i have never personally seen an unidentified flying object before........oh sure, there are lights in the sky that cannot be clearly and catagorically identified, but we all know they are airplanes. we live a few miles from one of the largest airports in the world, at any one time i can see three of four brightly lit objects flying around over the city.

well.......until tonight that is. about 10.50pm i saw a bright green flash of light descend from out of nowhere and fall toward the ground. it looked as though it could have been a firework or a flare but it just behaved unlike either of those things and glowed bright green for less than a second as it fell.

i was playing the guitar and mindlessly looking out my apartment window approximately north-east, seven stories up. it is a cold, clear night and the stars are out and i can see the aforementioned airplanes flying in and out of toronto airport. this object suddenly appeared heading rapidly straight down and was lit for less than a second and flashed out as quickly as it had appeared without reaching the ground.

if i`m to make a judgement as to what this was i would say it was a firework of some kind........but it would have been dropped from above to behave as it did coming straight down rapidly. fireworks and flares tend to have a curved trajectory...........

anyway, that`s my ufo story. very strange. tomorrow i will be asking my friends if they heard about this or saw it for themselves.


i have noticed myself intellectualising more recently. now this isn`t necessarily a bad thing ocasionally, as i bill myself as a navel-gazer and self-propelled deep-thinker, tends to clog up the flow of energy that makes everything happen when one tries to label and predict everything.

so this posting is about simplifying.

we are energy.

what we see is reality.

we make what we see happen by talking talking to ourselves about what we just saw.

the closer you look at something, the less there is to see.

so step back and see the big picture.

we are just making it up as we go along.

there is no time like the fact that is all there is.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

the ten most influential books i have read..............

some the most influential books i`ve read are as follows;

the cosmic trigger by robert anton wilson.

wings of illusion by john f. schumaker.

filters against folly by garrett hardin.

artists, craftsmen and technocrats by patricia pitcher.

the prince by Niccolo Machiavelli.

frogs to princes by richard bandler.

games people play by eric berne.

The Archaic Revival: Speculations on Psychedelic Mushrooms, the Amazon, Virtual Reality, UFOs, Evolution, Shamanism, the Rebirth of the Goddess, and the End of History by terence mckenna.

journey to ixtlan by carlos castenada.

let`s talk about ufos by peter bros.

The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are by Alan Watts.

there are many other titles that could replace each of the titles on this list and tomorrow i would choose differently, but i think this is a good sampling of some of the insightful thinking that i`ve read over the years.

i`ve refrained from including much of the classics because i think that the majority of the writers above have either synthesised those who went before or rejected them outright.

several of the writers named above have been teachers of mine through thier work. richard bandler and bob wilson have been tutors through thier audio and video work which i`ve had the privelege to listen to and watch.

i cheated. there are eleven books on my list.

3bt for today.

still no snow...............

more football palyed outside on sundays.

blogging........and fellow bloggers.

Monday, January 08, 2007

vigourous thinking.

how can this way of thinking be applied to, um, everything you hold dear............

Sunday, January 07, 2007


in the theraputic model that i adhere to people are functioning perfectly. where they run into issues tends to be in how they apply thier pre-suppositions about things.

for example; in weight loss there is a certain assumption people make regarding thier ability to lose weight as they get older. the pre-supposition among some is that as they get older thier metabolism slows down and it becomes harder to lose weight.

this pre-supposition can do a number of things. for most it gives them the permission to exercise less because there is no point. for the rare few it motivates them to exercise harder and i don`t see them booking weight loss sessions.

the pre-supposition is proveably false by simply pointing out that if it was true all people who got older would get progressively heavier. a simple few minutes spent at the mall will confirm that people of all ages coming varying degrees of size.

so, the idea of perfection as i have expanded it metaphysically has a root in behaviour.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


this is the blog of one of the great minds of our generation.

fucked up like the rest of us......but just a little greater.

if you get a chance pop on over and say hello. he`d appreciate it.


it is rare that people disagree comfortably. what generally happens is that people polarise over a misunderstanding or difference of opinion and never manage to come back to a dialog as a result.

this is unfortunate because the opportunity for growth exists precisely inside of the exchange of views that people of different philosophies have.

at hypgnosis i encourage disagreement as a means toward growth and even though i may seem to be rooted in a position i am always open to other viewpoints.

i wouldn`t have got this far otherwise.

i still have my preferences though.

Friday, January 05, 2007

good news.

this just in............

we are perfect.

some are perfect assholes mind you, but perfect just the same.

bless you all in your perfection.

and remember, it`s all a choice, from dick to dictator to just plain potato...........

esoteric vs. exoteric.

plainly stated it is the hidden vs. that which is obvious.

the exoteric is what the media want you to see as everything.

the media is run by people who want us to be kept from the esoteric for some fairly simple reasons, some of which i will point out here for clarification.

1) if we believe that this is all that is going on then we will follow the rules and continue to get what we`ve always got, even though we are more than disappointed.

2) if we begin to poke around behind the scenes we are increatingly shocked to find that the media is full of shit at every turn.

3) when we begin to research the esoteric we begin to find different ways of doing things that make the other ways redundant.

what is the antidote to the exoteric?

stop consuming the deliver system of the exoteric. that is, any and all media, unless it is made and delivered directly by the artist responsible for the work.

this is exactly why blogging is vital to the exploration of the esteric. it is a media that allows the voice of the artist to be delivered directly to the reader.

i have to include youtube with blogging as well because the visual is as necessary as the literary in delivering the esoteric message.

now, having said this, it is necessary to be involved in the exoteric world as a human being and it is my hope that as more people read the emerging messages of the esoteric that it will become the new exoteric, or plainly seen world.

maybe the 2012 predictions are about the emerging esoteric...........

Thursday, January 04, 2007

3bt for jan 4th 2007

clear blue skies and the promise of 7 or 8 degrees celsius.

the squirrels playing in the trees below my apartment window.

being seven stories up above the city.;

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

morality vs. direct experience.

there is absolutely no connection between direct experience of the divine and a morality as constructed by religion.

morality is designed by men who use religion to control society. morality varies between religions. what is moral in one religion is punishable by death in another.

divinity is a personal experience of neuro-chemistry stimulated by practice and devotion driven by a desire to experience, or determination to recreate an experience stumbled on by accident.

or something else entirely outside of our ability to understand.

either way, it`s nothing to do with religion.

the unfortunate truth is that most who seek answers to thier spiritual questions and a yearning for experience of the divine turn to the church for answers.

much like the fly asking the spider for a place to stay for the night.

mission imposssible.

i watched mission impossible III last night and realised why i enjoyed it so much. it reminds me of life. all of the important things we accomplish in life are impossible and aren`t attempted by the majority of the population.

that`s why these things we do are impossible.

like help people get better. lose weight. stop smoking. earn more money. get a better job. learn a new skill. become really good at some old skill. laugh out loud........or even learn to smile.

or even smile in the face of adversity.

and you aren`t supposed to do that are you.

but imagine if you did?

imagine raising laughing, happy children and having effortless graceful friendships and business associations?

imagine meeting challenges and continuing on past obstacles while laughing over something knowing that everything was going to be ok..........that it always has in the past and all the seemingly impossible things are just memories of one more challenge met.

that`s why i liked the movie.

as the new year emerges................

.................i find it important to state that my views are merely an exercise in self-evaluation and anyone who reads these words is to realise these explorations and inquiries are not to be taken as facts.
certainly if one finds that something here is evocative then all the better for discourse, but again, these are only my views and should not be taken as a provocation.
some days there are upwards of 50 people visiting this site and so it is important for me to clarify my position occasionally so that my ideas don`t cause more than the occasional urge to respond with your own brand of reality.

i am actually curious to know how others see the world. i am confident that when i say something that it is accurate in function, but i also know that there is more than one way to skin the cat.........if we must skin cats, and so i am keen to see how others do it.

keep me posted.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

stand tall.

in all of our endevours we are doing one of two things. we are either lengthening our spine or shortening it. in the process of which ever direction we choose to manpulate our spines, we effect the length of the spines of those around us too.

this process is buried deep within the code that made us who we are. the dna that we have is as a result of the lengthening or shortening of the spines of our ancestors and as such we are acting out thier dreams and desires and dramas by our very exstistance.

some research into who our grandparents and great grandparents were will reveal some of the health of our spine now and where it will be in the future.

and what you say about who they were is a clue as to how much of this you believe.

there are those who will debate the idea that we live in the shadow of our ancestors, but i will tell you with absolute certainty that as i stood on the ramparts at edinborough castle with the wind coming in off the north sea blasting my skin i could see the sails of the viking ships approaching and i gripped my sword tighter then.

Monday, January 01, 2007

three beautiful things.......

upon reflection i have itemised the three most beautiful things i remember about 2006.

a certain girl and the warm summer nights we spent together.

my freedom claimed (in so many ways.)

landing on my feet running.

are you willing to die for what you believe.

are you willing to die for what you believe?

are you willing to vote for laws to prevent the practice of certain beliefs?

are you willing to crusade for your beliefs?

are you willing to ruin someone`s day argueing about beliefs?

you may be a christian.

if you can temper the cultural conditioning of fighting for what you believe in then you may be on the road to becomeing less of a beligerent prick who turns people off before they have a chance to become turned on.

and wouldn`t you like to be in the position to turn someone on occasionally?