Thursday, October 02, 2008

some logic required.

firstly, mr.lee is not being criticized on how he makes a film, but on the factual content within the work......and secondly, mr.lee doesn`t make films that aren`t going to get "special" attention.

lee deliberately takes on subjects that promote issues of race, which he has a right to do, and has made a fine living at it.

having said that, i`m not contending that i have any knowledge whatsoever of what happened.

i will leave that to the experts.


Ricardo said...

It doesn't seem to even be so much of a racial issue as a factual one. He likely went with what he felt would make a more dramatic film. Based on a true story does not mean the true story. The film looks quite good but I heard mixed reviews.

dr.alistair said...

it`s always a racial one when dealing with buffalo soldiers....and when it comes to lee`s work, but the facts do remain in this issue, as you say.

personally i like films that carry a strong personal interaction where people face thier issues to some sort of resolution, like in solaris for instance, where a man is re-united with his wife who committed suicide some years earlier.

a wild ride if you haven`t already experienced fact a few of george clooney`s works have been of a similar tone.

syriana for instance.