Friday, February 01, 2008

england all-stars 2007.

in the proud tradition of champions........the england team for 2007.
even though this is for fun and raising money for charity, there is nothing like the feeling of wearing the three lions shirt.
and to have a 25 degree day in october just makes it all the more special.
oh yeah, and we beat the world all-stars 7-1 too. sweet.


Ricardo said...

Congrats on the wind Dr. A !

BBC said...


dr.alistair said...

firstly, thanks ricardo.....and secondly, blah? wtf?

blah that we won or that we were celebrating something or blah that it was about soccer?

i understand that amongst some more traditional thinking americans, soccer isn`t considered a sport, but it is gaining in popularity......and suprisingly enough americans aren`t bad soccer players.

although it doesn`t sell well on tv.

not enough points scored in the last 3/10ths of a second or commercial breaks for visits to the fridge.

and besides, america still fights it`s wars in the medievil style, by really killing people.

soccer merely pantomimes the process, and people go home still alive. (mostly.)

X. Dell said...


I liked playing soccer in high school. What I didn't like was windsprints. My hats off to you, Doc.

dr.alistair said...

i love windsprints. what i can`t bear is jogging.

run for fuck`s sake.

i see those sad souls trotting along in thier jogging get-ups and thier $200 shoes and i realise that they are chasing after that endorphin rush.

they come in to starbucks on wednesdays in a group high as kites and chatting up a storm. i watch and listen as they slowly come down and the chatter diminishes to a whisper, with some barely speaking toward closing time.

personally, i`m trying to re-create the professional career i never had.

i had schoolboy trials at grimsby town and ipswich in england and a season with the toronto blizzard in 1980 sitting on the bench while overweight ex-pros from europe huffed and puffed in front of dwindling crowds.

in training we would eat thier lunch.

i look forward to each coming match as if it was then. it`s my indulgent delusion, and i`m surrounded by ex-pros who are all doing thier own version of the same thing.

it is interesting that in that picture are several ex-pros, including the goalie from the blizzard and the high school track coach of donivan bailey, second from the right in the back row.

we are divine spirits in mortal flesh.

and look at those smiles.....