Friday, June 05, 2009

and a message to liberals.

what you do behind closed doors is fine. i don`t went to know about it, i don`t want my children taught it, and i don`t want to see you doing it on a flatbed at a parade where families are encouraged to watch.

don`t ask; don`t tell seemed to be a good place to stop actually. it seemed like billy-bob clinton actually made sense there. but for some the "asking and telling" was, and still, is where the fun is. the constant need for attention and the demanding the right to get it in more and more elaborate ways has all the earmarks of borderline personality and arrested developement.....and i really don`t think the average liberal suffers that way, it`s just the few freaks and thier enablers that get them spray painted gold and prancing about in the summer sun that make the rest look as loonie as them.

and my poitical position.


the left and right both seem to want to push the boundaries further and further from center.

my position is more social. maybe niave and innocent of the "adult" motives and desires so prominently pushed in the media these days, but i think i have the right to my little patch. i don`t watch tv, i`m selective in what i read, and occasionally i`ll debate an issue with a liberal....but i`ve found that they areen`t really interested in debate and discussion so much as ramming thier ideas home as correct and tolerant and painting me as repressive and somehow wrong and insenitive to others......

....and i can understand. they see me as intolerant of them and of others of like mind who encourage gay marriage and pornography and public nudity etc, but really i`m saying that they are entitled to thier opinion and desires, but that i would like the same consideration when i say somethinhg like "i think that children shouldn`t be exposed to pornography, and that marriage is between a man and a woman for the purpose of raising children and that drugs fuck people up".

i don`t take it personally when they disagree with my opinion, but when they attack me personally and say i`m stupid and dangerous and teaching my children intolerance and insensitivity...well, then i have to just stop talking to them and avoid them in social situations.

if their politics is so important that they are willing to be agressively inolerant, as they suggest that i am, then they need to be left alone.

there is a bigger issue at hand here. i have been hesitant to write about it, but maybe the time is upon us to face what is really going on, and maybe we can drop the political differences and deal with what is coming.


Vincent said...

"the left and right both seem to want to push the boundaries further and further from center." I accept this is the case in North America, but I don't understand why. Would be interested in your views.

Vincent said...

PS we have the same spectrum of opinions here but they don't seem to arouse the same urge to aggressive hostility. Or only to a minor degree and I wonder if that is an imitative import from North America.

dr.alistair said...

vincent, i believe that when a person is polarised, i.e. pushed to a psition, they tend to become more unreasonable the further from center they become.

once this happens what occurs is a population at odds with it`s self and therefore much easier to control.

the more the dogmatic religious intolerant right bashes heads with the permissive bohemian sexy left, then nobody will be able to agree on anything.

i think the british public is more educated and many generations wiser to games of divisiveness.