Friday, February 15, 2008

family day.

y`know, i was pressed to remember why this all sounded familiar to me. the idea of shops and factories and schools being closed for the express purpose of families being together for an entire day.......

.....and then it hit me.

we used to call that sunday.

well dalton, thanks buddy. from the bureaucrats that brought us spiralling divorce, single-motherhood, family court snaggles that last until the money runs out and the revisiting of rights for children, now we have the new sunday.

now, mcguinty isn`t entirely to blame for this. he isn`t bright enough by far to entirely wrest society from the control of the church. he`s merely the one pushed to the front to pitch it to the public.

this process has been on the go for generations, probably for the last 1500 years or so, and is a constant struggle, one that was clearly adressed in the declaration of independance in america....not that it did much good.

we are coerced at gun-point after all.

just as the agents of the law in our community.


X. Dell said...

From the article, I gather that this will be a once-per year occurrence. At least with Sundays you get 52 per annum.

dr.alistair said...

well, our economic manderins have deprived us of that and in it`s place given us this one day.

most retailers will tell you that sunday shopping does little to improve thier profitability. it merely divides up the paycheque into another days spending portion.

i just see this as one more small piece of evidence that the state wants to become governor of our behaviours in all facets of our existance, and providing a 2% solution to a day of rest seems like thin gruel to me.......