Thursday, November 11, 2010


only a child or a retard would actually believe this shit.

a child believes most everthing adults tell them, for obvious reasons, and retards can`t tell the difference between fact and fiction.

so, how come there are so many retards on the planet that keep believing this shit?

for anyone who has taken physics or even used a physics textbook to rest a beer on, it is obvious that the ratio of biomass to earthmass is so huge that no matter what the biomss does, it will have no effect whatsoever on the earthmass, even if it converted all of it`s mass to energy instantly.

what the enviro types are saying is that as we have converted biomass to energy, it has raised the temperature of the planet in a number of ways.

one by simply making the planet warmer by burning fuels and raising the temperature of cities, and two by blanketing the planet in pollutions that erode the ozone layer allowing greenhouse gasses to rise, insulating the planet against natural convection of heat.

one is false in that the net biomass is too small to make any kind of difference whatsoever, and two...while clever in the way it encourages us to make pictures in our misses one simple plain historical truth; that the ozone layers of our planet are dynamic systems that flex and flow like most others, and that holes in the ozone open and close due to many factors without the help of industrial pollution and have done so for billions of years (long before algore was born, suprisingly).

this planet is a huge beautiful place that existed long before we (and algore) did, and will continue to do so long after we are all gone to wherever we are going to and one can lament the mess made by industrial pollution, but guess what folks? without that shit coming out the pipe, we don`t get to have laptops and internet or copenhagen conferences or any other post-indutrial behaviour riding the back of two hundred years of industry.

worst of all? china and india have only just begun to soil thier shorts as it were, and who`s going to encourage them to wipe?


Grant said...

Note to self - turn a/c down by 3.5 degrees sometime within the next 25 years.

dr.alistair said...

...or not!