Thursday, December 25, 2008


abundance is all there is.

there is no lack save for that we decide there is in our lives.

i know you want to prove me wrong, but that`s your own trip.....the fact remains that there is so much of everything piled up here that some people can`t step back far enough to be able to see it.

ever wonder why some have more than others?

it`s about the pictures they show themselves.



Vincent said...

I don't understand what you mean by abundance, but it will be good if you teach it in those parts of the world where abundance is conspicuous by its absence. Zimbabwe would be a good start, perhaps.

dr.alistair said...

if you don`t know what it is, why do you feel it would be good to teach it somewhere?

in zimbabwe they are revelling in an abundance of a particlarly horrific sort. the sort of thing that tribal societies do.

Vincent said...

I don't think it would be good to teach it. I think the teacher would learn something.

What I object to about your philosophy of abundance, which I take to be similar to the New Age philosophy of the same name, is the way it manages to blame others for their own misfortunes, and express a smugness about the speaker's own good fortune.

dr.alistair said...

it`s nothing to do with anyone else but the person experiencing blame of any sort.

in fact negative emotions destroy one`s chance to align with the universe`s creative energy.

fact remains; there are piles of stuff everywere. more than we can possibly use, and some manage to cut themselves off remarkably well in spite of it all.

Vincent said...

You say "no blame of any sort" and then almost in the same breath remark that "some manage to cut themselves off remarkably well in spite of it all". I call that blame, or at any rate judgment.

Even if it is neither blame not judgment, it contradicts your initial observation that "It`s nothing to do with anyone else but the person experiencing it."

That is the one observation I agree with, because I do myself experience this abundance, in a way I can interpret personally. I don't feel it entitles me to look at others and see them cutting themselves off, because that very looking constitutes something close to a negative emotion; or a feeling of superiority, which is worse.

I don't suppose we are poles apart but I feel impelled (as of old) to argue with you.

dr.alistair said...

i am in a profession which asks that i make judgement of others in precise ways. this in no way suggests that i am better or worse or different from these people, and in fact it is precisely my continued awareness of our sameness that allows me success in my work.

i have been observing people with the deepest of fascination as long as i can remember, and have n-+ever seen myself as better than others, and certainly not worse......but i will say that we are all different.....and some so completely cut themselves of from and chance of sharing in abundance of any sort that it must be a full-time job for them.

i will state my philosophy clearly; one`s abundance is a personal relationship with some higher aspect of the that provides all that is asked for in direct proportion to thier desire to be involved in the process and see the desired outcome as real.

some may call this god or a higher power. my school calls it the god-mind.....and i`m fine with that name. i remind myself of this relationship and allow the god-mind to do it`s thing while i live my life, and while i`m doing my work with clients i have the conversation occasionally, when people ask about god and religion and church.....

....but i certainly don`t need anyone to understand if they`re not ready or if they see it as religious, because that misses the point.

it`s a personal relationship with a higher or spiritual aspect of the self, and everyone has the opportunity to understand and benifit from this awareness.....if they can find a quiet moment or two each day to ask for what they want and believe they are in alignment with this process.

the traditional church calls it new age thinking as some sort of insult to the process, but jesus said it in the bible many times, seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given.....and see that it is so.

fait accompli.

or, as george harrison said; "it`s all in the mind".