Thursday, January 29, 2009


this morning someone commented that we "anti-evolution" people are wrong. i posted the comment, then realised that the comment was to a post from quite some time ago....and i have no idea where the post of origin lies.

otherwise i would love to rejoin the debate.

in fact, let`s debate the point.

did humans evolve?

here`s my position.


we are a frail, hairless, slow bipedal hominid, with a natural propensity for technology....which we are developing.

it seems as if we are helping technology to evolve.....if anything can be said to evolve, as we remain absolutely and exactly the same.

we are best suited to comfortable condo living with high-speed digital telecommunication devices to banter with our tribe around the world.

and by the way, darwin was refering to the evolution of traits within a species. the differerence between beaks and claws and wing sizes of galapagos island finches.

not a monkey changing into a man.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


i lost cell phone service for less than 24 hours and i thought i was going to die, and i learned that cell phones cannot swim........they also commit suicide.

i swear the little bugger jumped off the sink and into the tub, but i could be wrong.

anyhow, i went to service provider, and they diagnosed the poor thing by inserting a probe up it`s ass (maybe cell-phone providers are abducting people too.....) and declared it to be dead. interesting that all the other aspects of the device worked fine. address book, dialing, photo album, etc. just the telecom bit.

oh well.

it was early evening by the time i got to telus and i had a soccer game late on, so i waited until today to call customer service to ask for a replacement.

i managed to get a store credit for $50, but was assured the cheapest phone was $79.95....

i took the credit and went to the same store this morning and talked to the same girl and she tried to sell me a $199. phone.

i told her i had the credit and that i wanted thier service credit, allowing me to get the phone at no further cost, so that i could continue to give them money each month to keep the economy going........

she made a call and pulled a few faces and then said that she could offer me the phone i have now at no cost (actually the $50 credit which i had already obtained for customer loyalty.)

she then said they have a non-negotiable fee of $25+ taxes but that i could call customer services and have them credit my account....

so i`m going to get them to also re-credit me for the $50 which the salesgirl gently lifted from me as i basked in the glory of my new cell phone.


i`m tired just typing the story.

the lesson here is that large corporations are compartmentalised....which supposedly allows control from the top.

but if you know what you are doing and keep asking for the same thing in different ways......

.....sometimes you can actually get what you need.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


well, here we are once again begining a new year.....and i have little to say to mark the occasion other than to say what i always say; whatyouseeiswhatyouget.

seeing is believing.

you always hit the last thing you look at.

and so on.

you don`t need me to tell you to have a good year, you`ve already decided what type of year to i`d be wasting my time.

but i hope you`ve decided to make it a good one, nonetheless.