Wednesday, January 02, 2008

what is hypnosis.

i have no idea.

what i have experienced in my work that my clients tell me what they think hypnosis is, and so i can share some of thier feelings with certain knowledge about what they feel.

many of my clients experience relaxation, time distortion (the session seemed as if it took minutes, when it was half an hour or more.) movie-like sights and sound, profound changes in perception, experiencing remarkable things (hot sand and sun, cool water, friendly tigers.......) and many more incredible things.

the trance induction could be characterised as a state of fantasy or hallucination that seems absolutely real and seamless to the subject, and i am constantly suprised at how good my clients are at creating such remankable states.

as i said before that i have no idea what hypnosis is, and this is true.

science is ambivalent on the subject.

scientists love to pronounce thier final understanding of hypnosis occasionally, but they still haven`t figured out what my clients know as experts; that the human mind is the master of it`s own reality.

and science can`t measure that.

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