Tuesday, August 16, 2005

how we drive our life.

from the moment we are born we begin to shape our reality by learning language and storing images in our minds. the process of looking at pictures and talking to ourselves becomes the method for creating our world.
traditional psychology suggests that people who hear voices and see visions are crazy. they stop the voices and images with medication.
i show people how to adjust thier internal dialog(voices) and alter the pictures they see in thier minds to get different feeling as a result. this is the natural way we create reality. why not master the process to create the life you want?
the next time your feet hit the floor in the morning imagine something wonderful that happened to you from your past.see what you saw and hear what you heard when you first experienced the event. now make the pictures bigger and brighter in your mind and make some of the important sounds that you heard louder as you replay the memory. do you notice that when you amplify the elements of the experience it changes the intensity of your rection to the event?
if you like the feeling do it again. does it make you smile? that`s a nice way to wake up in the morning, and you can do that any time you wish.
whether you realise it or not, you have done this exercise over and over each day, from the time you were very young, and got the feelings as a result. from now on make the effort to decide which memories you use to create your day and your life will change forever.


anu said...

I see what you mean Dr. There are times when i live and relive and relive the painful memories till they start breaking down my system and weakening my organs and making me restless and desperate.

I will make a conscious attempt to watch how many times i do this in a single day. And what kind of events trigger this. What keeps these wounds from healing? Maybe myself..sometimes i feel i get a delicious pleasure in reminding myself of this. Does that make me strange? Or am i just a compulsive addict of sorts to bad memories?

I thought it was a good idea to back into time and read up a couple of your posts from the begining.

I feel encouraged to pursue relentlessly towards focussing on unconditional self love as i read your posts.

dr.alistair said...

it is the awareness of the process of doing this that is the first key to being able to alter what we choose to focus on.
in system theory it is said that the element of the system that has the most flexibility has the most control.
a person is a system.
your heart,lungs, liver, kidneys and your mind are all elements of this system.
the mind can pecome so passive that it allows small actions of the other elements to take control.
the mind it`s self is made up of various systems. different ways of thinking.
rigid forms of thinking can rob the mind of flexibility.
a negative thought can call all it`s friends to come over to play and pretty soon we are experiencing a rotten day.
to be aware that we have control over this process, like we have control over muscles, then we can choose which thoughts to accept and nurture and through practices of the mind we can train ourselves to a life of love and joy.
the flexible mind can choose how to feel.