Sunday, February 24, 2008

new website.

to promote the gentlemen`s arts. and those gentle women who wish to join us.

meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

and why is it that the new boss is the same as the old boss?

several factors.




the latin temprament is parternalistic and inflamatory, tyrannical and self-loathing.

my definition of bull-fighting may shed light on this.

bullfighting; a game designed by bulls to gore angry little spaniards in the ass.

i have met many spaniards who are cultured, gentle, family-oriented men with a passion for life......yet the fact remains, dictatorship and tyranny is in their mother`s milk.

(shit, maybe it`s her fault.)


stubborn tiresome dipshit.



narrow-minded twit.

god bless him.

he reminds me of a friend of mine i used to make the mistake of playing pool with.

he would smash the balls around and sink one or two, ruining any shape i might have had.

ralphy-boy fucks up any strategy these other twits might possibly have had, costs the tax-payer many untold millions of extra dollars in the process, and goes miles toward exposing politics as the farce it really is.

not that it does any good.

look at italian politics for instance.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


ok, now i get it.

i wondered why, even though i liked to solve problems and make things work better, that i never became a scientist.

it`s because i`m not a dumbass.

muscular, sporty little fish?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

sticky subject.

high school for me was difficult. not academically, but because the i didn`t get along with most of my teachers.

there are some who would say that it wasn`t my position to be "getting along", so much as doing the work......but here we are.

it was my feeling then that most teachers were determined to have the students "get" knowledge as a by-product of them merely showing up each day and regurgitating the material. some students seemed to be able to learn by this and so became the ones the teachers responded to.

the teachers i learned from were the ones who took the time to find out who we were as individuals.

i recently went to my high school reunion, and apart from the celebration and re-aquantance with friends and the building it`s self, i was struck by the fact that the feelings i had toward my teachers then were confirmed when i saw them again.

regarding the above article, i`m not even sure that the teachers who taught me 35 years ago were in a union, but the fact they are now complexifies an already sticky issue.

should they be paid on merit?

well, it would even the playing field certainly, and sort out the arrogant pedagogues who minister to the select few of like mind.

the two combined.

who would have thought; a german and a french philospher in agreement.

Friday, February 15, 2008

family day.

y`know, i was pressed to remember why this all sounded familiar to me. the idea of shops and factories and schools being closed for the express purpose of families being together for an entire day.......

.....and then it hit me.

we used to call that sunday.

well dalton, thanks buddy. from the bureaucrats that brought us spiralling divorce, single-motherhood, family court snaggles that last until the money runs out and the revisiting of rights for children, now we have the new sunday.

now, mcguinty isn`t entirely to blame for this. he isn`t bright enough by far to entirely wrest society from the control of the church. he`s merely the one pushed to the front to pitch it to the public.

this process has been on the go for generations, probably for the last 1500 years or so, and is a constant struggle, one that was clearly adressed in the declaration of independance in america....not that it did much good.

we are coerced at gun-point after all.

just as the agents of the law in our community.

Monday, February 11, 2008


as x-dell so well put in an earlier comment, torture is best used for indoctrination, and that any information gained through this method would be unreliable at best for the simple fact that you will say pretty much anything if you think you are going to die.

it begs the question.

why torture these prisoners and then try them in miltary court if you know the evidence is virtually useless?



all that is left for me to deduce is that it is you and i that are being indoctrinated as we are tortured while reading and hearing reports of this type of treatment of prisoners.
If waterboarding or other torture methods were conducive to better intelligence, then that would be a far more difficult decision. But because of the cellular structure of information and autonomy that goes on in fabianistic tatics, there isn't really much intelligence to be gained, and that which you do have will probably be more misleading than not. After all, a person under physical duress will tell you anything you want to hear, and not necessarily the truth.

Torture is only really useful for indoctrination, and some of these techniques the US wants to utilize have been explored by Margaret Singer, Richard Ofshe, and other shrinks.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


unconsciously replace fact with fantasy in one's memory
talk socially without exchanging too much information; "the men were sitting in the cafe and shooting the breeze"

i like words. i have been criticised for using long ones occasionally when short ones would do, but i disagree. sometimes the longer ones have meaning that the short ones don`t.

and i enjoy the ambiguity.

sort of........

i was reminded of the word confabulate in a discussion with david jacobs, an investigator into the reports by some of alien abductions.

he felt that the majority of reports contained confabulations.

i have news for david.

all reports of human behaviour contain confabulations.

and the subsequent analysis.

and so to politics.

or, the leading of the lambs to the slaughter.........(again.)

Thursday, February 07, 2008


the recent discussions in the media about the utilising of waterboarding in the questioning of suspected terrorists has drawn some issues into focus for me.

granted that we all feel that torture is reprehensible, but for many the thought of terrorists running loose to kill people is equally so.....

so therin lies the moral and ethical paradox.

what does the greater harm?

thankfully i`m not being asked to make those sorts of decisions.

but something else struck me as i read a headline about the cia suggesting that waterboarding may be illegal.

does this mean that this form of torture immediately becomes as reprehensible to these people as it does to you and i, or merely that it becomes legally actionable as an offence.

i wonder how these people can function as normal people when thier brains are trained to think legally all day.

similarly, do newscasters talk to thier families the same way as they talk on t.v.?

and do they comb thier hair that way on week-ends?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

the new man.

well, as a chapter ends in a man`s life so a new one begins.

during the last five years of my life i wanted to do one thing. show people how to do some of the things that i knew how do do....

because when you know how, it`s easy.

the desire to do this simple thing cost me a relationship and a home and a family.

so be it.

the link above is the begining of my work to show men how to create states where they can have comfortable conversations with women.

in the near future i will begin lecturing on this topic and taking on clients with this focus in mind.

this work is as important to me as weight loss and stop smoking and any other work that i do because it decides the future state of relationships.

for men and women both.

much has been said about the field of "how to pick up women", and most of it negative.

this has been the attitude of feminists, misogynists and the sensationalist nature of media it`s self, and often the methods that teachers in this field advocate.

but doesn`t a man, or a woman, deserve to have choice and flexibility in meeting people?

why settle for someone who treats you poorly and doesn`t look after themselves either?

anyway, check out the postings on the link above and let me know what you think.

men and women both.

Friday, February 01, 2008

england all-stars 2007.

in the proud tradition of champions........the england team for 2007.
even though this is for fun and raising money for charity, there is nothing like the feeling of wearing the three lions shirt.
and to have a 25 degree day in october just makes it all the more special.
oh yeah, and we beat the world all-stars 7-1 too. sweet.