Tuesday, September 30, 2008


i have posted this previously, but one thing i realised is that someone or something had to build the damned thing in the first place.....unless it just compiled it`s self automatically.

the scientists say we all evolved out of the first protoplasmic organisms coming from mud, and the religious say we are a divine creation coming form god.

niether really says much about what went before.


the question remains.

what went before all of this.

what was before the big bang...............and what did it bang into?


American Hill BIlly said...

You posted,"we find ways to make what we believe become a reality." I do believe this with surety. I wish more people did. Was this Tipler presenting his theory by trying to work it into some sort of Christian theme?

Some literally point at this version of the Earth ending in 2012...To be stuck in a past dimension; while it is put into a healthy future dimension. A place void of evil. I don't know. I do feel, and know that my site will take a more focused look into occult, perceptions of reality, and anything I can find to help people quit being walking dead.

I think yesterday I was reading the esoteric books of St. John. In those books it points to there not being any conscious evil, until it was awakened by ignorance. The misjudgement caused man soul's/lite to be damaged with darkness/fire. I am still studying the subject; looking for truth's

United In Peace And Freedom

dr.alistair said...

i think tipler was a pure scientist interested in making the numbers work. his views were bounded by scientific methods and proofs, unlike the religious who can pull catechisms out of a hat when they feel like it.

physical matter has it`s boundaries after all.......

regarding 2012, one only has to look at the fuss around the end of the last century to see how people will think the sky is falling in.

conscious evil.....hmmm.

what i see is people acting out of fear mostly and others pointing to those actions as evil, but occasionally there are acts that defy definition other than evil.

somewhere in protestant rhetoric is the view that we should judge the action and not the person, and in so doing making way for forgiveness.....but i see this more as a will-to-control more than anything else and so at the end of the day i think that our judgements say more about ourselves than about an absolute a priori "truth".

perameterizing goods and evils is subjective, after all.

and we must keep in mind that all abrahamic cults teach that there is a heaven waiting for the true believers......

even marx and engels included that bit.

X. Dell said...

"what was before the big bang...............and what did it bang into?"

Can I use one of my lifelines?

dr.alistair said...

yes x, you may. who would you like to call?