Thursday, August 25, 2005

the mind.

what is mind? we think of mind as contained within the brain, protected and safe within the skull, going with us wherever we go. 99% of the time reality is consistant with this view. but what happens when we daydream and imagine ourselves on a beach in the sun somewhere instead of at work, or driving miles past our exit on the highway, oblivious to the functions of operating a vehicle?
the association with mind and brain is consistant 99% of the time. the other 1% of mind function is purely consciousness. this consciousness is the repository of all of what we see, hear, taste, feel and smell as memories.
consciousness is a memory machine.
there are actually two minds operating here simutaniously. the observer mind and the operator. you can prove this simply by realising that you can see yourself doing things as you do them and recognising the actions by describing yourself in the third person as you go.
" here i go, opening the door for my girlfriend". as it happens!
so there are two minds operating now. which one is in the skull, one, both or niether?
we have the vantage point of being behind our eyes looking out at the world. this gives the impression of consciousness being in the skull. but where are you when you are imagining yourself being in your skull typing at your laptop?
a paradox.
it has been said elsewhere that we are a spiritual being having a human experience. the limits of human, physical existance put limits on our spiritual potential....... until we begin to realise that the real you is a spirit entity of infinite creative potential. the proof lies in the achievements of those who recognise thier spiritual existance and begin to explore thier potential outside thier physical boundaries.
the evidence of the imagination and desire of humans manifest here in physical form is all around us. drawn down from the spirit to the material.
what you imagine becomes real given that you put enough energy into it.
we put energy into our imagination through meditation.


anu said...

What a powerful statement:

what you imagine becomes real given that you put enough energy into it. we put energy into our imagination through meditation.

When you say meditate, do we meditate on what we need? Or do we sit striving for a thoughtless mind? Or we create what we need in our mind as if we already have it like a movie till we start smelling it, feeling it and living it?

Of the three alternatives above, one is living in the past (need), one is living in the present (no thoughts) and one living in the probable future (imagining you have what you need).

How long and how many times does one have to meditate in a day Dr?
Do you meditate?

In ancient hindu scriptures, the suggested time for meditation is in the early morning 3 am. In the olden days, the people had no tvs or satellite channels etc, they would have their dinner by 7pm and retire to bed by 8:30-9pm.

Sometimes i am so fascinated by the old lifestyles. I want to do an experiment on myself by following that lifestyle for a month. Where i do not get sucked into any science or technology items. I live my moments in and around trees and grass, work get back eat and sleep. Walk, and sit and do nothing. Live as if, no science & technology ever existed. Do not read newspapers (i read it only once a week now on sundays). Read during the daytime and sleep during night. Eat simple good healthy food.

I feel something drawing me to this. As if there is something in it to learn here. When we were small, a part of my life was like that. We had no television and no cable at all. No computer too. So there was always so much time and so many things to do.

Today i get so restless when i am alone. I dont know what to do despite the fact that there are so many things around me which i can indulge in. I still only prefer to indulge in those things like the tv (where i can stuff my brain and mind with images and concepts), the computer (where i can interact), and the list goes on.

Maybe i will start right now. This experiment in small ways. To bring back a certain naturalness, a certain shine and lustre in my life.

What do u think of this experiment Dr?

anu said...

Gosh, how much i write!

I wonder if you are getting tired of me.

dr.alistair said...

the noise of modern society is rooted in the material. it is both a natural part of our existance and also a distraction to our spiritual nature. to focus on our spirit through meditation is a way back to our own peace. the act of meditation is a way to be still and listen to the creative universe at work.
it doesn`t have to be radical or disruptive to any other aspect of your life.
the old lifestyles of spiritual practice are valid and true today as they ever were. there are just so many distractions now.
choosing a simple quiet meditation, at any time that you choose will allow you to develop the focus necssary to hear your own voice coming through. there is nothing else. the practice of letting thoughts go from the mind as they rise allows us to be at peace. this ability will eventually reach into your life, allowing you to accept so much that can tire the unprepared mind.

dr.alistair said...

there is a distinction that i must make here. meditation, in the classical sense, and creative visualisation are two different things. transcendental meditation is a way to accessing a state of atman or no-mind. some call it reaching the void. this is a quiet disincarnate floating timeless place that we can reach through the act of quiet meditation on not thinking.
creative visualisation is the active creating of new realities through using sights, sounds, tastes, smells and touch to build new realities in the material world.
though distinctly different practices, each can help the other as they help develop the power of concentration.

anu said...

Thank you for your views :)

dr.alistair said...