Monday, September 13, 2010


sorry people, but i don`t wash after a bathroom visit.

not only is it a waste of time, but its certain to  be an activity where you are most likely to come into contact with the surface contaminants of the hands of others.

And besides, the bathrooms are cleaned every night at starbucks where i frequent, which is more than can be said for handles on doors, handrails in malls, money, items at the grocery....

the problem we have in a germophobic society is that our immune systems are being weakened by the simple fact that there aren`t enough microbes in sterilised environments to allow our systems to "work out".

and now drunks are beginning to drink the hand clenser provided in public places.

and don`t get me started on peanut allergies.

i went to post a package last week and i was eating mixed nuts from a bag.

the clerk jumped back as if she`d been shot from a cannon.

"i have a peanut allergy" she said from a safe distance.

she then took the package, weighed it and took my money from my hand with any further ado.

i felt like offering her a nut.

we are convinced to behave in more and more illogical ways all the time.

pay attention people, and think things through...unless you want to be like the peanut girl....


Greg said...

Bet you dont flush either ...Hope you wash after you wipe! Would you shake someones hand after that bathroom visit? Talk to an epidemiologist sometime. Do you know proper handwashing techniques to avoid contact of surfaces in public restrooms? Hands actually can load up on many germs and then transfer them via breaks in the skin, cuts, eyes, mouth, etc. I work in a hospital and it is actually quite important.

Dont get me started on peanut allergies. They are more common for some reason, and quite devastating.

dr.alistair said...

of course i flush, i don`t want anyone stealing my effluent...

...and people with peanut allergies should do what any normal person does, and avoid personal risk.

personally, i`m really sensitive to being hit by cars at highway speed. my skeletal system is particularly non-effective at fending off 70 mph impacts by two ton objects, so i regularly don`t run across the highway yelling "slow down i`m delicate" at on-coming vehicles.

and i`m not going to comment on hospitals but to say that all the sick and virulent people are there, so of course you should wear a protective suit with a helmet if you plan on spending any time there, unless you want the andromeda strain.....oh yeah, and my ex is a nurse in a hospital and washes her hands 30-40 times a day, whether she`s at work or not.

i don`t miss her at all.