Thursday, February 05, 2009

we are one.


K9 said...

grrrrrrrrrrherhahahahahaha great photograph!

dr.alistair said...

yeah. she doesn`t like to be i had to get her daughter to give me the pic from her grad.

K9 said...

i stopped watching tv. however a friend sent me to look at a youtube of joaquin phoenix on david letterman last night. the question on everyones mind is this: has this guy had a psychotic break, or is it a put on like andy kaufman or is it a performance art commentary on celebrity? at times, he seems like hes holding back a smile but that could be because hes tripping (literally)

id like to know what your trained eye sees.

dr.alistair said...

i watched other videos of joaquin on youtube to compare and found that he has a bias toward emotive responding. whereas most people are visually biased and respond to visual gags like those of letterman quickly and clearly, joaquin was slowed down to the point of almost irresponsiveness.

to say whether it was a gag, or that he was drugged is difficult to say, but i will say that it was an amplification of his normal state....whether that was due to method actin or brain damage, or substance abuse.

at moments his jaw was mildly grinding, indicative of meth use, but at other times he was so deeply introspective that it suggested that he was dissociated in some way.

odd to say the least.

almost asbergers in his affect and response.

K9 said...

thanks for looking. as i watched i thought "he'll be joining his brother soon"...i dont know what asbergers is but they say andy kaufman had it hence the comparisons. if that is a gag -it didnt work for me. and if it is left over method acting then he needs a deprogrammer. and that i just rolled out from under a bridge thing is just too odd.

i felt kind of scared for him. if he was a friend of mine id be concerned - no, alarmed.

dr.alistair said...

well, kaufman didn`t work for me either. i stayed up late one night to watch the pretenders on saturday night live, and kaufman talked on right through where the band was supposed to perform......humour to some, genius possibly, but i wanted to see the fucking band.

upon further reflection regarding the clip, i suspect that it is typically a publicity stunt. too much money at stake to allow a person having a break to promote a hollywood production on letterman. his handlers wouldn`t have allowed him to leave his hotel room otherwise. i think that exhibiting borderline behaviour has proven to get ratings and, sadly, encouraging some to emulate the behaviour in "meat space".

when we are hesitant to say deviant any longer and asked to say alternate instead, then we invite behaviour of the most bizzare forms to enter into prime time consciousnesss.

K9 said...

..."when we are hesitant to say deviant any longer and asked to say alternate instead, then we invite behaviour of the most bizzare forms to enter into prime time consciousness."

amen! weve got that in spades which is part of the reason we are in the shitpool now. after being off TV i look at it passing through a room and think to myself "DEar God" we are really gonna get it. which is probably the motivation behind this stupid plan to give vouchers out for people too broke to buy the new digital conversion boxes.

"no dumb-ass left behind"

X. Dell said...

Congratulations, and Happy Valentine's Day to you both.

dr.alistair said...

there are those that believe that the pornographication of media, and our culture in general, is part of an engineering effort on the part of some entity who wishes us all to be desperate and alone in a culture of immediate self-gratification and indulgence. i believe this is just the tip of the iceburg.

but i guess the kids will be alright.....they won`t know much different.

and thanks was a wonderful day for both of us.