Wednesday, March 18, 2009


at a time when the money supply has been limited and millionaire ceos are being vilified for thier greed, there are those who`s intellect won`t allow them the capacity to actually survive. thier self-destructive tendancies have allowed them to be manipulated by union leaders for generations, and now that the promises made have been broken, all they can do is continue to do damage.

the middle class was artificially created by unions and now is being equally destroyed......

....along with it the middle-class entitlement.

interesting times boys and girls.


Ricardo said...

Not a very good thing if we lose our middle class. I personally don't care about certain CEOs being vilified because there is plenty of evidence to indicate that some of them actually were. So for them, let them fry. I really can't shed tears for a ultra wealthy at the moment.

As for unions, yes they can be a help and hazard all at once. I saw it happen with several unions in the TV industry when I was working in it. One union dug their heels in and wouldn't let their members learn computers back in the 80s to"protect" them. Guess what? Editing moved to being done all on computers.

dr.alistair said...

it`s not realy a bad thing.....unless you are a materialist willing to do a shit job in a factory for nothing more than the right to buy things on your days off.....

we have the means to produce everything we need. we just have to eliminate those who control the means.....and find someone to lead us to the type of society whereby we can let technology be our slave...instead of being slaves to it.

how about that for subversive?